I'm Mark Waters. I'm a twenty-seven year old single gay male, and I love nothing better than sucking a hot studs hard cock and swallowing the reward. It doesn't matter to me if they are the suit-and-tie type, truckers, bikers, construction workers or cowboy types. I love them all. I just want them reasonably nice looking, well built, and hard. Size doesn't really matter because I go by the person, but the bigger the better.

And It's even better when you think you're getting one cock to suck and you get two. Here are some events that have happened to me.

It was late one Saturday afternoon and I decided to go out to the truck stop and see if I could score. I usually did. Truckers get horny out on the road.

I arrived at the truck stop, first checking out both restrooms. One is in the trucker's lounge and the other in the general store area. Both were empty, and unfortunately, neither have a glory hole.

I then headed for the restaurant and as I entered I scanned the truckers there. I spotted two hot truckers sitting at the counter who appeared to be in their late twenties, maybe early thirties. I took a table where I could cruise them easily.

I sat down and ordered coffee and began watching them. after a few minutes, one looked back my way and our eyes met. I didn't break the gaze. He soon did, but every minute or so he would look back my way as he and the other driver talked.

After a few minutes, they got up to leave and as I followed, I told the waitress that I'd be right back.

I followed them out and they talked a second then separated, with one heading out the door and the other heading for the restroom. I casually followed the one that headed for the restroom.

When I entered, he was at a urinal. there were no privacy partitions so I stepped up to the one next to him. His pants were open and his cock and balls totally exposed. I took mine out and glanced over to see him glancing over at mine.

"Damn coffee," I said. "In and out without stopping."

"Yea, I know what you mean. I've got my rig set up so I can piss while driving down the highway and not have to stop."

"Fuck, I've never heard of that, but it sounds interesting."

We again checked out each others equipment and both of us was slightly boned.

"Guess I'll go get another cup," I said.

"Yea,me too," he replied.

"Why don't you join me?" I said as I put myself back together.

"Sure, sounds good. I'm Jake."

"Mark," I said and we shook hands.

We returned to my table and began talking. He was indeed single and from Oklahoma. The guy he had been talking to was his brother-in-law and co-driver.

"Your brother-in-law?"

"Yea. Clay and I have known each other since high school. In our senior year, he started dating my sister and they soon married. I went to work there in town at the trucking terminal, loading the trucks and he went to work for a contractor. I eventually started driving and we'd get together when I was in town. He was laid off, and began talking to me about driving. I warned him it was hard and he wouldn't get home often but he said he needed any job he could get. I got him hired, and he went through the training and was assigned as my co-driver. When they put two guys in one rig, you always get the longer runs."

I noticed that he had pressed his knee against mine and was moving it around. I didn't pull back. Instead I pressed mine against his.

He was quiet a moment before asking if I'd like to see how he rigged his truck so he could piss while driving. I said sure.

I paid for the coffee and as we walked out to his rig, I asked where Clay was now.

"He walked over to that movie down the road," he replied.

Then, a moment later he surprised me and asked, "Mark, do you, uh, play around?"

"What? You mean with other guys?"

"Yea. I'm just curious."

"Yes, Jake, I do. I'm gay. Is that a problem?"

"Hell no. I enjoy paying around also and i was hoping we could mess around back in the sleeper."

"Honestly, so was I," I told him with a smile.

We arrived at his rig and as he got in on the driver's side I climbed in on the passenger side.

He began showing me how he attached an eight inch hard plastic tube to a small clear plastic flexible tube. that tube was attached to a hard copper line which went through the floor of his rig to the outside.

"While driving if we need to piss, we pick up the tube from floor, whip out our cock, stick it in the tube and start pissing. It all drains out onto the highway."

"Very cool," I said.

"It's not exactly legal but who gives a shit,"he said. Then he rubbed my upper thigh and ask if i was ready to play.

"Always," I said.

"Jump in back," he said.

I opened the privacy curtain and started back when i suddenly froze.

"Oh shit! I thought you said he went to the movies," I said as I looked at Clay laying on the bunk totally nude and his cock rock hard.

"Well, I was afraid that if I said he was here waiting, you might not join us."

I eased on into the sleeper and Jake followed, securing the privacy curtain closed.

"In the restroom, I saw you eyeing us and figured you played. Then when you followed me to the restroom and began checking me out I knew."

Jake and I both stripped and once nude, Jake gave me a hot tongue kiss. Afterward, Clay did the same.

I smiled and said, "I was hoping to get to suck one hot cock but two is even better."

Jake lay next to Clay and I got between their legs and began sucking them, alternating between their cocks as they kissed and made out.

After a few minutes, I concentrated on Jake and got him off and swallowed then did the same to Clay. They both said that it was one of the best that they had ever had.

Afterward, they began taking turns sucking me and rimming my ass. Clay soon got me off and I watched as they kissed and shared my load.

As we sat afterward, I asked, "Were you two getting it on in high school?"

"Of fuck no! Jake said. Back then we were totally into pussy," Clay added.

"I did get to see his cock often," Jake said. We'd double date a lot and end up out on a side road and spread a blanket in a pasture and while i fucked my girlfriend, he'd be fucking my sister right next to me."

"Well, what got you two started?" I asked.

Laughing, Clay said, "It's a long story."

"Well, I don't know about you two, but I've got all night," I told them.

"Cool," Jake said, then began his story.

