Dragon Fly and Sabastian            

By : A. Williams

Everyone calls me Dragon Fly because my whole back is covered by a tattoo of a flying dragon. It’s quite beautiful really, deep blues, yellows and greens. My real name is Jim Wallace, twenty-five years old in my last year of collage at James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia, beautiful Shenandoah Valley. I am getting my masters in mathematics and that is where I meet Sabastian. I was living in the on campus student apartment complex along with two other guys now, James our fourth roommate had recently moved out to live with his girlfriend.

Then Sabastian moved in or tried to. I ran into him in the hallway with boxes scattered and his stuff all over the floor. When he looked up at me and our eyes met, I was in love at first sight. His eyes were the greenest I had ever seen, black long lashes, big full pouty lips and a head full of black curls. I feel to my knees to help, that smile, those dimples made him stunningly gorgeous.

“Let me help you sweet man.” I said. Sabastian knew this guy was gay and wanted him to go away. He saw in his eyes and heard it in his words and wanted no part of him. He looked pissed and sounded mad when Sabastian said “I don’t need help, I can get it. No thank you.”  I smiled, still helping “Does not look that way to me. What’s your apartment number?”  He huffed “Number five.” I laughed out loud “That’s me, I live in five, I guess you are my new bunkmate.” His handsome face wet red with anger. He stood up and yelled “What the fuck! I will not live with a gay guy!”

I stood too, dropping everything in my hands “Well you better get used to it, half of the guys on this floor are gay.” I screamed back and stormed off into the apartment, slamming the door behind me. My roommates, Kevin and Lance ran out startled and staring at me. Kevin said “What the hell is going on Dragon Fly, were heard screaming man. Are you okay?” I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself “I just meet our asshole, idiot, sonofabitch new roommate. He is a homophobe.”  They both screamed out “Really man, are you serious?” Kevin and Lance are as straight as they come but have no problems with gays. We have been best buds for years and they back me one hundred percent of the time. They are both huge gym rats so Sabastian better look out!

A knock sounded on the door and I stepped aside and went to my bedroom. Lace opened the door and Kevin stood near, arms crossed over his massive chest with an evil glare on his handsome face. “My name is Sabastian and I have been assigned to this apartment by the school office.” He said holding a box. “Really? looks to me, asshole, like you need to get re-assigned. Your kind is not welcome here.” Lance said with an angry tone. “No worries. First thing on Monday morning. Until then, I need a place to sleep and store my stuff.” He pushed his way in and brushed by Kevin entering our bedroom.

I was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling still fuming. After several trips Sabastian’s boxes were in the room and he collapsed on his bed. As mad as I was, I could not help but gaze lovingly over his stunning form. He had to be six feet two inches tall, large frame one hundred ninety-two hundred pounds of nice muscled up meat. Me, I was six foot even one hundred ninety pounds on a large frame as well and ripped, clean shaven all over. I have brown hair and eyes, nice manly face with a huge friendly smile and nice full lips. He rolled his head and our eyes locked again “Look man, I will be out of here Monday, I will say no more to you out of the way. You know, about you liking guys. Where’s the bathroom? I need a shower.”

I pointed to the back wall “First doors the closet, towels are under the sink. Make sure you pick-up after yourself. I’m gay but not the fucking maid.” I said closing my eyes. I heard the water start and could not help thinking of his naked body all soapy and hairy. The water dripping down his chest to his cock and balls. I started to get hot, I stripped to my boxers and lay back down caught up in my fantasy. My big cock began to plump up and my balls began to churn thinking about his hands running over his slick body. Damn, I was lusting after this guy who was clearly a straight man that hated gay men.

Fuck, that first tug at my heart. Fuck those butterflies in my stomach. I was falling for Sabastian and I knew it. Well he would be gone Monday and out of my life. I could hold on for a couple of days. He came out of the bathroom in only a towel. His curly black hair still damp, hairy hot body still wet from the shower and my cock was hard as a rock instantly. There was no way to hide my 10 inch very thick erection and I knew Sabastian had seen it. I stood and went to the bathroom to rub one out.

Sabastian watched Dragon Fly walk to the bathroom and was impressed with his huge cock and big balls, no one could miss that even in boxers. That tattoo seemed to come to life as he walked, his back muscles shifted and it seemed to really move as if it was flying. His high tight ass so round and firm, legs long and defined, void of hair and so smooth. WOW, what a hunk! Wait! What the fuck am I thinking! I’m not gay he is. Sabastian shook his head as to clear it from this sudden confusion. Get your shit together man, he told himself. You are out of here in a couple of days. Hang on till then.

