I spat on my hand and lubed up my hard cock, gotta love morning glory. I gripped my love stick and slid my hand up and down its slick surface. I woke up early this morning; it was my first lecture at 9. Wow, my arm began to ache from the repetitive movement. I could feel the pressure building up, I kept up my speed. I was trying to be quiet; I didn't want to wake up my new roommate. I arrived late last night so I haven't met him yet, it would be a bad start to wake him up from the sound of me jacking off. I was nearly there; I let out a soft grunt. My juices dribbled of my head on to my hand. I got a tissue and cleaned up.

I decided to take a quick shower before I got dressed. I got my towel and other shower stuff and made my way down the hall towards the bathroom. As I got closer I could hear that the shower was on, I could hear someone humming. I peeked through the crack between the door and the door frame. The sight that awaited me was glorious. There he was my new roommate. Stood completely naked, without the shower curtain drawn, hot water and shower gel streamed over his body. He was facing away from me so I had a great view of his back, and his bum. He started rubbing his sun kissed shoulders with his rugged hands. My prayers were answered. He turned around, what I saw was art. He lathered his chiselled abs with shower gel, then moved up to his solid pecks. He started to play with his nipple, I began to blush and I'm sure that if I hadn't just had a wank I would have been hard by now. I had to look away, but before I did I had one last glance at his semi erect penis.

I went into the kitchen to get a drink to cool me down. I couldn't believe that I was going to be living in the same dorm as that beautiful creature. I heard the shower turn off; in a few minutes I was going to have to talk to him, I was now really nervous. The bathroom door opened and he stepped out. I tried to make myself look busy. He walked into the kitchen "Mornin". I turned around and almost fainted, he was only wearing a towel loosely around his waist, and steam was coming off his sexy body. "Morning, did you want some toast?" I was holding a loaf of bread, I wasn't even sure if we had a toaster. "Yeh, ok. Let me put something on first", "Yeh, sure". On his way out of the kitchen his towel slid down a little revealing the top of his crack. I flapped around the small kitchen looking for the toaster; it was only a small thing. The toaster, not his cock. I raided the fridge looking for some butter, luckily there was a tub hid behind some sort of meat.

I was buttering up the toast when he walked back into the kitchen. Wow he knew how to dress. I plated the toast and gave it to him and tucked into mine.

"I'm Callum by the way" I said.

"Jake" he replied.

"What class are you taking then?"

"Health and fitness"

"Cool, I'm taking biology"


That was the extent of our first "conversation". When I finished my toast I went for a quick shower. It was wired knowing that I was stood in the same place as Jake, while he was naked! I gave my hair a quick wash then jumped out. On the way back to my room I glanced back to the kitchen were Jake was still sat. Our eyes locked onto each other's for a split second and I think I saw him blush a little, then I realised that I was the one with a towel wrapped around my waist. I rushed into my room to get dressed. My lecture was going to start soon, I hadn't realised how much time had passed, my mind was on other things.

I packed my bag swiftly, why did I have to spend so long drooling over him when I've got better things to do. Urrgh he's messed with my bed... head, head. Stop thinking about him in your bed. Concentrate.

I got my bag and jacket, then went to the door. "See you later" I hollered. "See you" god was his voice sexy. There was a slight dusting of frost everywhere. A soft wind rustled my hair; I imagined that it was Jake who was playing with my hair. My fantasy ended as quickly as it began. Come on Callum; don't start the most important year of your future thinking about stuff that is never going to happen. That little prep talk only encouraged my penis to fill my mind with delusions of impossible desires.

Once I was at the collage all thoughts of Jake vanished, temporarily. I noticed all these new people who were focused on achieving their goals, He completely made me lose all ambition to do well, my thoughts couldn't stay focused long enough to figure out where my first lecture was going to be. I was beginning to get annoyed with him now.

As I was shuffling down the corridors with all the other newbies, someone bumped into me from my side. "Sorry about that"

"No harm done" I replied. As I turned my head to see who it was, I was awestruck by his appearance. He swiped his blonde hair from under his glasses and gave me a cheeky smile.

"I'm Collin, do you know where the biology lecture is, I'm sort of lost".

Wow, he was cute. "Callum, follow me, I'm in that class as well" a grin sneaked onto my face.


When we arrived at the lecture hall, there were lots of people pilling into seats. "Mind if I sit next to you" Collin asked.

"Sure". As we sat down the lecture was about to begin. Our lecturer was probably one of the most boring people in existence. I just sat there pretending to make notes. The lack of stimulation allowed my mind to wander; the first place it went was the shower. Once I started thinking about Jake naked, wet and hot, it went into overdrive. I imagined what it would be like to touch his firm body, the feel of his perfect skin against mine; I wonder what his cock tastes like. Is he even gay? That thought sort of ruined my fantasy. Then I pictured Collin's cheeky smile, those cute pale lips merging with mine, my hand searching his bleach blond hair.

I felt something against my side. "Are you coming" it was Collin nudging me, everyone was leaving. "Where is everyone going?"

