I met this guy over the internet, we seemed compatible, he a top, me not,

both needing discretion. The problem was hosting. He offered using the

house of a friend of his. I didn't think it through, and was taken for a

loop when we got to the place, and the homeowner was home. I was so jacked

up, and everyone had already seen my face, so I just went with the flow,

but I wasn't prepared for a third, even if he wasn't in the room. I

followed my date to the 'spare' room, kind of nodding, mostly keeping my

head down all the way there.

We went into the room, and it was obvious to my date that I was

uncomfortable at best. I told him I didn't think his buddy would be home,

and felt well, vulnerable. He basically acted as if I was some naive

kid, and I confess to falling for it!. He insisted that it was cool, the

guy wasn't a pervert or anything, that he felt the same way the first time he

had been there. He said the guy was way cool, and basically got off on

helping others to get off. He kept running his hands all over me,

caressing, and slowly undressing me. After I had lost my shirt and shorts,

and was down to a tiny g-string, he led me over to the bed. I kept thinking

that I should stop this somehow, but I surely didn't want to, and didn't!

We were locked in a tight embrace, kissing and shoving our bodies into each

other. One of his hands worked it's way to the back of my head, and slowly

started to pull back on my hair. I should have been alarmed, but instead,

it turned me on even more. He slowly exerted the necessary force to put my

head into his crotch, ordering me to take his dick out, and into my mouth.

I did as I was told, I helped him out of his pants, and then started to

lick and suck all over the front of his tight boxer briefs, all the while

his hand had me firmly by the back of the head. He was shoving my face into

him with more and more force. 'Open wide boy' he said as almost in one

motion he used his free hand to yank his drawers down, and shoved his

mostly hard cock deep into my mouth. It soon became the advertized 8', and

it was all I could do to get him into my mouth. I did a lot of gagging, but

I was off in wonderland. I had no problem with him doing whatever he wanted

to my mouth- and he definitely took advantage of that! He kept the one hand

firmly in charge of my head, but his free hand started to explore my

ass. He pushed the tiny amount of materiel covering my ass aside, and then

went to work 'loosening me up.' First one finger, then two. He soon had

several fingers penetrating me at once, lubing and opening my ass, gently

but quickly.

The assault continued on my face. I was starting to get the hang of it, I

think. I managed to get him deeper and deeper, and didn't gag as much. I

got to feeling his balls slapping into my chin as his cock buried itself

into my throat. Suddenly, both his hands left me, his cock still pounding

in and out. I didn't understand the sounds I was hearing until he pulled

himself free of my mouth, and slid a condom onto the beautiful cock I'd

been worshiping.

He shoved me around, putting my ass up high where my mouth had been, and

shove my face down into the mattress. He ripped my 'G-string' down and off,

and shoved my legs apart. He rubbed some lube on his cock, and my ass, then

slowly inserted himself into me. He was gentle at first, slowly moving in

and out. He let me just about get used to it before he picked up the

pace. Faster and harder he went, and what little control I might have had,

I lost. He began to slam into me with reckless abandon. He didn't care what

I wanted, he was FUCKING me. And man was I loving it! It seemed like an

eternity that passed in a second. He soon began to tense up, and I soon

felt him cumming inside of me. WOW! He had me seeing stars, I was in


He collapsed on top of me, and turned us slightly on our sides, hugging me

close to him, and he began to stroke my cock. I felt his semi hard cock

peacefully resting up against my ass cheeks, and his free arm pulled me

tight across my chest into him. He started to move his hand faster and

faster. I was already excited to say the least, and in what seemed like

seconds I gasped out loud that I was cumming. He told me to fire away, he

wanted to see me shoot a ton, let it all out. Once again I was seeing

stars, and I began to shoot a deep, hard, heavy load all over the place. It

was a different kind of orgasm, it was as if it was coming from deeper

inside me, and I was completely spent when he was done with me. I didn't

realize it, but I passed out, and that's when things got interesting!

