Double Trouble

Part 1

This is a fantasy of mine that I hope you enjoy!!

Rex and Leon were born 16 minutes apart and their mother knew that they would grow up to be perfect. Even as babies they were quiet and as they grew they turned into polite handsome young men. She couldn't precisely say when it happened but because they were completely identical Leon's name was transformed into Lex. So that the twins were known as Rex and Lex and to avoid embarrassment the boys never corrected anyone if they got them mixed up.

At 10 years old the boys lost their mother to a freak accident and because their father had never stayed around after finding out she was pregnant, they ended up living with their uncle. He loved them dearly but had an international company to run and therefore didn't have a lot of time for them.

The boys were basically on their own and as they turned 17 years old they had each other as best friends and confidants. Rex was the more adventurous of the two and had persuaded Lex to join him on the swim team, already just under 6 foot tall the boys were very athletic and a strict regiment in Uncle Barry's gym was producing results.

On a sunny day in August the boys were in the gym as usual and Lex glanced at his brother as he walked out of the sauna. Lex stood before the mirror so that he could see both of them and called Rex over.

'Hey dude, are there any differences between us?' asked Lex

'Hell yeah' replied Rex with a cheeky grin 'I'm not stupid and my cock is way bigger than yours!'

He laughed and pulled the towel of Lex who yelled as the end swatted him on the arse. There were, of course, differences between them but no one would see the mole between Lex' thighs or the small scar marring Rex' well defined right pec.

'Bullshit!' laughed Lex 'My cock is much bigger than yours, I've seen you in the bathroom jacking off and yours is tiny'

'Okay, come with me and I'll prove it' said Rex departing the towel hanging over his shoulder. His cute butt clad only in tight jocks disappeared out of the gym and Lex followed it to their uncle's study. The house was empty, Maria the housekeeper had finished for the day and Uncle Barry was in China on some sort of business and wasn't due back until later that night.

Rex reached up behind the clock where their uncle kept a key, the boys had found it not long after they had moved in to the house but after only discovering some files in the cabinet, and Lex had dismissed the notion of treasure and had forgotten it. Rex had not and when he opened it again earlier this year and dug to the bottom he had found a different treasure that he now displayed to his brother.

Holding the pile of magazines Lex stared in amazement at the pictures of naked men, all proudly showing off their huge erections. He opened the first one and flipped through page after page of men doing things to each other that he had only dreamed of doing to women. He glanced up at Rex who had pushed down his underwear and stroked his cock to full hardness while looking at another magazine.

'Wow, when did you find these?' asked Lex. Rex told him a while ago but the best was to come. He dug further into the cabinet and produced a tape. He turned on the T.V. and pressed 'Play', the image on the screen instantly transformed into two men fucking over a table obviously enjoying themselves and Lex could only stare, mouth gaping at the action before him.

'Hold on, let me rewind it to the beginning' said Rex as he played with the remote and the boys settled down on the leather couch to watch the video. 'Why don't you get comfortable?' he continued and soon they were sitting naked on the cold fabric.

Rex reached over and gently took Lex' cock in his hand and chuckled softly. 'I was wrong about your dick, it is the same size. But look at this' he stood so that Lex could see his erection 'mine bends a little to the right and yours to the left! Of course!

Lex =Left and Rex = Right!' he sat back onto the couch and after the laughter died they started giving the video their full attention.

'How do you think that feels?' asked Rex as he slowly jacked his cock. 'Or tastes? I don't think I could put a dick into my mouth, unless I was really close to someone.'

'Well, you are close to me. Aren't you?' Said Lex with a dopey grin 'I mean we shared a womb so how much closer can you get?'

Lex really wanted to try sucking dick and was hoping the conversation was going in the right direction but he was nervous about how Rex would react. He wasn't surprised when Rex dropped to his knees in front of Lex and slowly started licking the entire shaft, because Rex was always the one to start something.

Rex explored his brothers cock, down over his balls and pried his legs apart a bit to see the tiny dark hole. The boys had very little body hair and even though the sun had bleached them, the patch over their cocks was quite dark. Rex made his way back up to the thick head and taking a deep breath plunged down as far as he could. He copied the movements that the men on the screen were doing but couldn't get all of his brother's 9 inches without gagging.

