I have 2 brothers and a sister I'm the youngest. Always been fem preferred to play with my sister and her dolls. My dad is an ex-marine, tough guy. My brothers are following in my dad's footsteps, military orientated. I'm a big disappointment. My dad accepts me for what I am now. My mom always stands up for me when my dad criticizes me for acting like a girl.

My brothers look on me more as a sister than a brother. Weird as it sounds I am more fem in a way than my sister. I like to dress up in my sister's clothes and wear make up. I have long blonde hair and green eyes. 5'6", 126lbs, skinny 20 year old. I'm the smallest in height and weigh less than any of my siblings.

I have always dressed up as a girl when I could and played with my sister more than playing with my brothers when I was younger. I felt more like my true self when I was dressed up like a girl and wearing makeup. I'm a girl in a man's body. When I was 18 and I hanged out with my sister dressed as a girl, guys would chat me up and try and date me. Some of the guys were real hot and fit. Fooling around is a big difference to going with a guy on a date. I would probably end up getting beaten up. I was tempted to take the risk many times. Would be great to have a straight guy kiss and hug me. Fuck if only I was a girl.

I was getting more and more frustrated. Being that close to a straight guy and doing nothing. I had been to gay bars and clubs and hooked up with gay guys. I wanted to know what it was like with a straight guy. I wanted what I call a real man! More like my dad and brothers.

My sister had met Garry the night before and could not stop talking about him. He had invited her to a party. The party was for couples. He explained to her that he had a buddy and could she arrange a blind date for him. If not the party invitation was off. My sister was really turned on by the guy and wanted to go on the date.

She was frantically phoning round her girlfriends trying to arrange a blind date. None of the girls she considered worth asking were free that night. She was getting more and more frustrated at the thought of missing out on a date with Garry.

Suddenly she looked at me and said, "you can do it." "Do what?" I asked. "Be the blind date, no one would be able to tell you're not a girl when you have a dress on and wearing makeup," she said. I thought about it for a moment. I had dreamed about it for such a long time dating a straight guy. Living my erotic fantasies. It will be scary sensual fun. I said I would do it if she promised me we would leave straight the way if I thought there was any danger. She said ok.

The night was here my sister looked hot in her sexy dress and makeup. I picked out a black lace mini dress and black fishnet stockings and red shoes. I was determined to make a good impression and have fun. With my makeup and in fem mood I was ready for my date. I was feeling excited and trembling all over. All I at to do is chat to the guy and be girly.

I was more absorbed in myself. At last I was a girl if only for the night. We had arranged to meet our dates at a coffee bar, chat and get to know one another before going onto the party. "There they are," said my sister. I looked over to where she was pointing. I thought wow my sister's guy looks hot. Assuming that the best looking guy was her Garry. It turned out the best looking guy was my date. His name was Pete. . He was 6'4" around 220lbs muscular, with a crew haircut.

We made small talk. He told me both him and Garry were in the navy, they had both been many places around the world. He was wearing a tight fitting T-shirt and black jeans. This guy was a hottie and fittie. I ran my hands over his shoulders and arms. It was overwhelming to be able to do this with a guy. He stroked my arms and back I just hoped that my hard painful cock would remain strapped down. My body was stiffening uncontrollably. From that moment my heart was beating faster I was nervous and had butterflies. The fear the excitement, it was ready to explode inside me. It was a surreal moment that a guy was doing this to me.

We moved onto the party. I got to know Pete more. "Wow," he said looking into my eyes. "You are a pretty girl." He placed his hand behind my head and pulled me gently towards him. He kissed me then penetrated my mouth with his tongue. A deep long French kiss. The whole of my body was trembling. He moved his other hand between my legs. I pushed his hand away before he could get it anywhere near my cock. We were reaching dangerous levels. "Don't worry I know your a guy," he said I pulled away from him. And looked over to my sister for help.

He grabbed me under the chin and turned my face so I was looking at him. Again he French kissed me. "Maybe I like girly boys so let me play with you," he said. I was trembling more than ever now. He moved his hand between my legs. I didn't push his hand away. "Relax," he said. As he moved my hand onto his thick hard cock. "You want me to fuck you? He whispered into my ear. I was still feeling nervous. In a staccato voice I said, ye! Yea! yeah. . He wanted to explore more of my body. He was sitting with his legs wide apart and I could see the silhouette of his boner in his jeans. Every time he touched me it was like an electric charge going threw my body.