Sabastian lay in his bed that night thinking of his roommate. He could not get Dragon Fly out of his mind, no matter how hard he tried. He felt a pull in his heart, in is soul and in his groin. He was so close, he wanted to touch that dragon on his back, lower to his firm ass cheeks and lower still to those smooth legs. He was so confused, he had never had these feelings for a man but he knew they were real. He wanted to kiss him, hold him and love him. Fuck I am not gay !

Dragon lay in the dark thinking of Sabastian. God, his heart was aching. He could hear him breathing, shifting on the bed so unsettled. He longed to comfort him, hold him and snuggle him. He could not, he hated gay guys so he stayed where he was. Still longing for a touch of him, for a smell of him and for a taste of him somewhere. They fell into a restless sleep tossing and turning and dreaming of each other.

Finally morning came and they woke restless, not speaking at all. Both horny with morning wood from their dreams. They took turns relieving there bladders, brushing teeth, combing hair and shaving not a word spoken but longing glances were taken as they were only wearing boxers. As they left the bathroom Dragon Fly’s hand grazed Sabastian’s hard cock. He grabbed his wrist snatching him around angrily and got in his face spit flying as he screamed “Don’t ever touch me again Dragon. The next time I will knock your teeth down your throat.” He squeezed his wrist for emphasis.

“If that cock of yours wasn’t so big, long and hard it wouldn’t get in the way. Why is it so hard, lover boy?” Dragon Fly shouted back pulling his wrist out of Sabastian’s clutches. He pushed Dragon Fly to the wall roughly raised his arms above his head. Only inches from his face he said “Lover boy, hum. You hope I want you, hope I want to kiss you and hope I want to fuck you. Don’t you Dragon Fly? You damn horny man. Someone else’s cock is fat, long and hard as nails. Isn’t it?”

Lance came running in hearing all the commotion. “Yall at it again! Fuck man, I’m not the referee!” He yelled out. Neither of us moved, eyes locked, lips inches from each other’s, hot breath on each other’s face. Our hands and arms tangled above my body on the wall. We could feel each other’s cocks touching, rubbing slightly with each deep heavy breath. If Lance had not come in? Who knows what would have happened. Sabastian released Dragon Fly and slowly backed up. They were both glistening with sweat, both hard as steel and wet patches showed on their boxers where they had leaked pre-cum.

Lance saw the state of their arousal and laughed “I busted in too soon. Sorry guys. I’m leaving, carry on.” He walked out and shut the door. Even Lance could see they had it bad for each other, he snickered as he walked away. Dragan Fly gained his senses and began to get dressed; all he wanted was away from Sabastian if he stayed longer he would not be able to hold back. Soon as he was dressed he left and ran to his car like a bat out of hell. He sat clutching the wheel, thinking of what just happened. He did not know whether he was hopelessly in lust, love or both. Dragon went for a short ride to clear his mind of Sabastian.

Back in the apartment, Sabastian collapsed on the bed dazed and confused. He knew if Lance had not of busted in he would have kisses Dragon and maybe more, lots more. He wanted to lick and taste Dragon, suck his sweet thick cock, fuck that tight ass while rubbing that tattoo. He had never desired a woman this way. So deep inside, like an itch you can’t scratch. An itch that drives you wild till you satisfy the need. He decided there and then to get that itch scratched as soon as Dragon Fly got home.

They meet up back in the kitchen, staring at each other over bowls of Lucky Charms, Sabastian still in boxers making Dragon Fly horny again. Damn, those black curls, those green eyes and that hairy chest. Then he started teasing Dragon, licking his spoon, sucking that spoon and staring at Dragon Fly the whole time. Then Sabastian rubbed his bare foot on Dragons leg, slowly up higher his foot rubbed. When he reached his crotch, Dragon stood quickly knocking the chair over.

“Get the fuck out NOW. Nobody fucks with me, you fucking tease. I don’t care where you go but you need to leave. You will never be in that bedroom again you fucking Son a Bitch.” Sabastian stood fast, as his chair hit the floor he had Dragon Fly in his strong arms and threw him on the table and fell on top of him hard, knocking off the bowls of cereal and milk to the floor crashing in shards. Nose to nose, eyes locked on each other Sabastian lowered his full wet hot lips to Dragon’s. They both moaned and melted into each other, lips spread and tongues snaked in while they wrapped each other in each other’s arms. The intense kiss continued as they both began to rotate hips into each other, hard cock to hard cock. Sabastian pulled away “You bastard, I am no tease. Fuck I don’t know what you’re doing to me but I have to fuck you now, here on this table, this second.”