I awoke naked on the bed, covered with only a sheet. There was a note of

all things next to the bed. My friend had told me that his time was

limited, and I guess my passing out had run out the clock. The note

confirmed my suspicions, telling me he had an amazing time, yadda,

yadda. He left me a number so that we could meet up again, and maybe make

it a longer session next time. Then came the twist. The ps told me to stay

as long as I liked, to feel free to shower if I wanted and lock up when I

left. He said the host may or may not be in, but not to worry- he was gay

and way cool. He said the guys name was steve, and that he let people hook

up there all the time. I had totally forgotten about the host in all the

excitement, and now that I was more ah with it, I was suddenly nervous. I

decided that I had to get cleaned up- I certainly couldn't go out like

this. Why get dressed just to go into the shower, but I didn't know where

one was. I just went for it, got off the bed, and went to the door totally

nude. I slowly opened it, and stuck my head out. I looked around, finding

the bathroom thankfully across the hall from the room I was in. I didn't

hear a thing, so I went across the hallway and into the bathroom. There on

the toilet seat was a towel with another note. This one was from steve,

telling me to please use the towels and supplies and enjoy a shower. The

note told me he was running some errands, and may or may not be back before

he got back. He also added an interesting ps- he said he thought I was hot,

and he would love to play with me himself, leaving me his number should I

miss him. Maybe I should have been freaked, but I was actually tingly, not

used to being propositioned, and kinda liking it!

I turned on the shower and stepped inside. Nice and hot, I took the time to

scrub off every inch. I tried to get myself as clean as possible, and was

loving the hot water pounding into me. I finished up, climbed out and dried

myself off, wrapping the towel around my waist. As I started to make my way

to the door, I heard noises coming from the other room- oh boy, steve was

back! I was really nervous now, after the note and all, and was questioning

not bringing my clothes with me. I couldn't wait forever in there, so I

worked up the nerve to open the door. I tried to sneak across to the

bedroom, but got caught in the middle of the hallway. He called out to me,

inviting me into the living room where he was seated on an easy chair. I

told him I should dress quickly first, but he insisted there was no need. I

couldn't think of any other option, so I cinched the towel around my waist,

and stepped into the room, leaning forward and shaking his hand. He ushered

me to a seat on the couch, and offered me a drink, not taking no for an

answer. Handing me a tall scotch on the rocks, he told me to relax, make

myself at home. He sat on the couch as well with his drink in hand, but not

too close as to be too obvious. I thanked him for the use of the room, and

he began to chuckle. He told me not to worry, it was a spare room, and he

liked it when people were enjoying themselves. He told me he gets excited

thinking about what is going on in there. 'Sounded like you were having a

good time,' and I blushed. 'seriously, wish I had a camera running for that

one, sounded better than some of the folks I pay to film...' and the secret

was out. He told me he sometimes sets up cameras in the room and makes

amateur movies on the side. He told me he made lots of easy money, and got

to have fun doing it. I was in a bit of shock, and told him I was camera

shy. I politely declined his movie advances, but he was persistent. I

decided to change up the subject a bit. I told him I wouldn't let him film

me, but I was interested in finding some 'other' way to pay him back for

the use of his room. He chuckled again, lit a joint, passed it to me, and

after several good puffs and passes, he suggested that I remove the

towel. I took a huge drag, then stood as I handed it back to him. As he

slowly hit the joint, I slowly loosened the towel, and let it fall to the

floor. As I stepped out of the towel, I moved toward him without realizing

it. As he handed it back to me, he looked into my eyes and reached for me,

rubbing and stroking me until I was soon hard as a rock. I once again

passed it back to him, and as he took it, he released me and asked me to

sit next to him on the couch. As I did, he pulled me into a tight embrace,

and started kissing me. His hands moved all over my body, but I soon felt

them gravitating to my ass. 'Greg said you were an awesome cock-sucker- I'd

like to see for myself....' I leaned forward, and helped him pull down his

pants and underwear. I took him into my mouth and began to suck away. He

wasn't as big as Greg, about 7 inches and not as thick, so it was easier to

get into a motion. Meanwhile, this position also caused my ass to be

exposed up in the air, a fact he quickly exploited. I don't know where the

lube came from, but as I was sucking him deep and hard, first one, then

two, then three fingers started to go deep and hard into my ass. It was

almost more than I could take, but I didn't stop. Suddenly, my face was

shoved down and onto the ground, and I was flipped over. My ass was up on

the couch, my head was on the ground, being shoved into my chest, legs open

and out. He had a condom on, and he shove down and into me from above. He

was pile driving me into the ground, and I was in ecstasy! I soon felt him

quiver and explode deep within me, and he pounded away until he was done. I

don't even remember him pulling me back upright and onto the couch. He

handed me my drink, and fired up the smoke. 'Man you were awesome!' I could

only nod and after a bit I got to thanking him. He just kept on with how

much money I could make, etc. I told him I didn't want any movies, but if

he thought I was good enough, he could be my pimp! I made the remark in

jest, but he jumped in on it. He told me he could easily set stuff up. We

worked out some details, just sitting there naked on his couch, I just

became a filthy whore, and didn't really mind.....



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