'Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff,' the flight attendant announced over the intercom. I look out the window and see the runway blurring by as we begin to lift off the ground. 'You may now remove your seatbelt and move freely around the cabin,' the same flight attendant announces about 20 minutes later. I remove my seatbelt and get a bit more comfortable. 'Would you like some peanuts or something to drink?' a male flight attendant asks me. 'Yes, can I get water please,' I reply. He walked away and returned several minutes later with my water, 'Here you go, Hun,' he said in a flirty voice. 'Thanks.'

'You know he was totally flirting with you, right?' the woman in the next row asks me. 'Haha, I think he was just being polite,' I tell her. 'Okay, whatever you say,' she says. I look over at the flight attendant and am surprised to see him looking back at me. He winks at me, and I look away quickly. I think I have had enough random sex for one day. I spent the rest of the flight trying to avoid eye contact, but I kept noticing him looking at me. He was beginning to walk over to me when another flight attendant came on the intercom. 'Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing.' Several minutes later we were back on the ground.

I walked into the airport and walked over to the baggage claim. I was standing there for what seemed like hours before my baggage finally came down the conveyer belt. I grab my baggage and head towards the front of the airport, and hail a cab. As I'm the cab driver is loading my luggage into the trunk, I hear someone call my name. 'Michael!' I turn around and see him. Anthony, my new dream man, was standing there in a pair of tight fitting jeans, a v-neck t-shirt and black leather shoes. He looked even more handsome in person. He was about 5'8', medium brown hair, gorgeous chocolate brown eyes and he was slightly tanned. I waved to him, and then began to walk towards him.

'Hi Michael,' he said when we were close enough for him not to have to yell. 'Hi Anthony.' I replied. He grabbed me and embraced me in a huge hug, it felt nice. He let go of me and looked me up and down, I was wondering what he was thinking. 'How was your flight?' he asked, 'It was good, not too long, thank goodness,' I replied. 'That's good, I'm so glad you're here!' he said, 'I'm glad I'm here too.' I told him. 'Come on, my cars this way,' he said, as he gestured to the way he came from. We walked in silence to his car, 'Can I take your bags?' he asked. 'Sure, thanks,' I said. He took my luggage, put it in his back seat and we both got in the car.

We were mostly quiet as we drove. A few times he asked me what I was thinking, and every time I replied, 'Nothing.' Truthfully, I was thinking about how I was going to get him into the sack. He is such a good boy, I think this is going difficult.

We pull into the parking lot of his apartment complex, and he leads the way to his apartment. We walk in, and I am surprised to see a man sitting on his couch. 'Michael, I would like you to meet Remy,' he says as he gestures toward the man. 'Hi Michael, nice to meet you,' Remy says as he stands up and stretches his arm out for a handshake. 'Nice to meet you too,' I say somewhat shocked as I shake his hand. Remy was a pretty cute man. He was taller than Anthony, about 6', he had brown hair and brown eyes that were lighter than Anthony's, but he wasn't Italian, he was Latino. His skin was quite dark, which made his light brown eyes really pop. He had some stubble on his face, which made him look quite rugged. He was wearing a wife beater and some faded jeans with a black belt and some white sneakers.

'I think I'll go and let you two chat and let Michael get settled in,' Remy said. 'No, you don't have to...' Anthony began, but then he caught my gaze, and said 'Okay, I'll see you later.' He kissed him on the lips, and showed him to the door. Anthony walked back in the room, and asked 'Are you okay?' I wasn't quite sure what to say, honestly I was pretty pissed that he and Remy were back together. 'Yeah, I'm fine, just tired, and I wasn't expecting him to be here,' I said, putting the emphasis on Him. 'I'm sorry, I should have told you Remy was going to be here,' he said, obviously not picking up on my slight cringe when he said Remy's name. 'It's ok, I think I just need some rest,' I said, trying to sound like that was the truth. 'Oh, sure, let me show you to the guest room.'