Just then Lance and Kevin walked in the front door and froze in place at what they saw. They looked at each other and high – fived. “You owe my 50 bucks Kevin, told you they would almost be fucking!” Sabastian did not move one inch, only looked over at them “You guys are cramping my style. Don’t yall have some other place to be?” He began to deeply kiss Dragon again letting everything else drop away. Dragon too was lost in the wonderful feel of Sabastian. Both Lance and Kevin cheered softly in unison, “That’s our Dragon Fly!” As they backed out of the apartment.

As the door shut and they were alone in the apartment things escalated quickly. Sabastian’s kissing got stronger, harder and he was holding Dragon Fly tighter and his moans of pleasure grew louder. Dragon ground his hard cock into Sabastian with more urgency enjoying the rougher treatment with deep moans of lust of his own. Sabastian was close to exploding, he had to get Dragon naked suck his thick cock, eat his sweet ass. He suddenly stood grabbed Dragon in his arms and ran to the bedroom. He threw him on the bed, backed up several steps to admire the glorious man before him “You are driving me to insanity Dragon Fly, so handsome and so hot, I have to make love to you or I will go fucking crazy. Please let me see you, please strip for me?” he said breathing hard and beginning to sweat from deep desire.

Dragon did not say a word, only smiled knowing he would soon receive the man he now loved. He had loved him at first glance, he knew little about him and had only met him a day ago. He looked deeply into those beautiful green eyes and they held a deep stare and Dragon knew in his soul and his heart this was the one. His true soulmate.

He slowly sat up, teasingly raised his shirt inch by inch as Sabastian moaned, clinching his fist and trying desperately not to jump on him and rip off those jeans. He let the shirt fall to the floor and kicked off his shoes. Slowly he unbuttoned his jeans, still looking at Sabastian and licking his lips, the zipper was finally down and he pushed them off. When they hit the floor Sabastian jumped on top of Dragon Fly knocking him on his back hard as they both laughed.

“Let’s get this off.” Dragon Fly said laughed pulling off Sabastian’s boxers and allowing his long thick cock to fall out. What a monster it was, nine inches long and at least six inches around. Dragon swallowed it all down in one swift motion and moaned and hummed on his cock loving the taste and feel of it in his throat. Sabastian screamed “Fuck, fuck yes suck me. Feels so great Dragon, damn so good, don’t stop, yes.” Sabastian grabbed his head with both hands to hold onto to something before he fell over and passed out from the intense pleasure he was receiving from Dragon’s mouth.

He had never tasted a cock so sweet, Dragon worked his tongue back and forth along his shaft as he sucked while grabbing and rubbing his firm ass. “Fuck, no one has ever swallowed me, yes, ooo yes,” Sabastian moaned out. Dragon wanted, no deeply craved his cum, he had to taste it and began to increase his effort to make Sabastian cum. He released his ass and grabbed his balls rolling them firmly in his palms. “Close baby, don’t stop,” Sabastian said breathlessly. When Dragon pulled his balls he came hard and long in Dragons throat and mouth, he froze as all his muscles locked, shot after shot of hot cum landed in Dragon’s mouth and he groaned loudly, “Yes, ooh yes Baby.”

As Sabastian fell on Dragon Fly in a shivering mess, Dragon rolled them both over and sat on top of his hairy chest smiling still in his boxers. Finally he opened his green eyes and was smiling as well, still breathing hard he said “You just blew my mind Dragon. Damn man, that was the greatest blow-job I have ever had.” Dragon laughed “That was the sweetest cum I have ever tasted. Fuck I want to become addicted to that cum of yours.” Sabastian’s face got serious as he looked into Dragons lovely brown eyes. “I need to taste your cock and your cum Baby, I have never wanted anything more, I need you naked now!”

He flipped Dragon on his back roughly and grabbed off his last claim to modesty, ripping it to shreds.  There they were, his shaved pubes and his long thick cock all in full view. He was finally naked. So smooth Sabastian thought, as he gently rubbed down that beautiful body. His mouth watered wanting to suck that thick cock. He smiled at Dragon “God you are so beautiful Dragon. What is your real name?” Dragon whispered “Jim.” “OOO my sweet Jimmy, can I taste you?”

“Please Sabastian, stop teasing me. I want to feel you any way you want to do me just do it already!” Sabastian laughed “Beg me, my Jimmy. I want to hear you beg me.”

Dragon threw him on his back hard and smiled at the shift of power. “I will not beg, you will beg for me to fuck you harder.” He threw Sabastian’s legs over his head and reached for the lube. He lubed up his fat cock and Sabastian’s ass. “You need to relax and breathe my love. I’ll be gentle, you need to know at first it will hurt like hell but soon it will be the best thing you have ever felt in your life.”

