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It was one of those rare times when the day was over before the sun went down. Doug Brady finished drying off beside his bunk and slipped into a pair of white briefs. Then he dug out the only letter he'd gotten at mail call from his locker. It was only the second letter he'd received from Scott, his best friend from high school, since he'd been in basic.

"Hey, Doug, mail was kinda slim for you today, wasn't it?" Kyle Smith remarked as he walked by from the showers, dripping wet.

"I'll make up for it tomorrow," Doug said. He opened the letter and stretched out on his bunk to read it.

Dear Doug,

First, know that it's taken a tremendous amount of guts for me to sit down and write this letter. I'm up in the hayloft where I still come when my head gets too filled up with thoughts I can't sort out. I hope you are able to be in a quiet place when you read this, although I doubt that the Marines put much emphasis on quiet places for you guys.

Doug's stomach tightened. Somehow he didn't think this was a letter he wanted to get. Things clicked and added up in his head. It had been more than two weeks since he'd last heard from his girlfriend, Chelsea. Scott didn't write nearly as often as he said he would and now this, only his second letter, starting out the way it wasn't good news. He wasn't even sure he wanted to finish reading it. Guys said you could tell a Dear John letter from reading the first couple of lines. He let out a sigh and laid the letter on his chest for a moment. This was a new twist to a Dear John if that's what it was; his buddy writing it instead of his girlfriend. Suddenly he got up and went outside to the landing at the top of the fire escape. It was as quiet a place as he was going to find to be alone. He read on.

I've gone over and over in my mind how I can say this because I know I'm risking our friendship. But know that you are worth that risk. I am admittedly afraid of how you might react, and that you might never want to see or speak to me again. So being the chicken that I am, depending on your reaction, I won't be here when you come home. I'll be in California where I will be safe from your scorn and disappointment and your anger. Having said goes.

I've had the hots for you, buddy, since our freshman year in high school. Maybe before, but that's when I can pinpoint it. You can pause and take a deep breath now, and decide whether you want to finish reading this. The thoughts have been rambling around in my head for a long time, but they were buried so deep that I couldn't grab hold of them; or maybe I didn't want to, or I was afraid to. It's the underlying reason that I didn't join the Marines with you. I was afraid of trying to live the lie in those surroundings, if you know what I mean.

I can't help how I feel, Doug, and I'm not sure I would try to do anything about it if I could. I'm growing comfortable with my feelings, at least in my fantasies at this safe distance. But it comes down to me having to reveal these feelings to you, no matter what the consequences. I guess I need to come out and say it. I'm gay.

God, I hope you don't hate me for that. There is so much more I want to say but I think this is enough for now till I know how you're taking it. I would like to come down there to see you so we can to talk about it face to face, but you might be too uncomfortable with that. I understand if you are. On the other hand, if you think you can still be comfortable around me, I will come. Just being with you, being able to talk to you and knowing you don't hate me will be enough. Even if you do hate me, I would like to hear it from you face to face. I said I would head for California where I would be safe from your scorn and your disappointment and your anger but I will come down there and face you, if that's the way it is. If I've caused you to be angry and disappointed, you have a right to confront me with that. I'm going to ask only one thing. That you not go homophobic on me and punch me out. Before, we were pretty much an even match, but after twelve weeks of Marine training on top of the muscles you already had, I don't want to take the chance. Chelsea showed me the picture of you in your uniform (and out). You are not someone I want to mess with. (Well, you know what I mean). I'm not sure how anxious I am to hear from you, but I'll be watching the mailbox every day.

Your friend always,


Doug held the letter tightly in one hand as he gazed out over the landscape of the base; the training areas, flat buildings, trees, dusty roads and rows and rows of barracks with lights in the windows. He suddenly realized that he needed to let the air out of his lungs.

"Geezusss!" he swore softly. His brain was in a fog and he had to fight to grasp what he had read. "He's gay," he said softly. "Scott Andrews is gay!" He couldn't comprehend it, not in his wildest imaginations. His thoughts went back to their years of growing up, the times they had slept over at each other's houses, slept in the same bed. All the times they had been naked together in the locker room and in the showers; the times when they had hugged, sometimes naked and sweaty, when emotions ran high. Did Scott have those feelings then, when their bare muscles were rubbing against each other....hell, even their cocks touching! He had never seen one hint that Scott was anything but a stud like every other guy in the locker room. When did this happen, he wondered. How did it happen? And how had he missed it?

It was several days before he wrote back. At first he wondered if he would. But their friendship meant more to him than that. No matter how he felt, he owed Scott a reply. He just didn't know what he was going to say. He wasn't even sure how he felt about it. It took him a long time to try to think of how to respond but he finally decided that he had to try. He sat down trying to remember all that Scott had written, for he had destroyed the letter right away for fear that it might be found.


Where do I begin? Damn, man, I thought I was getting a Dear John letter except that you were writing it instead of Chelsea. Let's get one thing straight (no pun intended). I don't hate you. If anything, I admire your guts and in a way I appreciate that you were willing to put your friendship on the line in the name of honesty. Having said that....Buddy, I was stunned. If there was ever any guy that I would never suspect, it is you. My reaction, honestly? Unsure, still. I've laid in my bunk night after night, going over and over it in my mind, trying to figure it out. Telling me you are gay is one thing. Telling me you've got the hots for me; well, that adds a whole new dimension that may take me a little more time for me to deal with. Scorn....Disappointment...Anger....None of that registers with me. I am full of questions, though. Like, how did it happen? When did it happen? When did you know? Starting back in grade school, I remember all of the times we stayed over at each other's house and I never had a clue. Or was it later, in high school? I've tried to think of all the times....shit, I never had a clue then, either. I guess it must have been in high school; you said since our freshman year. Does anyone else know? Are these dumb questions? Maybe, but I'm full of dumb questions right now.

DON"T move to California. I am open to talking about this. Shit, when was there ever anything we could not talk about? We've always been open and up front with each other. I just never expected THIS to come up front and hit me in the face. You've said a dozen times that you would come down to see me but I haven't seen hide nor hair of you. I guess we could both agree that this might be a good time. I would like for you to come down although I don't know when. That will have to be arranged with the Marines. Tell you what, though, you promise not to try anything, I promise not to hit you (ha); I'm not that stupid.

YOUR buddy always


He waited anxiously for a reply. He couldn't imagine what Scott might write back. He had a hard time imagining them talking about it, by mail or in person. But it was out there and it had to be talked about. He was nervous every day at mail call, anxious for a letter but half-hoping he didn't get one. There was a tiny part of him that didn't want to confront the issue; that didn't want to face his old friend. It was two weeks later when a letter arrived.

He waited till after chow then showered and dressed and walked down the dimly lit company street with the letter in his pocket. He stopped under one of the street lights where he could see to read it.

Dear Doug;

I can't begin to tell you how relieved I was to get your letter. I was almost afraid to open it. I wondered at first if it wouldn't be wise to burn it without reading it and just pack my bags for CA. Instead, I hope now to be packing my bags for SC.

I'm glad you don't hate me. It took a lot of guts to write what I did but I'm not sure that's something worthy of admiration from you, and thinking about it, I'm not sure how smart it was to put our friendship on the line like that. Honesty is good, but too often it hurts the wrong people. I was willing to take the hurt, but I never wanted to hurt you and I risked doing that. I can understand that I've thrown you a curve that's going to take some time for you to deal with. That's okay.

As for how or when it happened? I don't know exactly when. Maybe it was as early as grade school although I can't remember any particular thoughts; only that I loved being with you and I admired your body and your athletic prowess and I wanted so damned bad to be like you. And yeah, I cherished those times, too, when we stayed over and slept together. I remember I couldn't sleep with you so close beside me. But there wasn't a name put on it at that time. By high school I was beginning to come to grips with it and it scared the hell out of me. No doubt, by then I was advancing beyond mere admiration for your muscles; we'll leave it at that for now.

I can understand you having so many questions. So do I. As for HOW it happened. I can only say it's not something I chose for myself. I didn't wake up one day and decide I was going to be gay. It's something that is. That's the best I can explain it.

Thanks, Doug, for being willing to see me and talk about this. I can't ask any more than that. I know I said I was going to come down and see you but now you know why I haven't. I didn't trust myself. I didn't trust myself being with you and I was afraid of doing or saying something that would give me away. With that out of the way for the time being, it's easier to talk about other things. First, know that there is no way you would get a Dear John letter from Chelsea. She's nuts about you. I don't want to sound too gross, but she's going to be all over you when you get home. I've never seen a girl so crazy about a guy. Anyway, if you ever do get a Dear John, you know now that it won't be because of me.

The job is okay. It's no-brainer work but I like it and working in a warehouse keeps me in shape. I also still work out. By the way, no one else knows. I haven't felt the need to tell anyone else. Hey, when you left, I said I would write and you said you would send pictures. I'm writing. Send pictures.

Your buddy,


Doug heard the crunch of footsteps but was too engrossed to pay any attention.

"Dear John?"

Doug looked up at the guy walking past him. "Yeah," he lied.

"Bitch. Come on, I'll buy you a beer," the guy said.

"Uh,, thanks. I've got some thinking to do," Doug said.

"Thinking about a Dear John is not good," the other Marine said. "The best thing to do is, number one, get rid of the letter; number two, talk about it with somebody; and number three, forget about her, and at the earliest opportunity, get laid. You're a Marine, that'll get you all the girls you want. But the first best immediate remedy is a beer. It helps numb the hurt."

"No, thanks. I appreciate it, though," Doug said.

The guy walked on and Doug was alone under the street light with Scott's letter. Stuffing it into his pocket, he half wished he had taken the guy up on his offer. Suddenly he took off running to catch up with him.

"Hey, hold on. I'll take that beer after all!" he called out.

"Good man," the guy said. He waited for Doug to catch up with him and clamped him on the shoulder and stuck out his hand. "Conner Best, from E company."

"Doug Brady. A company."

"Let's go get you a beer," Conner said.

Doug liked Conner. He was open and friendly and he needed somebody like that at this time in his life. They walked into the crowded PX and Conner got them two beers.

"If you try real hard you can pretend this isn't 3-2 and it'll have the desired effect," Conner said as he slid into the booth across from him.

"I don't know if even the real stuff would help right now," Doug said.

"Well, let the healing process begin," Conner said as he raised his glass in a salute.

Doug clinked his bottle against Conner's and they both took long, hard drinks.

"So, wanta tell me about it? How long did you go with her? Is it your best friend? It's usually your best buddy, the guy you trusted to look after her. Hey, it's not from your wife, is it?"

"No, I'm not married," Doug replied. Something about Conner made him want to tell him the truth of the matter.

"High school sweetheart?" Conner asked. "That's the most common. It's all very romantic when her man goes off to the Marines, she gets to talk about it with all her friends and go ga-ga over your letters and showing pictures of you in uniform, but after a while the novelty wears off and other guys start looking good to her."

"We've been together since high school," Doug said. "But it's not from my girlfriend."

"Son-of-a-bitch!" Conner swore. "It is your best friend, and she had him write the fuckin' letter?"

"No, no. It wasn't exactly a Dear John," Doug said.

Conner scowled. "You said it was."

"I lied," Doug admitted. "Actually....shit, man, you're not gonna believe was from my best buddy from high school....telling me he's gay."

Conner's mouth dropped as he reared back in a double-take. He looked all around then leaned over the table. "Say that again, only softer, just to make sure I heard you right."

"You heard me right," Doug said.

"Your best friend is gay?! Geezuss, how does a guy have the balls to tell you that?"

Doug laughed. "That's not the worst part," he said, shaking his head. "He's got the hots for me."

"He said that?!"


"Damn! What're you gonna do? What're you gonna say to him? Or are you even going to write back?"

"I don't know," Doug lied. "It's going to take a while to get over the shock."

"You didn't have any idea?"

"No. He was a jock, just like me. We played sports from grade school all through high school. I never had a clue."

"Shit, this could be worse than a Dear John, in a way," Conner said. "You can get another girlfriend. It's pretty hard to replace your best friend." Then he smiled, a wide, mischievous grin that made his eyes dance. "But, hey, maybe it's not as bad as it seems. Maybe you shouldn't replace him. Maybe it'd be real handy, having a best friend that's gay. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean but I don't think I could do that to him," Doug said.

"No, you've got it backwards. He does it to you."

"Naw," Doug said, shaking his head. He took another drink of beer. "That would be too weird. Maybe I can just forget about it, forget he ever told me."

"Yeah, right," Conner scoffed. "Like you're gonna go home and come face to face to this guy and not give it a thought that he's gay, that he's got the hots for you and wants to drag you off to the woods. Every time you look at him, you're gonna think about his lips wrapped around some guy's cock, and him wanting to put 'em around yours."

"I don't know," Doug said. "I don't know what I'm going to do."

The place was closing and they had to leave. They walked back together toward Doug's company.

"You ever had a blow job?" Conner asked.


"Well, if you ever wanta find out what it's like, there's a guy over in Delta Company."

"How the hell do you know that?" Doug asked.

"Trust me, a lot of guys know."

"How the hell can he even still be in the Marines if so many people know about him?"

"Who's dumb enough to ruin a good thing?" Conner said. "Anyway, if you're interested, I'll set you up."

"Like, where?"

Conner laughed. "This is the best part. The field sergeant knows about him, too. He furnishes the place....his room, right in the barracks....for return favors from the guy, of course, any time he wants. Shit, some nights the guy sleeps in the sergeant's room."

"You're telling me there're a hundred guys who know this guy is taking guys in and out of the first sergeant's room and nobody reports it?"

"Well there're not a hundred guys who KNOW it. And those that do don't want to ruin a good thing," Conner said.

They were at Doug's barracks. They said good-night and Conner said to come over and look him up sometime. As he was undressing in the soft darkness Doug began to feel guilty about telling Conner about the letter. It was sort of like betraying Scott. He decided he needed to write to him, right then. He dug his writing kit out of his locker and went out to the outside landing where there was more light.

Dear Scott;

I don't like thinking that you are relieved over my letter or that you were afraid to open it. What else did you expect from your best friend? I can't think of anything you could do that would put our friendship at risk. I will tell you, I was surprised but flattered to learn that you admired my body and my athletic prowess. There's a weird kind of pride, knowing that you wanted to be like me but hey, there was no reason for you to be like me. You were a jock yourself. Sorry I kept you awake all those nights that we slept over (ha).

Scott, I don't know how you came to grips with it, but I admire you for that. Hell, I'm wrestling with it myself, and I'm not the one who is gay! I can only imagine how it scared the hell out of you when you first faced it. I only hate it that you went through all of this back in high school by yourself. Of course, maybe I couldn't have dealt with it back then. I don't know....I can understand how it would be pretty hard for you, being in the Marines.

Fuck, don't thank me for being willing to see you and talk about it. You make it sound like I'm granting you an audience. I'm not the pope. I'm glad to hear that I'm in so solid with Chelsea. You never know. I know a guy who was engaged when he came in and he got a letter saying she had fallen in love with his best friend, who was supposed to be taking care of her. I guess he was taking care of her all right. Good to know that you will never be the cause of a Dear John from Chelsea. I had to laugh over that one. I'm not gonna mind her being "all over me" when I get home. I intend to be all over her, too. I'll put in for a pass and let you know what happens. Stay in shape!

Your buddy,


Despite the tone of his letter Doug wasn't sure he believed it all himself. He wasn't sure he felt the way he said. He was having a hard time imagining Scott doing anything like that....taking a guy's cock in his mouth. Taking his cock in his mouth!

He went back inside to get some pictures from his locker to enclose with the letter. Maybe it was pride, or something else; maybe it was cruel, but he included pictures of himself in his shorts that some guy had taken when he was snapping pictures of everyone all over the barracks. He sealed the letter and put it in the mail drop box then crawled into his bunk. He thought about the guy Conner had told him about. Gotta stop thinking about it. Getting a hardon. He turned over on his stomach and buried his hardening cock in the mattress.

The next day he put in for a pass. He got the usual crap from Sgt. Harris; what had he done to deserve a pass?

"I don't necessarily deserve it, Sarge, that's the reason I'm asking for it," he told him.

Harris softened and assured him it would be on his desk for the weekend. Doug panicked. He hadn't expected to get a pass that quick and he didn't know if Scott could make it on such short notice. But he couldn't tell Sgt. Harris he wanted the pass at a later date; chances were good that he wouldn't get one at all. He had to call Scott; there wasn't time to write. That night after chow he went to the bank of phones outside the service club.

"Doug! Damn, I'm glad you called!" Scott exclaimed. He sounded a little breathless.

"It's good to hear your voice," Doug said. "Look, I've only got a minute. I got the pass, but it's for this weekend."

"I can do that," Scott said.

"You can? Great! But you need to understand that my plans can change at the last minute. One of the officers or NCOs can get a burr up his ass and cancel the pass for any reason, or no reason. So you could be coming down here for nothing," Doug warned.

"I'll take that chance," Scott said.

"Okay. I'll make the arrangements from this end," Doug said.

"Great. I'll see you, uh....when? I mean, what time, and where?" Scott asked.

"I won't get off duty till after Saturday morning inspection," Doug said. "It's usually over by ten unless somebody screws up. I'll have a room at the Falcon. I can probably be out there by noon, in time for us to get something to eat."

"The Falcon, is that a motel?" Scott asked.

"Yeah. I'll give them your name so you can get a key in case you get there before I do."

"All right."

"There's a cafe right next door," Doug went on.

"All right," Scott said again.

There was an edge of uneasiness coming into their tone and Doug cut it off with a quick "Okay, good-bye, I'll see you."

Inspection went well. Nobody fucked up and they were dismissed by nine-thirty. Doug picked up his pass and headed for the main gate where he got a cab to the Falcon Motel. It would be too early to check in but he wasn't going to hang around the base.

Scott wasn't there yet so he went over to the cafe to wait. It grew into an agonizing wait. The more time passed, the more unsure he was about them meeting. How do you greet your best friend after he's told you he's gay? He sat at a window booth and watched every car that drove up. He wondered if Scott had changed much. Other than being gay. Finally, he saw him get out of a Jeep that had pulled up in front of the motel. He jumped up, grabbed his bag and rushed outside as Scott was heading for the motel office.

"Hey! Scott! Over here!" he yelled as he walked across the lot to meet him.

How to greet him wasn't a problem. It came natural. They shook hands and Doug dropped his bag and they pulled each other into a tight bear hug, just like they did when Doug had left for the marines; like they had done hundreds of times on the football field and in the locker room. It felt different this time, though, feeling Scott's hard muscles pressing against his own. He had never been aware of that feeling before, even when they hugged skin to skin in the locker room.

"Damm, it's good to see you," Doug said.

"Yeah, you too," Scott said, sounding a little out of breath. He looked at his watch. "Inspection must have gone okay."

"Yeah, we manage to pull it off now and then," Doug said. "I wasn't expecting you this soon but I didn't want to hang around the base. It's too early to check in so I've been waiting in the cafe."

