After working fourteen hours a day six days a week I had decided it was time for a well deserved and lenghthy holiday.The business was doing well and could run without me for a couple of months.

It had been five years since I had anything more than a long weekend break .Even longer since I had met any guys ,infact I had all but given up hope of meeting anybody for anything more than a quick one night stand.

For no particular reason other than it looked great in the brochures I had decided on a relaxing tour of the island of Sri Lanka in the Indian ocean.The beaches looked amazing as did the hill country.

After much anticipation the time came for me to depart on my adventure.I had done all the usual planning of where I wanted to visit and for how long I wanted to stay in each location .Guessing it would be quite tiring to travel once I was there I hadnt fitted in too many destinations, but I had decided that my final two weeks would be spent relaxing on the south coast.If the reality only half lived up to the pictures in the brochures it would be paradise.

My first port of call was to an hotel quite close to the airport for the first couple of days .It was a great looking little place .Only half a dozen rooms ,swimming pool,bar and that was about it .After checking in then dumping my bags in the room I made my way straight to the bar beside the pool.There seemed to be a distinct lack of guests which I mentioned to the ever smiling handsome young barman.As it turned out I was infact the only guest they had .We chatted over a few drinks and feeling a little jaded I told the barman I was off to my room.He suggested I order a nightcap in my room which sounded like a great idea,when I agreed he beamed a broad white toothed smile.

Back in my room I quickly showered and put on the bathrobe.There was a quiet knock at the door and when I opened it I was surprised to see the handsome young guy holding my tray , I had expected roomservice to deliver . Anyway , he came in and put the tray down,as hebent over I couldnt help but notice what a lovely shaped arse he had to him and narrow hips,all accentuated by the close fitting sarong he was wearing.He poured my drink and I went to get some money to give him a tip.As I handed over the tip he looked me square in the eyes and smiling yet again he told me he was actually off duty.He took a step back and I couldnt help but notice a distinct rise in the front of his sarong. I stepped towards him suggesting maybe he would like to join me.I was a little taken aback when he just undid the belt of my robe and holding my robe open he looked at my cock and tilting his head sideways he just whispered that my cock was very nice. He stepped me over to the bed and lay me down on it before removing his teeshirt.His body was beautiful.The dark skin looked almost burnished and was perfectly smooth and without hair except for the little wispy hairtrail to his navel.Taking his sarong by the waist he slipped it and his pants down to the floor.The way he bent I couldnt see his cock untill he stood up.Ive seen cocks in my time but this lad was hung long and heavy , he wasnt even fully erect yet,his balls hung low and loose.I was surprised by how dark his balls were and that he didnt have a lot of pubic hair.I turned and sat on the edge of the bed and held his narrow hips pulling him towards my mouth.

His cock was really thick and heavily veined already,the head of it was a kind of purpley black.I cupped his heavy satin soft black balls in my right hand and held his cock still untill I had taken him in my mouth.He gasped and arched his back as I tried to take all of him in my mouth.As I sucked on him it seemed I wasnt going to be able to get all of his cock in my mouth because he was getting even bigger the more I worked on him.

Pulling him onto the bed I went down on him and lined my cock up with his mouth in sixtynine position.Flicking my tomgue around his cockhead and teasing the slit of his cock the same he was in ecstacy.I stopped for a moment to have a good look at his massive dong . When I looked up towards him the smile was even bigger than usual and he sank his mouth round my cock.His dark lips encircled my cock and his cheeks hollowed as he gently sucked on me.It was so erotic watching my white cock slipping in and out of his dark lips , I went back to sucking him and when I made my way onto his pendulous sacks he followed my lead and started licking my balls.He was softly groaning and I was worried he would cum. That was soon over when he told me to lie on my belly.He spread my legs and to my complete surprise went down on me licking my ring ,first slipping his tongue up and down getting my sphinctre wet before teasing me with the tip of his tongue.He was driving me nuts flicking his tongue in and out of me and around my ever slackening hole.I got up on my knees and he took my lead and got even more stuck into my ass with his tongue until he started to introduce a finger as well.

All the while he kept telling me what a nice ass I had and how much he wanted to fuck me , did I want his cock up me , could I take him all the way , he wanted to split my hole open he would fuck me so hard.The combination of the rimming and the dirty talk had me at a fever pitch and all I could think of was getting his big black cock up my arse.

When I stopped him I could see concern in his face untill I had got the condoms and gel from my bag. I had stocked up on both in the hope that I would actually need them.I straddled his legs and put the condom on him,he kept wanting to touch my cock while I did.Moving up him I had my arse perched above his cock and started to rub my soft hole with his cockhead.Just as he was pushing up to get in me I raised away from him and turned round but still straddled him .Looking over my shoulder I told him he could get a better view of his cock going in my arse this way.I carefully lined him up and started to ease down the lenghth of his cock while he held my hips tight.I could feel every inch of his rigid cock split me open untill I was fully down on him .Rolling my hips to get him fitted snugly into me I started to sit up and down slowly being sure to rise all the way up untill only his cockhead was still in me before sliding all the way down onto him again.I wanted to make sure he was getting the best possible view of his cock going into me and hoped that the sight of his black cock penetrating my white arse would prove as much of a turn on for him as it had been for me watching my cock slip in and out of his mouth.

It wasnt at all long before he was gliding up and down me easily and I wanted a good hard fucking so I slipped him out of me and crouching on the edge of the bed he got up behind me and slid his cock slowly into me . Infact he started to fuck me slowly with long slow strokes,precum dripped from the end of my cock, and he soon quickened the pace untill he was pushing in as hard as he could and I was driving my arse back as hard as I could onto his cock.

Im not usually so keen on guys as young as he was because they dont often have the staying power I want when somebody fucks me and I was again worried he would shoot his load too fast.Slipping him out of me I turned and told him we would go another way.

So I lay on the bed and raised my legs for him to put up on his shoulders. Once my legs were up I stopped him going straight back up me while I fingered my wet ring , it wasnt so much of a ring after he had been having a go at me, more like a gaping wet slit.With my wet fingers I guided him into me again and held his cock while he pushed up and down me . His face was a picture of concentration and effort.I dont know if he was determined to give me the best fuck of my life.

To be continued.




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