He left me alone and went exploring. 5 minutes later he was back. He had a key in his hands. "I have found a place where we can be alone," he said with a sinister look on his face. He held out his hand and said, "come with me." He unlocked the door. It was a room with a king-size bed. He locked the door behind us. He laid me on my back on the bed and knelt over me on his hands and knees. "You look gorgeous," he said has he unbuttoned the front of my dress. He kissed me and licked my neck working his way down to my nipples. His course tongue soon made my nipples stick out. He gently licked and sucked my nipples as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans (he was commando) His thick hard cock sprang out as I peeled off his jeans and T-shirt. He was stark naked on top of me.

"Suck my cock I wanna see how good you are at cock sucking girly boy," he said. He penetrated my mouth as deep as I could take his cock. Making me gag and spit up saliva. "You want me to feed you girly boy? I nodded my head to say yeah as he fucked my mouth. His balls were hitting my neck with each thrust of his cock into my mouth. He was making me take his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. Making me gag and spit up more saliva. I was yelping at each thrust as he got more and more rough with my throat. "Scream as much as you like bitch no one can hear you." My yelping was obviously making him hornier. He was thrusting his cock harder and deeper down my throat using the full force of his hips and hammer ass.

His cock was throbbing his whole body was convulsing and he was moaning as he shot his full load down my throat. He delivered such a full load, that it made his juice spill out my mouth and down my nostrils. He squeezed the last drop of juice out of his cock into my mouth as he knelt over me. He was breathing heavy as he asked, "do I taste good? I could only nod my head to say yeah as I still had his thick cock down my throat. He continued to kneel over me while his cock shrank in my mouth. I was sucking and licking his cock. I had the whole of his flaccid cock in my mouth.

After awhile he pulled his cock out my mouth and lay alongside me. "Strip," he said. I could taste his salty creamy cum in my mouth as I stripped naked. He told me to lay on top of him he stroked my back and butt, now and then squeezing the cheeks of my ass I was stroking his body. I could feel his cock getting harder as he got horny again. He told me to lie on my back. I had a massive hard on. "You want me to take care of that for you? He asked. "Yeah", I said. He knelt over me and said, "suck my cock while I jack you off." As I cum he cupped his hand so he could catch my juices in the palm of his hand.

"Spread your legs girl." He lifted my legs up and placed them on his shoulder raising my ass so he could see my tight hole. He lubricated my hole with my juices, working it in deep with his fingers. Lubricating my hole ready to take his thick hard cock. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my hole as he leaned into me. I gave out a mighty scream as the head of his cock stretched and slid into my tight hole. H e looked down at me and grinned as he said, "I like how your tight hole grips my cock." He kept thrusting gently until my sphincter finally gave way. With one final powerful thrust the whole of his cock suddenly slipped all the way into my gut, making me shudder and scream out. This was the first time I had been penetrated by a cock so big and it was hurting like hell.

I was sweating and had tears in my eyes from the pain. He kept withdrawing it just about half an inch and then thrusting back into me. He could see me grimacing every time he thrust back into me, which brought a smile to his face. "It hurting bitch? "Fucking painful", I replied as I threw my head back and gripped tightly his arms with my hands. "It's not coming out until I have fucked you, so get used to it," he said.
His cock was long, thick and like a rod of iron.

The pain gradually began to give way to pleasure as he gently slid his cock up and down inside my gut. "You liking it now, getting used to it? He asked as he leaned forward and kissed my lips. It was an unbelievable experience to feel his body gyrating and thrusting into me and being able to run my hands over his muscular back and firm butt. I was in ecstasy. He got more physical and brutal as he got nearer to climaxing. Thrusting deep in my ass with the full force of all his body strength. I had my hands on his butt and I was pulling him into me as he thrust. His hard cock was banging and rubbing the inside of my gut. I touched every part of his body that I could reach while he fucked away at me. He moaned and the whole of his body convulsed has he shot his load of man juice in my ass. I could feel his cock throbbing as he squirted 4 or 5 times out of his pee slit. When he had shot his entire load into me he collapsed on top of me and laid there till his cock was flaccid and popped out my ass. As his cock popped out his juice spilled out my ass.