"The class has finished, silly" that comment made me blush. I can't believe I day dreamed through my first lecture. "Come on, I need some food" I followed Colin towards the cafeteria.

When we both got something to eat we found a table to sit at. "God, that was so boring" Colin blew on his coffee. "Yeh, I can't believe how boring it was, did she say anything important?"

"Don't think so, by the looks of it all the class was daydreaming. Like you"

I went red, could I have possibly got a boner while I was dreaming, did Collin see. "It's ok it happens to me as well". God I was so embarrassed. I began to shove crisps down my throat.

"I don't mean to be rude but do you have a girlfriend?" Could this get anymore awkward. I looked him straight in the eye, "No, I'm single, plus I'd much rather have a boyfriend". Why did I just blurt that out, god this was turning into the worst day of my life?

"Wow" Collin grabbed his coffee and left. This was definitely the worst day of my life. I left quickly, trying not to make a scene. I didn't have anything else to do so I decided to go back to my dorm. Luckily the corridors were quiet; it made it easier to leave the collage. As I turned a corner "Callum, wait" my face returned to red with embarrassment and rage. I turned around to look at him but when I did I was knocked off my feat, our lips were pressed against each other's, Collin was leaning heavily against me. Our embrace broke. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry Callum. I didn't mean for that to happen."

"Whoa, it's ok"

"I didn't leave you back their coz you're gay, well I sort of did. I mean I'm gay too and I couldn't believe that you're gay so it just amazed me a bit. I'm sorry"

This new revelation made my head spin. "I'll talk to you tomorrow, Collin"


As I walked back to my dorm, my mind began to convulse with confusion, relief and joy. Collin is gay, does that mean he likes me, well that kiss made it pretty obvious but it was an accident. Urrgh, I have no idea what is going on anymore.

When I walked back into my dorm, I was overcome by a strong desire to sleep. Jake was lounging about in his underwear watching telly. God did he look good. I don't think he heard me come in so I just stood and stared at his outline facing away from me. I just stood there for a few minutes but my desire for rest was becoming stronger by the second. I beckoned to its call and went to my room, stripped down to my underwear and fell asleep instantly.

I didn't get a very good sleep that night, I couldn't keep still, I kept tossing and turning. Maybe it was stress. I thought a drink might help me sleep. As I shuffled in a zombie sleep like manner out of my room, I noticed that the bathroom light was still on. As I got closer I could hear the shower running. Surely Jake couldn't be having a shower at this time of night or was it morning. I peeked through the gap, but I saw no one there. I went to open the door but as soon as I touched the knob the door flew open and a hand grabbed me, throwing me to the floor.

The door slammed shut. A shadow loomed over me. What was going on, I was so scared. My eyes adjusted. It was Jake in front of me. His gaze intimidating. "Well look what we have here" a sly grin spread across his lips. What the hell was going on? "Turns out, you're one of them filth little gay boys"

How dare he say that! I stood up to confront him. He pushed me back down again, hard.

"Haha, you seriously think you can take me?"

Rage filled my body "What do you want you fucked up bastard!"

Jake's smug look of superiority was wiped of his face, only to be replaced by a look of pure disgust. "Looks like someone needs to cool down", what on earth was he going to do to me. I found out the answer pretty quick. Jakes hand clasped my hair, dragging me towards the shower. He shoved me in forcefully. Torrents of freezing cold water gushed over me. My body became ridged and my breath sharp and painful. I tried to escape but his strong hand grabbed my shoulder keeping me fixed in place. "I know you've been watching me, you little freak". The force that was keeping fixed suddenly forced me out and against the wall. I spluttered as I tried to fill my lungs, my body began to shiver. The water dripping from my hair made it difficult to see properly. "You deserve everything you're going to get".

He released his grip and I fell to my knees, I looked up. Why was he doing this? He began to remove his top. His sculptured body seemed to be emitting a soft glow. Smack, his had contacted with my face. "You don't have permission to look, little fagot". My cheek was raw; I hardly had the strength to hold myself up.

Jake dropped his shorts. Standing proud in his tight boxers. "Give me your hand, scum". I obeyed, my arm stretched out limply. He grabbed me by the wrist and put my hand on his bulge. My exhaustion faded and lust began to fill my body, tentatively my fingers responded to his touch, I put some pressure on my hand to stimulate him. "Yeh you like that don't you, faggot", I nodded, my face was nub so I couldn't talk. "Take them off", my hands reached for the waistband of his underwear. I hooked my fingers around it, brushing his smooth pelvis with my fingertips. I slowly began to pull down, afraid and intrigued at what I was going to see up close. It sprang forth, semi erect 7 inch rod. I was amazed that I was so close to it, my jaw dropped. "Yeh, I know you want this", he thrust his hips forward, sliding the tip of his penis against my wet lips. "Umm, yeh". He put his hand on the back of my head, pushing me towards his groin.

