I'm married, I enjoy my wife. I am 5'7', 155 pounds, and keep in darn good shape.

But when I am alone, and hard, I think differently. I totally love my cock, everything about it, from the aroma to the way my balls move inside the ball sack. That gets the juices flowing quickly, leading to a small but tasty pool of precum. I am hungry for precum, it is so sweet and makes me want more. At some point in this flood of thoughts, I realized that I am behaving like a homosexual, and that naughty word, homosexual, gets me harder still. I get to admit how much I enjoy other men's cocks. And then I start to think about the times I have 'cheated' and had sex with men. It doesn't feel like cheating, it feels like being drawn in by an enormous sexual tide. I have learned to ride that tide to a climax, and the amount of cum I have produced is evidence of the joy of gay surfing. Let me tell you what works for me.

I have traveled to a guys house that I have talked to explicitly about man-2-man sex. There is no doubt sex is going to happen. That explains the all-morning boner I have. I need to relax a little with this guy. I am not the sort to dive down to the tool. I start with a caress, because that is a non-verbal way to say 'we are going to have sex soon, relax, enjoy'. A hand gets put on a thigh, and it stays there, and both parties smile because a new connection has been made, not yet sex, more sensual, pay attention to that thigh, it will be involved in sex later. I start to relax, and the clearest sign that I am relaxing is that I let my legs spread open. I look my buddy in the eye to say thank you, and we move together to kiss. There are so many different kinds of kiss, like the very first one, where you say to each other, we are having sex now, us buddies, us two men, because there is no where else in our culture where men kiss, it is only if two men have every intension of having some sort of homosexual sex. In relaxing mode, I let my lips part, and he enters me with his tongue. I am thinking of him bending me over and entering me: it makes the kisses more intense. We might not get there, but I think about it as my hole twitches in anticipation. This is my 'I want to be your bottom bitch' kiss, very wet, warm, opening up. I am enjoying his sexual aggression, and opening up more. Time to turn the tables, and be aggressive myself. After all, this is two men competing in the sexual arena for sexual domination. I don't want to be a girlie femme, but am a manly bitch, just as strong and manly as my partner. He needs to know that, and I show him by sticking my tongue in him. These are my aggressive kisses. Even while being aggressive, I want him to know I will treat his most sensitive organs gently. It is a challenge to be both aggressive and sensitive at the same time.

Of course my hands are on his cock, and his hands are on my cock. At this point I am torn: I want to be totally naked, and I want to get his cock in my mouth. The shirt comes off, and I head down to meet the meat. I like to make a gentle introduction. Cocks are not only strong and manly, but they are very sensitive, aware of all little things that are going on around them. I like to lick cock through the underwear. It takes a lot of saliva, but drooling on a cock makes my loins throb. I can see his bone starting to wake up. I love every twitch he makes. I want this cock to love me as much as I love him. He has now gone straight from my homosexual attention. I pull back his underwear to expose this beautiful expression of maleness. I wait a moment, admiring, before a tide of gay hormones pulls me in to make that first wet kiss. I form an O with my lips, because cocks love holes, and I want this cock to know I am a warm hole. I give this beautiful cock a bit more with each pass, a little deeper a little more suction. Variety is good, so I break my O-ring hold, and lash the cock with my tongue. Back to the tight O, I go down further. My hands are all over his thighs. I cradle his balls. When they move in my hands, my balls also jump because two men together are breaking some rules and enjoying it. I have to give his balls a tongue bath, and let my fingers rub the saliva-slick shafter. I try to take a ball into my mouth - a delicate operation - but his moan tells me it was the right thing to do. His small sound of sex effects me. I leave his tool behind and give him a solid French kiss, all tongue and saliva, but now I have the taste of his cock on my tongue, and we are sharing it. This is the blow job kiss, the I want you to enjoy your own cock kiss. My cock may not be getting much physical attention, but there is so much sex in the air, it is throbbing all on its own. I have to return to the blow, and go down all the way to the base. The cockhead goes to a particularly deep and warm spot which all men appear to enjoy.