We got dressed and joined the others back in the party. He said he wanted to do it again and we exchanged phone numbers. My sister was curious to know what we had done

The next morning when I awoke I could still taste Pete in my mouth. My man hole was sore. Pete's juice had trickled out my hole and stained my knickers. (I still have them never washed them) I had a nice warm satisfied feeling. I was in a dream. Memories of what had happened were shooting through my mind a surreal moment. Only my sister knew the reason why I was far away in my dreams. I told her Pete had fucked me and I had deep throated his cock. Pete sure knows how to please a girlyboy. I just wanted to relive last night.

All that morning and afternoon I was wishing my phone to ring and it be Pete. It was getting late in the evening when finally my phone rang, I could see it was Pete. My heart started to beat faster my body stiffened and I was trembling. I took a deep breath and tried to be calm. "Hi babe, what you doing tomorrow?" "Nothing," I said. "Can you and your sister meet me at the mall tomorrow at 10am?" I said I would check with her and get back to him. I called my sister, she said yeah that she could make it. I called Pete back to say place and time were ok.

(We met Pete in the mall at 10am the following morning. He wanted to buy me some sexy girly clothes to wear for the night out. He paid for my sister and me to have our nails done. My mum must have heard me making arrangements to meet Pete. There she was at the mall all of a sudden poking her nose in. "So is this Pete?" She asked. "Yeah" I said. To cut a long story short Pete was invited back home (I know he wasn't very keen on the idea and tried to get out of it, my mum would not take no for an answer) When my dad set eyes on Pete he looked confused. When he found out he was a navy guy he was even more confused. The good thing was they eventually got on well together.)

My sister and my mum helped me get ready while my dad and Pete chatted and shared a drink, military and man talk. I had never taken a boy back home before and if it hadn't been for my mum I would not have done this time. For the first time my mum and dad were treating me as if I was a girl, surreal moment. Pete was not a boyfriend more a friend with benefits. I think my parents were thinking boyfriend. Pete went along with it.

My sister and mother had done a good job on me and I looked all girl. Pete played the part and said, "you look hot babe." Walked over and kissed me. We were ready to go. My sister and mum were acting natural as if I was a girl going on a date. My dad could still not get his head round it. "Take care of him, erm, her Pete." "I will sir."

When we were on our own Pete said, "fucking hell how did I end up meeting your folk." Then he looked at me and said, " you are looking so fuckable. We are going to have some fun tonight."

We went to a bar in a run down part of town. It took my eyes a time to adjust, when they did I could see dimly lit corners; the bar and pool tables were the only bright areas. The place oozed of testosterone. (Pete told me that his brother Mike hanged out here with his buddies. They are a wild bunch of guys, been in trouble with the cops and other stuff.). I could make out people standing at the bar and sitting at tables smoking and drinking in dark areas. "Sit at that table while I look for mike and his buddies." I had never felt so scared in my life before as I sat there. Guys kept glancing at me and grinning. I was relieved when Pete came back and said. "I've found him, he's over there with his buddies. He pointed to a table where four guys were sitting. The table was in a dark area well away from any other tables. When I got close I could see the guys were hot. I could make out they had tattoos and body piercing. You could taste the testosterone in the air. They all had well toned bodies under their tight fitting T-shirts and tight jeans.

Pete introduced me to Mike and his buddies. Their eyes were burning into me, as they looked me up and down. Mike did most of the talking and it soon became obvious that he was the dominant male. I had a few drinks and started to relax. It became more and more obvious that I was becoming the center of attraction. All except Pete were vying for my attention. Pete just sat there with a smile on his face. Mike said, "your girl sure is pretty Pete." Mike already had a bulge. He pointed at his crotch and said "see what effect your having on me." Wow it's unbelievable that I was having that effect on a guy like Mike. "Let's play pool," said Mike. My first reaction was no way I hate pool. "Go and play with the boys, get to know them," said Pete. I thought yeah why not I'm a girl I can be crap at pool.

I had no idea how to play pool, which became evident very soon. "No, hold the cue like this," Mike said as he stood behind me and bent over me showing me how to hold the cue. The whole of my body was tingling. He was on top of me like a dog on a bitch simulating fucking me. I could feel his boner. I just could not concentrate on playing pool. I got worse. They all had their turn at lying on top of me bent over the pool table trying to show me how to hold the cue. Pete sat laughing as I acted the dumb blonde to my advantage They all had a boner by now. Fuck they were horny and so was I.