Lex looked down as his cock disappeared into his brother's mouth and moaned in pleasure every time he licked the soft underside. Rex' mouth was increasing in tempo and Lex gasped in pain as his teeth scratched the sensitive shaft. 'Not so hard!' he said and Rex pulled off his dick. 'Well if you think you can do better' he replied and stood so that his cock was in Lex' face.

Lex took the thick meat and licked all over the head, taking a deep breathe of the pungent odours coming from his brother's crotch, he sucked down as far as he could.

'Not even half way.' Smiled his brother triumphantly 'Here, let me help' and he grabbed either side of Lex' head and began to feed more and more of his cock down his throat. Lex had a mouthful of cock and his brain had gone into over drive as he sucked with all his might. He grabbed his brothers arse cheeks and marvelled at the firm muscles as they thrust back and forward driving the cock deeper down his throat.

Rex released his hold on his brother reluctantly and pushed him on his side, positioning himself so they both had access to each other the boys started sucking each other to climax. The sensation of his brother's cock in his mouth and the sucking on his own dick was too much for Lex who gave out a roar and let loose with stream after stream of hot cum. Rex followed soon after and Lex drank down every drop.

They looked at each other and smiled 'Knew you would cum first' said Rex 'you never had much control' he laughed and they turned their attention back to the screen.

The video climaxed with a 5 way orgy with all the stars in various positions sucking, fucking and kissing that got the boys hot and bothered again and when it finished Lex stood and went to shower. Under the hot spray he was joined by Rex who grabbed him from behind and whispered in his ear 'Now for the main course.'

Lex could feel his brother's hard cock against his back and leaned into his arms. Rex' tongue was darting in and out of his ear and caressing down his neck, his cock sliding up and down Lex' crack. He grabbed the soap and lathered his brother up until his cock was slippery and he felt Rex insert a finger into his hole. Lex leaned back until the finger had disappeared entirely and he could feel the sensation of it rubbing his prostate. 'Fuck me' he said and braced himself against the wall as Rex replaced his finger with his cock and slowly mounted his brother.

Lex felt the resistance of his ring and when the barrier was breeched a slight pain as he got used to the invader in is arse. He told Rex to wait as he got used to it and slowly started moving back and forth taking the length of Rex' cock. It felt huge and Lex started really enjoying the sensation of a full arse and started bucking wildly back onto his dick. Rex was taken off guard and slipped backwards from the onslaught, falling on his butt on the shower floor, his dick had fallen out of Lex' arse but Lex simply spun around to face him a sat down hard on his dick. He then started bouncing up and down so that Rex felt is cock almost come the entire way out before driving deep inside his brother.

This was too much and even though Rex had started it he was getting a bit scared at his brother's reaction. Lex was jumping on him like a man possessed and Rex heard him scream 'Harder! Harder!' Before long Rex could feel the cum rising from his balls and he moaned as he let loose deep inside Lex. He grabbed Lex' hard cock and jacked him until he came all over his chest.

'Get a bit carried away there little bro'?' said Rex panting

'That was amazing!' cried Lex 'Let's do it again'

'Why not have some dinner first?' a deep voice said from the doorway. The twins looked around and saw their uncle standing there.

He looked tired to the twins, dressed in a creased suit the knot of his tie undone and his jacket over his arm. He was only 28years old and really a Step-uncle to the boys, but they all got along like best friends. He retreated to the kitchen and threw together a meal while the twins got cleaned up and dressed.

They all sat at the table in an uncomfortable silence and no one wanted to break the ice on what their uncle had witnessed.

'Could you please put things away after you have finished with them.' Uncle Barry commented 'It would really be embarrassing if Mr Jordon came into the den and saw that. He would probably die of a heart attack' the comment broke the silence and they all laughed at the thought of Mr Jordan (who was closer to 80 than 70 years old) watching the young men on the video.

'I don't know' replied Rex 'I have seen him checking out my arse a few times'

'That's gross' said Lex laughing 'sure thing Uncle Barry we'll make sure everything is back in its place'

They finished dinner with some small talk about his trip and how the boys were going at school and once the dishes were done they all went to the living room to watch some T.V. Rex and Lex sat next to each other on the couch and Barry had the armchair browsing over some sales figures.