"Did you eat?" Scott asked.

"Uh....yeah, about five this morning," Doug said.

"I stopped for breakfast about an hour ago," said Scott. He picked up Doug's bag and they walked over to the Jeep.

"When did you get this?" Doug asked.

"About a month ago."

"Work must be going okay," Doug said.

"I get by," Scott said with a smug grin. "Here," he said, tossing him the keys. "I want you to show me around. Can you take me on base?"

"Sure, all you have to do is sign in," Doug said as he snatched the keys out of the air. "Are you sure you want to trust me to drive this thing?"

"Shit, if you can't drive a Jeep, you sure as hell don't belong in the Marines," Scott said.

"Okay, let's go show you my world," Doug said as they climbed into the Jeep.

Scott wanted to stop in at an army surplus store they passed. Doug liked the place, too, for those things he couldn't get at the PX, such as training manuals. Scott bought a pair of fatigue pants, a pair of PT training shorts, and a couple of T-shirts. As they were walking back to the Jeep, he said. "Damn, it even smells studly in that place."

"Smells like regular Marine stuff to me," Doug said.

"That's what I mean."

They drove to the base and Doug took Scott into the gatehouse to have him to sign in. As a bull-shit precaution, the guard asked to see Doug's drivers license.

Scott was all eyes as they drove on the base. " you think you can handle this?" Doug asked with a sly grin.

Scott looked at him and laughed, an easy laugh.

Doug drove around the base, showing Scott the training fields, the rifle range, and the infiltration course and explained the training as best he could.

"I can easily imagine you out there doing all of that stuff," Scott said.

"I couldn't, till I found my sorry ass out there," Doug said.

"Don't tell me you were scared," Scott said. "I never knew you to be afraid of anything or anybody."

"You don't know fear till it grabs you in the belly, and you come face to face with a DI," Doug said. "And I guess I never knew I was going to learn a hundred ways to kill a man."

"It is the Marines," Scott pointed out.

"Hey, do you want to go to the PX?" Doug asked.


"If you see anything you want, I'll have to buy it for you," Doug told him.

They spent over an hour in the PX. Scott picked out a Marine banner and some stationery with the Marine emblem on it. He picked up a heavy Marine diving watch to examine it.

"Am I allowed to own one of these?" he asked

"Sure," Doug said. "You're awfully gung-ho about the Marines," he chided him.

"Shouldn't I be? My best friend is one."

Their last stop was the barracks. Doug pulled the Jeep into a graveled lot with large rocks lined up around the perimeter.

"What's this?" Scott asked.

"It's where I live," Doug said. "That's my barracks."

"You're going to take me in your barracks? I didn't know that was allowed."

"I can take a guest in....a male guest....during off-duty hours," Doug said. They walked across the lot. "There's not much to see, really, I just thought you might want to see it."

"Oh, I do," Scott said. "The more I see, the more I understand your life as a Marine."

"Well, it's a lot more than I'm showing you."

Scott was like a little boy in Disneyland, Doug thought. He walked him through the downstairs, showed him the showers and the latrine. Then he took him upstairs. "That's my bunk, down at the end," he said as they walked down the aisle between the rows of stacked bunks. Scott stood looking down at the bunk for a long moment, then looked around the area.

"Not much space, I know," Doug said, "but all we do is sleep here and it's a place to keep our shit, in the locker."

Scott was quiet as they walked back through the barracks.

"How come you're so quiet?" Doug asked. He thought Scott might be feeling bad that he hadn't joined the Marines with him, and he was sorry he'd brought him on base. He didn't want it to seem like he was rubbing it in.

"Just thinking, trying to picture you here," Scott said with a wave of his hand, "living with a hundred other guys. It's such a different world. It might be hum-drum to you, but it's very impressing....almost an outsider like me."

"Well, I'm glad you're impressed," Doug said, a bit more relieved.

"It must make you feel like such a stud just putting on the uniform," Scott said.

"It's work clothes, just like anyone else," Doug said.

"The dress uniform certainly isn't work clothes."

"Okay, that makes you feel like a stud," Doug admitted.

"Not that you need a uniform for that."

Doug looked at his watch. "Come on, I'll see if I can get you into the mess hall."

Scott had to sign in as a civilian guest and Doug had to pay for his meal. The placed seated about three hundred and it was full. They got in line.

"I hope you don't mind waiting in line," Doug said. "That is really what the Marines is all about."

"No, I don't mind at all. This is all a real experience for me."

The guy in front of them turned around. "Civilian buddy?"

"Yeah," Doug said.

The guy laughed. "You don't know what an experience you're in for, eating here," he said to Scott.

They went through the chow line and found a table. "I must stick out like a sore thumb," Scott said.

"No, you don't. He just overheard you say it was an experience being here. A Marine wouldn't say that."

Several guys came by their table to speak to Doug. He introduced them to Scott as his brother.

"I didn't know you had a brother," one of them said. "You never mentioned a brother."

"He's adopted, I don't claim him unless I have to," Doug joked.

"How come he's not in the Marines?" another asked, looking Scott up and down. "Looks like you would fit the uniform," he said to Scott.

"He's the smart one," Doug replied.

They took their time eating. For some reason, Doug wasn't in any big rush to get to the motel. And Scott liked the atmosphere of the mess hall, being among such brave, studly young men. He went back for seconds when Doug said it was okay, and urged Doug to go with him. All the while he was thinking that Doug might come back to the barracks instead of staying in the motel.

"The food isn't all that bad," Scott said as they sat down again with full trays. "It certainly looks like it keeps everybody healthy."

"Can I ask you something?" Doug said out of the blue.


"I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but does it bother you, sitting here among all these guys?"

It took a moment for a smile to come across Scott's face.

"It could if I let my imagination run wild," he replied, looking all around.

They sat and talked till the place was thinning out. Doug looked at his watch. "We could probably get checked in if you want to go back to the motel," he said. "Unless you want to see something else."

"No, let's go back," Scott said.

Driving back through the base, they passed a playing field where a bunch of guys were playing touch football. They had their shirts off and wore athletic shorts. Doug slowed down.

"Do you want to stop and watch?" he asked.

"No, that's okay," Scott said.

"You'll have to forgive me if I'm a little awkward with this; I just want you to enjoy your visit. So if there's anything you wanta see or do, or if you want to spend more time someplace, just say so."

"Trust me, I'm enjoying every minute," Scott assured him.

Doug noticed that he didn't draw his eyes away from the players till he had to.

As they were driving out the gate, Scott asked in a curious tone, "Why did you slow down back there, and ask me if I wanted to stop and watch them play ball?"

Doug was a little a taken aback by his question. "I don't know, I thought you might want to watch," he said with a shrug. He glanced over at him. "Okay, I thought you might want to get a real good look at the guys."

Scott smiled. "Thanks. That's very considerate and understanding," he said.

"You need to know, this is sort of awkward for me," Doug said. "I mean, I don't really know what to say, or how I'm supposed to treat you."

"You're doing fine," Scott assured him.

They were quiet during the short drive back to the motel.

"I hope they've got our room ready," Doug said, to break the silence. But hearing himself say it made him feel funny. He wasn't just checking into a motel with his best friend; he was checking into a motel with a gay guy. At the motel, before getting out of the Jeep, Doug said, "For the record, I checked us in as brothers," he said.

Scott gave him a funny look. "Okay."

"That's in case anybody happens to see us going in or leaving the motel," Doug explained. "That's the reason I introduced you as my brother back in the mess hall."

"I guess that's the smart thing to do."

They went in together because Doug said it wouldn't look right for him to go in by himself with another guy waiting in the Jeep. They both registered and he glanced over to see Scott using his last name, Brady. Then Scott pulled out his wallet.

"You're not paying for this," Doug said.

"Yeah, I am."

"Wrong," Doug said, pulling out his wallet.

"Okay, we'll split it," Scott said.

"Look, do you really want to mess with me?" he warned.

"Okay, okay, Bro," Scott said, laughing. "It's not worth fighting over."

They picked up their keys and drove around to the back of the motel. It was built almost in the side of the mountain, on the order of a lodge, three floors with a high-pitched roof. The large lobby downstairs had a fireplace and rustic furniture, with mounted heads of wild game on the walls. Their room was on the top floor. Doug had to keep his hand from shaking as he unlocked the door. The room was furnished much like the lobby, with a big four-poster bed and the head of a ten-point buck on the wall over the headboard. He noticed immediately that there was only one bed. Stupid! He'd forgotten to ask for two beds. Well, he couldn't make an issue of it now. It was a king-size bed, there was plenty of room.

"This is nice," Scott said as he looked all around. He went to the sliding doors that opened onto a balcony. "Yeah, real nice."

"Not much of a view," Doug said, "unless you like looking at the side of a mountain."

"It beats looking at the parking lot," Scott said as he went back inside and began unpacking his bag. Doug stayed out on the deck.

"Aren't you going to unpack your shit?" Scott asked.

"Naw, I didn't bring that much," Doug said.

Scott laughed. "You know how to travel. I'll bet you've been here before."

"A couple of times," Doug admitted.

"I'm going to shower off some of the road grime," Scott said.

"Okay." Doug glanced at his watch; he seemed to be doing that a lot. It was past three-thirty; still a lot of the afternoon left. It was going to be a long night. He half wished he'd gotten the room for just Scott; he could've visited with him then gone back to the barracks for the night. But it was too late for that. He turned the television on; he wanted to have something to occupy his attention when Scott came out of the bathroom. He wasn't prepared when he did.

Scott came out still drying off, naked as when they used to shower together back in school. Doug was a little surprised to see him in such great shape. He had put on muscle that didn't show under his clothes and he didn't have an ounce of fat on him. He was ripped and tanned except for a very narrow white strip around his waist. A very small white strip which made Doug wonder what kind of swimsuit he wore, and where he went to wear it. He tore his eyes away from the guy's naked body and focused back to the television.

"That shower is great," Scott said. "It's got four shower heads. But you probably already know that," he added with a grin.

"No, I never had a room here with four shower heads," Doug said. He was glad when Scott put on a pair of shorts. They were the skimpiest shorts he'd ever seen, but he couldn't deny that Scott looked good in them. He wondered where he got them. He wondered how he would look in a pair.

Scott sat on the edge of the bed and bounced up and down to test the mattress. "You need to let me pay for half of this," he said.

"I thought we already had that settled," Doug growled. "You had the expense of driving down here." He asked about Chelsea to change the subject. Strange that he hadn't thought about her before that moment.

Scott filled him in on everything he could think of; even where they went on their "dates."

"I really am glad you're there for her," Doug said. "Keeps her from going astray," he added with a sly grin.

"Who keeps you from going astray?" Scott asked.

"I don't need a keeper," Doug said.

"You, uh....said you've been here before," Scott said. "Would Chelsea be okay with that? I mean, is it something you guys talked about before you left?"

"Yes, it's something we talked about and no, she would not be okay with it," Doug replied sternly. "And I hope I can trust you not to mention it to her."

"You know me better than that," Scott said.

"Just be careful you don't slip," Doug said. "I know it's hypocritical of me, but after a while it just builds up. I don't know, sometimes I think the training pumps too much testosterone and I gotta get rid of it."

"Did you and Chelsea know, before you left?"

"No. Chelsea and I have never done anything together."

Scott's mouth dropped. "You're kidding!"

"No, I'm not kidding. She would never let me, and I respected that. Not enough not to keep trying, but I respected it."

"But she's crazy about you," Scott said.

"Maybe so, but she sure knew how to keep the lid on things."

"Somehow, I don't think she would mind your blowing off a little steam now and then," Scott said. "Hell, you're in the Marines."

"Somehow, I don't think that would cut any ice with her," Doug said.

"So you're never going to tell her."

"Not till we've been married for about fifty years," Doug replied.

They talked of sports, and how the team was doing. Not very well. Not well at all, since their senior year. They talked about Scott's job. He was an assistant foreman, with fourteen guys working under him.

"That's impressive. I've got nobody working under me," Doug said. He looked at his watch again.

"Are we going to eat supper at the cafe, or do you want to go someplace more exotic?" he asked.

"Unless you're starving, I ate enough at the mess hall to hold me till morning," Scott said.

"Okay, we'll get a pizza," Doug suggested. He ordered the pizza and two six-packs of beer.

"Would you rather have gone out?" Scott asked when he hung up the phone.

"No, pizza's fine," Doug said but he knew his tone wasn't very convincing. Yeah, he would've rather been able to be out of the room. He fixed a glass of ice water and walked out onto the balcony. Scott came up beside him.

"Doug, are you nervous about all of this?" he asked. "Because if you are....."

Why should I be nervous?"

"You just seem a little uncomfortable, and.....well, you've been here before, but obviously never asked for two beds, and I think you forgot to this time. What I'm saying is, if you want to go back to the barracks to sleep, I'll understand."

"Naw, I'm always sort of on edge. It gets ingrained in you, from the training," Doug said. He looked back into the bedroom. "It's a king-sized bed and besides you promised not to try anything, remember?" he joked.

"Yeah, I'm always making stupid promises I gotta keep," Scott joked back.

Doug downed three beers with his pizza. It felt good. He needed the buzz to help him relax with his old buddy. If he were more relaxed, maybe Scott wouldn't be so uptight about him being so uncomfortable. When they were finished eating they went out on the deck with their beers. Scott held his bottle up in a toast.

"Here's to old friends," he said.

Doug returned the toast and they both downed a long swig of beer.

"Looks like the Marines taught you how to drink," Scott said. "I don't know if I can keep up with you."

"It's not a drinking contest," Doug said.

"Well, just so you know, beer makes me sleepy, horny and it makes me piss all night," Scott said.

"If you're asleep, being horny isn't going to do you much good anyway," Doug joked. "Just don't piss the bed."

"And if I was horny and sober?"

"I was just joking," Doug said. He was feeling the effects of the beer himself, and it scared him a little that he might not be able to keep his senses about him. It was the last of a six-pack, and they had downed it in a pretty short time. It was a good feeling, though. Relaxed, laid-back, at ease. They both agreed it was time to go to bed.

"Which side?" Scott asked at the foot of the bed.

"Doesn't matter. It's not an issue with me anymore, sleeping in a bunk all the time."

Again, Doug kept his eyes averted as Scott undressed. He didn't know why that was such an issue all of a sudden.

At the last moment he stepped out on the balcony for some fresh air. Down to his shorts, Scott crawled in bed, leaving the side closest to the balcony for Doug. When he came in from the balcony, Doug left the sliding doors open. It was impossible now not to look at the guy lying there in those skimpy, white briefs that contrasted so with his dark tan. He pulled his shirt out of his jeans and shrugged it off. He unbuckled his belt, aware of Scott watching him. Not ogling him, but watching.

"Don't get pissed at me for looking," Scott said. "You must have a hundred pairs of eyes looking at you every day."

"But not with the same thoughts behind those looks," Doug said.

"So far as you know."

"Okay, so far as I know," Doug said.

"What if you did know?" Scott asked. "What if one of your buddies confided that he was gay?"

"Technically, I would have to turn him in," Doug said as he crawled in and took up his side of the bed.

"Would you?" Scott asked, his voice suddenly weaker from the sheer excitement of his old buddy crawling into bed with him.

"No, I don't think I would."


"Because it's none of their damned business, and the don't-ask-don't-tell policy is a lot of bull shit. It shouldn't matter. If I find myself in a tight situation I don't care if the guy next to me is gay or not. I would rather have a gay guy looking at me in the shower than a straight guy who would steal your wallet, which has happened to me."

"Did you find out who did it?"

"Yeah. But we were cool about it. He admitted it and gave my wallet back to me, and he didn't take any money."

It was one of several silences that followed. Doug didn't know how to talk to his buddy anymore. He wished Scott would say something. He could feel the air getting thin and they needed to talk.

"Say whatever you're thinking right now," Doug said quietly.

"Don't say that unless you mean it," Scott said.

"I mean it. We've always been able to talk to each other, about anything. This should be no exception. But we're lying here like two strangers," Doug said. "And I don't sleep with strangers," he added.

"Okay, if you must know, I find it very hard to take my eyes off of you," Scott said. "Shit, my throat is dry, just looking at you, and I know you're not comfortable with that."

"Hhhmmm, I thought you would say your mouth is watering," Doug said jokingly.

"Don't torture me with your sick humor," Scott said. "You don't know what it's like to be on this side of the fence looking at somebody like you, especially when you know I'm gay."

"Are you completely on that side of the fence? I mean, you don't date or see women at all anymore?" Doug asked.

"My dates with women consist of going out with Chelsea, as old friends," Scott said.

"You're sure that's all it is?" Doug asked, chiding him.

"Trust me. That girl doesn't have a thought in her head that's not about you."

"Well, at least I know she's safe with you." He saw Scott's scowl. "I didn't mean it to sound that way," he said quickly. "I meant nobody's going to mess with her if she's with you. Hell, nobody's going to mess with you. By the way, does Chelsea know?"


"Are you going to tell her?" Doug asked.

"Maybe, when the time is right. I had to face you first," Scott said.

"Are you coming out? I think that's what they call it, isn't it? I mean, are you going to tell anyone besides me?"

"No. Just those I know I can trust."

"You didn't know how I was going to react. How did you know you could trust me?" Doug asked.

"I trusted you implicitly, no matter what your reaction was. If for no other reason but to let me know honestly how you felt about it."

There was another silence, broken first by Scott's audible swallowing.

"Doug, I promised I wouldn't try anything and you promised you wouldn't hit me. But I have to know....I have to there any chance....even the slightest chance that....that something could happen between us? I don't mean right now, necessarily, but some day?"

"I don't think so," Doug replied without hesitation.

"Well, you didn't hesitate with your answer, but that wasn't a definite no," Scott pointed out.

"Look, I'm straight. You knew that when you came down here."

"Straight guys like sex," Scott said.

"This straight guy likes straight sex," Doug said. He saw that he'd hurt Scott's feelings. "Hey, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

"Don't be. I asked you a question, you gave me your answer. I expect honesty from you."

"You didn't really think I would......"

"I didn't think one way or the other," Scott cut in. "My question was based on hope."

"Sorry to dash your hopes," Doug said.

"Don't be sorry for anything. You don't know what it means to me that you let me come down here to see you."

"It means a lot to me, too. Not everybody is lucky enough to have a real friend. I am."

"Yeah, so am I. Promise me one more thing," Scott went on.

"Okay, if I can."

"If you ever do decide you're gong to jump the fence, even if it's just a one-time thing, I would like for it to be with me. And if we ever do, no matter when it is, I want you to lie and tell me it's your first time."

"I'm not very good at lying to you." Doug said. "You would know I was lying."

"That's okay, I'll believe it for that moment in time."

"It's all hypothetical anyway," Doug said. "If it ever happens, I wouldn't have to lie. It would be my first time."

"Then it would be with me," Scott said.

"You're the only gay guy I know," Doug said.