After awhile we went back to join Pete at the table. Pete whispered in my ear, "guess you lost babe, you owe them." Mike was grinning. I had no idea what I owed them. "Under the table babe you have to suck their cocks," said Pete.
Mike was first, he sat near Pete so Pete could watch as I sucked Mikes cock. My hands were trembling as I unbuckled Mike's belt then undid the top button. Then unzipped his jeans. Out popped his gorgeous hard cock. In the dim light I could still make out the veins running down the shaft of his cock. Mike arched his ass and I pulled his jeans down and let them drop to his ankles. I came up between his legs. I ran my hands over his hairy thighs and shins. I could smell his testosterone sweat. I was turned on. Fuck he had a thick long cock as big as Pete's. (Would he let me do this if he knew I was a guy NO! haha)

Both Pete and Mike were watching me suck cock. I licked the shaft of his cock from his balls up to the head of his cock working my tongue towards his pee slit. His legs were trembling (great to have that effect on a guy) Mmmmmm I can taste precum must have been the pool game. I ran my lips down his cock taking the whole of the head of his cock and part of the shaft of his cock deep in my mouth. "Come on slut take more than that", bawled Mike. I felt his hand on the back of my head forcing my head down on his cock, making me take his cock deeper and making me gag. As I pulled away I spat up saliva. The whole of his cock was covered in my saliva. He pressed my head down harder and prevented me from pulling away. I looked up at him and he bawled again. "Take it all deep down your throat slut." He forced my throat to open up and take more. I could feel his iron hard cock on all sides as he thrust it deeper down. I could see the other guys standing behind Pete and Mike watching as Mike fucked my face. Both hands on my head and thrusting with his hips Mike got me to take all his hard throbbing cock deep down my gullet forcing me to spit up more saliva. I was gasping for breath and yelping from the pain. He was showing his buddies he was in control.

He started to thrust more aggressively and moan his body convulsed as he shot his load into my mouth. Some spilled down my chin. I could feel his warm cum lubricating the inside of my throat as some of it trickled deep down my gullet. He kept his throbbing jerking cock deep down my throat as he emptied the last drop of his man juice into me. Slowly Mike drew his cock out of my mouth. Cum was spilling out the corners of my mouth. Pete said, "open your mouth we wanna see Mikes cum. Mike used his hands to open my mouth wider so they could all see his cum in my mouth. Mike spat a mouthful of his spit into my mouth to mix with his cum juice. That will help lubricate your throat for more skull fucking. "Swallow it bitch, wow!, she takes it and likes it rough. She's a dirty bitch. Said Mike looking down at me as he raised his ass and pulled his jeans up

I deep throated the other 3 guys swallowing their man juice. I could feel warm man juice trickling down my gullet. My stomach was filling with warm salty cum. Pete didn't offer his cock he just watched. While I was sucking cock I could hear them talking about a place out in the desert where they could fuck my ass.

(Pete had taken girls to the bar before to share with Mike and his buddies. The bar was dimly lit and noisy. Where we were you could not make out what was going on or hear anything. Mike and his buddies were the gang leaders in the area. They demanded respect. I would be in deep shit if they found out I was a guy. I was the first one to take all their cocks deep throated. They had fed me. My stomach was full of Mike and his buddies hot man juice protein. Pete was using me to live his fantasies. Watching guys have sex with a guy they thought was a girl was a turn on for him. I was using Pete to live my fantasy. Sex with straight guys.

Pete told me to get from under the table and go and tidy myself up. Must remember to go to the ladies room I thought. Pete caught me up as I made my way. Make sure you're clean and your cock and balls are strapped down well. I had to clean my genitals I had shot my load when I was being fed man juice. I cleaned up and lubricated my ass. I applied some make up, to make me look fresh and sexy. My mouth had been well fucked. Nice taste of salty straight man juices.

Pete had satisfied his curiosity about what it would be like to fuck a girly-guy, by playing with and fucking lady-boys in Thailand. His fantasy was to watch straight guys play with and fuck a girly-boy/lady-boy without them knowing they were fucking a guy. When he found me he knew he could do that. He was using me to live out his fantasy He had lived out his fantasy watching straight guys' skull fuck me a girlyboy. Now he wanted to watch straight guys gangbang me thinking I was a girl. He had told Mike about the lady-boys and that he had fucked some. Mike said he would never fuck a guy. No guy dressed as a girl would fool him, so he said. So far I had convinced Mike and his buddies into thinking I was a girl. I was living my fantasy. Being fucked by straight guys.