I laid down on the bed for about an hour, acting like I was resting, but I was really trying to figure out what to do next. I couldn't think of anything to do about the situation, so I got up and walked out into the living room. Anthony was sitting at his desk, chatting with some friends. I walked up behind him, and saw that I knew them as well. 'Hi guys!' I said enthusiastically. I saw three of our mutual fronds in the chat room, Gabby, Cristina and Gordon. They all said hi back, and then continued talking about something that I didn't follow. I told Anthony I was going to go out for a bit, and he said, 'Okay, see ya later,' without even looking at me.

I walked out of the apartment and down two flights of stairs, then out the front door. I have never been to New Jersey, so I really had no idea where I was going, but I turned to my left and started walking. A few minutes later I found a gay bar, door open and music blasting with the bass booming. I looked up to read the sign 'The Diamond Club' was the name of the club. I walked in, walked up to the bar and asked for a Dirty Martini. The bartender returned several minutes later with the drink and a napkin. I took my martini and sat down in a booth. I took a sip of my martini and noticed that the bartender had written his phone number on the napkin. So I turned around to take a second look at him, he was hotter than I had first noticed. He reminded me of Remy somewhat, but much better looking, to me anyways.

I turned back around and was surprised to see a man taking a seat at my booth. 'Hi Michael,' Remy said as he sat down. 'Oh, um, Hi Remy,' I replied, surprised. 'Where's Anthony?' he asked me. 'He stayed at the apartment,' I told him. 'He let you come out in a city that you have never been too, alone?' he asked, seemingly appalled. 'Yeah, it's not a big deal,' I told him. 'What do you say I take you back so you don't get lost,' he said. 'I think I can find my way back just fine, thank you though.' I told him, somewhat rudely. 'I insist,' he said, then he got up, reached out and grabbed me by the arm, and half dragged me out of the bar.

'Let go of me,' I said, struggling to get away, but his grip was too strong. He stopped suddenly once we were about a block away from the bar, and then turned to me, moved his face in closer and kissed me. I was shocked, and I tried to push him away, but every time, he would come back with more passion. Eventually, I realized that I kind of liked this, and I kissed him back. He pulled his face away and said 'Come on.' He pulled began to pull on my arm again, but this time I didn't struggle at all, but followed him eagerly. We walked a couple more blocks and stopped in front of a hotel. He let go of my arm and grabbed me around the waist instead. We walked into the hotel, and he guided me to the elevator. We got in, he pressed 5 and the list began to rise. We got to his room, he opened the door and pulled me in.

We began kissing again as soon as the door slammed shut. His lips were so full and soft. The feeling of his tongue exploring my mouth was making me hard. He pushed me onto the bad and pulled my pants and underwear off in one swoop. He began kissing me again as he rubbed my now rock hard cock. He pulled my shirt off and began kissing my chest and making his was lower and lower. Then I feel his beautiful, full, soft lips wrap around the head of my dick, and the warmth of his mouth. He begins bobbing up and down on my cock as I moan and squirm. He is amazing at this. He starts licking and sucking my balls, and then he lifts my legs up and begins eating out my ass. It feels so good, I am almost screaming with pleasure. He stops and pulls his shirt and pants off to reveal a monster cock. It was about 8 inches long, but was so thick. He grabbed my legs and pulled me close to him. I would feel his huge cock against my asshole. He spit on his cock, and slid it in. It hurt like hell, but was quickly turned to pure pleasure. He began thrusting harder and without warning, my cock explodes with cum, without either of us touching it. He continues to pound my ass, apparently not noticing what he had done. I kept moaning and whimpering as he pounded my tight asshole. I could feel he was close, so I began to squeeze his cock with my ass. He must have liked this because he began moaning loud, then he shot his huge load in my ass. I could feel his hot cum filling me up, his huge load felt amazing.

He pulled out and flopped down on the bed beside me, 'That was amazing,' I said. He chuckled a little. Then we heard a knock at the door. 'Remy, are you there? It's me, Anthony.'



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