Doug didn't like the way the conversation was going. More, he was afraid of it. "I think I'm going to catch some ZZZZs. There's a lot more I want to show you tomorrow," he said. He turned over and stretched out on his stomach.

"Is that a safety precaution, lying on your stomach?" Scott asked, laughing.

"No, I sleep on my stomach, that's all," Doug said.

Scott turned off the TV and the lamp. The last rays of dusk coming through the balcony doors cast the room in a soft light. Within minutes, dusk gave way to the lights outside the building.

Sleep came surprisingly easy for Doug but it didn't last long. He came awake with an aching hardon. He discreetly pushed the dial light on his watch. It was only midnight. It wasn't a morning piss hardon. He squirmed, burrowing it into the mattress. In the quiet of the night he let his thoughts ramble, fueling his imagination. They weren't touching but they were lying close enough that he could feel the warmth of Scott's body. It reminded him of other times, when they were kids. All of those times and he never had a clue. He wondered....if he had known....they were just kids....curious.....

He shook it off and tried to go back to sleep. His head was still foggy from the beer but there was so much going through his head. Frightening stuff that he wanted to get away from, and sleep was the only escape. He lay there in the quiet of the dark for more than an hour. The darkness, with the help of the warm feeling from the beer. seemed to cast a spell over him. In the quiet darkness, things began to appear in a different perspective. He turned over on his side and gazed out the patio doors. Was Scott asleep, he wondered, or was he only pretending to be?

What was keeping him awake wore more heavily on his mind. He was in bed with a gay guy, for chrissakes! Scott wanted him, he'd made no secret of that. It was just him and Scott, alone, in a motel room. Nobody else would ever know. What could it hurt? He wondered how it would feel......

He turned onto his back and stretched out with his hands folded behind his head. His shorts bulged with his still aching hardon. He looked over at his buddy, and it was as if he were seeing him for the first time. He was good-looking, a stud, hard to believe he was gay. Shit, it was such an opportunity; one he wouldn't ever have again. He turned to look out the open patio doors, as if to get away from it, but it wouldn't go away. He looked back at his friend.

"Scott? Man, are you awake?" His voice was a hoarse whisper and it startled him, for he hadn't intended to speak. He held his breath, waiting for some response.

"I've never been asleep," Scott replied softly. "I've been lying here watching you sleep."

"Your eyes were shut," Doug said.

"Only when you turned over to face me."

Doug took in a quiet breath. He wished he hadn't spoken. If he'd pretended to be asleep, lying on his back like that, maybe Scott would've tried something on his own and he could have pretended to sleep through it. But he was wide awake and so was Scott, with only the quiet, soft darkness and a bare few inches separating them.

"I haven't been asleep much either," Doug said.

"What's bothering you?" asked Scott.

"Everything....the whole situation....thoughts that are rambling around in my head....look, Scott....go ahead, if you want to," he said, his voice raspy.

Scott lifted his head to look at him. "Huh?"

"It's just you and me, man....and you came all the way down here, and I'm lying here with this big hardon anyway."

"Don't mess with me, Doug," Scott said.

"I'm not messing with you. You said if I ever decided to jump the fence........"

"Yeah, but I'm not sure you have," Scott said. "I think you're straddling the fence; you don't know what you want."

"Maybe not, but one time isn't going to hurt, if it's what you want," Doug said.

"More than I ever wanted anything in my life," said Scott.

"I wouldn't have to lie to you. You would know it's my first time," Doug said.

"Are you serious?"

"Reach over here and see if it feels like I'm kidding?" Doug said.

But Scott didn't move. "You don't know how bad I want to. But what I feel for you is more than sex. You're more than that to me. It's how I feel about you, and how you feel about me that counts the most."

"You don't feel something for any other guy? The desire, I mean? You didn't feel anything at all when you saw those guys playing football today?" Doug asked.

"The desire, yes. But not everything else I feel about you," Scott replied.

"Would it matter if I said I want you to?" Doug asked.

"That would matter a lot," Scott replied. "I just want to know you're not thinking with your balls."

"Look, I'm no stranger to the looks and the come-ons and the subtle propositions from other guys, but I've never done anything," Doug said. "I never wanted to."

"Till now?"

"Yeah, till now. I'll admit it....part of it is knowing you want it," Doug said. "So it's not like I'd be doing you a favor. You'd be doing me one." He lifted his head and smiled at him. "Am I convincing you yet?"

"Damn you," Scott said with a returned smile. As he reached over and laid his hand gingerly on Doug's stomach. Doug tightened and rippled his abs for him.

"Show off," Scott said as he rubbed his hand in circles, moving further downward each time.

Scott's fingers touched the waistband of his shorts and Doug held his breath, waiting to see if they moved under or over the waistband. They trailed down over the front of his shorts, light as feathers. He moved his hand up and down the long, big bulge.

"Those pictures you sent....the ones of you in your shorts; you don't know how many times I jacked off with them, fantasizing that I was doing this."

"You didn't get them all splattered, did you?" Doug asked.

"It doesn't matter, I want to take some new ones before I leave," Scott said. Suddenly he got up from the bed. "I'm going to turn the bathroom light on. I want to see you," he said.

Quickly, Doug slipped his shorts off so he was naked for him when he came back to the bed. His cock stood out and swayed back and forth over his belly, throbbing and bobbing up and down.

Scott returned and stood beside the bed, gazing down at his muscular friend and his mouth went dry at the sight of him. His cock was huge. It reached up nearly to the cleavage between his pecs, thick as his wrist. The underside of the head flared back like a split mushroom and the seminal vein that ran from the head down to disappear at the base was thick as a black marker.

"My God!" he exclaimed softly. He gazed at the huge cock for a moment then looked up at Doug. "I didn't know you were this big. What the hell are they feeding you?"

"I wasn't done growing the last time you saw me," Doug said.

"Now that I've got my wish, I don't know if I can handle it. I....I didn't know you would be so big."

"You don't have to handle it all," Doug said as he reached down and wrapped his hand around his cock. His hand wouldn't reach all the way around it and he was proud to show that to Scott.

"What, and leave you to jack off?"

"It wouldn't be the first time," Doug said. "Well, it would be the first time in a long time, but I haven't forgot how," he added.

Scott reached down and ran his fingers along the underside of the huge cock that was sticking up out of Doug's fist. "I can't believe you're letting me do this," he said.

"Does that look like I'm kidding about it?" Doug said, nodding toward his cock.

"No, that looks serious as shit," Scott said. He knelt down beside the bed as Doug turned onto his side. His cock swung out from his loins like a battering ram. Scott touched it gingerly at first, as if he were afraid it might not be real. He wrapped his fingers around it as far as they would reach.

"Damn, I can't even get my hand around it."

"Neither can anybody else," Doug said with a chuckle.

"Have many have tried?"

"I meant neither can I," Doug said.

Scott moved his hand up and down the shaft a few times. He could see the pearl-drop of precome glistening in the wide piss slit. It's going to taste so good, he thought. He leaned in and lapped his tongue back and forth on the underside of the head, causing the big cock to quiver and bounce on his tongue.

"Ohhhh," Doug moaned softly.

The precome oozed out onto Scott's tongue and he lavered his tongue all around the head to clean it off.

"Geezuss, man, take it if you're going to," Doug said.

"You don't believe in foreplay?"

"Just take it, please," Doug said.

Scott laughed softly and leaned in and captured the bulbous head with his mouth.

"OOoooohhhhh," Doug moaned.

Scott began sucking it, slowly, almost reverently, taking as much as he could into his mouth.

"Aaawwhhh, mann, Scott, how come you waited so long to do this?" Doug moaned.

Scott smiled inside, surprised at Doug's remark. He thought it would be totally one-sided, him servicing the big Marine and Doug lying there taking it quietly, more out of a sense of duty than personal want or pleasure. Tears welled up in Scott's eyes. Tears of untold happiness for himself, and deep satisfaction that he could make Doug respond so. His cock was hot! And so big. His jaws felt like they might lock. He couldn't take all of it. He could barely take half of it. The head was too big to fit through his throat.

"Can you make it go down a little?" he asked. "I might be able to take more of it, if it wasn't so hard."

"Not with you doing that," Doug said.

"If you can just make it more rubbery, I wanta try to take it all the way."

"Can you do that? Geezusss, I'm pretty big."

"I want to try," Scott said.

"What about when it gets hard again?" Doug asked.

"I'll do what I can with it," Scott said.

Scott let go of it and they waited for a few minutes but it showed no signs of deflating.

"I think it's staying hard 'cause it's pissed that you stopped," Doug said. Finally he got up and went into the bathroom where he dumped some ice in the sink and ran water over it. He splashed the icy water over his cock then got a washcloth wet with the ice water and took it back in the room with him. He lay back on the bed with the cold washcloth over his cock and they waited till it began to lose its rigidity.

"That must be sheer torture," Scott said.

"You might wanta get back in position, once I take the cold cloth off, it's not gonna stay down for very long," Doug said.

Scott got between Doug's legs, at the ready.

"Fuckin' thing don't wanta go down," Doug said.

They waited another minute or two and the big cock finally lost enough hardness that it was beginning to bend like a radiator hose.

"Okay, you're only going to have a minute or so to do the deed," Doug said as he removed the cold cloth.

Scott got back on it, wasting no time forcing the bulbous head against the opening of his throat.

"Awww, your mouth feels so warm," Doug groaned.

Scott could feel the pulsations through the big hunk of meat and knew that he indeed had only a moment to accomplish the impossible feat. He relaxed his throat muscles and opened up as wide as he could and forced his mouth down the shaft. The head slipped into his throat and he pushed harder. His mouth went down, down....all the way down till his face was smashed against Doug's pubes.

"Awwww, Fuuuucckkkkk!" Doug cried softly. He put his hand on the back of Scott's head and churned his butt around in the mattress, thrusting his cock hard into his buddy's throat. "Ohhh, Geezusss, buddy, I don't know how you do that, but I'm glad you can. Godddd, it feels incredible! Ohh, fuck, yeah, gulp it down, keep swallowing....awwhh, your throat feels so good."

Scott held on for dear life to contain the growing cock. It grew fast, expanding his throat like a balloon. He fought down his gag reflex, determined to stay on the pulsating cock. He wanted it so bad; wanted to make Doug feel good. He choked a couple of times but forced his mouth on the throbbing cock, unwilling to give an inch. When he had his gag reflex under control again he ventured to move his mouth up and down the big cock a couple of inches.

"Ohh, Shittt!" Doug gasped. "Awww, Fuck, Scott.....ohhh, if you only knew what you're doing to me!"

He was able to deep-throat the huge cock for a few short minutes before he began choking again and couldn't control it. He rose up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he stroked the hot cock with his other hand.

"Mannnn!" he gasped. "I don't believe I did that!"

"I don't believe it either," Doug said, reaching out to squeeze Scott's arm. "Shit, that was awesome."

"Want me to try it again?" Scott said.

"It's not going to go down again," Doug said. "Shit, it's so hard now, it aches."

"I think I can handle it now that I've done it once," Scott said.

"I never saw anything you couldn't handle, but this.....Goddam, Scott, this is incredible, if you can do it."

Scott wrapped his mouth around the big cockhead again and began the descent. He had to twist and work the head into his throat but then it was easier to go all the way down on it. He choked with emotion this time as Doug cried out and moaned and writhed under him.

After a while, Doug stopped him. "Hold on," he gasped, with his hands on Scott's face. "It's getting too good, you're gonna make me shoot."

"I'm sure you've got more than one round in the chamber," Scott said. "Or are you saving it for someone else?"

"Naw, I'm not saving it, and I've got plenty of rounds in the chamber. I just wanted to warn you," Doug said.

"I've been warned," Scott said.

"Seriously, man, w-what do you want me to do when I'm getting close....when I go off?"

"Let nature take its course," Scott said.

"Just tell me, do you want me to come in your mouth?" Doug asked in disbelief.

"I would like that, but however you want to finish it," Scott said.

"Aww, Mannnn!"

Scott hunkered down with his face in Doug's crotch, nuzzling and lapping his balls.


"That feel good, too?"

"Aww, you know it! Geezuss, what else are you going to do to me?"

"Depends on what you'll let me do."

"Anything," Doug said. "Any fuckin' thing you wanta do."

"Now that's something you definitely should never say unless you know you mean it," Scott warned as he shoved his arms under Doug's muscular legs and placed them on his shoulders. His thighs were heavy. He lapped and sucked on his balls and lapped in under them. He wanted to go further. He'd never done that before and he wanted to do it to Doug for his first time but he was afraid of his reaction. It might be taking things too far. But he's said he could do anything, and his hard Marine butt beckoned and gave him courage. The gentle aroma of maleness and soap wafted up to his nostrils. He ventured a little bit at a time, lapping his tongue back and forth across the hard cock-vein that reached between his legs to disappear into his body. Doug wasn't minding. At least he wasn't voicing any objection.

Doug was nearly breathless with anticipation. Was Scott heading where he thought he was heading? He was afraid to respond; he didn't want to make Scott think he wanted him to go there but he laid his legs out wider and lifted his butt up higher to welcome Scott's oral advances. Godd, he wanted him to do it! He'd heard guys talk in the barracks about being rimmed and how great it was. One guy said that a guy with a good tongue could make you cum without ever touching your cock. When there was little doubt where Scott was headed, Doug wrapped his arms under his knees and pulled his legs up against his chest, tilting his butt up off the mattress, spreading it out wide. There could be no doubt now, and he held his breath, waiting for the interminable moment for Scott's tongue to connect. When he did, Doug choked on his outcry. He gasped and coughed and half-sobbed before he was able to make a sound.

"Oh, Fuckkkk!" he gasped. "Awww, Scott....ohhhh, yeah, do it....lick it, man...tongue it....awwwh, eat my ass, man....OOhhhh, Fuck yeah!"

With that encouragement, Scott devoured Doug's ass like a hungry wolf. He forced his face hard in the wide crevice, lashing his tongue around the clenching hole. He flicked the opening with the tip of his tongue and it clenched harder and wider. He pulled Doug's butt apart and drove his tongue inside the hot, velvety hole that opened up to him.

"AAAAWWWWWWHHHHHHH!" Doug yelled. He quickly toned it down and began gasping and moaning and whimpering. "Ohhhh....Oh, my Goddd. Awww, Scottt, you're driving me nuts! Aww....ohhhh....ohhhhh....ohhh, fuck, buddy, where'd you learn to do this!"

Scott didn't stop to answer. He had hit on a way to make Doug crazy with pleasure and he wasn't going to stop for anything. If only Doug knew what pleasure he was experiencing himself, lashing and tonguing and eating his awesome asshole.

Suddenly Doug shoved Scott's head away and turned over on his hands and knees. "Here, you can get at it better," he said breathlessly. He set his knees wide apart and bent down with his shoulders against the mattress, spreading his butt wide.

Scott went at it with renewed enthusiasm, delighted that Doug was cooperating with such frantic lust. He dug his fingers into the rubbery rim of his asshole and pulled it wide open. He could see the palpitations inside the hole. He drove his tongue into the soft, pink lining. Doug squealed and whimpered as he pressed his face and shoulders into the mattress, clawing at the sheet. Scott could barely contain his own lust. His cock was like a steel rod, so hard it bobbed up against his belly when it throbbed.

"Ooonnnhhh....UUmmmm, you taste so fuckin' good," Scott moaned.

"Yeah, you like that ass? Tastes good? Eat it, man, tongue it, get your tongue in there deep....Awwwhhh, yeahhh ohhh....ohhhh, Godd, don't stop! Don't stop,'re gonna make me come....Ohhh...Ohhh....Ohh, shit, I'm gonna come!"

"Turn over, I want see it," Scott said.

"Yeah. Fuck, yeah, you wanta see me shoot?" Doug growled as he turned over and pumped his cock in one fist.

Scott nuzzled his crotch and sucked his balls.

"Ohhh, yeah, eat `em....lick my balls....ohhhhh, it's's coming, buddy.....AAWwhwhhhhhhh!"

Scott felt the powerful surge up through the underside of Doug's cock and a second later, the huge flesh rocket exploded. Come shot up in the air about six feet, hung suspended for a split second, then fell to his stomach with a soft splat. It was followed by another, equally powerful. Then another, and another. Come was splattering everywhere. Scott was breathless with excitement and he moved his tongue up along the underside of the belching cock, hoping to capture the head before he was done shooting his load. He didn't make it but he got a couple of hard blasts of hot come all over his face.

Doug collapsed into a heap of muscle on the bed, gasping, his hand moving up and down his cock in slow motion. His eyes fluttered and his hand finally stopped. His cock felly heavy and still half-hard diagonally across his stomach, still belching smaller spurts of come all over his hip. Scott remained between his legs, lapping up the cum that ran down his balls.

"Fuck, man!" Doug gasped, out of breath. He lifted his head and looked down at his body. "Goddam, Scott, I don't know where you learned to do that, but I'm sure glad you did. Shit, what a mess," he said, swiping one hand across his cum- streaked chest. "Man, I'm sorry about the mess. I'll get a towel," he said as he climbed out of bed.

Scott wanted to stop him but he made no attempt. He wanted Doug to lie back and let him clean up the mess with his tongue. But he couldn't say it. Doug returned with a towel and a warm, wet washcloth.

"Here, you can clean the stuff off your face," he said, handing him the washcloth. "Fuck, I'm sorry, man, I didn't mean to shoot all over your face."

"It's okay," Scott said. "It was my fault, I didn't get out of the way."

Doug made a couple more swipes to catch the come running down his belly. "I'm gonna go shower," he said.

Scott half expected him to invite him to join him. What could be the harm in it now. except that maybe he was clinging to his macho manhood now that he'd expended his manly lust. Maybe there had to be a line between them that couldn't be crossed no matter what they did together. Scott was hurt....he was gay and Doug was straight and the two couldn't meet except in raw sex....but his deep satisfaction more than made up for the hurt.

"Hey, Scott, you wanta shower? Come on in, there's room for two."

His heart did a little flip-flop and his happiness took his breath away. He went into the bathroom where Doug had the shower curtain pulled back for him.

"I guess it can't hurt to shower together, after that," Doug said.

Scott wanted to take the soap and cloth and wash Doug's body but when Doug didn't offer it, he backed away from the idea. There was, indeed, a fine line between them.

Afterwards, they lay side-by-side, naked, basking in the aftermath.

"Whew! I don't believe what just happened," Doug said.

"I hope you're not having any regrets," Scott said.

"Regrets? Hell, no! Man, I can't believe you ate my ass out like that. That was the most incredible thing anybody has ever done to me. I want you to know, unequivocally, I'm glad you came down here," Doug said. "I was leery of the idea at first."

"How come?" Scott asked. "I was, too, but why were you?"

"I don't know. I wasn't sure how it'd be, meeting up after your news. I didn't know what changes I would see in you. Why were you leery?"

"I was afraid I would lose your friendship," Scott said. "I was afraid I would get here only to have you tell me to fuck off."