As I made my way back to the table to join Pete and the guys, Mike suddenly appeared he grabbed me by the hand and pushed me up against the wall in a dark corner of the bar. Put both his arms around me and held me tight. Pressed his lips against mine I could feel his tongue trying to penetrate my mouth. I opened my mouth his tongue slid in. His tongue was licking around the inside of my mouth and penetrating my throat. He moved my hand down to his crotch. His cock was rock hard, absolutely rigid, and just beautiful. He gave a quick shudder. "Imagine me pushing it all the way into your wet warm cunt," he said. Long hard thick cock, fuck that would be heaven I thought.

I put my arms around him I could feel the muscles on his arms and back. I could feel his naked back under his T-shirt. It sent shock waves through me. It was an intense sensual moment. He was stroking my body with his hands making me tremble as he moved his hands over my butt and legs. Sending a shiver of pure delight up my body from my brain to toes to brain again. I was enjoying being the object of his desire.

I could see his bright eyes looking deep into my eyes. "You're so different to other girls we have shared. I really like you. I don't know what it is about you, you have an effect on me that no other girl has had. I want you on my own you're my perfect girl. I think I'm falling in love with you. When Pete is away you can be my girl," he said.

For brief moments I forgot I was a guy. He made me feel like a real girl. The reality was I was falling in love with Mike and I'm not the girl he thinks I am. I wanted to be with him as a girl. If only we could. The only way we could be male and female together would be for me to have gender reassignment that can't take place in a couple of hours

"Where's your phone," he asked. I pulled my phone out my bag and gave it to him. He dialed in a number. His phone lit up and gave a calling sound. He looked at it and said, "ok I have your number, I will call you next week when Pete has left, so we can arrange a date. You better get back to Pete and the guys."

I joined them back at the table. I told Pete what Mike had just said. "Yeah, he keeps telling me that you're gorgeous, and if and when I don't want you he'll have you as his girl. He's got the hots for you babe. He told me he could tell a guy from a girl," said Pete as he laughed. "As for him not fucking a guy well we will soon know," he laughed again.

Pete told Mike that I was menstruating and the only way they could fuck me was up my ass. "You still want to fuck her?" "Sure she'll not be the first girl we fucked up the ass," he said. Pete knew the manager of a motel out in the desert that let him use a remote room of the motel to take girls. We set out for the motel. I went with Pete so we could work out how we were going to carry this off, for me to be gang banged by 4 straight guys. Mike and the other guys followed in a car.

The room was far off from any others so any noise made didn't disturb the other residence. Pete told me he wanted Mike to fuck me first. To Pete this would prove him right that Mike couldn't tell a tranny from a real girl. Pete sat in a chair with his legs apart with his erect cock sticking out his pants. I was on my knees between his legs. I was to suck his cock while he could watch the guys fuck my ass. Mike and the guys stripped off. (I kept my dress knickers and all on) Pete pulled my knickers down so my anus was exposed (I had cleaned out and lubed my ass ready) Pete finger fucked my hole stretching my hole. The guys took it in turns to spit saliva into my hole to lubricate me more. Ok said Pete, "she is ready."

The guys stood around me with their hard donkey cocks. Mike was to fuck me first. He knelt down behind me. He spread my legs apart more and stretched my hole. He held his hard cock in his hand to keep it on target, his other on my hip. He leaned into me more forcefully. I felt my sphincter open and let him in until the head of his cock penetrated past it. My sphincter muscle tightened round the shaft of his cock. "You all right babe?" He asked. While trying to hold back the urge to immediately thrust his cock hard and deep into me. "Oooooh yeahhhh! Make it good babe," I said as I arched and pushed my ass back onto his rock hard cock.

He moved both hands onto my hips pulling me gently onto his cock. Impaling me on his hard hot cock. The whole of his cock penetrated me all the way. I could feel his pubes pressing against my cheeks. "That feel good babe, you like the feel of me inside you?" Mike asked as he gently fucked me as the others looked on stroking their hard cocks waiting their turn. I felt my tight sphincter slide along his shaft until once again it was gripping his cock just behind the head.. He pushed his cock back in harder and more quickly. Making me scream out. I pushed with my ass against his cock as he thrust. He withdrew again only to thrust into me deeper and harder. I could feel his cock slamming inside me. Fuck his cock felt so good in me. Mike knew he needed not to be slow and gentle. He could fuck me deep and as hard as his urges wanted him too. Mike was pulling back and ramming my ass as hard as he could. Getting his pleasures from my warm velvety tight rectum and from the gasps and moans I was making.

