I met Jo down at our local allotment. I was just browsing there to see what I could scrump, the week before I found some lovely strawberries, so I aimed to pick a few more - but unfortunately Jo saw me, and they were growing on his allotment.

Well, the consequence of all that, and to cut a long story short (he threatened to tell the police if I didn't comply) is that he had something for me to do in his allotment shed, some pricking out of some small seedlings he said, 'do you know how to do it?'

I nodded to the negative but he responded that he'd show me.

'First you need a suitably sized dibber and a seed box filled with compost, right? -

But I think, because all the sufferance you have given me, I wondered who it was pinching my produce - I reckon you need teaching a real lesson...'

Not sure of what he meant I started to prick out the seedlings as he showed me.

Then I felt his busy fingers scuffling around me, he told me to bend over the bench, that he'd got a very stiff dibber. My eyes watered as he squeezed me down there. 'You like that, Lad? They're meant to be squeezed and teased - like this, feel it?'

It all came as such a shock I was truly lost for words, not knowing if to yell back off or go with it, the sensations he was giving me were confusing to say the least, the utter shock of it all yet the feeling of enjoyment.

He guided my hand to his trousers, he had a huge swelling - I closed my eyes and wondered when he would stop, his handling was quite rough and I felt any moment he may hurt me. But then he loosened my belt, took down my jeans to the knees, took hold of my cock like it was a lump of meat and stretched it back so tight, swinging me around to face him for a good gander at it - like he was a doctor examining a patient.

'You know you ought to wash behind this?' he said. 'It will get all cheesy if you don't and you will get nasty things wrong with you.' He smiled at me now with that certain look about his eyes, I felt something more was going to happen.

'Ever seen a man's full grown prick?' he asked.

I stumbled with my words, didn't quite know what to say but felt he was going to show me no matter what I said. He did and no mistake, he opened his trousers and he lifted it up from behind his pants with his hand and out it popped, balls and all and I saw it growing, and every time he squeezed it lurched upwards.

I was plainly shocked and scared, I had never seen another man's cock in full erection, it was absolutely terrifying, and that combined with the look on his face, like he was going to murder me.

'Now no need to be scared, Lad - it is just that I want to teach you some fundamentals, want to show you just how it feels with this lodged up your arse. You could say it is another form of pricking out, that I want to plant my seed into your hole, simple as that really, Lad'

I was a little scared and confused, I smelt the combination of freshly un-bagged compost and the pungent odour of his cock as he stretched it firmly back to reveal a huge bulbous knob.

'What do you think then, lad?'

I was still lost for words.

'Squeeze and taste, Lad, get the real feel of mature cock, it is just waiting for you, longing to feel your suck and fuck big time.'

I backed away, I was reluctant and scared still.

'Don't be a dick head,' he yelled. Just feel it, come on, give it a go, don't you like it?

All the time he was working it, pressing it forward, lurching it out almost touching my face, then I sniffed the odour stronger than ever, there appeared to be some white liquid oozing out.

'That's okay, that's just pre-cum, shows it wants your fuck and pronto.'

My senses were alert now, the size of it! And he wanted to get it inside me. I could not bring myself to suck the thing however but he definitely meant business and soon he had me perched front ways over his bench again briskly opening the lid of a jar of Vaseline.

'This will help first time, Lad. It's gonna hurt but I will be gentle at first, till you get used to it -then you see, you will love it - and then we can enjoy all sorts of new games together.' I felt him smooth his hot hands over my rear end again, giving the cheeks a nibble with a slight pinch, he seemed to like playing with it, nudging and kneading it and I felt a crazy sort of wanting, like I was starting to enjoy his pandering, the way he felt me everywhere, the way he licked and sucked my hole, it seemed like I was starting to go into a sort of a magic trance as he worked his mouth and tongue around and into me.

He even noticed, 'Hmm, Lad you like that eh?'

Oh My God. What could I do? Jo was a big guy, six ft tall at least and I was only an eighteen year old midget.. I was beginning to realise why he was asking all those questions beforehand and he'd found out I wasn't particularly interested in girls, then asking if I was gay? I didn't reply. When he mentioned that word I was uncertain Well I had never really thought about it. Does not liking girls always mean you must be the other way inclined! Obviously Joe thought so and now I was beginning to feel him stretching the cheeks of my arse again, so wide, telling me to stretch my legs apart, felt his lusty tongue rim me more and more as his fingers tampered with my balls, then that strange new feeling again when he sucked not only my ass but my cock too, he was licking my ass all over and making strange sounds I'd never before encountered - then he grabbed so tight my hips as he started to manoeuvre his throbbing cock into me, and already |I felt the pain of his its huge head enter me, stretching me until I thought he would rip me apart.

'Ouch!' I yelled. That so hurts!

'Be better when you get used to it, Lad you'll see. You have got a lovely arse, I knew I wanted it first time I saw you, watching you picking my strawberries, you bending and displaying like that, I said to myself I will be fucking that 'afor long. Now bend it a little more Lad, let me slide a little deeper up inside you, want you to feel the full throb of hard hot prick up your arse. It was made for a good sound fucking, once you have felt cock up there you will never look back, except when I'm behind (he laughed) just to beg me to take you again. Like this ...' he worked it deeper up me, I could not even begin to imagine he could get it all inside me, it was so huge. But never the less he continued to work on me, as he slid it further he told me to bite my lip and hold my breath, soon I would no longer be a virgin - soon he will get full penetration and I would discover just what fucking ass is all about. I felt a sort of numbness, I grabbed the side of the bench tightly as he hammered into me, everything in the shed was rattling, things falling off the shelves, it was pandemonium and Jo was in a world of his own. fucking and fucking me to his hearts content!