I opened my mouth as much as I could, his hard head sided through my lips, I could feel it throbbing. His hand guided my head forward, sliding his cock further down my throat. "Good boy, you've done this before, haven't you", I moaned and nodded my head, causing him to moan with pleasure. His rod slowly retreated out of my mouth. He slapped his cock against my cheek, making it tingle. "I'm going to fuck your face and you're going to like it"

I prepared myself for the promised face fuck. My mouth opened wide, his cock went in, deep. His head tickling the back of my throat. I started to suck as his cock moved backwards. "Yeh, you suck that, uhh". I got a rhythm going, I was starting to enjoy myself, it had been a while since I had a good cock to play with. As I relaxed so did my body, my cock began to get hard. The taste of his cock became moreish. My throat opened up, I tried to swallow all of it. "Oh, fuck" it was all in and it felt amazing. Suddenly I was gagging; he had removed his saliva covered rod from my throat. "I think your enjoying this too much".

He grabbed my head with both hands, fixing me in that place. He rammed his rod in my mouth and just fucked me. I had to concentrate on my breathing otherwise I would of passed out. His cock filled the whole of my mouth and at the speed he was going there wasn't much I could do but just let it happen. I felt so helpless, not in control but I was loving every second of it. His speed got even faster still; I thought I was going to throw up.

He let go of my head, grabbed my hair, tilting my face upward. "Keep your mouth open". His free hand was rapidly stroking his lubed cock, his breath was erratic. "Fuck yeh!!" His cock shot warm salty semen into my mouth. "Swallow it!" and I did, his juices going down my throat made me so hard.

"Get up!" I looked him in the eye, I wanted to please him but I also resented him. "Get up, now!" I couldn't. He hooked his hand under my armpit, pulling me up. "In the kitchen now!" I was pushed down the short hallway, into our small kitchen. "Bend over, cocksucker" Jake bent me over the table, ripped of my wet underwear. "What are you doing?"

"I'm making you ready" what did that mean. "AHH" my arse stung from his hand going across me. Again, Again, Again. "Ahh, fuck" my bum was red from the spanking. "Yeh, you like that, don't you", my breath quickened, I moaned. Slap, "Fuck" I couldn't take much more of this. He started to rub my arse, my senses were heightened from my beating, I felt every inch of his touch. It was exhilarating.

"I'm going to fuck your hole. But first" I had no idea of what was going to happen next. Jake knelt down on one knee. His hands clasped my arse cheeks, exposing my hole. I felt his breath against my rim. His tongue circling my hole, saliva flowing down my crack. A wave of pleasure went over me, his tongue sliding over my opening. Goose pimples stood on every inch of my body. "Awww, yeh" moans of delight escaped from my lips. Jake rose, leaving my crack dripping with his saliva. "I'm going to destroy you"

I clenched my teeth and inhaled sharply, Jake inserted his finger into me. Making sure I felt everything. He slid his other finger in and started to push in and out. All my senses were tingling; my mind was consumed by his touch.

I felt empty as he withdrew his fingers from my rectum. Jake sniffed his fingers "Fuck yeh, taste yourself" He shoved his fingers into my mouth, a meaty earthly taste spread it's self across my tongue. I gaged. Jake began to jack off "I'm going to fuck you so hard" I was excited, I wanted him inside me.

I heard the condom being put on, his head touched my hole. The cold texture of his wrapped cock pressed against me. There was little resistance. "Fuck, yeh" his cock kept on filling my hole, I didn't know how much more of his meat I could take but it just went deeper and deeper. "Ohhh, yeh, ohhh, yeh" it felt like an eternity, him filling me completely. Then it began. His rod retreated from me, making me feel empty. My breath became shallow, his heavier. His hips thrust forward, jolting me against the table, this was heaven. His hips swung more freely with every thrust. His strength focused in his groin, beating my entry. My vision became blurred, hot saliva filling my mouth as he pounded me furiously.

I was on the brink of climax, my prostate quivering with pleasure as he fucked me like I've never been fucked before. His hands holding my waist close to his molten body. My mind was closed off from my body, my lips let out moans that hadn't been processed. My body was in control. Jake's thrusts were getting faster and harder. I couldn't take it anymore. My body quivered uncontrollably, "FUCK" my cock expelled hot streams of seamen, my prostate straining with pleasure. My rectum contracted, squeezing tightly around Jakes burning cock, causing him to unload into me again. "Oh, shit"

My body lay against the table, exhausted. Jakes cock still inside me pulsing away. He pulled out. I collapsed to the floor. Jake was covered with sweat, Lust burning deep in his eyes. He lowered himself, his face only inches away from mine. "You're going to be my fuck slave from now on, if you tell anyone about this I will make your life hell. Do you understand me!" I nodded. "Good". Darkness overtook my vision, I passed out.

My alarm clock woke me up, I was in bed. I pulled the covers off and noticed there was a cum stain, did last night happen or was it only a wet dream? It felt real, not like a dream. I got dressed. Jake was in the kitchen. It looked tidy. I went in. I looked at Jake "Mornin" I nodded and replied "Morning" everything seemed normal, maybe it was a dream, maybe not.


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