His balls were filling ready to squirt his load into my passage. Mike shouted I'm going to come. His rhythm quickened I groaned with pleasure. Mike slammed into me as I pushed against him. As he did he almost lifted me off the ground. He pulled right out of me then thrust back in my hole forcing my sphincter to give way to his hard cock. I felt his cock throbbing and jerking in my rectum. The pressure was building inside him, the sublime sensation that precedes ejaculation. Mike said I'm going to come. He gasped. I groaned loudly. Mike started to shoot his load into my ass. Every time he tried to pull back the exquisite sensations made him jerk forward again so that each surge, each spurt burst from him deep inside me. Cum juice was spilling out my anus. He delivered the last drop of his man juice deep in me His juice was covering his shaft as he pulled out to let the next guy fuck me

Mike kissed my ass cheeks as he got up from me to let the other guy have me. Pete stared at me with wide-open eyes as he sat there watching me get fucked. The other guy nonchalantly kicked my legs apart and stretched my ass cheeks apart as he lowered himself ready to penetrate me. Directing his cock into my wet warm hole. He slowly at first started to thrust his cock into me. My already loose sphincter submitted to his gentle thrust. I could feel the whole of his shaft penetrating my passage. He leaned toward me and spoke in a low voice. "Fuck my cock feels good in your wet and warm ass." His voice was deep and resonant. He steadily pumped my ass using his strong muscular legs to thrust his cock into me. He had well formed biceps and triceps. I was enjoying the feel of his athletic body on top of me.

He was panting from exertion and at the excitement of fucking my warm wet hole. I felt my tight sphincter slide along his shaft gripping his cock firm until it was gripping his cock just behind the head. He pushed his cock back in harder and more quickly. Making me yelp several times, as he thrust deep in me. He withdrew again only to thrust into me deeper and harder. I could feel his cock slamming inside me. Fuck his cock felt so good in me. He was no longer slow and gentle. He fucked me deep and as hard as his urges wanted him too. He was pulling back and ramming my ass as hard as he could. Getting his pleasures from my warm tight rectum and from the gasps and moans I was making. His body convulsed and he was moaning loudly has his cock throbbed and jerked in my ass passage. 2 more rough thrust then he shot his warm man juice into my ass mixing with Mike's juice. Cum was spilling out my ass. He lay on me for awhile letting every drop of his man juice seep out his pee slit, filling my ass. He drew out, as he did so he gave my ass a mighty slap with the back of his hand which made me jump and send a sensation of pain from my ass to my brain. "Ok I finished fucking her who's next?" he asked.

The third guy spread my legs wide apart as he knelt behind me. As he did so he ran his finger around the rim of my ass hole scooping cum onto his finger and wiping it over the shaft of his cock spitting a mouthful of saliva on the head of his cock. He pressed down on my back with his hand and with the other hand around his cock to keep it on target he forced his cock into my well-fucked hole. This guy was rough using the whole weight of his body to thrust his cock into my ass. Withdrawing the whole of his cock out my anus and thrusting in deep and hard making me yelp, which turned him on and made him more excited. He rough fucked me. Slamming into my ass time and time again. As he drew his cock out my hole it was covered and dripping from the man juice that the other guys had shot in my gut. He was holding me tighter and the whole of his body was convulsing as he pressed down hard on me. As he emptied his balls into my gut.

The forth guy had waited long enough when he knew the other guy had shot his load he pulled him off me and straddled me. Sliding his cock into me on the juice of the other guys. As he thrust into me with the full strength and force of his hips. His groin and my ass cheeks on impact were making a smacking sound. As he thrust in me, his cock was making a slurping noise as his cock mixed the cum of Mike and the other guys. I was loose and wet. My inside could not grip his cock. He was thrusting deep and trying to push his balls up my hole. He thrust hard up my gut. Slapping my butt as hard as he could, making me pull away from Pete's hard cock so I could scream out. Pete grabbed a handful of my hair and forced my mouth back down on his hard cock. The guy was fucking me with so much force that he was lifting me off the ground with each thrust. He jerked and convulsed has he shot his load into me. He lay on me for awhile then pulled his cock out and kissed my ass as he stood off me.