"That sort of pisses me off, you know. That you didn't have any more faith in our friendship."

"I'll never doubt it again," Scott said.

"Me either." He chuckled softly. "Shit, that was about as friendly as you can get."

"That's not all, unless you want it to be," Scott said.

"Whatever else you've got to show me, the Marines say I'm all yours till midnight tomorrow night, if you want me," Doug said.

"And what do you say?" Scott asked.

"Well, I'm not going to sleep in the barracks, I can tell you that."

Scott turned his head to face Doug, his eyes wet with emotion. "I want you so dam bad it hurts. I want to make you feel everything I know how. I want you to go back to your barracks with the memory of this night so ingrained in your mind that it'll be there forever."

"Trust me, I won't ever forget this night," Doug said.

Scott reached over and laid his hand on Doug's hip. "I wish I could show you everything I want to."

"Who says you can't?"

"You wouldn't go for it," Scott said.

"If you, I can't reciprocate, if that's what you mean."

"I wouldn't expect you to. That's part of what makes you, you," Scott said. "But that's not what I meant."

"Before you say I wouldn't go for it, why don't you try me?" Doug said.

"What if I kissed you?"

Doug recoiled a little. "I don't know if I could handle that," he said.

"Do you want to fuck me, then?" Scott asked.

Doug's mouth dropped and his eyes widened. "You mean....f-fuck the ass?"


He heaved out a loud sigh. "I never....I mean, I don't know....Okay, yeah, why not? Yeah, I'll fuck you, if you want me to."

Scott got up and went into the bathroom to get the lube out of his bag. His hands trembled as he squeezed some on his fingertips and applied it between his buns. It's gonna happen. I'm going to get fucked by my best buddy. Godd, how many nights had he laid awake then gone to sleep with that fantasy? When he was well lubed he got a bottle of poppers out of his bag and returned to the room. He didn't like using poppers but considering Doug's size, it would be good to have it handy.

"I hope you don't mind, I may need this," he said, placing the poppers on the night stand. He stretched out on his back with his legs spread wide apart. "Or do you want me on my stomach?" he asked.

"I don't know, you're calling the shots, I've never done this before," Doug said. "However is best for you."

"Any way is good for me. I just figured you would probably want it like you were with a girl," Scott said.

"Fuck, no way I could mistake you for a girl."

When Doug was between his legs on his knees, Scott lifted legs up onto his shoulders. "Just take it easy going in," he said.

"Is it going to hurt?"

"Like all hell," Scott said.

"Oh. Well, hey, we don't have to......"

"Oh, yeah. We do," Scott said. "I've dreamed of this for too long. I want you to fuck me, Doug. It's gonna hurt, but the poppers will help me get through it if I need 'em," he said, reaching for the bottle.

Doug hunkered forward, pushing his cock into the slick crevice of Scott's butt. His cock found the deepest point and pressed against the hot hole.

Scott took the cap off the bottle of poppers and held it at the ready.

"You ready?" Doug asked.


Doug pushed. He could feel the rubbery pit give but he didn't go in. He wondered what it would feel like when he did. Like a pussy, probably. Maybe tighter, going through that tiny hole.

Scott uncapped the bottle to be ready. But at the last minute he recapped it and set it on the nightstand. This had to be pure, he thought. If there was pain....and there would be....he wanted to feel it. This wasn't just his best friend hovering over him, it was a Marine who had signed his life away if necessary; he had a duty to feel whatever pain his mighty cock may inflict on him.

Doug paused. "You're not going to use the poppers?"

"No. Give it everything you've got," he replied.

Doug shoved again, hard. It wasn't a thrust, but he put all the considerable power of his butt muscles behind it. Scott's hole was forced open and the thick muscle of his asshole squeezed around the wide cockhead like a giant rubber band.

Scott coughed out a gasp of pain but didn't cry out. He wished he'd used the poppers. He was tempted to reach for the bottle but he didn't. "Fuck, yeah, shove it in. Give me all of it," he said bravely.

It was one steady, hard shove, all the way in to the hilt. Doug could feel the soft lining of Scott's ass giving way, stretching around his cock. He hit something and maneuvered around it to go deeper.

"AAWwwwhhhhh!" Scott moaned when he was completely impaled on the huge cock. He rolled his eyes back and breathed in and out.

"You can say that again," Doug said, sounding out of breath. "Fuck, I never felt anything like this in my life."

"Me either," Scott said. "Goddam, that thing is big!"

"If it's too big, I can......."

"No," Scott said, wrapping his legs around Doug's hips. "No, don't even think about pulling out. The pain's going away, then I want you to fuck me."

They held still for a long moment. Doug felt Scott's asshole squeezing steadily around his cock. It felt wonderful. It was like sticking his cock in a furnace, or a bucket of warm honey.

"Ohhhh, tell me when I can do it," Doug said. "This feels so fuckin' good like this, but I wanta start moving."

"Go ahead, fuck me," Scott told him.

"How do you want me to do it? Hard, fast, slow, or what?"

"It's your call," Scott said.

"Yeah, I'll be able to tell what's making you feel good, won't I?" Doug said. He pulled back, withdrawing his cock to the head, then shoved back in. "Awwhhhhh....Ohhh, fuuucckkk!"

"Yeah, do that again," Scott said.

He shoved back in again. And again. Each time he picked up a little speed and thrust a little harder. "That feeling okay so far?" he asked.

"It's feeling incredible," Scott said. "It doesn't matter how you do it, it's the feel of your cock inside me that's driving me crazy, and watching your muscles."

"You said you've adnmired them for a long time. Feel `em if you want," Doug said.

"Oh, yeah, I want to," Scott said as he ran his hands over Doug's muscles. "Godd, I've wanted to get my hands on you like this......"

"Just tell me or show me what you want me to do; I wanta make all of your old wishes come true," Doug said.

Doug fucked him for over an hour. He fucked him every which way but loose. Slow, hard, fast, gentle, in all kids of positions.

"I hope I'm not going on too long," he said after a while. "I'm pretty long winded. Always have been. I can fuck all night. You tell me when you want me to stop."

"Not till I feel that hot load of cum shooting up inside me," Scott said.

"That what you want, my load in your guts? I can give you that," Doug said. He shifted to a hard, steady pace, fucking him like he was on a mission. "That feeling good for you?"

"Ohhh....ohhhhh,'re hitting all the right spots"

"Going in deep enough?" Doug asked.

"Yeah....hard and deep. Ohhh, Godd yeah, you keep doing that, I'm gonna come before you do."

"That's okay, I don't have to come."

Moments later, Scott was moaning and writhing under him. "It's gonna have to be just tripped my trigger. I'm coming! Oohh, fuck, don't stop. Don't stop, Doug, fuck me....Ohhhh, fuck me," he cried as he pumped his cock.

A moment later his cock bolted and throbbed in his fist then exploded. "AAAwwhhhhhhh!" he cried as the stuff shot out all over his face. He aimed it up and it shot over his head, but then he lost control and come was flying everywhere.

Doug fucked him all the way through it, gradually slowing his pace till he was almost in slow motion by the time Scott was finished coming. "You finished?" he asked as he kept easing his hips back and forth slowly.

"Yeahh....yeah, but you don't have to stop," Scott said, breathlessly.

"You shot your load, it's not going to feel as good, is it?" Doug said as he started to pull his cock out.

"Leave it in, just lie on top of me," Scott said, wrapping his legs around Doug's butt.

"Be glad to, but I'm gonna get heavy."

"You think I'm gonna complain about having the weight of your muscles bearing down on me at long last, and your cock throbbing inside me."

"Okay, but I gotta warn you, if I leave it in there, it's gonna want some more action."

"You can fuck me again as soon as I take a breather," Scott said.

"Thanks, I will. Meanwhile, why don't we lay on our sides, I'll put my cock back in from behind," Doug said.

They separated and lay on their sides and Doug shoved his cock back in, lying behind Scott.

"Ohh, this is nice," Scott said as Doug spooned his body against him.

"Yeah, it is," Doug agreed. "It's real nice, buddy."

After only a few minutes, Doug started to squirm against Scott's backside, as if he were shifting positions, but Scott could tell he was getting anxious to fuck him again. He smiled at being able to turn the big Marine on so, but he let him suffer for a few minutes.

"It's okay, if you wanta fuck me again," he said finally.

"Aww, yeah, my cock's been pissed at both of ever since I stopped," Doug said.

He fucked him from behind, with Scott's leg held high in the air.

"I don't wanta hold off," Doug said.

"Okay, shoot it," Scott said.

"I can keep on fucking you even after I shoot if you want me to. But I gotta come. This is too damned good to keep under control." He fucked him for a few more minutes then pulled his cock out. "Turn over, I want you on your back again," he said.

Scott scrambled into position and Doug entered him again from on top and began fucking him hard.

When Scott winced a little, Doug reached for the poppers.

"Is it hurting?" he asked.


"You lie."

"No, it's feeling great. Seriously. I know you can't understand but even the pain feels good," Scott said.

"Okay, 'cause I wanta fuck you so hard....I wanta fuck you a new asshole," he exclaimed as he shifted into high gear. He fucked him so hard the bed shook and the headboard tapped against the wall. "I ain't gonna hold off this time," he gasped. "I'm gonna come....gonna fill you so full of cum, you'll hear it sloshing when you walk. Ohhh....Ohhhh, your ass feels so tight and hot....shit, you feel good, stud. Muscles feel a lot different from a girl's soft body. Fuck me back. Slam your ass up at my cock." He leaned down over him, smashing their bodies together, his face buried in the crook of Scott's neck. "Aww, yeah, flex those muscles for me. Nice thick, hard pecs....Shit, feels almost as good as your ass. Shit, Scott, if I wasn't....ohhhh....ohhh.....ohhhh, fuck, what does it matter who's straight and who's gay....." His voice trailed off into a fog and their eyes met for a couple of seconds before he smashed his mouth over Scott's.

"UUhhmmmm!" Scott moaned with surprise. He wrapped his arms around Doug's broad back and hugged him closer as he humped his butt up to meet his powerful thrusts. He couldn't imagine it in his wildest dreams that it was Doug was doing the kissing, mouth open. His tongue darted into Scott's mouth, lashed around his own tongue, causing them both to squeal and moan. Then he felt the wonderful sensation of liquid heat shooting up inside him.

"Ohhhh, you're comming!" he murmured between their locked lips.

"Fuckin' A-right," Doug growled as he pumped his cock back and forth in half-cock jabs. "Comming like a fuckin' horse."

"Oh, yeah, give it to me. Pump it in me. Fill me up with your hot cum."

Scott held on for dear life as his ass was wonderfully brutalized. Doug seemed to go on forever, his muscular body convulsing as his big cock delivered his load deep inside Scott's ass. Finally he collapsed on top of him, his face against his neck, breathing hard in his ear.

"Damn, Scott, that was fuckin' wonderful," he gasped. "You've got a hot ass. Tight, too. Hell, it's still squeezing my cock like a giant rubber band."

"I wanta milk out every drop," Scott said.

"I think you got it all, feels like my balls are drained," Doug said as he rose up. He stayed up over him for a moment then shoved himself back onto his haunches. His cock pulled part way out and he eased back to pull it out the rest of the way. It fell onto the bed, leaving a large spot of come. "Shit, I think you stretched it," he said. "Looks about six inches longer."

"If that thing got six inches longer, I would've been yelling and sucking poppers like mad," Scott said.

Doug went into the bathroom. He closed the door and leaned against the sink. It was several minutes before he raised his head and looked in the mirror. His eyes fell on his lips; lips that had just kissed another guy. Of all that'd happened, that was all he could think about. "I kissed another guy!" he whispered. "Yeah, fucked him, too, but kissing a guy....Shit, if that don't make me....." He cut his words off before the word came out. He reached in and turned on the shower. He needed a shower, bad.

He lathered up his body and rubbed the soap hard over his muscles. He didn't like the thoughts he was having and it was like he was trying to wash them away. There was a jumble of them; half wishing that Scott hadn't come, that they hadn't done what they did. Geezuss, what would Chelsea think if she ever found out! He wished it'd been Chelsea who had come down to see him instead of Scott. But that wasn't fair to Scott, not even thinking it. He had invited him; encouraged him to come. And it wasn't rape. He had no right to put the blame on Scott. The blame was all his. The only thing Scott had done was reveal the truth about himself. And he, Doug, had taken advantage of that truth.

"Hey, are you okay?" Scott called out to him from the door.

Doug tensed at his presence in the bathroom. "Sure, why wouldn't I be?"

"I mean, you're not going to get all fucked up in the head, are you?"

"No. There's nothing to get fucked up over, is there?" Doug replied.

He wasn't sure he believed it, but saying it out loud was a first step in convincing himself.

"No, nothing at all," Scott said.

Doug decided to let it end right where it had ended. Maybe he should even go back to the barracks to sleep for the rest of the night. But that would make it look like he was fucked up over it. Or worse, that he'd used Scott. Okay, he could brave the night out, just stay on his own side of the bed. One thing for certain, it couldn't happen again. He had crossed over the fence, satisfied his curiosity, now it was time to climb back over to the straight side and put it behind him and go back to being a Marine.

He hurriedly finished his shower so Scott could have it. He felt suddenly uncomfortable when he stepped out and Scott was there waiting, holding a towel out for him. He thought he'd left the bathroom. He took the towel and moved past him to get out of the bathroom. He dried off and slipped on a pair of shorts and got back in bed. Having his shorts on would give Scott a hint, he thought. He tried to imagine what their relationship would be, now. Not the same, like he thought it would be. Nothing would ever be the same between them after what they'd done. It couldn't be the same for anybody. They would still be best friends, just not the same best friends. In his mind he was thinking about how he could get Chelsea to come down to see him. He needed to see her, bad. He turned on the television to have a point of focus and diversion when Scott came out of the bathroom.

"Do you want another beer?" Scott asked as he emerged from the bathroom, drying off.

"No, I'm okay," Doug mumbled, keeping his focus on the television.

Scott looked at him. "I don't think you are," he said.

Doug glanced at him and looked away, too quickly.

"Don't make me sorry I came down here," Scott said.

"No need for you to be, I'm not," Doug said. But he wasn't sure how he felt now about Scott's visit. The sex was incredible, but that wasn't what their solid relationship was built on. He stretched out, hoping to get some sleep, on his back because he didn't want to appear to be turning away from Scott.

Scott was quiet but Doug knew he wasn't asleep. He knew he was watching him. He tried to pretend to sleep, but the real thing never came, and before long his juices were boiling again. He was in bed with his best buddy who liked to give head and get fucked and practically worship his body, and it was a shame to waste the short time they had together. Everything that had transpired in his head in the bathroom was suddenly irrelevant. He started wishing Scott would reach over for his cock again. He wanted to tell him it was okay but he didn't want it to look like he was using him. He felt Scott get out of bed and then heard the door to the deck open. He opened his eyes and watched his buddy standing in the soft light. He liked what he saw and there was a tingling as he recalled what Scott's muscular, smooth body felt like under him; how wonderful his full lips felt around his cock, even on his mouth. He lay for a long time, waiting for Scott to come back inside. When he did, Doug was going to be wide awake for him. He waited a while longer. When Scott didn't come in, he climbed out of bed and went out on the deck.

"You're not getting all fucked up in the head, are you?" he asked quietly, coming up beside him.

"No, but I'm afraid you are," Scott said.

"I'm not. I told you I'm not," Doug said.

"You weren't asleep, were you?" Scott asked.

"No, I couldn't sleep."

"Were you pretending, to shut me out?"

"No. I was trying to sleep. Why would I want to shut you out all of a sudden?" Doug said.

"I was afraid what we did might be the reason you would want to shut me out," Scott said. "You know, you get your rocks off, the desire is gone, you try to get back to normal. It hurts but I understand. That's the way you're made. I'm made differently. With me, the desire never goes away."

"It's not like that," Doug said.

"You're lying to yourself and you know it," Scott said. "Tell me you weren't having some regrets when you were in the shower. Tell me you weren't having doubts about having me come down here to see you."

"Okay, I'll admit I was having second thoughts. But when we were lying together in there on the bed, I was having second second thoughts."

"Like what?"

"Like sorta wishing you would reach over and touch me again. I didn't want to say anything because I don't want you to think I'm using you."

"If you were having second thoughts, maybe you were using me," Scott said.

"I wasn't," Doug said with emotion. "Seriously, Scott, I wasn't using you. They were stupid second thoughts that had nothing to do with us fucking. It was the kissing. That's crazy, I know, but when I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, it was like I was looking at a stranger. I mean, I'd just kissed a guy and it wasn't a brotherly kiss. But I'm having second second thoughts about that. Standing here with you, so close I can feel your body heat, I....I wanta kiss you again, right now, without any sex going on. I know it wouldn't be a brotherly kiss and I don't want it to be. Am I making sense?"

Scott smiled. "Not yet but I can tell you're trying. Just try not to be so uptight about everything. You're only complicating things."

"All right, let's try this on for size," he said. "It wasn't a brotherly kiss, and it wouldn't be again 'cause you're way more than a brother to me. So, maybe this would help uncomplicate things," he said as he laid his hand around Scott's butt.

Scott flexed his butt for him. "Yeah, that's it, make 'em nice and tight. You've got a great butt, in case nobody's told you that lately," he said in a light-hearted tone.

"Thanks, so have you," Scott said with a warm smile.

"Sorry it can't be as functional as yours," Doug joked.

"Oh, it's very functional," Scott said.

"So, does it un-complicate things?" Doug asked, squeezing his butt some more.

"It does more than un-complicate things. I feel like I can be more truthful with you about everything."

"Oh, what haven't you been truthful about? I mean, you've pretty much bared your soul, I thought," Doug said.

"Not about anything serious. Like today, when we were driving past those guys playing football, and you asked me if I wanted to stop and watch. I told you no, and all the while, I was thinking about a fantasy I've had and I really did want to watch them play."

"What fantasy?"

"About being in the locker room with an entire high school football team who knows I'm gay. I know that sounds sick and weird to you."

"Hey, it's not my fantasy, it doesn't matter what I think," Doug said. An idea came to him and he gave Scott's butt harder squeeze. "I, uh....I might be able to arrange that for you, if you're serious. Well, not high school jocks, and not in a locker room, but would you settle for a bunch of Marines, here in the room?"

"Don't play with my head, Doug."

"Would you?"

"How could you possibly arrange that, with your don't-ask-don't-tell policy?"

"I said you're the only gay guy I know, but I met this guy from another company who told me about a guy in his company who takes care of a lot of guys. The field sergeant is even in on it; he even furnishes his room in the barracks for the guys to use. Sometimes the guy stays the night in the sergeant's room and they all know about it. Maybe I could get hold of the guy and see if he would want to round up a bunch of his buddies and bring them out to meet you."

Scott laughed nervously. "I shouldn't admit it, but you're taking my breath away just talking about it."

"Why shouldn't you admit it, it's your fantasy. And you're being up-front about everything else. We both are."

