This morning I woke up after a sexy dream. I somehow remember it and the dream still turns me on. So I tried my hand at writing it down. English isn't my first language and I haven't written anything in English for a long time. So, I'm afraid I've made many mistakes. I hope you will still like my story and maybe you can send me feedback and/or help me improving my English...

Ciao, Tom


Usually when I wake up, I have forgotten all my dreams. But this morning I did remember the dream I dreamed last night. And today I can't put this dream out of my head. In my dream, I was myself and at the same time I wasn't. I was more muscular than I am now. Apparently in my dreams my workouts were having the effect I wanted. In normal life I am very conscious of what others think of me. In my dream I felt free. I could do what I wanted and act on my desires.

In my dream I arrived in Berlin at what should be the hotel I had booked. However there was no hotel. There was some sort of a bar and a sex shop. The barkeeper couldn't help me, but one his regular customers lived above the bar and had a place where I could sleep. It was only when he was telling me this that in my dream I realized it was a leather bar and the party was about to begin.

Tim, I think that was his name, showed me the way upstairs. The place where I could sleep was a mattress in what looked like a garage. Of course I couldn't be a garage, it was on the first floor.... Somehow I had to join the party and had to get dressed for it. Tim of course would no accept otherwise.

Leather really turns me on, but in my real life I am too inhibited to go to a leather bar. I own a leather harness and jockstrap, but I think that in my dream I did not have them with me. In my dream it seemed the most natural thing in the world to undress and to follow Tim to the bar downstairs. Actually I don't know if I had already seen that there was a leather shop too, but if I hadn't I was to find out now in my dream.

Tim was dressed in full leather: Black police boots, tight fitting leather pants, and a leather vest. Armbands made his biceps look even more impressive. Downstairs he also wore a leather cap. Maybe he wasn't just a regular customer. Maybe he was the boss. He certainly looked like a master.

I followed Tim into the bar, through dance floor crowded with other hot leather man, to the place where the DJ was playing his music. Tim ordered me to climb onto a platform. He climbed onto another. The music shopped and Tim took a microphone. He told the crowd that I was Tom from Holland and I was their special guest for tonight. He needed everyone to fulfill my desires. Unfortunately something had gone wrong with the invitation and I didn't have to proper attire. Therefore he hoped that some guests would help him in selecting the proper leather gear for me.

In my dream - and also thinking of it now - I have a raging hard-on. In my dream however I was standing naked on a small platform in front of at least 50 hot leather men. There was no music to dance to as I had seen strippers too, but that didn't seem to mind. I heard some great music in my head en slowly danced naked on my platform. Dancing I turned around to give the crowd a good look of my ass and hungry hole. The guests cheered.

The music had started again. Tim had jumped of his platform. He was wearing black leather gloves now. Maybe he had worn them before. I don't know or remember. With his large leather clad hand he gripped my balls and pulled me of the platform. If another leather man hadn't collected me I would have fallen. This man - I think his name was Peter - grabbed me by my arm. He dragged me with him and Tim to the leather shop. It was now that I realized that in my dream I really was muscular. The firm grip of Peter hurt my biceps muscles.

In the shop I was standing in the middle of a group of 10 men. Peter was till holding me and Tim was giving instructions. As their guest they would bring my fantasies alive. And as everyone could see I really wanted to be their boy. Now a boy needed to be dressed as such. Where to start?

A man suggested that they start with a nice collar for me. I turned around to look he said that. This man was a bit smaller than the others - probably not a German, maybe a Frenchman. He was bald, had a small beard and was just as muscular as the others. This man wore a harness that made his chest look even more imposing. From his harness a leather belt went down into his pouch. At home I have a harness just like it, with a belt that connects it to a cockring. My cock was getting harder again. Over his pouch or jockstrap this man was wearing leather chaps. I really had to be his boy tonight.

Tim complemented Paul on his suggestion. While I was lusting over Paul, Tim found a leather collar for me. It was a broad collar with four D-rings attached to it. Since Paul had made this suggestion, he was allowed to put the collar on me. The strapped it real tights. When finished he turned me around to show me to the others. They cheered. And Paul showed he was pleased too: he slapped me on my ass.