All the time the guys were fucking me I was sucking Pete's cock tasting pre-cum Pete was saving his cum for later.
Pete asked Mike if he was ready to fuck me again he said hell yeah. They all fucked me a second time. When my ass was full of protein rich juice Pete plugged my ass. I was well fucked. The guys were sitting around naked. Smoking and drinking their cans of beer. With their legs wide apart. Their horse hung cocks hanging limp between their legs. They all had that glazed look in their eyes that guys have when they had spent the night fucking. Their cocks were sticky and smelling of cum. Their pubes were covered in globules of cum. They were getting more and more boisterous as I licked and cleaned their flaccid cocks. The pack instinct was rising in them. Sex and booze. Testosterone levels were high. Pete was thinking it was time to bring the party to an end before things turned nasty and got out of hand
"Ok boys time to bring it to an end. I want to spend some time with my girl alone." Said Pete. "No I'm still horny I want to fuck her again," said one of the guys as he tried to grab me. "No you're not," said Mike. "My brother wants to be alone with his girl we have had our fun now get dressed and lets go," Mike at to persuade him with a few threats that he would use his fist if he didn't do as he said and get dressed.

Mike came over to me and put his arms round me and held me tight (he was still naked) I placed my hands on his shoulders. "Don't worry babe he'll not cause any trouble." Mike pressed his lips against my lips and penetrated my mouth with his tongue. I ran my hands down his muscular back to the small of his back and over the cheeks of his solid firm butt. "Awww that feels good when you touch me babe," said Mike.

"Come on Mike, get a move on," said Pete Mike and the other guys got dressed then body handled the guy that was causing trouble half-naked out to the car. The headlights of their car flashed across the window of our motel room as they pulled away and drove off.

Pete looked out the window to make sure they had gone. Pete lit up a cigarette and had a few swigs out of a can of beer. "Ok girlyboy I want you to strip and get on the bed. When I've finish my smoke I'm going to fuck you." Wow when he said that and in the way he said it made me have butterflies in my stomach and sent tingling sensations down my back.

Pete finished his cigarette and started to strip. I just lay there naked on the bed. As I watched him strip I just could not stop stretching and feeling an intense sensation shoot all the way through my body. He joined me on the bed as I lay on my back. Crawling on his hands and knees until he straddled me, Looking down into my face he said he wanted to soak his hard cock in the man juices inside my hole. "You did well convincing them you're a girl," he laughed. "Mike has even fallen in love with you. Telling me he could not be fooled by a guy in girl's clothes," He laughed out loud again.

Mike pulled the plug out my ass, as he did some juice spilled out and trickled over my cheeks. "Mmmmmm your hole looks nice and full. Lift your legs, as I did he leaned into me. My legs rested on his shoulders. I felt the head of his cock pushing against my well fucked hole. I was wet and loose from all the fucking my ass had taken. My Sphincter soon submitted to the gentle thrust of his cock. My sphincter loosely gripped just behind the head of his cock. He pulled all the way out of me then gently thrust just the head of his cock back into me. Each time juice squirted out my ass onto the head of his cock. He did that several times. It felt so fucking good to have a guy do that.

Then with each gentle thrust as he entered me he penetrated me deeper and deeper. Sliding into me on the cum of the other guys. Eventually the whole length of his hard iron rod was in me. He just lay on me letting his cock soak in the cum juices. I could feel the whole length of his cock inside me as my inside tightened round his cock. He started to slide his cock gently up and down inside me now and then thrusting harder as the urge to do so took control of him.

I ran my hands over his back and butt it felt so good to have a guy naked on top of me. To see the muscles of his butt tense and relax has he fucked me gently.

He ran his fingers through my hair and French kissed me. As he fucked me harder and harder. I could feel his hard cock sliding along my passage and hitting my inside making me moan and gasp. He looked into my eyes and whispered in his deep voice. Ahhhhhhh I'm going to come. His whole body jerked and shuddered as his throbbing cock shot his juice deep into me. He just lay on me. I could feel his cock shrinking inside me till it popped out. He rammed the ass plug into my ass to stop any spillage. "I'll fuck that agen in the morning," he said as he stroked the cheeks of my ass. "When I come home again we gotta do more of this," he said as he slowly fell asleep



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