"It would be a dream come true, Doug, but....what're your buddies going to think of you when they find out I'm gay? What're you going to think of me if I say yes?"

"Hey, if you arranged to have a bunch of girls to come out and meet me I would be damned grateful. The tables are turned, that's all. You happen to like guys," Doug said. "It's up to you. If you don't want to....I mean, I don't know how it would play out, a bunch of horny Marines all in the room at the same time."

"I want to, but....I'm a little scared, having a room full of Marines expecting who knows what from me. I wouldn't want things to get out of hand."

"They won't expect anything you don't want to do. Nothing will get out of hand, I promise you that," Doug said.

"You there, then?"

"Yeah, I figured I would, if you don't mind. But I won't if you don't want me to. I think I should be, though."

"I don't know. It's a great idea, but I have to think about it."

"You don't have a whole lot of time to think it over," he said. "I'll have to go back to the base and look up the guy so he can round up some guys to bring out here tomorrow, or late tonight, and I don't know if there would be very many guys who can get passes on such short notice. I could try to arrange for you to go on base and use the field sergeant's room but that could be risky, being on base."

"Maybe we'd better make it another time," Scott said. "You're about more than I can handle. And maybe you should think it over yourself."

"You handled me just fine," Doug said. "Better than most girls I've been with." He put his arm across Scott's shoulder. "Okay, I admit, I was letting myself get all fucked up in the head. I was wishing Chelsea had come down to see me....."

"Instead of me," Scott said.

"Yeah. I wanted to believe I wished it was her instead of you, but deep down I don't. I was trying to make myself believe it. Maybe it was guilt that set in after I got my rocks off. When I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror I saw a guy who had just kissed another guy and it gave me a jolt. I had all kinds of emotions bouncing around in my head. You probably have, too."

"No, I'm okay. The only emotions I have....I'm just so damned thankful you accepted me for who I am."

"Hey, that was no big deal," Doug said.

"It's a huge deal," Scott said. "Then you let me act on my feelings; that was something I didn't even dare to hope for."

"Well, that part was a big deal for me, too, you acting on your feelings. And I didn't let you. I wanted you to. I don't want to sound like a selfish pig, but....I want to again, if you do."

"You don't know how hard it was to keep my hands off of you when you were trying to sleep in there, but you put on your shorts and I thought you were sending me a message."

"I was. Mostly, I was trying to protect my masculinity."

"I don't think your masculinity needs protecting," Scott said.

"I would like to send you another message, while you're thinking and deciding whether you want me call in the Marines," Doug said as he moved behind Scott and pressed himself against him.

Scott reached back between them and Doug stepped back so he could squeeze the front of his shorts. "Message received, loud, hard and clear," he said.

They went back in the room and Doug stood beside the bed. "What do you want to do?" he asked.

Scott reached out and slipped his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts. "I'll think of something," he said as he pulled them down. Doug's rubbery cock swung free, like a hunk of radiator hose. Scott wrapped his hand around it and pulled on it. For measurement, he wrapped his other hand around it. "Shit, it takes three hands to hold this thing," he said.

"But you've only got two hands; looks like you'll have to improvise with something else," Doug said.

"I can do that," Scott said as he went to his knees in front of him and began licking up and down and all around the shaft.

"Ohh, your tongue feels so good," Doug whispered. "But I want to feel your mouth on it....take it, please....suck it."

Scott took his time licking his tongue around the thick shaft and lapping and kissing his balls before he finally captured the head with his mouth.

"Awwhhhhhhhhh," Doug moaned with great relief. "Ohh, Godd, I wish I could tell you how good that feels."

You just did, Scott thought; you just did.

It was nearly an hour before he was rewarded with another powerful load of the Marine's hot, thick cum. He received it and held it in his mouth to savor the taste of the precious male nectar. Doug's cock never went down, and a few minutes later he fucked him. The second time he made Scott go off.

"Fuck, man, you come like a power hose," Doug said of the ropes of come that streaked Scott's body.

"Yeah, it was pretty intense," Scott said, out of breath.

Doug went to the bathroom to wash up and came back with a washcloth and towel. Scott reached for it.

"No, I'll do it," Doug said as he began wiping the come off of him.

When he came back from taking the towel and washcloth into the bathroom he started putting his clothes on. "Listen, I need to borrow your Jeep and make a quick run back to the base and get in touch with this guy so he's got time to round up some horny Marines for you."

Scott laid a hand on his thigh as if to top him.

"What? You're not changing your mind are you?"

"I....I'm just not sure," Scott said.

"It's your chance to live your fantasy. Probably your only chance. Don't blow it, man." When he didn't remove his hand, Doug laid his hand on top it. "Let me do this for you, Scott. You won't regret it."

"All right," he said, slowly pulling his hand back.

"Great! I'll be back within the hour."

When he'd gone, Scott lay in bed pondering what he's just done; sent his best friend out to round up a bunch of stud Marines to bring back and have God only knew what manner of sex with him. He got up and went out on the balcony. "What have I done?" he whispered to himself. "What am I getting myself into? But it was too late. The wheels were in motion.

True to his word, Doug was back within the hour. He was all smiles as he stripped off his clothes and stretched out on his stomach beside Scott.

"I don't want you to get the wrong message from me sleeping on my stomach, but we do need to get some sleep. We've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow."

"So you made the contact?" Scott asked.

"Sure did, and he's very excited about it."

"How many?"

"I don't know. He doesn't know for sure till he contacts some guys. Half a dozen, maybe."

"My God, what am I going to do with six horny Marines?"

"There may not be that many. There may be more. Right now you'd better get some sleep." With that Doug spread his arms up over his head with his face to the wall.

Scott drank in the sight of him again. His muscular body, even relaxed, looked like he'd been carved out of stone. His arms looked like they were bulging and his broad shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist. His thick thighs spread apart a little, with his tight butt set perfectly rounded on his hips.

"Do you mind if I used your butt for a pillow?" Scott asked as he scooted down on the bed and rested his head on Doug's butt.

"Uh-oh. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to get any sleep," Doug said.

"No, I promise I'll keep my tongue in my mouth and my mouth shut," Scott said.

Doug squirmed under him. Okay, you need to be thinking about your fantasy," he said.

They slept soundly and late. It was nearly nine o'clock before they woke up to a tapping on the door.

Doug stirred and got up. "Who the hell could that be? Nobody knows I'm here, unless....shit, how the hell did they find me? But hell, it's too early for those guys to be showing up," he muttered as he stumbled sleepily to the door.

"Doug, are you going to put something....on.....?"

But it was too late. He was opening the door and Scott heard the gasp from the maid. "Ohh....Oh, dear....I'm sorry....I come back."

"Sorry, I guess I should have put this on the door." Doug said. He was laughing sleepily as he came back to the bed. "Shit, I'll bet I scared that poor woman half to death," he said, laughing.

Scott stretched languidly.

Doug reached over and squeezed his thigh. "You okay this morning? Did you sleep okay?"

Scott nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay," he said but he wasn't sure he was.

They showered and were dressing to go to the diner and eat.

"After last night, you don't know how hard it is for me to shower and get dressed without....well, you know."

"Yeah, I know. But we gotta eat," Scott said.

As they walked over to the diner they rounded the corner and ran right into the maid who had knocked on their door. She gasped in horror and scurried off.

"Damn, I must've scared the crap out of her," Doug said, laughing.

"Poor thing probably thought she was working in a horse stable," said Scott.

They looked over the menus while they waited for a waitress.

"Damn!" Doug swore suddenly.

"What's the matter?" Scott asked.

"I should've bought some beer yesterday for those guys," he said. The diner also sold beer and wine and hard liquor, but it was Sunday.

The waitress came and they gave their orders then Doug motioned for her to lean down. "I am in desperate need of some beer. Is there any way you could sneak a sale of a couple of twelve packs?"

"Not a chance. Not me. You might talk to Lillian but I doubt she'll do it either."

"And Lillian is?"

"She owns the place. That's her over there in the blue uniform."

"Thanks, I'll talk to her later," Doug said.

"Listen, Doug, I know you're trying to do me a favor, but if you want the room to yourself and that scared little maid, I'll get lost for awhile."

"No. Besides, I don't think she would come anywhere near me. I'm going to go to try to sweet talk Lillian."

"The answer is no," she said before he even got the words out of his mouth. The waitress had apparently told her what Doug wanted.

"Please? I'll make it worth your while."

"Can't do it. You'll have to come back tomorrow," she told him.

"Tomorrow will be too late. I need it now, today," Doug said, eyeing her nametag. "Look, can't I just leave enough money on the table and you let me walk out with it, like I was stealing it and you don't see me? You didn't sell it to me and you don't see me take it. You can ring it up tomorrow."

She laughed, her busty bosom shaking with her laughter as she walked away from him. "Damn, no wonder we never loose a war. Do the Marines teach you to think like that?"

"Well, she didn't say no," Doug said with a shrug when he went back to his booth.

"She didn't say yes, either," Scott said.

"If she didn't say no, she don't have to say yes," Doug said. He took his wallet out and pulled out two twenties and a ten and laid them on the table.

Lillian delivered their breakfast and a sly grin. "If a couple of Marines were going to steal beer from me, how much would they take?" she asked.

Doug shoved the money to the corner of the table. "Less the cost of breakfast and your generous tip," he said.

"Honey, I oughta make you guys be my generous tip," she said.

"That could be arranged," Doug said quickly. "I'm stationed here. He's not, but I am, I could come back next time I get a pass."

Lillian threw back her head and laughed. "Lordy, stud, I couldn't handle you," she said. "If you'd just come along about twenty years earlier." Then she leaned down closer. "You know, it'd be a lot easier to walk out with a couple of bottle of the hard stuff," she said as she picked up the money. "Now, I have to stock the shelves in the spirits department then I'm going to be pretty busy in the kitchen, so you boys help yourselves to coffee refills....or anything else you need."

Doug was all smiles when she walked away.

"Damn, you're smooth," Scott said.

When they were ready to leave there were two brown paper bags sitting on the floor behind the end of the counter, nearest the door. They picked them up and left.

Back at the room they un-bagged their stash.

"Damn, she gave us four bottles of the good hard stuff. This is fuckin' JD and Wild Turkey."

"Maybe we'd better get some cans of pop out of the machine," Scott said.

They made several trips to the ice and pop machines to fill the bathroom sink. Then Scott said he needed to get ready. Doug knew what he meant. He wouldn't have but he discovered two empty plastic bottles in the wastebasket, and saw two more full ones in Scott's shaving bag. That was how his cock came out of his ass so clean.

In the shower, Scott tried to bring his nerves in check. He needed to get ready, cleaned out, squeaky clean, smelling good. Godd, he felt like a teenager getting ready for prom night. He put on a pair of onion-skin running shorts over a worn and tattered jockstrap and a tank-top; no shoes, no socks. Doug whistled when he came out of the bathroom.

"Now that's what I call packaging," Doug chided him.

"I just grabbed something to put on," Scott said.

"You say that. But somewhere down deep in that devious mind, you know you're packaging yourself for those guys."

"Maybe I am. It's all right, isn't it?" Scott asked.

"It's more than all right. Shit, if those guys don't hurry up....fuck, Scott, how could I forget in such a short time how sexy you are." He handed him an iced drink. "I know it's early, but you might need this to help settle your nerves."

Scott took a healthy drink of the whiskey. "All of a sudden I'm in a cold sweat just thinking about it. I think I need another shower," he said.

"I need it first," Doug said.

Scott paced while Doug was in the shower. Out on the balcony, back inside, around the room; he finally went out and walked up and down the hallways. He wasn't exactly scared....he was excited....but it was such intense excitement that he could hardly breathe. He thought about backing out but he knew this opportunity would never come his way again. And the Marines were probably on their way. He wondered how many there would be.

He was standing at the motel exit gazing out on the parking lot, sipping his drink and wondering what he was getting himself into, when he saw a car pull up way across the lot; a car full of guys. He turned and rushed back to the room.

"I think they're here. I saw a car full of guys pull up," he announced breathlessly to Doug who was pulling on a pair of shorts.

"You sound nervous."

"All of a sudden I'm very nervous."

"Hey, if you want to change your mind, all you gotta do is say so."

"They're already here," Scott said with some urgency in his voice.

"No problem, I'll tell them to go back."

"No," he said softly, shaking his head. "You can't do that. "No, this opportunity won't ever come again; I would never forgive myself, being this close."

"Okay, then it's on. You need a refill on that drink?"


Doug freshened his drink and they waited till there was a knock at the door. Scott nearly jumped out of his skin. Doug looked at him all the time he was walking to the door.

"Are you sure you wanta do this? I can send them away," he said quietly with his hand on the door.

Again, Scott shook his head and suddenly it was too late; Doug was opening the door.

"Hey, stud."

"Hey, Conner....guys....come on in," Doug said.

Scott watched them file into the room; one....two .... three....four....five.....six! Geezsnss, there were six of them! Seven, counting Doug. My Godd, what was he going to do with seven marines! Two of them carried a large cooker and another had a twelve pack of beer.

"Guys, this is Scott, an old buddy and team mate of mine from back home," Doug said. "This is Conner....and he's the only one I know."

As Conner made the rest of the introductions each man stepped forward to shake hands.

"That's Joe."

"Good to meet you, Scott."

"Christian." He only nodded as they shook hands.


"Glad to meet you, Scotty. Or is it strictly Scott?"

"Either one," Scott said as they shook hands.

"Gunner." He just smiled.

"Glad you could make it, Gunner," Scott said

"I wouldn't have missed it. Conner said there was gonna be an orgy."

"And that's Jason."

"I'm black, in case they didn't tell you," Jason said, bringing groans of laughter from the others.

Scott had taken them all in with a sweeping look as they came in, now, with the introductions he took more careful note of them individually.

Conner had the classic build and commanding look of a Marine; military through and through. Good looking with a grace in his moves that would make a jungle cat envious. He had on Marine camo pants and a Marine-green T-shirt. The man reeked of Marine.

Joe was muscular as well....they all were....and tall and roughly handsome; a look that made him look almost mean until he smiled. He wore a tank top that showed off his upper body nicely and cargo shorts that were made to go below the knees but on him they the bottom ties hugged his massive thighs. Scott could imagine those thighs locked around his head.

Christian was a tall, lean-muscled blonde, tanned...they were all tanned as well....who he looked like a California beach boy in a tank-top that drew attention to his broad, muscle-heaped shoulders. His deep blue eyes, the full lips and the way he carried himself, he might have belonged in prep school instead of the Marines.

Paul was a quiet-type, well-built guy who looked like he belonged on a construction crew, with soft, warm eyes and a trace of a smile that always seemed to be there, like he knew something nobody else knew. He was just plain working-man sexy in faded jeans and black combat boots and a plaid, short-sleeved shirt that looked like it was tailor made to fit his classic upper body.

Gunner was just plain big and drop-dead good looking in a down home sort of way. Unlike the others, he had come prepared for action. He wore the athletic short that Scott had seen them playing football in and a Marine-green T-shirt and his black combat boots with white socks that bagged sexily just below his bulging calves. His bulky shoulders were like soccer balls that drew the shirt sleeves well above his biceps. The shirt fit snug around the middle so his abs could be seen rippling when he moved. He looked like a bodybuilder who might need to stop lifting weights for a while. The shorts exposed every inch of his huge thighs, nearly to the curve of his butt. There was a properly impressive, pouch-like bulge in front indicating a jockstrap underneath.

Jason stood out, not just because he was black but he was so big and muscular. His black jeans hugged his bubble butt and his thighs and seemed to caress the mighty bulge at his crotch. Scott had heard the rumors about black men and their super endowments and it looked like Jason was no exception. His huge upper arms contrasted against the white T-shirt and his chest was massive. His broad features and square jaw formed a handsome face with a dimple in his chin that made him look both studly and boyish. He topped it all off with cowboy boots.

"There's beer iced down in the cooler," one of them said.

"Hey, guys, look at this," another said, picking up one of the bottles of whiskey. "JD and Wild Turkey. This Marine knows how to throw a party."

Jason appointed himself bartender. He picked up the cooler that two men had carried in and began tossing out cans of beer to his buddies. He tossed one to Scott last. Scott opened it and downed half of it. He was going to need it.

"Need another one?" Jason asked.

"I'm good for now, thanks," Scott said.

Christian grabbed a beer that was coming at him but didn't open it. He picked up the bottle of JD instead. "The proper way to drink whiskey and beer, gentlemen, is to drink the whiskey first and chase it with the beer."

"Is that something you learned at that Ivy League college?"

one of them asked.

Joe snatched a beer out of the air and popped the tab. He took a long swig, about half the can, then took the bottle from Christian. "I'll show you the proper Marine way to drink whiskey and beer," he said as he poured a goodly amount of the whiskey into his beer can then took another healthy swig. He shuddered, shaking his head. "Fuck, that's good stuff!"

"Very many of those, you're not gonna remember if it was good or not."

"Don't worry, I'm not getting drunk. I don't wanta miss the orgy." Then he looked at Scott. "I guess you're the one that's gonna be doing us?" he said as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

Scott didn't reply verbally. They all knew he was but he was taken aback by the guy's boldness. The rest of the Marines followed Joe's lead and began taking off their clothes. Scott sat on the edge of the bed and watched with panicked excitement as the six Marines stripped and bared their muscular bodies.

Joe stopped at his shorts and socks. He took another drink of beer and looked at Scott. "You wanta finish this for me?" he asked, snapping the waistband of his shorts as he moved squarely in front of him.

Scott could feel the man's body-heat, then he was so close he could feel the hair on his thighs. Joe put his hand on Scott's shoulder, with a little pressure. Scott let himself be pushed forward then off the bed and down to his knees in front of the muscular Marine. Joe put his hand on the back of his head and smashed his face against the front of his shorts.

"Mouth it, get `em nice and wet first, before you take them off of me."

Scott was too weak from excitement even if he wanted to refuse. He mouthed the big lump of man-flesh curled up inside the pouch till the material was wet. He could feel it come to life and he was anxious to have the bare, warm flesh in his mouth.

"Shit, this is going to be great; he's hungry for cock," Joe said.

When his cock was tenting his briefs, Joe pulled the waistband down and tucked it under his balls. His cock fell free, swinging straight out like a battering ram. He was big, but not as big as Doug. He pulled Scott's head back and forced his cock in his mouth. He didn't stop till he had maneuvered it all the way down his throat. Scott put up only minor resistance, gagging and choking.

"Fuck, look at that! He made him swallow the whole thing!" Chris exclaimed.

"Yeah, I wanta see him do that to Jason," Christian said.

Joe laughed. "Like anybody could do that to Jason," he scoffed. "I was with him one time with some women and she couldn't even take him all the way in her pussy."

"Hey, what the fuck is that!" somebody yelled.

It was Gunner, yelling at Christian, who was taking pictures.

"I thought we might want a memento of this occasion," Chris said.