'How long have you been gay' asked Rex suddenly 'I mean you aren't married but I have never seen any other guys here?'

Barry looked up 'Why do you think my room is on the other side of the house? Your taste in music isn't that bad. I have had my fair share of guys here but I didn't want to confuse you boys by introducing them.'

'Well, I don't know if I'm gay but what we did this afternoon felt great! We didn't do anything wrong did we?' Rex had a concerned look on his face.

'No, boys as long as everyone gives their permission it's okay and by the look on your brother's face in the shower I think he was more than willing.'

Lex blushed and his cock stirred in his shorts. He adjusted them down a bit because he wasn't wearing underwear and the head had started to poke out.

'Will you show us some things?' Rex continued 'I mean, Lex loves to be fucked but we both need pointers on sucking cock and it would be neat if you could show us some more positions.'

Lex was mortified at his brother's openness but he really wanted to find out what Uncle Barry could teach them. Barry stood up in front of them and said 'Is this what you both want?' the boys nodded silently and Rex reached out to fondle Barry's cock through his trousers.

He led the boys to the gym where they all stripped down and he looked at the boys admirably. Their youthful bodies would fill out nicely over the next few years and Barry moved forward to kiss each in turn. Lex had never been kissed so deeply before is mouth responded to the strong lips and when his lips were parted to allow Barry to slip in his tongue tasted the beer than he had drunk at dinner.

Rex watched as his brother's mouth was raped by his uncle's tongue and reached out to fondle the 2 erect cocks. He felt someone grab his and another take over from jacking his brother. His uncle then turned to him and gave him the same deep kiss and nibbled at his neck and shoulders. Rex turned and found his brother's mouth and replicated the kiss, he could feel the length of Lex' body move into his and the identical twins moulded into one.

Barry looked at the boys and his wildest fantasy was coming true. They were deep in a passionate embrace and he was holding a cock in each hand. He decided it was time for them to know what a real cock sucker could do and dropped to the seat in front of them. Starting with Lex' he gently took the mushroom head into his mouth and began sucking on the end, his tongue whirling around to get all the pre-cum that had accumulated under the foreskin. Lex groaned down his brother's throat and Rex looked down to see what his uncle was doing (this was supposed to be a lesson for them). He watched as his uncle started sliding down his brother's pole and nestle in his pubic hair; the entire length was down his throat. As he came up Rex could hear him breathing out of his nose and then taking another deep breath plunge down again.

Rex decided he had seen enough and broke off the kiss to show his uncle that he had been paying attention. He moved to the bench and pulled down his uncle's jock that were tented with an impressive erection and proceeded to mimic the moves his brother was receiving.

Uncle Barry moaned around Lex' cock and felt a shiver come from the boy as it vibrated his dick. He pushed him lightly backwards until Lex was lying on his back and lifted his legs to get at the arse hole between them. Rex had to reposition himself under Uncle Barry to continue his training and tilted his head back to see what the next lesson would be. He was a little shocked when Uncle Barry parted his brother's cheeks and licked the opening he had fucked before dinner and could see his brother wriggle on the floor in pleasure as the tongue worked its way deeper inside him. He then watched as he poked his tongue into the hole making it larger and wetter with each stroke.

Rex let his uncle's cock fall from his lips and moved around to prod at his arse and when he was greeted with soft murmurs of pleasure he started tongue fucking the older man. Lex was getting impatient with the tongue, he did admit that it felt great but he wanted something harder and bigger there. His Uncle sensed that the boy was ready and moved in to impale him on his hard cock. Moving firmly but slowly he fed every inch into the warm hole and Lex felt full to the brim when his uncle had pushed the entire length inside him so that his pubes tickled his butt and started the out-stroke.

Rex was having trouble keeping contact with his uncle's now wet arse hole and decided to give him the same as he was giving to his brother. He moved forward so that his cock was in line with the hole and whenever his uncle moved back he cock went deeper into it. By staying still he allowed his uncle to set the pace and soon they were humping in unison. Rex could feel the cum building pressure in his dick but Uncle Barry decided that it was time for a position change to allow Rex to get back under control. He arranged the boys so that their cocks were together and bent over to take them both in his mouth. He couldn't get them in too far because the girth was too much to handle but he knew that he could take both of them another way, so when they were nice and slick he lowered his butt to the amazement of the twins and let them slide up his chute.

