Hi my name is Nick, I'm 19; this is a letter about my most memorable sexual moment.

I have to say my most shocking sexual experience happened after a crappy doubles game. I am on the college tennis team and I was paired up with my friend Mike. Mike played decent, but I just had a shitty game. The day seemed to go from bad to worse; we had reserved enough suites at the Hyatt for each player, however the clerk insisted that we would have to share a room. Mike and I took the elevator to the fourth level, and found room 4001. I'm not sure how old Mike was maybe 19? He had sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and the ladies really liked him. Girls were always asking us out, but when you're on the team you are always busy training. Mike inserted the plastic card, and opened the door. The large bed looked quite comfortable, but I kicked back on the La-Z-Boy.

I asked Mike 'do you mind if I jump in the shower?'

Mike sighed 'go for it man'

I pulled off my pants, and peeled off my sweaty Polo -shirt as I headed for the shower. I jumped into the stream of hot water, and it gave me a hard on, but I couldn't jerk off for fear Mike in the next room hearing me. I switched the water to cold then after toweling off slipped into my briefs. I tried to hide my boner by wrapping the towel around my waist-no doubt about it, the match had turned me on! I wandered out towards the bed from the shower, and I yelled

'Oops I'm not the only one who's horny!'

As I caught Mike jerking off to the porno on the satellite. The head of his cock was dark purple, and angry. My towel dropped as I rushed back towards the bathroom. So Mike caught a glimpse of my ass, at least he didn't see my erection.

'Come back here!' Mike giggled. I was a bit puzzled as I walked back towards the bed. Water droplets slid down past my dark nipples, and I was overflowing with nerves. As I'd thought .Mike was straight? However Mike was going Fuckin crazy with lust! I almost fell over when he said

'I need you to hold me, I'll pay you.'

I frowned 'Christ who said I was a Whore?'

I had to do something though, he was my friend, and friends helped each other. I thought patting his back with calm him down, I'll so I started massaging his neck.

I calmly said 'I don't know what to do; take some deep breaths or something'

'Deep yes, deep Nick! Mike quivered.


Even though I was straight, I couldn't stand seeing mike in such distress. Awkwardly I tried cradling him in my arms; that's when things got out of control. He caught me off guard when he leaned back, and gave me a big French kiss! I actually began to question my own sexuality, because I was getting aroused by his tongue. He set my body aflame when he grabbed me by the nuts! Gently at first, but his caresses really felt great as we progressed.

I caught my breath 'hey slowdown, I need you to promise me not to tell anyone about this!'

In an urgent voice 'I swear, now shut up so we can...' Mike said.

We got into a 69 position, and now must jump off the bed when I felt Mike's hot tongue on my asshole!

The sensations I felt were a mix of taboo, and extreme pleasure I had no idea my body could feel such great pleasure, it was incredible. I was hunched over sucking Mike's thick cock, surprisingly he tasted rather sweet. Mike made my first homosexual experience as pleasant as he possibly could. Blood flowed to my nipples, and I felt the need to squeeze them as Mike used his talented tongue on my ass. Mike mistakenly read my grunts, and inserted two fingers to spread me open, but it was too painful for me.

I squirmed 'I just don't think I can handle that, no anal!' Mike pulled away,

And smiled 'let's smoke a joint?'

I slurped 'I can't talk with my mouthful'

Eventually Mike made me feel so relaxed that I let my defenses down. I was especially vulnerable after the strong hashish we shared.

His deeply seductive eyes were not easy to say no to. I'd be his whore; I wanted to please him in every way! It wasn't just the drugs; part of me desired his thick cock!

I mumbled 'Will you, um...'

Mike flashed a devilish smile 'I know baby just lay back and put your legs up.'

'Mike please use a condom' I demanded.

Mike feverishly rolled a condom over his cock, and I laid back to receive him.

His first it seemed an unbearable, but soon we were in a savage rhythm into an ecstasy that I've ever experienced!

I became demanding 'give it to me stud every fat inch of it!' Mike looked at me through his harsh eyes, and his pelvis started hitting my ass like a sledgehammer! Taking me over the top easily-- oh he was a wonderful lover.



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