"Memento, your ass!" Gunner swore as he started to take the camera.

"Go ahead, let him take pictures, I don't mind," Joe said.

Nobody asked Scott if he minded. He didn't. Actually, the idea of having pictures excited him. He just wouldn't want them falling into the wrong hands. Gunner and the rest of the men felt the same.

"You're gonna mind a big whole lot if the Marines gets hold of `em," someone said.

"Hey, there's no film, it's a digital camera," Christian said. "You can download the pictures to a thumb drive and carry them around on your keychain."

Scott was a little fearful but anxious to see Jason as he slobbered and sucked Joe's big cock. They were all naked now except Jason, and tanned beautifully tanned except around the waist and upper thighs where their PT shorts stuck them. Except Paul who had a brief boxer swimsuit tan. Christian had an all-over tan but slightly lighter where he wore an awfully small swimsuit.

"You still haven't told us where you go to get that full-body tan," Paul said.

"Didn't I tell you?"


"Good, then my secret place is still safe," Christian said.

"Tell us this much, is it on base?" Joe asked.


Joe stopped Scott from moving and held his head in his hands to fuck his face. Scott clasped his hands around his thighs. He loved the feel of the hairy, brick-hard muscles. He felt a hand inside his running shorts, feeling his bare butt.

"Aww, feel this," someone said

There was another hand on his butt.

"That is one fuckable ass."

And yet another hand went inside his shorts and explored both sides of his butt and down the crack. They left little doubt that they were going to use his ass for their pleasure. Scott didn't mind, except that he didn't know if the Marines were simply interested in getting their rocks off and leaving, or if they had come geared up for an all-day/all-night orgy. And he was still wondering just how big Jason was. Gunner, too, but he was more anxious to get his hands on Gunner's body and feel his bulging muscles against him.

"Hey, let's get him up on the bed," Christian said. "Stretch out on the bed, Joe, so we can get him up here on his hands and knees; fuck, I can't stand to see that tight, round butt going to waste."

Somebody was passing around a bottle and more beer and they offered one to Scott as someone helped him to his feet. He took it and downed a lot of it and handed the can back. It was beer mixed with whiskey and it tasted terrible but he was feeling good and relaxed so it didn't matter. In fact, he needed to feel it more before they went to work on him. A pair of rough hands pulled his T-shirt off and somebody else was pulling his shorts down and off, leaving him in his sneakers and jockstrap.

"Goddam, that is downright edible," Christian said, rubbing his ass.

Two pairs of hands guided him to the bed where Joe was stretched out crossways with his legs spread apart and holding his cock straight up. On his knees at the edge of the mattress they pulled Scott's legs apart so his butt was tilted back and pulled apart.

"You said it was edible, let's see you chow down. Here, I'll hold your beer for you," Gunner challenged Christian as he reached for his beer.

"Hey, I'm gonna need that, and another one before I do that," Chris joked, grabbing his beer back.

Out of the corner of his eye, while he was sucking Joe's thick cock, Scott saw Christian move around from the foot of the bed, behind him, then felt his hands on his butt. "Nice," he said as he snapped the straps of his jock. Somebody was holding out a tube of lube for Christian but somebody pushed it away.

"No, no, he's gonna eat his ass before he fucks it," someone said. "He said he would."

"I was kidding," Christian said, laughing.

"Well now you're serious," Gunner said. "Eat it before you fuck it."

"Are the rest of you going to rim him before you fuck him?" Christian asked.

"Is that another Ivy League word; rimming? It's called eating ass, just like eating pussy."

"Are you going to eat his ass, then, him before you fuck him?" Christian asked again. "If you are, I'll go first."

"Sure, count me in," Gunner said.

"Count me out," someone said.

"Fuck, why not? I'm in," said another.

Scott couldn't tell who was in or out but he was excited at the thought of any of these tough Marines eating his ass.

"One more drink, then you dive," Paul said, holding a beer out to Christian.

A moment later, Scott felt hands raising his hips up, then Christian's hot breath on his ass. He saw the others gather around to watch.

"We agreed, right, everything that happens in this room stays between us," Christian said.

"Yeah, it's all agreed. Eat ass."

Scott moaned around Joe's thrusting cock as he felt Christian's tongue licking the inner slopes of his butt. He moaned louder when he licked his asshole. He was tentative at first and Scott wondered if he'd ever done it before, but he was soon pulling his asshole open to get his tongue in deeper. Scott tried to detach himself from the intense pleasure so he wouldn't go off prematurely.

"How long do I have to do it before I fuck him?" Christian asked.

"Five minutes. I'll time you."

Scott couldn't gauge the time but he soon felt slick, warm lube being applied to his butt, being worked into his asshole. He winced but the pleasure was already too good to worry about some minor pain. He was glad it was Christian fucking him first. He was big, but he wasn't huge like some of the others. After Doug, Scott knew he could handle him okay.

The heat of Christian's cock pressed against his slick hole, probing gently against the ring of muscle around his asshole. Then Christian grasped him by the hips and shoved.

"UUhhnnnnn," Christian moaned as his cock burst through the tight hole into the heat of Scott's asshole.

Scott winced from the pain but his gasp was muffled by Joe's cock in his mouth. Christian didn't waste any time. He shoved right in and went to work, pumping in and out through his hole, sliding across the spot that made Scott feel like he wanted to come all the time. Shit, I don't want to come yet, he thought. He wanted to hold out till he had experienced all six of the big Marines. Seven including Doug, although he didn't know if Doug was going to participate; he still had his shorts and T-shirt on.

"Ohhh...Ohhh, Mannn, this is better than pussy. He's so hot and tight," Christian moaned.

Scott was thinking ahead to Joe's finish. He had to be getting close, he'd been sucking him for quite a while. He didn't know if he should take his load. He wondered if it might freak them out if he swallowed. But then, Joe might not warn him or let him off of his cock when he shot off and once he came in his mouth, he couldn't spit it out. That would really freak them out. If the others would surely followed suit he was going to be drinking a lot of cum. He just hoped he didn't get sick. All the while, he was jutting his butt back onto Christian's thrusting cock.

"Aww, yeah, look at him....he loves it....he's a regular cock hound, loves it from both ends," Gunner said.

Joe shot off without warning. Suddenly he was spurting hot come into Scott's mouth and he had his hands around his head so he couldn't move off. Scott took it and lavered the stuff round the belching head till the taste permeated his taste buds then he began swallowing. He had always wondered if all cum tasted alike. It didn't. Joe's wasn't as good as Doug's but feeling it shooting into his mouth excited him. He wondered if the others noticed what was happening. They did as Joe began to relax, and he let go of Scott's head.

"Did you come?"

"Fuck, yeah. Did you see how he took it?"

"Fuck, he....he swallowed it."

"Gulped right down," Joe said. "Didn't waste a drop. That's the mark of a true and dedicated cocksucker."

Paul took Joe's place on the bed, kneeling back on his haunches to offer Scott his cock. He was about the same size but he had a perfectly shaped cock, like the veins had been specially designed and placed around the hand-crafted instrument. Instinctively, Scott lapped up his precome just before he shoved his cock in his mouth.

"Can you take it all, like you did Joe's," Paul asked as he clasped his hands around Scott's head.

He took it easier than Joe's, because of the perfect shape. Christian was still pounding his ass, making him squeal and whimper with delight around Paul's cock. Scott wondered that nobody mentioned condoms. But he felt safe with a bunch of healthy Marines, and he wanted to feel their come and taste it, not have it gathered in a condom to go to waste.

When Christian was ready to go off he pulled his cock out of Scott's ass and jacked it off all over his butt. Scott liked the feel of the hot juice landing on his bare skin but he was disappointed that he didn't get to feel his heat inside his ass. He hoped Christian would fuck him again and not pull out. He had a strange desire to have at least one load of every Marine's cum inside his ass.

"Hey, Christian, now that's what I call edible....nice smooth butt meat with warm man-sauce. Come on, chow down on that," Gunner said.

"No thanks."

"Come on, it's your own juice, what's it gonna hurt? You'd just be taking it back in, like recycling."

Scott was crouched forward on his knees between Paul's legs, lathering his cock with his spit. He was expecting someone to climb on the bed behind him and fuck him. But before anyone else could move into position, before he'd given Paul's cock a dozen strokes, Paul changed his mind and said he wanted to fuck him, on his back. Scott readily lay across the bed on his back, ready and eager.

"No, I mean both of us on our backs," Paul said. "You on your back on top of me."

Scott moved to let Paul stretch out then he straddled him and lowered himself onto his cock.

"OOhhhhhh," he whispered as the big cock snaked up deeper than before as he settled his butt onto Paul's pubes.

"That hurt this way?" Paul asked.

"No. No, it just goes in deeper, but it's okay," Scott said. When the Marine's cock was firmly wedged inside his ass he lay back on Paul's upper body and began humping his butt in rhythm with his thrusts. Christian and Gunner stood at the side of the bed watching the action up close.

"Look at that asshole swallowing his cock," Christian remarked.

"Yeah, I wonder if it could stretch enough to swallow two cocks at the same time," Gunner said.

"Not if one of them was yours," Christian said. "He'll do good to take your cock all by itself. But mine....I'm normal size."

Scott felt a twinge of fear as he imagined taking two cocks in him at the same time, afraid that he might have to take them. If they decided they were going to double-fuck him, he would have to take it. He looked around for Doug, as if he wanted to ask for his help or protection, but Doug wasn't standing where he could see him.

"Go for it," Gunner said. "If you guys get him stretched out, maybe he can take me and somebody else. Meanwhile, I'm gonna get me some head."

Gunner stepped up on the bed and stood astraddle Scott and Paul and lowered himself halfway down on his haunches to feed Scott his cock. Gunner was huge. Not just thick....he was so big around, his own hand didn't reach around it. He was a good nine inches or longer. Scott couldn't take it down his throat, despite their joint efforts, and Gunner finally resigned himself to fucking just his mouth.

"Hey, hell, don't kill yourself," he told Scott. "Just suck it."

Scott was scared now as he felt Christian feeling his ass, around Paul's cock, probing with his fingers, as if to find more room. He felt one finger being work through his hole alongside Paul's cock, then another, stretching his asshole unmercifully.

"Here's some more lube," someone said.

Christian was going to do it! They were going to double-fuck him! Geezuss, two cocks that size at the same time!....he didn't know if he could take it. He was afraid they might tear his asshole apart. But he couldn't speak, his mouth was full of cock, and he was sure it wouldn't do any good anyway to protest. These marines were there for sex, and they would use him in any way they wanted to satisfy their desires. He felt the mattress give as Christian stepped up on the bed then he was looking at the smooth-muscled stud, stroking his cock. Christian crouched down and Scott cringed when he felt the heat of his cock poking at his ass, already so full of Paul's cock. Paul held still and Scott held his breath. He could feel the second cock wedging firmly into the top part of his asshole, along the top of Paul's cock.

"You're locked and loaded, man. Go in."

Christian shoved his cock through the top of part of his hole, sliding it up along the underside of Paul's cock and suddenly, in that one hard thrust, he was in him.

"UUUhhhhhhh!" Scott moaned, tossing his head back hard onto Paul's shoulder.

"Got it in him?" someone asked.

"Oh, yeah," Christian said.

"Fuck, yeah, I can feel your cock sliding against mine," Paul said.

"Hey, don't fall in love down there, you guys," someone joked.

Eyes closed tightly, Scott sucked up the pain, surprised and thankful that it wasn't more severe. It wasn't sharp, unbearable pain, just the feeling of being stretched. He finally had to let the air out of his lungs. He was glad he had Gunner's big, thick cock to hold his attention.

"How's that feel?"

He blinked and saw Doug's face hovering over him.

Scott twisted his head away from Gunner's cock, leaving it suspended out from his hairy loins.

"This is way more than I expected," Scott said.

"Is it okay? I can make `em stop," Doug said.

", I don't want them to stop. I was scared but it's incredible, two big hot cocks sliding in and out of my ass." He was surprised then to feel Doug's big, strong hand wrap around his cock. The others were surprised, too.

"What the hell, you're jacking him off?" someone asked, surprised.

"Hey, he deserves something for all of this," Doug said.

"I think he's getting what he wants out of it."

But Doug kept on stroking his cock while he leveled his head under Gunner's throbbing cock to take it in his mouth. The level of Scott's pleasure soared to unbelievable heights with each passing moment, each pump of Doug's big, rough hand and the two big cocks sliding in and out of his stretched asshole, working back and forth against each other like two hot, oiled pistons, vying for his prostate.

"Hey, when you guys get ready to come, pull out," Gunner told them. "I wanta see you guys come. I wanta see which one of you shoots the most and farthest."

"Shit, what kind of a pervert are you?" Christian asked.

No, Scott thought. He wanted their loads inside him. But maybe they all fuck him more than one time. Meanwhile he would just enjoy the pleasure they were giving him. Pleasure that was so intense he didn't know how much longer he could stand it.

"You getting anywhere near close?" Christian asked Paul.

"I can work it up anytime you're ready," Paul said.

They worked each other up, pumping their cocks and sliding them against each other. Christian seemed mesmerized, watching their two cocks slide in and out of Scott's hole.

"Okay, I'm getting close," Paul said.

"Slow down, I'm getting there," Christian told him. "Okay man, let's do it!" he cried as pulled his cock out and began to shoot his load. The stuff spewed out all over Scott's cock and up across his abs, to his chest. Paul withdrew then and Christian reached down to jack him to the finish. Paul's load shot up at a sharp angle and landed on Scott's belly before it subsided to his balls.

"Okay, Numb-Nuts, you said if it was your own juice you would eat it," Gunner reminded Christian, and pushed him down by the shoulders at Scott's chest. Christian resisted but the others chided him to do it.

"Come on, chicken shit, you said you would do it," Jason said.

"It's not all my cum," he protested.

"Well then you'll know if all cum tastes alike," Joe said as he clasped his big, rough hand around the back of Christian's neck. Another pair of hands was pushing down on his shoulders He closed his eyes to block it all out.

"Come on, guys don't make me do this," Christian begged. "Come on, I was only kidding."

"Yeah like you were only kidding about eating ass," Joe growled. "Come on now, get down there and start licking it up. It ain't gonna kill you. It's just recycling. Hell, Scotty's swallowing it in gulps and he ain't died or passed out yet."

Christian was about to protest again and resist strongly but someone brought his arm around behind him and twisted it up across his back. The slightest upward pressure, his eyes still closed tightly, he bent down and blindly started lapping up his cum, and some of Paul's off of Scott's abs. The others laughed and applauded and clanked their beers together in victorious salute.

"He acts like he likes it," Joe said.

"Are you sure you haven't done that before?" Christian asked.

"Hey, you missed some on his balls," someone else said and Christian bent lower and found his way to the cum-drenched balls.

"Hey, I've got some here for you," one of the others said.

Scott was surprised at the way Christian was licking up the warm cum. So were his buddies. He seemed eager to lap it up. Meanwhile, he was anticipating Gunner's load. But suddenly Gunner pulled his cock out of his mouth and stood straight and turned around, stroking is cock fast and furious.

After several minutes, when he was done, Christian rose up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, a goofy, victorious grin on his face. "There, motherfuckers, don't ever say I went back on my word," he said.

"Fuck, man, your word had nothing to do with it. You were going at it like you liked it," Joe said.

"Well, it wasn't all that bad," Christian said.

"How'd it all taste, any different from yours, or does it all taste the same?" Joe asked.

Christian looked at him with a blank stare and didn't answer him. The others started laughing. Paul was easing Scott off of him to he could raise up.

"Man, that was an awesome fuck," he said. "Hey, did you get off?"

"Like gang-busters," Gunner said.

Christian continued his blank stare, now focused at Gunner who was not standing beside the bed. You.... you shot all over his balls." Gunner laughed. "Geezusss!....Awww, Shit!" Christian swore as he backed off the bed. "You motherfuckers, you tricked me," he yelled angrily, aiming it at Gunner. "I had my eyes shut....and that was your cum I was licking off his balls."

"You didn't seem to care whose it was," Gunner said. "What the hell, cum is cum, so they tell me. I just wonder if it all tastes the same."

But Christian was on his way to the bathroom, gagging and spitting. The other Marines roared with laughter. Nobody was feeling bad about playing the trick on him.

Scott lay sprawled out on the bed, well fucked, but knowing they weren't finished with him. He waited for the next one. He was surprised when Gunner climbed on top of him. He had just shot his load, but Scott could feel his cock still hard, pressing against his stomach. Gunner didn't plunge like Scott expected he would. Instead, he laid himself lightly over Scott's body and worked his cock back and forth along side Scott's cock and rubbed their muscles together.

"I hope I can do you some good solo after those guys double fucked you," Gunner said as he lifted Scott's legs onto his shoulders, bending him in half.

The other two Marines had stretched him so that when Gunner went in him he was more than ready for him. He was still snug, simply because of Gunner's size, but it didn't hurt and his ass welcomed the bulk of the man's cock. He just felt stuffed full, and it was a good feeling. Gunner fucked him slowly, as if he were afraid he might hurt him, or maybe it was like he was making love to him, although Scott didn't think Gunner had that in him, to make love to another guy. But he came awfully close. He arched up over Scott's body, plunging his huge cock straight down into his ass; his face was nuzzled in the curve of Scott's neck.

"You are one fuckin' hot little stud," he whispered.


"So fuckin' cute," Gunner went on.


"If we didn't have all these other fuckers here, I think I would kiss you."


Just then the others noticed how gentle and tender Gunner was being with him, and the way he was hunkered over Scott while he fucked him.

"Shit, man, are you fucking his ass or making love to him?" one of the asked.

Quickly Gunner reverted back to his stud-marine status and began fucking him harder, till towards the end, he got almost brutal. Scott didn't mind. It probably couldn't ever happen, to be made love to by the big Marine, but it was enough just knowing how Gunner felt. Gunner didn't pull out when he went off. He shot him full of cum. At the end he hovered down close and whispered, "Thanks, stud, you're awesome."

When Gunner was finished, the Marines offered Scott to Doug.

"Hell, after all, he is your brother, and you arranged this," Christian said.

"Naw, go ahead. You guys are going back to the barracks, I'm not," Doug said. Scott thought he might, because he was completely naked now.

They all looked at Jason, who had been sitting patiently in the chair with one foot cocked over the other knee. The only one still partially clothed, he'd been rubbing his shorts and squeezing his tits. They could see his shorts were tented but they didn't know how badly till he smiled and stood up and shoved them down.

"Holy Shit!!" Christian exclaimed.

"Damn!" Gunner swore swore. Scott was again surprised that Gunner showed that kind of interest in another Marine's manhood.

"Fuck, Jason, I've seen you in the showers a hundred times but hell, that's ridiculous," Joe said.

Scott lay gaping at the big black cock attached to the sleek, muscular frame. It stood out straight, so long he couldn't believe it, waving about as Jason kicked his shorts aside. It looked like it was a foot long! Geezuss, maybe more. He was afraid to ask. How does he carry it around, Scott wondered.

