It was 8 something in the morning. I was sitting on the couch with my man standing in front of me getting his usual head. His semen coats the inside of my mouth. Damn shame he does this to me then leaves for work. My ass be horney ass hell. Today is different though. Steve asked me if I'd have a threesome for him. I told him I didn't do pussy. So he's upset. After he left I decided to call my BFF over. We are both fems. Peaches lived with a older white guy who spoiled him. Steve, my white king, was in his twenties. Peaches said his man suggested a threesome to spice things up. I was shocked cause both of our guys were on the same shit. How dare they? I suggested that we swap men for a one time thing. Peaches was cool with it. She called her man and he was excited! He was so excited that we decided to do it now! I got cleaned up and we headed out. I had to go in drag cause that's how Larry liked to see us. His old ass had two black asses to choose from. We worked him over. We both licked on his cock. He had us side by side doggie style. He went from Peaches' ass to mine. Larry enjoyed himself that day. I stayed soft throughout most of it. Larry just don't do it for me, but I'm not heartless. I was mainly concerned that he enjoyed himself. Our little secret that Steve must never know about. So I asked Peaches to return the favor. He agreed! When Steve got home Peaches was clean and smelled so good. His microbraids hung past his shoulders. He had on white lingerie that complimented his Carmel skin tone. I wore nothing but a black lace see through robe. When Steve saw Peaches his cock bust through his pants. 'Have fun with him then with me', I said to Steve. I sat back and watched my man have passionate sex with my best friend. My cock got harder but U couldn't join yet. The plan was for us to each get him to come close to cumming then switch until we had no choice but to cum. Peaches rode Steve at a steady pace. He felt Steve's cock throb so he eased off. Steve was looking confused. I grabbed two scarfs. I got on top of Steve. I tied his hands to the head board and rode him. I grinded my asshole into his crouch. My man moaned but momma didn't stop. I let him get close to busting and I got up.'Damn, BITCHES!' Steve was mad. Lol! I gave Peaches the ' come here' finger. We both licked his balls and sucked his dick. Peaches was like,' I need some dick!' She got back on him and I took off the scarfs. I let them fuck! He turned Peaches over doggie style and fucked him with furiousness. Peaches like it like that. I heard my friend say, 'I'm cumming!' Then Steve said it too! They came together. After the nut they engaged in a sensual kiss. Peaches suggested watching me and Steve. Me and my man gave Peaches a good show. When Steve started fucking me doggie style Peaches, out of nowhere, put his dick in my mouth. Now I'm getting worked over by both of them. Steve was popping my ass so good I had to stop sucking off Peaches so I could enjoy the nut that was coming. I came all over the bed. Steve kept fucking me too. I went back to sucking off Peaches. Soon Steve came again. Peaches told me to lay down. He got between my legs and put that 12inch cock to use. We gave Steve a show. Peaches made me summit. This man pussy was hers for now and she/he marked his turf by filling my ass with hot cum. We pretty muched fucked off and on for the next few hours. Both our asses are gonna be sore tomorrow.




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