The sensation of Rex' cock in the tight hole rubbing against his brother's was mind blowing and the boys were at the point of no return. They bucked their hips and let out a scream as they filled their uncle's arse. As soon as Barry got off their cocks each of the twins moved so that Lex was sucking Uncle Barry's cock and Rex was sucking the cum out of his arse hole. It was Uncle Barry's turn to scream as the twins worked magic on his body and he blew jet after jet into Lex' willing mouth. Lex ducked between Uncle Barry's legs to kiss his brother, transferring his uncle's cum into Rex' mouth and they all fell into a pile of muscular sweaty bodies.

'Ready for another lesson?' smiled their uncle and the twins smiled their agreement

Double Trouble

Part 2

Rex and Lex had turned 19 and were starting school in another state. Their uncle had bought them an apartment close to campus so they wouldn't have to stay in the dorms, something that Rex wasn't too happy about but he had little say in the matter. The idea of communal showers in the dorm had excited Lex as well but it was agreed that they were there to study big business not big cocks.

The boys had been fooling around with each other for a few years now and had invited their uncle to join in on a few occasions but they generally enjoyed it more just with each other. Standing 6'1' with sun-bleached blonde hair they were impressive young men. Their bodies toned with muscle from the gym and flexibility from swimming, they enjoyed not only the competition but the chance to check out other guys (and girls) in the skimpy racing suits.

Rex was the more adventurous of the twins and had initiated Lex to the joy of man to man sex, but he soon found out that Lex was a real slut when it came to arse fucking. Lex could take anything and had even pushed most of a beer bottle up his arse. (Of course Rex had dared him to do it!)

They were happy but inexperienced when it came to women. Their mother had died when they were 10 and their only relative (their uncle) was gay. Rex had confided in his brother that he wanted to try it with a woman but Lex was sure that without a cock up his arse he wouldn't enjoy it as much.

The boys moved into the new apartment, relishing in the excitement of being away from home for the first time. They planned their first party inviting most of the new friends they had made from the swim team and school.

The party was a real blast and the beer flowed freely, Lex had passed out on the couch before 9pm but everyone was having such a great time that no one noticed it. The evening started to break up at 1 am and Rex looked around the trashed apartment in dismay.

'Hey, Sleeping Beauty! Wake up and give me a hand!' Rex yelled at his brother but Lex didn't stir. Rex was feeling a little drunk and really wanted to go to bed himself but he didn't want to wake up to the mess that was once their new home. He gathered up all the bottles and full ashtrays dumping them directly into the trash bin and tidied up as best he could. The activity soon made him feel more awake and he was getting that familiar tingling in his balls that reminded him that it had been at least 3 days since he had last cum.

Rex put in a video cassette, moved his brother over on the couch and settled down for a long jerk off session. The tape was of 2 guys and a girl all getting naked and oiled up for 3 way action but the girl didn't seem to get too much action as the guys were more interested in each other and she had to run around grabbing what she could.

Rex had his jeans and jockstrap pulled down around his ankles and was pulling gently at his cock. His eyes glued to the screen appreciating the huge cocks on display, he didn't notice Lex' eyes open and fix on his brother's erection. So when his brother stirred and dove down on it Rex nearly jumped out of his skin. Soon the warm feel of his mouth was all Rex was focussing on and the tape went unnoticed to the boys.

There was a pair of eyes watching the screen, Sam, the swim team captain had passed out on Rex' bed after fucking one of the cheerleaders and had gone unnoticed when everyone else had left. He couldn't see what was happening on the couch and assumed that Rex (or Lex) had picked up a fuck for the night.

'That's right baby bro. Suck my cock' Sam heard Rex murmur.

He couldn't believe his ears and wanted to confirm it. He moved quietly to the couch and saw that indeed one of the twins was sucking the other's cock! He was strangely aroused by the scene and already half hard from the video. He couldn't make a sound and stood there staring as the hard cock disappeared into what looked like a very talented mouth.