The way he was talking - I reckoned I had a real pervert - the smell of him seemed repugnant but he was so strong I had no option than to be submissive for his needs.

He continued to work his length into me, telling me to help it in, that it would be better for me that way, 'move it for me, Lad - let's see how you can move it.'

He began to thrust harder then in and out, sometimes right out which really hurt. And then sometimes missing as he attempted to come back into me, his heavy cock ending up between my crutch, then a moan and a groan and he'd hit the mark second time, and I was full of it again, his huge swelling taking its too out of me. I felt the surge, the pain as he gradually worked it further inside me and the relief when he came away, every time he thrust I heard what seemed likened to the growl if an animal as he surged into me more quickly, his hands beneath me, pulling my balls, nudging my inner thighs as I hoped he would soon be done, the pain was so much now, I wondered if he'd split me, it felt like it. But he was still yelling 'fuck it, Lad Fuck it ' then he stopped thrusting and I felt the bulk of it up inside me, hurting like hell, like I wanted to go to the toilet and quick! He stood there silent, apart from the panting of his breath - then he started to move again, edging me to the side one way and then the other, grunting how good I was, what a great fuck I was, and then he started to thrust again, like he was going to screw right through me and out the other side, it was horrendous - until with relief I felt the final surge, his breath so strong as shot his load into me. I was feeling the warmth of his fluid inside me, numb now as he slowly took his thing out of me.

I was almost crying in agony - it was so painful, but now the pain had changed to a numbness, which strangely was quite pleasant.

'That was lovely, Lad. You are okay, you will see, you will want it more and more. Feel the pleasure now.'

True it did seem pleasurable, perhaps I was gay after all, it felt too though he was still inside me but instead of pain it was sheer ecstasy now, feeling the stretching as he fucked me deep, wanting it more and more.

Soon he was showing me how to suck a guy, this time I was persuaded to take it into my mouth, for just a quickie I offered. something which had seemed repulsive to me became a delight and I really looked forward to our regular meetings in the allotment shed, to taste him and feel his cock inside my mouth, then up my arse. Always so good the way he stripped and stretched me, finding new and better ways across the bench to access me. And he even brought some cushions to make it more comfortable as I bent my arse high for his enjoyment, feeling the sensation of his tongue licking and stroking my ass and balls, feeling his hand squeeze my cock to cum as I yelled for his deep fuck now, craving for it - hungry for it. I wanted to be of service to him, to give him all the pleasure my body could muster, to be all arse and balls for his.

Soon he was up me again, his hands gripping my hip bones now, holding me firm as he went into me different ways, moving his cock this way and that way to get the sensation of his deep throbbing cock all ways. It was so lovely. And to suck him first now was scrumptious, feeling his full firm balls and lapping up his firm round cock head, teasing his p-hole with the tip of my tongue until he shot his cum right onto my face and mouth. Sometimes he ordered me to lay flat on the floor as he wanked is stiffly over my cock, sometimes over my ass, but I think he really preferred to see it drench my mouth and face, as eventually I took it upon myself to swallow it all down. When I did I knew I had achieved what I wanted to achieve, now I knew the pleasure of being gay, what it meant to be of service to another like that, to be wanted and needed so passionately and to enjoy in so many different ways.

But one day Jo's secret was blown. He'd just fucked me in the shed, by now he had brought some cushions to make it more comfortable, and it was lovely being all ass for him, he complimented that it was a quality ass and my fuck was equally so.

But Tom, another guy who had his allotment nearby, knocked at the locked door yelling 'Is that you in there, Jo?'

Poor Jo was still stiff inside me, his cock just coming up to the boil, he pulled it out and I felt the breeze between my cheeks, feeling behind my hole was well wet and still wide open.

He was truly panicking, I guess the last thing he wanted is to be found out he was fucking a young guy in his allotment shed, what would his Mrs. Say, Yes I found out he was married, he reckoned she didn't give it to him any more so he went for being Bi - less complicated he said.

Anyway I have never seen a guy pull up his trousers so quickly. He whispered for me to hush up, for me to hide in the corner, that he'd go out and lock up, and come back when the coast was clear, or better still he said he'd slide the key under the door so I could reach it and get out. Keep an eye out through the window and when it's clear vamoose yes, Lad? And I'll make up to you next time...'

I didn't have time to reply, he was away and gone and I heard him making a vain excuse as to what was going on.

'I was banging up some more seed boxes, Tom' got so many more seedlings to prick out come the Spring eh?'

'I thought you had a lass ain there or something,' Tom replied with a mischievous tone.

Later, when the coast was clear I made for my exit, couldn't see Jo so he must have gone home. I walked up the path to the exit leading to the road where I lived.

Then I heard steps behind. This bearded guy tapped on my shoulder. It came out that he saw me come out of the shed.

'He was with you, lad - wasn't he.'

'Don't know what you mean' I covered.

'No point on fooling me, I am a retired detective,' he said. And it was plain what was going on, I heard everything, the shed isn't exactly sound proof you know!'

'So the games up then, you are going to let the cat out of the bag, Tom - that is your name Isn't it?'

'Ah! you know my name, then that proves it, you must have been in the shed when Jo came out, to have heard him call my name!'

Now I'd really put Tom in it.

'So what will happen now, you gonna shop us or something, it wasn't exactly a public place was it?'

'That wasn't my intention at all, Lad. Buy maybe you would like to come and see my seedlings - and I have a much more comfortable shed than Tom!' ...



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