I sat in back row in the classroom like every other day in every other class. I was always a good student, but I barely learned anything from listening to professors give lectures. I prefer to stay in the background and do nothing to bring any attention to myself. In the back row, I didn't have to pretend to pay attention to whatever the subject was for the day. As long as I was looking forward, the professor couldn't tell my mind was everywhere, anywhere besides here in this classroom. In this math class, my mind is normally focused on one thing. The only equation that mattered was me plus Kevin equals ecstasy.

His name was Kevin. He always sat in the same seat, the row in front of mine and a few seats down, so I had another incentive to sit in the back row in this class. Kevin is tall and slim. His brown hair always had that carefree messy look that fit his image perfectly. His casual attire usually was made up of solid V-neck shirts and lightly faded jeans. His shirts were usually tight enough to show he was slim but loose enough to hide whether abs or a flat stomach were underneath.

Kevin was leaned back in his seat listening to the lecture like he was sitting on the couch watching TV. Every few minutes, he would write something on the paper in front of him, never bothering to sit up straight. He would always run his hand through his already messed up hair, like he was just teasing me and the girls in room who looked at him almost as much as I did. His relaxed appearance made me want to excite him like he excited me.

The things I would do to that boy...

The lecture was over, but I only noticed when I saw people starting to stand up. I never got anything out of my bag in the first place, so I looked at Kevin as I walked past him to leave to room, trying to remember every detail about him for my dreams and jerk off sessions this weekend. He looked up at me as I was admiring him for the last time until Monday. He smiled and said "Hey" in his deep, smooth voice. I just smiled and kept walking.

Fuck! Why didn't I say something?! I had a chance to talk to him without being awkward trying to start a random conversation. I had so many conversations with him in my dreams, but none of those came to me when he actually spoke to me. His smile and smooth voice were hypnotizing and every thought disappeared for a few moments. Now he probably thinks I'm some dumbass. I don't even know if he's single. He probably has a preppy little bitch of a girlfriend out there. I don't even want to know. My fantasies with him wouldn't be the same if I knew he's was fucking some slutty girl.

I closed the door behind me as I walked into my apartment and headed to my bedroom. I dropped my bag, fell onto my bed and rolled on my back to look up at the ceiling. I was still thinking about Kevin and his smile as he looked up at me earlier. God, those lips were amazing. I'd settle to kissing him right now, but I know that kiss would leave me wanting more. Then I can show him the magic my tongue can do for him, and he'll be mine at least once.

My hard dick was pressing against the crotch of my jeans. I quickly threw off my jeans and boxers and stretch my half-naked body across my bed. I reached down and played with my shaved balls, gently squeezing them and massaging them as I thought about Kevin lying on my bed beside me. His skin would lightly brush against mine as he leaned over to kiss me. I could cum just looking at his smile and thinking about kissing him.

I opened my eyes and noticed a pool of precum on my lower stomach. I pulled my shirt over my head and pulled a pillow under my head. Running my left hand over my carefully manicured chest, I dipped my right index in my precum oozing out of the seven-inch dick. Putting the finger dripping with my precum in my mouth, I tasted my own salty liquids. I started stroking my dick, picturing Kevin's amazing body while I felt my hand slide over my dick, slick with precum. I closed my eyes and started my fantasy...

Kevin stared into my eyes like he was trying to read my thoughts, my ultimate pleasures. My heart raced as I looked into his light-green eyes, which looked too beautiful to be real. He leaned into me, trapping me between him and the wall behind me. His nose brushed against mine, sending chills over my body. He kissed me with his full lips lightly, teasing me with his touch. His touch was soft and warm, replacing the chills with a hot, comforting feeling.

Kevin rubbed my lower back as he slowly slipped his warm hands up my shirt. I wrapped my hands around his neck, pulling him closer to me. His warm breath flowed through me, relaxing my tense body. Without breaking our gentle kiss, we worked each other's shirts up to reveal our chests. We stopped our kiss only long enough to pull our shirts over our heads. We scanned the other's body, lust apparent in our eyes.

He ran his tongue over his lips before leaning back in to start kissing me again. This time, his kiss was more passionate. He pressed his lips into mine with a force I hadn't expected. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth as he discovered my awaiting tongue. His tongue sent electric through my body. My body gave into him, letting him take control. My hands explored his lightly-tanned skin as I ran them over his shaved, tight stomach and chest. We were pulling each other toward the couch in the living room.

He pushed down until I was sitting on the arm of the couch as stopped he kissing me. I started kissing his smooth chest, licking circles around his small nipples until he moaned. His chest smelled sweet with sweat. That sweet smell drove me crazy, and he could tell from my quickening kissing and licking. Working my way down to his stomach, I traced the light outline of his abs in this slim stomach.