"We had been driving together for a while and secretly jerking off in the sleeper while the other drove. One day, I heard Jake and looked back and told him I did the same. we got to talking and decided that we'd get a whore and share her. Well we found one and when she got in the sleeper she didn't want us to turn on any lights. We wondered why and once she was naked, Jake flipped on the lights. She had sores all over her crotch. We immediately told her to get dressed and get out. After she got out,we got on the CB and warned all the other drivers about her. We watched and none of the other drivers would even talk to her. Anyway, we continued jerking to relieve the tension. Then one night we got snowed in at a truck stop up in Idaho."

"That was hell," Clay said before continuing Jake's story.

"I had gone into the truck stop for a minute and when I got back, Jake was naked and jerking in the sleeper. I went back and he asked if i wanted to join him. I did, and that began our sessions of jerking together. Then about a month later, we started jerking each other. We confessed to each other that we both had received blow jobs from guys through glory holes at some of the truck stops. One thing led to another and we agreed to do each other. We both found it wasn't as repulsive as we thought it would be. Then we invited a guy in to give us each a blow job and he wanted to kiss. We tried it with him and after he left we did it with each other. Soon, we were going to bed together, Kissing and making out before getting into a sixty-nine. Then another guy wanted us to fuck him in the ass. We did and decided to both try getting fucked. Now, we do it all. In fact, sex with Jake on the road is better than sex with my wife when I'm home."

"Holy shit!" I said. "I assume she has no idea what happens on the road."

"She suspicions we fucking pussy but had no idea that all our sex on the road is with other guys or each other," Clay replied.

I spent another four hours with them and they both fucked me and I fucked them and I had a sixty-nine with each. I gave them my phone number so they could call me if they were ever back in town. they called once when they were here for a couple of days and I picked them up and had them spend the weekend with me at my place.

Then, another time, I was out in my pickup when I saw a hot muscular guy pushing his motorcycle down the road. He wore leather chaps over his jeans and leather vest with no shirt. I stopped and asked if I could help. He said his bike had quit and he'd appreciate it if we could load it in my truck and secure it and take it to the dealership. I said sure.

We loaded his bike in the truck and secured it and he directed ne to the dealership. after dropping off the bike, I offered him a ride home.

As we drove to his home, he said, "Man, you don't know how much I appreciate all you've done for me." Then laying his left hand on my upper thigh he asked," Is there anything I can do for you? emphasizing the word anything.

"Well, there just might be," I said spreading my

legs as wide as possible while i looked at him and smiled.

Without hesitation, he slid his had straight into my crotch and feeling my hard cock he said, "It will be my pleasure."

We arrived at his place and went in. There in the living room, he dropped to his knees in front of me and unfastened my jeans, letting them fall to the floor. He immediately swallowed my cock and began sucking me.

Suddenly, we heard, "I thought I heard....Holy shit man, aren't you going to share?"

I jumped and he stopped and looked at the guy who i found out was his room mate, "My bike crapped out and he helped me and I'm just saying thank you."

Looking at his room mate, who was wearing only a leather jock, I asked, "You want some of this also?"

"Hell yea."

"well, why don't we all get comfortable and you can both have it."

As the guy I had helped began stripping, his room mate whipped off his leather jock. I quickly stripped and there on the floor, as one sucked me the other rimmed my ass. Before it was all over, I had been there with them almost four hours and both had sucked me off and eaten my load and I had sucked and fucked both of them. As I started to leave, I gave them my phone number saying that when his bike was repaired to call me and I'd take him to get it. He did and we had another hot multi-hour sex session.

However one of the hottest was with a construction guy I met at a local gay bar. We were seated next to each other at the bar and began talking. He said he was thirty nine and divorced. One thing led to another and we began kissing there at the bar. After a few beers, he invited me to his house. I agreed and followed him to his house.

We arrived and went in and he led me to his bedroom. After stripping, we lay on the bed and began making out. Soon we were in a hot sixty-nine when I heard the front door open and close. I jumped and he said calmly, "It's just my son. He's gay also and has seen me with guys many times before."

"Damn, how old is he?"

"Nineteen. He works construction with me and had to stay late."

About that time a hot muscular shirtless stud stepped to the door and said, "I saw a strange car in the drive so I figured you had brought someone home." Then looking me over more closely he said, "Damn, I wish I had found him first. he's fucking hot."

His dad smiled and whispered, "Would you like a three way?"

"Sure," I said, excited at seeing a father and son together in bed.

"Get a quick shower and join us," the dad said.

The kid took off and seconds later we heard the shower running. Looking at the dad I asked, "Do you and he have sex together often?"

"Mostly we three way or go to group parties together, but once or twice a week he'll slip in my bed and we have sex one on one."

"Damn, when did that all start?"

"When he was seventeen he was already into guys. He came home unexpectedly one night and caught me in bed with another guy that I work with. Neither of us heard him come in. Suddenly he was in bed with us and was sucking my cock. Been at it ever since."

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed.

The son walked in nude and boned. He quickly joined us and began kissing us both then sucking me. Soon he switched to his dad's cock and I told the dad to suck him. It was fucking hot to see a father and son sucking each others cocks. I ended up spending the night with them.

We did it all with each other. It was especially hot watching them fuck each other. I fucked both of them, sucked them both and they both sucked and fucked me. It was one hot night.

I see the son still on a regular basis and occasionally his dad will join us. It's really hot.

I do my best now to find two cocks at a time. I do about half the time and it's awesome. But what I really prefer is getting as many as possible together and going from one to the other sucking each one and swallowing their loads, but that's another story.




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