First story. Been reading erotic gay fiction since it was created. Kinda doing this on a whim I hope you like it. I enjoy hypnotic reluctant yet non reluctant sex also tentacle and monster stuff, so i figured this would be a good way to put together a series if it becomes a thing.


    It had been hours since his last rest. The armies of hell were after him around every corner. Mars was overrun. Whatever the UAC did it was his problem now. Escape was everything driving him through the brutal hordes of hell. There were human bodies now possessed by demons armed to the teeth around every corner. He didn't care, his hunger and bloodlust were insatiable. He would murder every last one of these fuckers and satan himself if that's what it took to go home.

   He was exhausted, enraged and covered in blood. It has been what feels like days since he last had rest. After finding a red key to get to the exit of the he felt something strange when he touched the key. A kind of calm came over him for a moment he hadn't felt in what felt like forever. Images in his mind that to himself were familiar, but strange to be thinking at a time like this. Having just arrived, he really doesn't know his way around the facility. Which makes it a nightmare when you're trying as quickly as you can to escape hell. As he found the red door there was a huge sign above it that read "UAC LAB".

    He opened the door only to find an airlock with a ten foot square floor and another metal door in front of him. As he stepping in the door behind him slammed shut a little faster and harder than normal. The lights went out. He was immediately alarmed, at least he had a full suit of armor. Thank god for them, he has gone through six of them. Each saving his life from otherwise deadly wounds. He know whatever was behind that door he would charge forward into battle and die a warrior. As the hatch opened he immediately sprinted into the darkness only to find it pitch black. However he felt a calming sense. The same he felt when he grabbed the key. A deep chilling voice of a demon spoke calmly "Welcome to the second circle of Hell."

    He fired his weapon only to find that he was met by more darkness. He had been tricked it seemed. He found himself trudging forward into the dark bravely yet his heart was racing with a mix of fear and the strange calmness and thoughts from before. I cant find or touch anything its like i'm nowhere. "Your weapons and your mask. Those are what i require if you want to continue." He had seen other dead marines who's masks he could use as a replacement, but he couldn't part with his weapons? What felt like an eternity passed, and after not finding a feature in the dark nor a ray of light, he conceded and took of his helmet, and dropped his weapons. "Good boy" it's almost as if the voice was IN his head.

    He sat. Alone in the pitch darkness. bored and hungry honestly, If your going to kill me than kill me. It was hot, he was dripping sweat just sitting there. He had no water and lost his rations to the darkness. This is a trick, he is trying to torture me. I will last till my last breath, he told himself. and took off his armor and combat boots. Got down to my underwear and sat down to accept his fate. the heat had him hallucinating.

    Feeling more of the strange calmness, the images were starting to manifest in front of him. he felt a stirring in his shorts. They were in his head. They knew his deepest desires and his cock was starting to betray him. Cocks. He couldn't get them off his mind. At home on leave he can get hard for cocks all he wants, but in the second circle of hell the fear of where this was going was making the arousal that much more erotic. He tried his best to resist, but his hands weren't being controlled by the head on his shoulders anymore, and they went to his meat. He pulled it through the hole in his shorts and slowly slid his fingers up and down his hardening shaft. Each stroke sent him a little closer to what was the norm for him back home. Being a slave to cock. He loved sucking and stroking and fucking but most of all what he loved was drinking cum. Milking a mans cock and feeling the cum spray all over wherever that man wanted was what he breathed for. He now was at the point where he knew he would betray himself and suck any hot cock put in front of him. A door filled with blinding light opened right in front of him 15 feet from where he was standing. He was a sight to behold. Muscled stud drenched in sweat with his rock hard demon killing cock in his hand. Without thought or hesitation, before his eyes adjusted to the light, he stepped into the room...

    The light was too bright, he though he could make out the floor when he shielded his eyes, but he wasn't sure. "Welcome to your dreams" The voice spoke inside of his head. Or was it actually speaking? he couldn't tell. His eyes adjusted to the light as it faded down to about the same as a dark theater. He knew what he felt under his feet, but couldn't believe his eyes. Cocks. Everywhere. 9 hot thick cocks per square foot. The floor. The walls. The ceiling. All covered in hot hard cocks. His lust was not his own anymore. In the center of the room was a chair, made completely of thick fuckin juicy hard cocks. He knew they knew. He was being bought with his greatest fantasy. slowly, he walked over to the chair, and sat on it, running his hands over the ten cocks that made up each arm of the chair. the wall in front of him began to project images to him. Hypnotic images. Hypnotic gay cocksucker anal slut hypnosis. He was already all of those things. He let go into the chair. Sat in the usual masturbating position and starting to stroke his own cock while he explored the cocks with his hands.