Now it was someone else's turn to select the newt piece for me. With my collar firmly in place, I needed wrist and ankle cuffs. Tim complemented Spencer on his suggestion. Spencer was a large man, also very muscular. He didn't wear a harness: his hairy chest didn't need one. It was already very imposing. Spencer wore leather pants, black army boots with yellow laces and he wore gloves too. Wow, I really would need to be Spencer's puppy.

While Spencer put on my wrist and ankle cuffs, new suggestions came from the group. Peter started to help Tim. In no time I was wearing just the harness I have at home with the belt connecting to a cockring. In addition to the cockring the also put on a ball ring. My cock was standing hard with my balls hanging low.

Now the attention turned to my chest, to my nipples to be precise. Peter put two cylinders on my nipples. Both cylinders were attached to a small pump in the hand of Tim. He was asking if there where any volunteers to pump this boy's nipples?

An older man came forward or at least he looked a bit older. His short-cropped hair was grey as was his chest hair. But his chest and arms were very strong. Tim called him Max. Max was only too glad to help them to make my nipples more sensitive. A boy's nipples should be sensitive. There was no better way to make them sensitive than first to use a nipple pump and than some nipple clamps. Max preferred Japanese nipple clamps with some small weights to add to the fun.

There I was, no longer fully naked - I had a leather collar, cuffs and a harness - but very much the horny, willing sex toy of these incredible hot men. And to fully prepare me for what they wanted to do, Max was now pumping my nipples. I could see them growing in the plastic cylinders. I have to small cylinders myself at home with a small sort of pump inside. I had recently bought them and enjoyed pumping or is it sucking my nipples first, to make them bigger and then to play with my Japanese nipple clamps.

But now here I was in my dream, having my nipples pumped in front of a crowd with a real professional pump and the man pumping then is explaining the crowd what he would further do to me. Max was - of course - only addressing the crowd. I am their special guest and at the center of their attention, but it seems to be only my desires they are talking to. I am mute. I can only grunt to express my pleasure.

That pleasure now got mixed with pain. My nipples had been pumped; they were red and very large. Slowly Max decreased the pressure and took away the cylinders. Tim handed him the Japanese nipple clamps. As I said I have a pair of them at home. They are great. The clamps are connected with a small chain and if you pull them, the clamps get even tighter. But with my nipples very sensitive from the pumping, even applying the clamps hurt as hell and then Max pulled the connecting chain. It felt so good and hurt so hard that I almost came.

Now Tim called Max to order. We shouldn't spoil the boy now. The playing would be done at the appropriate place. I was after all the special guest for the party and everyone should be able to see me experience the greatest pleasure on earth: being used by men who know how to use a boy. The men cheered.

I was - Tim declared - now appropriately dressed for the party. All that was missing were the necessary instruments and toys. In his now familiar commanding voice, Tim ordered everyone to help. Max should get the weights for the nipple clamps. Spencer and Paul should get some chains and ropes. J├╝rgen should take a paddle. Oliver a cat of nine tails - I had only seen them in porn and in online leather shops, I wondered what they would feel like. Hans should get the ball stretcher and weights. Christian should help Peter bringing the dildos. And Tim himself would take his special masters whip.

Tim hit me with his whip on my ass and directed me toward the party. Everyone followed with the needed attributes. With my rock hard dick aching in anticipation, dressed in the strong leather that would be needed to keep me in position and in place, I entered the bar, which was even more crowded and where the music was even loader....

And then my iphone alarm went of. Sweating, leaking pre-cum I woke up in my hotel room in Paris.....

I was in Paris for a weekend break. I had been visiting museums to see new exhibitions and the night before I had been to the Spicer Bar where I had seen Aymeric Deville gogo dancing, wearing only a leather harness and jockstrap. Maybe Aymeric and the excellent French wine had inspired my dream.

Now I have to return home, have to work, and to work out. End of October I will go to Berlin. After my dream last night I'm even more excited....



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