Jason let his cock throb up and down a few times then wrapped his hand around it. He was obviously proud of what he had.

"You must need another pair of hands to jack off," Gunner said.

"Who says I jack off," Jason said cockily. "When you've got one like this, you don't need to jack yourself off." He looked at Christian with a sly grin. "Just ask Christian."

They all turned their eyes on Christian, looking surprised and unbelieving. Christian looked embarrassed enough to be guilty.

"Hey, don't look at me, he's just joking," he said defensively.

"Yeah? How come your face is turning red?"

"I wasn't expecting him to say that."

"Yeah, I'll bet you weren't."

"Come on guys, you know I wouldn't be doing that for any guy," Christian said. "Tell `em Jason, tell `em you're only kidding....come on, tell `em, I don't wanta get that reputation."

"You already got yourself a reputation, now," Joe drawled. "Shit, you obviously liked eating ass and you lapped up cum like it was whipped cream."

"I got tricked into that," Christian said.

"Yeah, well, anybody who would eat come would jack a guy off," Gunner said.

"Okay, okay, guys, I was kidding," Jason said, laughing. "I tried to get him to do it but he wouldn't."

"Now that's a lie, too," Christian exclaimed, laughing.

Through it all, Scott was wondering how he was going to handle Jason's huge cock; how he could possibly take it.... and fleetingly, how he might get out of it, at least taking it in his ass. Maybe he would settle for a combo handjob/blowjob. It was so big it scared him. He would love to get his hands on it and jack him off and suck it, although he didn't know how he could do him justice with his mouth. On second thought, maybe he could take him in the ass. Being double fucked, he knew he could handle his girth but he didn't know where he was going to put all those inches. Geezzuss, his ass had to end somewhere, and he was afraid Jason would extend beyond that.

He looked at Doug only to see a helpless look on his face. He was right, there wasn't going to be any stopping Jason. Not after taking on the rest of them.

Jason moved over to the bed, his cock extending out over the edge of the mattress. He must've seen the fear on Scott's face. He smiled as he set one knee into the mattress between Scott's legs and lifted one leg onto his shoulders.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna plow you a new asshole," he said. "Well, I am, but I'll do it nice and easy," he added.

"Have you ever had that thing buried in a guy's ass before?" Joe asked.

"Yeah," he said with a wide grin as he looked around the room at every one of his buddies. "But I'm not gonna tell which one of you it was that took it." Then he turned his attention back to Scott. He spat on his cock and lubed it up. "I don't think I'm gonna need much lube, you're pretty much lubed up by now."

"Yeah," Scott said nervously.

"Does this big, black cock scare you?" Jason asked.

"A little," he replied honestly. He wondered if they could hear the tremor that he felt in his voice. He glanced once more at Doug and saw that there was no help there, although he didn't' know what he wanted or expected Doug to do. He was doomed; he was going to get fucked by a big black stallion.

Jason brought Scott's other leg up onto his shoulder and pulled him in tighter to his own body. His cock stuck way out over Scott's belly and Scott tried to imagine where it would possibly go. Probably into his lungs. He felt the heat of the blunt head sliding between his buns then pressing anxiously against his hole. Instinctively, he tried to tighten it but he was too relaxed from all the other action. It was a good thing, he needed to relax anyway. The hot head slid effortlessly through his sphincter muscle and burrowed its way into his guts. Deeper and deeper, quickly passing where all the others had reached. Scott didn't know how much of it he had in him and how much of it there was left, but Jason was definitely entering new territory; a place where he doubted any man would ever go again.

"You doing okay?" Jason asked him.

" far," Scott replied.

"Shit, man, where's he putting it?" someone said.

"Fuck, you shove that thing in any deeper, you're gonna be doing a tonsillectomy without a license," Joe said.

Scott lurched when Jason hit something deep inside him, and the big stud paused with a mumbled "sorry" but deftly maneuvered around it and kept going deeper. Suddenly, his cock slid into a place that made Scott's eyes widen and made him tremble with fearful excitement. It was as if the big Marine had truly plowed into a whole new asshole; an empty, open space that radiated with the heat of his huge cock.

"We've got a couple more inches to go. Think you can manage it?" Jason asked.

"Yes," Scott replied breathlessly. "It doesn't hurt, it's....ohhh, I don't know how to describe it, but it don't hurt." He stifled his outcry as Jason buried the final couple of inches of cock inside him. When he leaned down against him Scott wrapped his arms and legs around him to hold him tight.

"Fuck, boy, you took it like a real man," Jason whispered.

"I took it like a coward," Scott said. "I was scared to death."

"But you're not now."

"No. No, I'm fine," he said.

"Are you sure?"

"Okay, I'm not fine, just okay. I'm still a little nervous about how deep you went in," Scott said.

"Let's see if we can figure that out," Jason said as he twisted and churched his hips around in circles, causing his cock to lob around inside him like a branch in the wind.

"Ohhh, Godd!" Scott gasped as the end of the giant cock lobbed around in the strange new space.

"You never had anybody go in this far, huh?"

"No. I've never even seen a cock as big as yours," Scott said.

"Well, we don't know where it went but you sure took it like a man. How's it feeling now?"

"I can't describe it, I never had anything feel like this before, not even when I was getting double fucked."

Jason chuckled. That just proves it only takes one black man to do the job of two white guys. So, does that mean I can fuck you?"


"I didn't hear you."

"Yeah," Scott said again.

"I still didn't hear you," Jason said.

Scott realized then that he was playing his game.

"Yeah, you can fuck me," he said.

"Hell, I know I can fuck you, hell, I've got my cock buried a foot deep in your ass. I wanta hear you say you want me to fuck you."

"I want you to fuck me."

"Can you say it a little louder so I've got witnesses? I don't wanta be accused of rape when we're all done."

"I want you to fuck me!" Scott said louder.

"Okay, we heard him, just do it," somebody said.

"Yeah, we wanta see this," another said.

Jason fucked him like none of the others had, or could; like Doug had never fucked him, and like Scott believed no other man would ever fuck him again. If he ever wanted to feel this again he would have to go to a stud farm and hire a stallion, or come back and find Jason. He clung to the big black stud like a drowning man. His brain was awash with lust so that he couldn't even focus. My Godd, he was touching so many places inside him....incessantly thrusting him to a higher level, it seemed with almost every thrust of his cock. He saw shades of gray, then black with tiny stars.

"Oh, Godd, Jason, I don't know what you're doing to me but I feel like I'm gonna float off."

"Go ahead, I've got you, go wherever it takes you."

"It's so good. Just hold onto me."

"You hang on to me, just like you're doing. Keep your arms around my shoulders and keep those legs locked around my butt."

"You're gonna make me come, and I don't wanta come yet," Scott whimpered. "I want you to keep on fucking me. I want you to fuck my brains out. Ohh, Jason, I've never felt anything like this ever before."

"I'll help you hold off," Jason told him, slowing his pace and narrowing his strokes to straight in and out, no twisting hip movement. "Concentrate on something else," he said. He slid an arm under Scott's upper back and lifted him up. "Kiss my chest, suck my tits, take your mind off what's going on inside you."

Scott showered the man's sweaty, muscular chest with kisses, and sucked his big turgid nipples like a hungry calf while he explored the man's muscles as far as he could reach. "I love your muscles, Jason, and I love your tits. Godd, you are so beautiful," he said in whispering moans as he humped his butt up against the man's hard loins. Jason had all but stopped moving his hips and Scott wanted the feel of his big cock moving inside him. "Please don't stop fucking me!" he gasped between slurps around Jason's nipples.

"Okay, I guess it's a lost cause, You can't control yourself. Let's just fuck and let everything blow when it's ready."

"Yess! I can't help it," Scott whined. "You're touching so many places inside me....I'm gonna come, but you don't have to stop, you can keep on fucking me," he said.

"Ohh, yeahhhh, let it go, then, stud," Jason said as Scott began spurting come out all over both of them. "Shit, that's hot! Aww, mannn, I love the way your asshole's clenching around my cock when you shoot."

It was the most excruciating climax he'd ever had, bar none. Trembling with his mounting lust, more than once he thought he might black out, it was so intense.

"Ohh, Godd....Ohh, Godd....Ohh, Godd," he kept moaning, sounding almost incoherent. His body lurched with each spasm of come that shot out of his cock in long, thick ropes. Godd, it almost ached, it was so powerful, as if Jason had tapped an unknown reservoir deep inside him.

Scott was near exhaustion after he shot his load but Jason didn't stop. The others were gathered around, watching in quiet awe. Jason didn't seem to mind that Scott wasn't giving back as enthusiastically as before; he just kept on, using him now as a vessel for his sex. He used him for a long time and Scott languished in the pleasure of the giant black cock steadily massaging his insides. He nearly lost his sensibilities again when Jason finally shot off. His utterances were squeals and groans and whimpers and outcries all in one noise as he clung to the big black man, receiving the hot essence of his manhood. He clung tightly till his arms and legs weakened and he felt his body begin to relax. Then he let go and fell into a state of total relaxation himself. He could feel himself floating off even during the long withdrawal of Jason's cock.

"Damn, I wanted to see you shoot," someone complained to Jason.

"Get down on your knees, I'll let you see," Jason said.

Scott succumbed helpless to his tired slumber.

"Shit, I think you fucked him right out of his mind," were the last words he heard.

He came begrudgingly out of a sleep-he didn't know how long slept-it felt like he'd been out there somewhere forever. He opened his eyes for a second but didn't look around. He could see that it was dark outside. He'd never felt so totally and wonderfully relaxed in his life, never so contented and utterly, physically satisfied. He clenched his asshole to see if it was sore. It wasn't. That would probably come later. But it didn't feel like it had closed up completely. There was somebody lying beside him on the bed, propped back against the headboard.

"Is he going to wake up?" someone asked.

"We gave him a pretty good workout."

"Yeah, but he took it. Man, the way he endured what we gave him, he would make a hell of a Marine."

"Are we going to wake him up? Are we going to have another go at it, or are we gonna leave and let him sleep?"

"No, I think he's waking up. I don't think he would want you to leave. You guys all know, don't you, that this was a fantasy of his."

Scott recognized the voice and that it was Doug who was lying close to him. He opened his eyes to see Doug smiling down at him. Looking around he saw the others were lounging around the room, sitting on the floor with their knees cocked up, or sitting on the dresser, sipping beer. When they heard Doug and saw Scott coming to life they came to life too, standing up, setting down their beers.

It was Gunner who spoke with surprising concern. "Hey, stud, do you want some more, or do you want us to get out of here and leave you alone?"

"Or maybe....." Joe spoke up. "Maybe Doug and him want to have a little time together before he heads back home."

Everyone looked at Doug. Doug looked at Scott.

"We can say our good-byes later," Doug said.

"Yes. Don't leave," Scott said. "I'll take whatever you all want to give for as long as you wanta stay."

So it began all over again. Scott didn't even try to keep track of who was fucking him, or whose cock he had in his mouth, or who's come was blasting inside him or all over him. He let himself be used and he loved every minute of it. His asshole was almost numb but he could still feel the wonderful sensations of a hot, hard cock inside him through the numbness. He especially felt Jason's huge cock again as it reached deep where he hadn't been used as much and wasn't so numb. It could be said that the Marines wore down before Scott did. He began hearing talk of things winding down. He wouldn't object but he still longed for more. He was relieved and delighted when Gunner remarked that they ought to try one more thing before they threw in the towel, and Christian agreed. Scott figured they had concocted something between them. But then he was frightened when Gunner explained what that one more thing was.

"Scott is a regular war horse," he began. "He's been fucked more times than a cheerleader in the boy's locker room. He's been double fucked. And he took Jason big black stallion dick, for chrissakes, that alone should get him a medal. So Christian and I were thinking we ought try a triple fuck."

Oh, God! Scott thought. Three cocks in his ass at the same time! He couldn't do that. He couldn't allow them to do it.

It would rip him apart. He looked at Doug for help.

"I don't know, guys, that's getting pretty extreme," Doug said.

"How're you gonna do it, anyway," Joe scoffed. "How're three guys gonna get positioned together to even do it."

Scott didn't know either, but he was more concerned that nobody was asking him if he wanted to do it.

"We got that figured out," Christian said. "Gunner is the bottom man. He's got a beer can cock, it'll be the plug. Another guy mounts him from the top, we can draw straws for that position. Then Jason, being the biggest, goes straight in between the other two cocks. He'll probably do most of the fucking while the other two are the stationery fucks."

Scott was mesmerized with the idea, as much as he was frightened. Doug's hand rested on his shoulder, his fingers massaging the muscles there, as if he were trying to keep him calm.

"It wounds workable," someone said.

"I don't think I can do this, guys," Scott said in a meek tone. But nobody heard him, or they chose to not pay attention.

"I volunteer for the top position," Paul said.

"He said we draw straws."

"Let him do it, I wanta stand back and watch," someone said.

"Me, too. Let Paul have it."

Scott didn't know what to do. He was torn. He did want to wimp out in front of Doug and his Marine buddies but the idea of three cocks stuff in his ass scared the hell out of him. Still, a tiny part of him wanted to experience it. It was the chance of a lifetime, and it would be the culmination of his fantasy. The excitement of it caused his fear to give way to resignation as Gunner came on the bed to get in position.

"Climb on, fucker, like before," Gunner said. Then, "Somebody use some lube on him. Lots of lube."

Doug was still beside him, at his shoulder. He leaned down again and said, "Tell me if you want me to stop this."

But Scott didn't say anything. Instead he climbed on Gunner's muscular body, on his back and two sets of fingers worked more lube inside his ass. Then one of them took Gunner's thick cock and guided it to his ass and he hunkered down on it. It felt good. As good as the first time. His fears began to dissipate.

"I say, Doug should the top man," someone said.

"Yeah, after all, he is his brother. He ought to be in on this."

There was a pause, as if they were waiting for someone....Doug or make the decision.

"Yes or no?" Doug asked Scott quietly.

"Yes, if you want to," Scott replied.

"I want you to if you want me to," Doug said.

"Do it, then," Scott said. "I want to do this. I'm scared but I wanta do it."

Doug rose up and positioned himself behind his buddy with his stiff cock pointing at his ass, already plugged with thick Marine meat. He was almost trembling with excitement, his cock quivering painfully. He used two fingers alongside Gunner's thick meat to find the path of least resistance. He felt little resistance at all; Scott's ass felt like mush. He set the head of his cock firmly against Gunner's, using his slick fingers as guide to shove in. Scott's hole stretched easily to accommodate him.

"Fuck, that feels good," Doug said, sliding his cock along the top of Gunner's. All the way in, he could feel the rim of Gunner's cockhead and feel the head swelling when his cock throbbed. He tensed his thigh muscles to keep his legs from shaking as he hovered over Scott.

"Fuck, this feels so good," he whispered to him. Scott smiled and nodded. It was indeed a wonderful, exciting feeling, and he was glad Scott was letting them do it. His legs started shaking as he waited for Jason.

"Get ready, guys, here comes the cock from hell," someone said.

Doug looked over his shoulder to see Jason stepping up on the bed, his huge cock throbbing steadily, so hard you could easily imagine hearing the blood pounding into it. The bed gave under his weight as he positioned behind the other three. When he put a hand on the side of Doug's butt, Doug suddenly realized how vulnerable he was. His ass was spread wide open! What if he decides to fuck me instead, he thought with a shiver of panic. He almost jerked his cock out and moved to safety but then he could feel Jason vying for position at Scott's asshole. He found it and pushed. Doug was amazed how easily the thick head pushed through between his cock and Gunner's and the pitifully weak contractions of Scott's sphincter muscle. The elasticity was gone, his asshole given up in defeat.

Jason pushed in, his cock boring like a drill between Doug's cock and Gunner's till it slid way past them into territory that neither of them could reach.

"Ohhhhhh," Scott whimpered.

"You okay?" Doug asked him.

"Yesss! Oh, yes, it's more than okay. It's wonderful. He goes so deep! Oh, Yesss! You're in that space! Ohhh, Godd..... Godd, fuck me, Jason. Fuck me.

Jason fucked him, using long cock strokes straight in and back out. Doug and Gunner barely moved. But they didn't have too. Their cocks were being wonderfully massaged with each stroke of Jason's cock.

While Gunner was the base man and Doug was the top half of the man-meat guide for Jason's thrusting cock, Scott was simply the vessel of their combined pleasure and lust. He lay helpless on the mattress of Gunner's thick muscle while they used him. He whimpered and almost cried from the pleasure that was being perpetrated on him.

Doug had to fight to hold off and several times he saw Gunner grimace as he fought to hold it back, while Jason kept pistoning his cock in and out, back and forth between their tender cocks. It was as if his cock was sucking up all the feelings for itself and its owner.

Doug was suddenly shocked aware of Jason's toying with his asshole. His fingers were slick with lube, rubbing all around the hole and pressing against it. No, he thought, this is not going to happen! But it felt good and he didn't try to stop him. He would, though, if he went too far. But he hadn't identified in his mind what was too far, and by the time he did, one of Jason's long, thick fingers was inside him! He started to reach back and stop him but the exquisite pleasure he was experiencing was too strong to be denied.

"Ohhhh, Geezuss!" he gasped softly.

"Are you coming?" Gunner asked.

"No, he''s just so fuckin' good!"

Jason kept at it with the steady, thrusting swing of his hips while he probed and gouged the inside of Doug's ass with his finger.

"Ohhhh! Oh, my Godd!" Doug cried out when he touched a spot not so deep inside him that set every nerve on edge. "Ohh, fuck, I'm gonna come!"

"Wait! Not yet!" Jason commanded.

Doug tried to fight it down but it was impossible. He was going to come. But not before Jason had thrust two of his thick fingers deep inside his ass and together they were dancing on that spot, brutalizing some quivering thing inside him that caused his climax to explode with such force that he'd never felt before in his life. He felt his cum being literally hurled out of his body.

"Oh, fuck, man, you're coming!" Gunner exclaimed "Man, I can feel it. It's so hot! Giving my cock a fuckin' cum-bath."

Doug felt like he was flailing helpless in a whirlpool of raw lust as the sex part of his brain took total control of his body and all he could do was ride it out while trying to keep enough strength in his legs to keep from collapsing. He felt Gunner's cock explode. He thought that might set Scott off but he barely showed any sign of life at all. In the final moments Jason's pleasure was all that mattered. The others simply rode the wave.

Doug could feel his legs weakening and prayed Jason would come before they collapsed under him. His strength was fading fast when he felt Jason pulling his cock out. He hadn't felt him go off and he wondered why he was pulling out. Then he knew, when he felt the man's hot cum spurting at close range against his asshole. There was a lot of it. He could feel the stuff running down the crack of his ass. More and more shot out squarely at his asshole that was still palpitating from Jason's fingers. Then he felt Jason using the warm cum as lube to shove his fingers inside him again. He shoved hard and deep with two fingers and they found that spot again and brutalized it. He could hardly stand it. He felt his cock pulsating, getting hard again. Then Jason's fingers were gone and the head of his cock was pressing hard against his gaping hole.