Sabastian was scared but his fear vanished as he heard Jimmy’s words. “Your love? Jimmy really?” he asked. Jim positioned his hard long thick cock at his ass hole and applied a little pressure. “Yes, the very first time I saw you Sabastian. Relax and let me make sweet love to you.” Sabastian moaned out “Yes my Jimmy, I want you inside of me, make us one Baby. Claim me as yours only and take my man cherry.”

Jim leaned over and kissed Sabastian’s sweet lips softly. He applied pressure and his cock popped threw his anal ring and Sabastian bit his lip hard as he moaned in pain. They could both taste the blood from his lip but neither moved a muscle.

He allowed Jim’s slick wet tongue to enter his mouth and soon all he could feel was the pleasure of the kiss as the pain began to fade. He pulled back from the kiss and licked the blood from the corner of his mouth smiling. “Sweet man, you need to relax and allow me inside you. The worse pain is over now, it will burn some as I enter you but I will not push until you say you are ready Love.” Sabastian smiled back and nodded “Push slowly Jimmy, I’m ready.”

Jim leaned over, licking and kissing Sabastian’s neck and ear as he pushed very slowly. Sabastian wrapped his legs around his waist and began to rub his back over that glorious dragon tattoo. Half way in Jim stopped and whispered in Sabastian’s ear “You doing O.K. love? You feel so wonderful.”

“Please don’t stop Jimmy, fill me with all your love, please.” he begged. The pushing started again and they both moaned with pleasure as Jim’s cock was buried balls deep. They both held still and the kissing resumed with more force and passion now. Sabastian loved the full feeling Jim’s cock was giving him and he started to rotate his hips. Jim moaned deep in his mouth at the added sensation on his cock and Sabastian enjoyed making him moan.

Jim began to withdraw slowly still lip locked with Sabastian, he felt his cock rub over his prostate and felt Sabastian shiver beneath him. All the way out, all the way back in. They were both moaning loudly now as the pleasure ramped up, they began to sweat and the smell of it only increased their passion for each other. Sabastian was clawing his back now and Jim’s hands were in his black curls while the kiss went on. All the way out, all the way back in, finally Sabastian said during the kiss, “Please Jimmy faster, harder please just fuck me and make me cum.” So the begging had begun!  Jim smiled as he continued to kiss him and he increased his speed adding a twisting motion at the end of each in stroke. Faster, harder, in and out, faster harder faster harder.

They broke the kiss to breathe deeper as the both moved their body’s into each other’s towards their pending eruptions. “Damn Sabastian, you are so tight, hot and wet in that sweet ass, I am close to cumming.”Jim said moaning in between words. He shifted angles and Sabastian screamed out “Fuck yes, right there. Yes rub that spot, right there baby.” Jim could feel his button swell and knew he was close to shooting so he increased his speed and thrust.

Sabastian froze up locking all his muscles and began to cum in gallons. When he clamped down on Jim’s cock, that send him over the edge and he shot in Sabastian’s ass over and over. Their orgasms were harder and lasted longer than any they had ever had before.

As their muscles relaxed they both fell back on the bed in a sweaty cum drench laughing heap. It took a while for their breathing to return to normal and heart rates to decrease as they both continued to laugh. Jim rolled off Sabastian and his dick slowly came out of his ass. They lay on their backs side by side recovering and enjoying their afterglow. Then the thinking began, Jim rolled on his side rested his head in his hand and gazed at the love of his life, Sabastian rolled his head and they locked eyes both smiling. “So love how was your first man sex?” Jim asked. Sabastian started to laugh “My Jimmy it was absolutely the best sex of my life. Fuck, look at what I’ve been missing!” They both laughed at the honesty in his words.

Sabastian reached over and stroked his lover’s cheek. “Did you mean what you said Jimmy? About loving me?” Jim leaned over and kissed him softly and moved back “Yes Sabastian, I love you sweet man.” They gazed at each other for a while before Sabastian spoke “I love you too Jimmy, I think I have since the first time I saw you. I was afraid of my true feelings towards men and you. I have always been gay but scared to admit it but not with you Jimmy, I am no longer scared. I want us to be together being boyfriends and lovers. Do you want that Jim?” It was Jim’s turn to laugh as he replied “Are you asking me to go steady Sabastian?” Sabastian quickly jumped on his chest and roughly grabbed is hands and shoved them over his head. “Do not pick on me Jim, don’t forget I can still beat your ass.” “Is that a promise sweet man?” Jim said laughing. “Only if you beg me?” With that being said they both busted up laughing and began to tussle on the bed. Yes love was definitely in the air.


A. Williams

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