Since the beginning of the football season I had enjoyed looking at my teammates' perfect asses. They had shown perfectly through the white practice pants, and I was grateful that the cup hid my woody even if it was extremely uncomfortable. But I had to keep myself in check because if anyone noticed, I was dead. I mean this literally, because the guys on my team were extremely homophobic, or so I thought.

It was just a normal day after practice. I trying to take as long as possible to undress so that I didn't have to go into the showers with any other of the guys on the team because popping a hard-on would not be very easy to explain.

After I had thought every one was gone I walked in and was surprised to see the quarterback, and hottest guy I had ever seen, Andrew. I immediately started to get hard. When I got over my shock and walked over to the opposite side of the showers to hide myself Andrew turned around and jumped. By the gigantic 8 or 9 inch hard-on he was stroking, I could tell he had also thought he was alone.

But what he did surprised me, and excited me, even more. He did the guy twitch, you know the quick look up and down that jocks usually do to passing chicks, and smiled an sly smile at me! I couldn't believe it. He was checking me out!

That made my cock hit full mast. 'Looks like we both have a dilemma,' he said. I wasn't quite sure what he meant by this, but the lustful way he said it turned me on even more. He then walked over to me and said something that only came out of his lips in my dreams. 'How about you suck my cock and I just might do the same for you,' he said. I needed no more telling. I dropped instantly to my knees and tried to give him the best blow job I have ever given, and hopefully he would ever receive.

He groaned and moaned in a way that somehow turned me on even more and made me pump harder. His shaft felt awesome in my mouth. Not too thin, but not too thick, and an awesome length. After about five minutes of love showing to his pulsing member, he juiced in my hungry mouth. It was the best man juice I had ever tasted. Then something unthinkable happened the coach walked in. I had often stared at his ass but had never even dreamed of him.

He stood there shocked and then said something completely astonishing, 'Is it ok if I join you?' Both of us groaned in the affirmative. So he stripped and asked where we wanted him. So after a long debate I ended up with the coach in my mouth and Andrew in my ass, not that I was complaining.

Once again I had an awesome cock in my mouth and Andrew's cock felt even better in my ass. The coach was not a hairy guy. He wasn't quite the normal footballer build. He was a lean, muscular guy in about his forties. His cock was a giant and my mouth barely took it, but I gave it my best not knowing when this would happen again.

After they finished up it was my turn. I had coach tongue fucking me into ecstasy, and I got to fuck the jock of my dreams. It didn't take me long to shoot because this was probably the best man sex I had ever had. After I was done we cleaned up and got dressed. Andrew doing it in a sort of reverse strip tease which turned me on and made me want to fuck him again right then and there, but it was time to leave. 'Let's not wait to long to do this again!' Andrew said. We continued our little threesome, which soon became larger because of invites of Andrew's, weekly from then on.

The End



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