I started pulling at the front of his sweatpants while still licking his stomach. Seeing the thick bulge of his fat cock made me drool with excitement. I licked the outline of his cock under his blue boxer briefs. It twitched as he moaned. My hard dick ached to be released from my own pants.

I moved back up to kiss his lower stomach as my hands moved between his lower back to his firm ass. He was running his hands through my hair down the base of my neck. I was so thrilled to get to the fat cock under his boxer briefs!

I gave his stomach one last kiss as I pulled his sweats and boxer briefs down to his knees. His long, fat cock hit me in the face as I released it from his pants. I stared in amazement. It was beyond what I had imagined it to be. He had to be at least eight inches and looked so thick I wasn't sure I could fit it in my mouth! I couldn't wait to try though!

He must have known what I was thinking about, because his hands pushed my face into his crotch. It was neatly-trimmed with short brown pubic hair. His crotch was warm and had the scent of a pure man, and the smell was intoxicating! I could almost taste his cock already, and my mouth was watering.

Before I started on his cock, I moved down to his balls. They were big and heavy. I put one of them in my mouth and sucked on it, rolling it around in my mouth with my tongue. The ball was hot. I could almost feel cum boiling inside, waiting shoot in my hot mouth. I let the ball fall out of my mouth and sucked the other in, swirling my tongue around it. Looking up, I could see his hard cock waiting to be sucked and him looking down at me with desire in his eyes – desire for me, me to give him pleasure.

My mouth released his ball, and I stared up at him. The anticipation of what was about to happen was building inside of us. Neither of us could wait any longer for me to start sucking his beautiful cock. I licked up the length of the underside of his cock. I stopped when I got to the head and started at the base of his magnificent cock again, licking every inch.

When I finally got to the head, I kissed the tip. I took the big head in my mouth, twirling my tongue around the rim of it. I tasted the precum oozing from the end of his dick. I stuck my tongue in the slit in the head of his dick, flicking my tongue inside it.

I suddenly took his whole cock in my mouth, down to the base of his cock. I nearly gagged, but the vibration of my near gagging only made him moan louder. I let his dick slip out of my mouth to the head. Sucking hard on the head, he pushed my head down his cock. My lips were sealed around his dick, and I was sucking hard as I felt it moving in throat and mouth. As he guided my head and mouth up and down his cock, I moved my tongue and licked as much of his cock as possible as he was fucking my face with his eight-inch long, hard cock.

I was moaning, loving the taste of his cock in my hot mouth. He was moaning, my tongue taking him near the point of no return. He suddenly jerked his hard cock out of my mouth with loud gasp. He pulled me to standing and closer to him, forcing his tongue in my mouth. I still tasted the sweet taste of his precum and the sweaty smell of body. I longed for him more than ever.

He quickly pulled my basketball shorts and boxers down in motion. I was naked within seconds, and he was knelt in front of me before I knew what happened. He took my achingly hard dick in his hot, wet mouth. His full lips sealed around my dick as he sucked in and swirled his tongue around the head skillfully. He started flicking my head with his tongue.

I put my hands on his shoulders and watched as he swallowed my entire dick in one motion. I could feel my cock enter his throat. I had to close my eyes as I moaned and looked down at him savoring every inch of my cock. He put me in a state of ecstasy as he used his mouth and tongue to work and pleasure every part of my hard dick.

He looked up at me as I looked down at him with my dick in his mouth. He smiled and kissed the head of my dick. I pushed him down on the floor and quickly joined him, lying on top of him. I kissed him passionately, letting my manly instincts take over my actions. We were sweating, sticking to each other as he tasted each other's dick juices.

I pulled away from his mouth and turned myself around into the 69 position. He immediately swallowed my cock as I licked his balls. I took his entire cock into my mouth, working it with my tongue while wildly sucking on it. I moaned with pleasure from fucking his mouth and having his thick cock finally in my mouth. He was moaning as he sucked my dick, the vibration of his throat sending me to the edge of release.

His dick twitched as he neared climax. I was there too, because he worked wonders on my dick. He suddenly shoved his entire cock in my mouth, and his balls slapped my face. He came with so much force that I could feel him shooting hot cum all the way down my throat. The feeling of him shooting in my throat and the taste of the cum that spilled into my mouth sent me over the edge. He sucked hard on the head as I moaned with pleasure, squeezing every last drop into his mouth. He tackled me again, pinning me to the floor for one last sweet kiss.

I opened my eyes, exhausted from the experience as if I worked out. I felt my own cum on my chest and face. I spooned some in my mouth using my fingers, enjoying the taste. The taste temporarily satisfied my yearnings for Kevin's sweet liquid. I cleaned the remainder of the cum off my body with a towel that was beside my bed. I can only hope that my fantasy will be reality at least once. The sooner, the better.



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