"No!" Doug gasped. "I don't get fucked!"

"I'm not gonna fuck you, I just wanta plug your hole," Jason said, with a chuckle.

"No!" he said again and somehow found the strength to straighten his legs and shove upward and step awkwardly to the side. He lost his balance on the unsteady bed and stumbled off to the floor. Two guys, Joe and Paul, caught him and brought him to his feet.

"Man, I thought you were gonna let him fuck you," Paul said.

"No way," Doug said.

"Well, he was finger fucking you, and it looked like you were enjoying that," someone said.

"Yeah, if I was that far along, I might've let him go all the way," Christian said. He tried to sound like he was joking but there was a hint of seriousness in his voice. Enough that it raised a couple of eyebrows.

Gunner's cock slipped out of Scott's ass and he rolled him off onto his side. "Your buddy's about had it," he said as he climbed off the bed. "He's like a limp rag."

"I hope we didn't ruin him with all of this fucking," Joe said, "especially with the double and triple stuff."

"I'll tell you one thing, he is the most awesome fuck I ever had," said Jason, and the others agreed.

"I wonder how many times we fucked him. Did anybody keep count?"

Nobody had, and the gathering seemed to sink in disarray.

One by one, they called it quits and began to take their turns in the shower before they got dressed.

"Hey, a couple of us ought to help Scott in the shower," Paul said.

"Yeah, right, you just want one more crack at him," Joe scoffed.

"No, seriously, if he wants to shower, I'll help him. He's probably too exhausted to stand on his own." He looked down at Scott. "Want us to help you in the shower?"

Scott didn't answer.

"I think he's out of it," someone said.

Paul gently squeezed his shoulder. "Hey, buddy, do you want us to help you in the shower?"

"I could sure use one," Scott said weakly.

It was Paul and Gunner who helped him in the shower. He was surprised how gentle and caring they were. They even washed his back for him, and his butt and his legs. For a moment, he thought one of them might actually wash his cock but they stopped short of that. Gunner did wash his ass, working the soap deep into the crack.

"Man, he is wide open and loose. His asshole is like mush. Does this hurt?" he asked, working four fingers through his gaping hole.

"No, it feels sort of nice," Scott said.

"I'm surprised you can feel anything, nice or otherwise," Paul said.

"If that feels you want some more?" Gunner asked.

"If you're up to it, I wouldn't mind," Scott said.

"Man, you are unbelievable," Gunner said as he wrapped his arms around him to hold him tightly back against him. He pressed on his shoulder and Scott bent over from the waist, setting his feet wide apart. Gunner pulled is butt apart and used soap for lube. Then he aimed and pushed in.

"Awwwhhh, that feels so good," Scott moaned. "It's so good to have it go in so easy, with no pain."

"Fuck, this is like sinking your cock into a quart of warm, thick honey," Gunner said as he started fucking him.

Scott pressed his hands against the shower walls for support, his head hung between his shoulders as he savored each thrust of the Marine's thick cock, realizing it would likely be the last time he would feel it. Paul had stepped out of the shower and was watching as he stroked his cock.

"Do you wanta fuck me again?" Scott asked him.

"Naw, I'm good, I'll just whack off a load while I watch." Paul said.

"Why don't you whack it off in my mouth," Scott said.

"Sure, lean over here."

Scott leaned to the side and offered his open mouth to him. He licked the head and even got a few suck strokes in as Paul jacked himself off. There was no effort to hold off, it was just one more final act of release. But it was a sweet load that he shot into Scott's mouth, coating his tongue with a thick layer of semen bursting with globs of warm, live sperm. Scott let him rub the head of his cock in it for moment then he swallowed it. He was relishing the taste when heard Gunner grunting behind him and then felt his ass being flooded with even more man juice.

"Whew!" Gunner gasped as he folded his body over Scott's, holding them tightly together. "I'm gonna take a vote, I think we want to take you back to the barracks with us."

Somebody had rounded up clean sheets and the bed was freshly made when Scott came out of the shower. The others were dressed, except Doug, and they waited and watched while Gunner and Paul dried off and got dressed.

"You feel better?" Joe asked Scott with a sincere grin.

"I feel great," Scott said.

"How great?" Joe asked, looking at his watch, laughing.

"Geezuss, give the guy a break," Jason said.

"Look who's talking about giving him a break, after reaming him out a whole new asshole," Christian said.

"That sounds like jealousy," Jason chided him. "Don't worry, I'm all yours if you want me when we get back to the barracks."

They sort of lined up to shake hands with Scott as they were ready to leave. They seemed to really care about him, as a man, not just as the sex object that he surely was. He knew he had been used, beyond his wildest dreams or expectations, but he didn't care. In reality, he had used them, too. He told them good-bye, one by one. He was surprised when Jason even gave him a big hug.

"You were great, stud," he told him as he held him tightly against his muscular body. "Best sex I ever had."

"Amen to that," the others chimed in.

"You gotta bring him back down here," another said.

Then Jason said to Doug, "Hey, why don't you bring him on base in the morning, let him go running with us?"

"Yeah, like any of us are gonna be able to run in the morning," someone scoffed.

They filed out of the room, thanking Doug and Scott for the incredible time. Christian was the last one to leave and he lingered for a brief few seconds just outside the door before he pulled Scott out in the hallway with him and pulled the door closed behind him. He glanced around to see the others going out the door before he pushed Scott back against the wall and pressed himself against him.

"I just want to say how awesome you've been and how very jealous I am."

"Of me? Why would you be jealous of me?"

"Your honesty. Your courage. You don't know how badly I wanted to be in your shoes."

"Oh, really."

"With all the little things I did, out of the ordinary things that no self-respecting straight Marine would ever do, I thought they might get the hint and try something on me, but they didn't."

"Why don't you just tell them," Scott said. "I'm sure they would be happy to know."

"I don't have your courage, that's why."

"Well, there is that," Scott said. "It took a long time to find the guts to tell Doug."

"Well, I just wanted to say that, and tell you how awesome you are," Christian said. "And Godd, I hope we meet up again."

Just then, Paul stuck his head in the door at the hall. "Hey, Christian, come on, we're waiting on you! Geezsus, man, what're you doing? Not in the hallway!"

"I gotta go," Christian said with a quick grope at Scott's crotch.

Back inside, Doug closed the door and leaned back against it with a sigh as Scott sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Well? Was it all that you fantasized about?" he asked.

"Beyond anything I ever dreamed. It was incredible," Scott said.

I'm glad. It seemed so. I got a little worried a couple of times, but you seemed to be enjoying it all."

"Why were you worried? What were you worried about?" Scott asked.

"That things might get out of hand, that they might hurt you."

"They were all very nice and considerate, I thought," Scott said.

"Yeah, they were for a bunch of horn dog Marines."

"Thanks, Doug, for setting it up."

"It was my pleasure," Doug said.

"Actually, I thought you weren't going to get any pleasure. You seemed to be hold back till you were drawn into it." Scott said.

"I liked watching, with Conner. And I knew I would get mine."

"I don't know how good it's going to be after all those guys....hell, I lost count," Scott said. "Conner wasn't in on much of it either."

"Conner was okay being the go-to man. But we had our moments," Doug said with a sly grin? "Nothing that anybody would notice but we were sort of laying the groundwork."

"What do you mean, laying the groundwork? For what?"

"I think Conner is gay. He hasn't said so yet, but he's skirting around it. I think he's just been needing to meet and discover someone he can open up to. I think I might be that guy."

"I'm glad. I hope you are," Scott said. "If he is gay, I know the struggle he's going through."

"Yes, I told him about you and what brought you down here. I gave him your address and phone number in fact. I hope you don't mind. You would be the best one to talk to."

"I don't mind. It's good that you did that."

"What was that conversation between you and Christian outside the door?" Doug Asked.

"Christian is gay."

"He told you that?"

"Yes. He told me how jealous he was of me. He wanted to be in my place."

"He did do some non-Marine things that raised some eyebrows," Doug said.

"He did them on purpose, but nobody got the hint."

"Well, maybe you can help draw Christian and Conner together if Conner calls to talk to you."

"It might work for convenience sake, purely for sex, but I think Christian might be a little too preppy for Conner. If Conner is looking for a man to be, he'll want someone more macho and studly. Someone like you."

"Don't try to fix him up with me," Doug said, laughing.

"I would never do that without your approval," Scott said. "I'm just saying that's the type of man he would want. Did anybody get the chip from the camera?" he asked.

"No, I don't think so. But don't worry, he won't do anything with it. Those guys would kill him."

"I want to take some pictures of you before I leave," Scott said.

"Not incriminating ones, I hope."

"They'll be incriminating only if they fall into the wrong hands," Scott said with a grin.

Doug pushed him back across the bed and lay down beside him, his upper body covering his. "I want to make every minute of the time we have left count," he said.

"I'm not sure how much I've got left in me," Scott said with a weak smile.

"That's not important, the sex. We'll do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. But the important thing is to just be together," Doug said.

"I hope you can feel something," Scott said. "My ass is pretty loose. Gunner said it felt like mush. That was just before he nailed me again in the shower."

"He fucked you again? The guys were wondering what was taking so long."

`"He didn't force me. It was kind of nice, actually, to feel his cock slide up inside me so easily without a trace of pain."

Doug had his hand inside Scott's shorts and was playing with his ass. When Scott didn't recoil to him touching his asshole he wet his fingers in his mouth and began feeling him up, massaging his hole. His hole was loose and open. Scott didn't even wince when Doug wriggled two fingers up inside him.

"Do you feel it?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah....I'm feeling a lot," Scott said.

Doug used a third finger, then a fourth, nearly his entire hand. "That feels nice, all mushy like that," he said.

"Your fingers feel nice."

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes. I wanta feel you deep inside me."

"I'm not gonna make you feel it as deep as Jason did," Doug said.

"Jason was phenomenal," Scott said.

"I can't compete with that black cock of his," said Doug.

"It's not a competition," Scott said. "Just fuck me. Those stud Marine buddies of yours were all great, but you're the stud Marine I want the most."

It wasn't like all the rest. Doug didn't use him. Scott imagined that he was making love to him. He didn't believe he was, but it was a feeling and an image that Scott wanted to take with him. Doug fucked him and he sucked his cock and generally made love to Doug's body till nearly eleven o'clock.

"Listen, I gotta be getting back, before midnight," Doug said as they lay together in the aftermath with come all over them.

"I know, and I need to get on the road," Scott said.

"You don't want to come on base tomorrow?"

"How do I do that, as a civilian?"

"I could arrange it."

Scott thought about it for a moment. "No, I would rather let it end here, like this, with just you and me."

"Okay. You wanted to take some pictures?" Doug asked.

"Yes. You go ahead and shower, I'll get the pictures I want."

It turned into a photo shoot as Scott took pictures of Doug showering, drying off and pulling on his shorts, all the while, trying to control the intense desire to have the man again. He started getting dressed himself but just as he was about to pull on his shorts, Doug stopped took the shorts from him.

"I was going to ask you, where did you buy those shorts? They're sexy as hell," he said.

"Try them on," Scott said.

Doug took off his own shorts and slipped them on and tucked his fluffed up manhood into the pouch. The protruding pouch hung loose, like a bag full of rocks.

"They look great. You can keep them, but can you wear those around the barracks?" Scott asked.

"Question is, do I have the balls to wear them round the barracks," Doug said.

"One look at you, and there's no doubt you've got the balls," Scott said. "It looks like you've got yours and somebody else's balls stuffed in there."

Doug hesitated then said, "Fuck, yeah, I've got the balls to wear `em. Who's gonna say anything? And if they do, they gotta explain why they're looking."

"I gotta get some pictures of you wearing them." He grabbed his camera and snapped several pictures from various angles. "I'll get copies made for Chelsea."

"No!" Doug blurted. "I don't want her to know you took pictures of me like this. I don't even want her to know you came down here."

"Oh. All right." He did ask why. "Then I'll send the pictures to you and you can send them to Chelsea."

"Yes, that would be better."

Scott took out another pair of shorts for himself but lingered back from getting dressed as he watched Doug.

"God, I hate to see you cover all of that up," he said huskily.

"Well, you can always come down and visit again," Doug told him again.

"I was hoping you would say that."

"I think some of those other guys would be very happy to see you come down again," Doug said as he was about to put his T-shirt on.

"Wait. Don't," Scott said, tugging the shirt away from him.

"Please, just a few more minutes for me to worship your body."

He pressed his face against Doug's bare chest and flicked his tongue out to lick his nipples.

"OHhh, fuck, you're gonna start something we're not going to be able to finish," Doug moaned.

Scott ignored him and kept on kissing his bare chest and down his stomach.

"Please don't go there." Doug begged.

"Let me. I love you so much," Scott whispered as he went down on his haunches. "If I can get you worked up, will you give me a load of your cum to take back with me? "

"You mean something?"

"Yes, let me get you worked then you slip a condom on real quick and shoot your load in it.

"Yeah....sure.....get a condom."

Scott hurriedly dug a condom out of his bag and ripped it open while Doug kept stroking his cock.

"I'm gonna need a little help working it up," Doug said.

"I'm at our service," Scott said as he dropped to his knees and began sucking the thick, rubbery cock. Doug responded by fucking his mouth and eventually into his throat. He sucked him for several minutes before Doug eased him off.

"You know I'm long winded, I don't think we're gonna make it in time for me to get back."

"Please, just a couple more minutes," Scott begged.

Suddenly Doug brought Scott to his feet. 'Listen, I....I wasn't going to bring this up.....well, I was, but not this trip. There's a way you can probably get me off."

"Yess! Name it, whatever you want me to do."

"It's something Jason did to me when we were triple fucking you. He did it just as he was shooting his load all over my ass. Right against my hole. He used his fingers on me. Shoved three fingers way up inside me and found a spot that drove me crazy. If you can find that spot with your fingers....."

"I can. I know where it's located inside your ass," Scott said eagerly.

"All right, let's put the condom on and you do your magic."

Doug rolled the condom on himself then lay back across the bed with his knees cocked up, his feet set wide apart. "I don't believe I admitted this to you," he said.

"Maybe you're finding your courage, among other things," Scott said. "Do you want me to suck you or do you want to jack it off?"

"I'll do it by hand, it'll be faster. You just use your magic fingers down there.

Scott used a lot of spit for lube and quickly worked three fingers up inside Doug's ass. He found his prostate and began massaging it.

"Ohh, Godd! Godd, yess! That's it! Do it harder!"

Scott stopped short of brutalizing his prostate while Doug squirmed his butt around on the bed.

"Ohh, fuck, Scott, that is so good. You're gonna get me off."

"I want you to fill the condom," Scott said.

The build-up was fast and furious. Doug was thrashing his butt around on the bed.

"I'm getting close....use your tongue, too....Ohhh, yeahhh, like that....your fingers too, deeper....harder! You're getting me there....Ohh, yeahhhh....ohhhhh....ohhhh, fuck, here it comes!"

Scott knelt there and watched the copious amounts of cum spurting out of the big cock, filling the condom. Finally, he was done and Scott milked his cock to force it all out. Then Doug stood up while Scott carefully removed the condom.

"Damn, I guess I didn't realize you shoot so much," Scott said. "Godd, look at the load you shot off."

"Your fingers did it," Doug said. "I don't know what that is in there but it drives me crazy. It makes me cum so hard it's almost violent."

"It's your prostate. I'll tell you all about it sometime," Scott said.

"Okay, I have to get back. Look, why don't you stick around, get some more rest before you hit the road? The room's yours till eleven in the morning."

"I think I will." When Doug was about to put his shorts back on Scott brushed them aside again. "Let me clean that off for you. You don't want to go back with cum spots on your pants." With that he sucked Doug's cock into his mouth to suck out the last drops of his load and to wash his cock with his spit.

"That's good. That's enough," Doug said, easing Scott's head back. "I don't wanta go back with a big boner either."

Scott eased back on his haunches then stood up.

"What're you gonna do with that load I just gave you?"

"I don't know, freeze it maybe. I wanted to take some of your cum back with me but I more wanted a condom to save."

Doug laughed. "I love you, dude, but you're weird."

Scott was taken by his remark; it was the nicest thing anybody had ever said to him.

"Listen, there's one more thing....and I do not believe I'm saying this," Doug said as he was hurriedly putting on his clothes.

"What Jason did to me, and what you did, with your fingers....that really set something off inside me. But more than that, it woke up something up in me. I'm having feelings and thoughts I never had before. What I wanta say is, I.....if.....there's not enough time but if there was, I would let you fuck me."

"Doug! I don't think you mean that!"

"Yeah, I do. I really do. I mean it enough to make you this promise. Next time we're together whether you come down here again or I come home on leave, I want you to fuck me. I wanta know what it feels like." He was buckling his belt, finishing dressing.

"I....I will, Doug, but....if you think about it and wanta change your mind.....just don't hold yourself to something you find you don't want to do."

"I won't. But I won't change my mind," he declared. "Now, one last thing then I gotta go." He pulled Doug into his arms and kissed him. It wasn't a brotherly kiss, it was an open-mouth, tongue-lashing, passionate kiss that left them both breathless, and both a little surprised.

"Whew! Can't believe what my head's doing," he said. "Fuck, I want so bad to wake up with you beside me in my bunk. Anyway, that was to let you know I love you man. More than you know, more than I wanta admit. Fuck, I can't believe all the shit I'm saying. I gotta go. I just wanta say, when I walk out the door, I'm not gonna look back. I'm just gonna tell you this before I go....I wanta see you again, Scott, real bad, and real soon." With that, he was out the door.

Scott stepped out into the hallway. True to his word, Doug didn't look back. Scott watched the big Marine walk down the hallway, his tight butt churning in his pants and his broad shoulders swaying with a manly swagger. He walked briskly, as if he were walking away from something.

"Write to me!" he called over his shoulder just as he exited the building.

"I....I will!" Scott called back. And then he was alone. He went back inside and slowly closed the door and leaned back against it. The room was suddenly so vacant and silent. He eyed the bed but it didn't beckon him. It, too, was so empty, and he couldn't fill it alone. He finished dressing then set his bag on the bed and began packing his stuff. He picked up the heavy-laden condom and squished the still-warm semen in the latex sack. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He pressed the liquid warmth to his face and began to tear up. For a fleeting moment he thought that perhaps he would stay and go running with them in the morning; one last chance to be with Doug. But no, it would serve no good purpose to stick around; it would bring more frustration, leaving him again. He left the key on the dresser, picked up his bag and walked out, carrying the condom discreetly in his other hand. He walked across the dark parking lot to his Jeep, looking forward to the quiet solitude of driving into the night. He tossed his bag in back, climbed in and laid the condom on the other seat.

"I'm taking you home, buddy," he said.

The End



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