'You still here?' Rex said looking up at Sam 'I thought everyone had left! Do you want Lex to look after that for you?' pointing at the obvious erection tenting Sam's jeans. 'He is really very good and won't mind you joining us'

Sam was stunned but found himself moving toward the twins. Lex looked up and smiled; grabbing the front of Sam's jeans he quickly had them around his ankles and was sucking the pre-cum through his jocks.

Sam wanted more, pushed down his jocks and guided Lex' mouth over his dick. He noticed with pride that his dick was a lot bigger than the twin's and he grabbed Lex' ears thrusting most of his cock down the willing throat. Rex had removed the rest of his clothes and was helping Lex with his, so that he could concentrate on giving Sam a great blow job.

Rex, now naked stood beside Sam and undressed him fully as Lex was taking the entire length of his cock down his throat. Rex murmured into his ear 'Feels good doesn't it! Much better than any woman.' And Sam was forced to agree as Lex was deep throating him with ease. Sam wanted to try touching another cock and was curious about what it tasted like. He slowly moved his hand toward Rex' big cock and touched it lightly, massaging the full length.

Lex saw this and decided that Sam needed some education, he moved onto the floor and led Sam to the couch where he sat, Rex' cock inches from his mouth. Lex went back to sucking on Sam and Sam felt his tongue snake out to taste the cock in front of him. The taste wasn't bad, he decided, and when Rex started moving back and forth the sensation of a mouth full of cock was turning him on.

Lex could feel the pressure building in Sam and his balls were rising but Lex had other plans for this huge cock and released it from his warm mouth. He grabbed the lube from the cabinet slicked up Sam's dick and promptly sat down on it. Sam was so surprised that he almost took a bite out of Rex' dick and Rex decided that he should let his more experienced brother finish the job.

Sam barely noticed, the sensation of this tight warm hole had him completely captivated and Lex was bouncing up and down creating friction that was driving him wild. Rex was a little jealous that his captain was getting that sweet butt to himself and moved Lex back so that he could access the hole as well. Using the movement Rex pushed his cock into the widening hole and Lex gave a bellow as the second cock entered his butt.

'Give him a second to get used to it.' Said Rex panting and when Lex nodded he started pumping into his brother arse causing the two dicks to rub together. This was too much for Sam who let fire jets of cum inside the tight arse hole. Rex came a few seconds later and Lex let fly with his own orgasm coating Rex with cum.

'That was wild' said Sam who was the first to recover and kissed the twins deeply before dressing and leaving the apartment. Lex was concerned that Sam would tell everyone on the team but Rex assured him that if he outed them he would also have to admit his own part in the affair.

Lex smiled and leant back on the couch idly watching the porn tape and Rex saw that his brother probably needed another blow job, so he went to his knees and started to suck the thickening cock.

Double Trouble

Part 3

Rex and Lex were enjoying competing on the swim team and by the time they turned 22 years old they were the best at their chosen sport. The National try-outs were just around the corner and both boys worked extra hard at training and in the gym. Building up their impressive bodies and the outdoor training had tanned their skin golden brown and bleached their hair to the colour of spun gold.

Uncle Barry had insisted that the twins must finish their education before pursuing a sporting career but after they had won a place on the Olympic squad for the following year agreed that they could take a break for a year or two. So it was with great excitement that they headed off to the training camp.

The training was harder than anything they had done before and left little time for socialising with anyone except for short conversations over dinner. The twins were tired but not unhappy due to the fact that they were best of friends in more ways than one. They were sitting down to dinner one night when Rex pointed out two dark figures helping themselves to the smorgasbord. Lex looked closer and realised they were twins themselves, dark curly hair, cut short, covered their heads and tight singlets and jeans covering their impressive bodies.

Rex smiled and invited them to sit with them and the foursome became fast friends, the conversation turned from pranks they had played on teachers and parents to the more sensitive topic of pleasuring each other when no one else was available. Rex did most of the talking and it was full of innuendo that Lex wasn't really sure if he was getting the meaning of it all. Dirk and Brett looked at each other giving a knowing glance and casually invited Lex and Rex back to their room where they promised that they had smuggled a bottle of Bourbon, to toast new friendship.

Rex cottoned on quickly but Lex did not and complained that he was very tired and would have an early night. Rex took him aside and explained bluntly what the conversation was about and all thought of tiredness fled his mind.