    It was as if they were all connected, When he got one hard they all seemed to get hard. "Give that fat cock a kiss. Fulfill your dreams." The voice spoke, He obliged. He grabbed one of the nine inch cocks and went to work. He loved sucking cock, so this would be his best ever. He kissed the tip to get some wet on there then took a good six inches on his first plunge. It was as if all the cocks felt it. It was as if they all moaned at once. It was so intoxicating. As he proceeded to be the cocksucker he is he barely felt the cocktacles that came out of the chair. He finally was able to work the whole cock down his throat. When he deepthroats, it sends a indescribably wave of pleasure into his cock. The pressure of the deepthroat makes his cock throb. "You are now my cock slave. There is no escape. You don't want to escape. You will stay in this room for eternity and personally please every last cock in here." He momentarily removed the cock, and moaned "Yes, Master." and that is when the cocktacles grabbed him.

    They were nice and rough with him. one wrapped around his stomach. One wrapped around his neck like a leash. Then each wrists and ankles. They pinned him back in the seat. The cock he was sucking grew out of the chair arm and began throat fucking him against the back of the chair. There were cocktacles everywhere. Rubbing and exploring every inch of his body, one was wrapped around his grateful cock slowly pumping on it while they had their way. He was in compete and utter submissive ecstasy.  He could make out the projected images of cocks through the swarm of cocks slapping his face, fucking his mouth, teasing his body. rubbing his ass cheeks, poking at his hole.  The benevolent creature responsible for all this was merciful and provided precum from the cocks rubbing his ass getting it ready to serve.

    As he looked down at his hard cock being pumped he noticed a pressure on his ass, but it was from under him, then it arose over his hips. The chair had a giant 12" massive blood red cock on the edge of it. That must be the devils cock, he thought. The tentacles began to enter his ass, slowly, fucking him and pleasing him while also getting him ready. "tell me" was all it had to say. "Please fuck me! Please use me Master. I'm your cock slave forever please fuck me!" He was gently lifted, he felt the huge fat tip of the devils cock pierce his hole and felt an insane rush of pleasure, the cocktacle pumping his cock knew he would cum so it immediately stopped. he was replaced on his back, now only filled with his masters meat. He had achieved his ecstasy. The cock buried in his throat and the monster on his prostate cause his cock to start to rumble. He didnt cum, he edged so close the the cum started to make its way, but the pleasure peaked early, and one hot stream of cum slowly leaking out of his tipped. He had never meant a moan the way he did then. When that cum leaked when he hit that high of a peak he was completely a slave to satans cock the proof was running down his cock.

    He saw every cock in the room and chair were painfully hard. Throbbing like a wave around the room. He wanted it. The huge cock pumped his ass as he was pinned to a chair made entirely of hard hot cocks in a room covered floor to ceiling in hard cocks. His throat was open cocks pumped and went as they pleased. He knew it, they were in his head and he knew it, they were going to start to cum. "Good cock slave. You serve me well. Beg for your reward." He was completely a slave to the cock. He loved pleasing then and the pleasure cumming cock gave him can't be matched. "Please Master please bathe me in your seed. Feed me your cum" The hunger of having not eaten since he arrived made him even more ready to feed hungrily on all of this seed.

    It started with the cocks taking turns on his throat, without warning, other than the increased pumps, it squirted the first few pumps down his greedy throat, then pulled out and came in his mouth and on his face. He never tasted anything so delicious and he is going to feed on every last drop he can he will beg to drink every last drop he can. The cock that replaced that also pumped cum down his throat. Then it happened. They all started to cum. Thousands of cocks, hundreds at a time, started to spurt cum all over the room and chair and him. He loved being a cock slave to the devil, feeling him fill up his tight slave hole was starting to overtake the edge of his climax. drinking load after load feeling them cum on his ass and his cock and stomach. He was drenched in cum head to toe and begging to be fed more. His hunger was relentless. Finally, he couldn't resist anymore, and it was as if he was in his head. Right as the devil pumped splurt after huge splurt of cum in his willing slave ass, his own cock erupted and over his head then onto his face and some in his mouth then 12 more hot gay spurts onto the rest of his body. without a sound other than his heavy breathing. The room went dark, and he lost consciousness.


Doom Guy


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