The bourbon flowed freely and the boys were all sitting around the room, Rex stood declaring the he needed to piss and staggered to the bathroom. Dirk winked at Brett and after the stream could be heard through the open door he stood and followed him in. Rex wasn't surprised when Dirk's strong arms reached around him and massaged he chest through the tight material, he continued the stream into the bowl as Dirk took over holding his cock. When it finished he gave it a shake but didn't release it, it was thickening in his hand and Rex could feel the bulge in Dirk's jeans getting bigger.

Rex was brought back to his senses when he heard a moan coming from the other room and smiled when he turned to see Brett on his knees in front of his brother.

Dirk smiled as well and they made their way back to join the others. Rex sat down next to Lex and Dirk pulled off his clothes and knelt in front of the blonde twins. Brett had his mouth over Lex' cock and Dirk took Rex' in his mouth. Rex smiled at Lex who had his head thrown back in pleasure and looked down at the ebony Adonis' servicing their hard dicks. They were bobbing their heads in unison and it was as if someone had put a mirror in the room and was getting double vision of the men. The ebony studs were jerking each other into full hardness and Rex could see the huge black erections weeping pre-cum, slicking up their fists.

Rex pulled Dirk up to his feet and licked the slime off his cock; Brett took the signal and stood in front of Lex who gobbled the whole length in one gulp. The blonde twins had different styles of cock sucking, Rex liked to concentrate on the head and sensitive underside, while Lex took the whole thing as deep as he could and there was not a cock he couldn't handle. Dirk moved his brother to sample Lex' style and Brett quickly fed his rod into Rex, soon they were all panting and the room started to smell of that special man-scent.

In an almost pre-planned move, the boys all went to the bed and Lex arranged himself so that he could suck Rex' cock and Rex could suck Brett, Brett could suck Dirk and Dirk fastened his lips around Lex' rod. They all had their lips around another cock while they were all being blown in return. Dirk broke the chain by reaching for condoms and lube and after dressing his cock pushed into his brother's arse. Rex dressed as well and pushed into Lex they were soon pumping into their brother's arses and Lex and Brett were sucking each other moaning at any change in pace or when their sensitive prostates were rubbed. Dirk picked up the pace and was about to blow his load, Rex pulled his cock out of his brother and took the spurting member in his mouth drinking up all the cum. Rex was close too and disrobed to cum all over his brother's back and Brett was feeding Lex with a mouthful of creamy cum. They all fell in a heap on the bed Lex was the only one not to cum, Dirk commented on this and Rex chuckled. He explained that the night was still young and he hoped that they were up to it.

After a few minutes Lex stared going around to all the boys giving life back to their soft cocks with the 'Kiss of life'. Rex smiled as Lex made his rounds and wondered when Lex would show them his special talents; it wasn't long before Lex sat down hard on Brett's dick, taking the whole shaft in one swoop. Brett was flat on his back looking up at the blonde stud that had him by the cock and was bouncing up and down on it. Rex moved Dirk behind Lex and guided his cock toward his hole and Dirk couldn't believe it when his dick was swallowed up next to his brother's, both cocks now fucking the same hole. Lex started groaning as the thick cocks stabbed deeper and deeper into his wet arse and when he was sure they were both entirely in started to enjoy the ride.

Rex sat back to admire the scene as the two black men fucked his brother; Brett on his back letting Lex do all the work and Dirk riding the bucking Lex like a bronco. He was idly stroking his cock until Dirk pulled him forward and took his dick into his mouth. Rex started fucking his face and although he really wanted to fuck arse some more, he knew that his turn would come soon.

Brett blew his load up Lex and when the slick fluid covered Dirk's cock he also spurted deep into his arse. They both pulled their dicks out of Lex who was still straddled over Brett and Rex pushed his dick into Lex' sticky hole. Brett took Lex into his mouth and sucked the cum out of his dick, down his throat and Rex bellowed as he let his second load fill the hole which was now dripping cum over the sheets.

Lex went to the bathroom to clean up and Brett went to help, Rex heard the shower start and after a few minutes, also heard the noises of the two men going for round 3, he looked over at Dirk who had a sexy grin on his face and moved toward the black Adonis.

It was going to be a long night!




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