I shouldn't admit to doing this, but in the midst of doing a deep blow job, I squeeze my butt hole closed, then let it relax. I let my ass think about riding this stiff, wet shaft that is in my mouth now. It is my backside thinking about fucking that keeps me so motivated for the blow job. I work that hard shaft, keeping it all wet, keeping it all in motion. If I do my job right, he has to call me off from the blow job or he will blow. We kiss again, the apres-blow job kiss, and I relax a little in his arms, so he knows I am open, available. The smallest gesture of domination - he pushing me back onto my back - and I moan is sexual anticipation. I am naked, hard, and my legs have fallen apart, open. As he moves to my center, my legs widen more, the clearest signal I can give him that whatever he does down there will be appreciated. There is such a big pool of precum, he has to start at my cockhead. He takes it in slow, and it feels magical and intense at the same time. I know this man loves to suck my cock. I have yet to have relations with a woman who enjoy it, but men are avid cock suckers. I'm in a sexual trance, this man doing so many warm, wet things to my cock, I cannot keep track of what is going on. My hands roam through his hair, saying, yes, this is so good. I start a slow thrust of the hips, so he knows just how he is affecting me. I cannot take too long a blow job without blowing, and have to call him off the shaft.

From our email exchanges, he knows the kinds of things I like, and at the top of the list is rimming. I have a small, firm bubble butt that begs for attention by squirming ever so slightly. I am on my back, and I feel him shift my legs, so there is more curve to my back, and my hole is up, waiting for him. He kisses my anus dead-on center, like a man who likes to have anal sex with men does, and I let out the loudest moan of our encounter so far. My hole is still thinking about his cock, but it is feeling all that tongue. My hands still play with his hair, but he is lower on me now, we both know it. This is a form of secret pleasure only two men can enjoy. If he is really good, he will break contact to give me a rimming kiss, proud of the taste of my man cunt on his tongue, and I don't shy away from the message that we are very close to needing to fuck man to man. He returns to my pulsing hole, reaming it with his tongue, opening it firm tongue jabs. There was no doubt where we were headed, two naked, hard, horny men, and his reaching for the lube is just part of the play. I like to be finger fucked, it is fucking the easy way. I grab for all the finger I can with my ass, I want it strong. He pushes his finger in so hard he almost lifts me off the bed. This is man sex, strong and obscene, cram my man cunt with more. He does, with two fingers, maybe three, I cannot tell.

We've entered that part of the hookup with no talking except the sounds of sex; grunts from pushing things in deep, moans from a bitch that needs more, the variety of sounds that tongues make while having sex. There is another important sound: the tear of a condom being opened. That gets my hungry hole twitching, a Pavlov's dog reaction. There is that quiet negotiation over what position this pair of men will fuck in, the longest phrase said aloud being 'on your back', 'on your stomach', or 'doggie style'. I want what he wants; there is no more homosexual union than this. The first thrust in has yet to be easy, the bottom has to be open enough, the top hard enough, and all has to be in alignment. Maybe we need a few mirrors so both men can watch the head of the cock press against the hole. I'd love to be able to watch that as it happened, me taking him in, in the most intimate way. I'll just have to imagine it for right now, hot.

In, he is in me. I get lost for a moment on that thought, the idea made a reality. We are fucking. Fucking is intense. Fucking is animal. I need to be a strong male animal getting fucked by another male animal. I want to see him grab my hips so he can thrust into me deep. I clamp down on his tool with my strong man cunt, then relax, and clamp down again. It takes a lot of work, even more concentration, to keep on contracting my anus, but I know it will feel better for him. I need to be a responsive, manly, bottom bitch. If I can give him a hug, I hug him hard. If I can grab his ass, my fingers leave prints. If we kiss, we kiss like to men in the white heat of passion.

The more animal I get, the more grunts, grips, and clamps, the closer I get to cumming. From practice with the lady, I know perry early when the switch has been pulled, and I will go off that cliff. I let my partner in this consensual sexual crime know I am going to blow, so he can watch me and fuck me at the same time. I switch into low gear, my voice getting lower. I gather up all my energy, and put it all in that place between my balls and butt hole. I keep it tight, and breath deep, this requires all the air I can give it. All the muscles get tight, I get a slight sweat going, and then the spasms start, the first one smaller, the second and third ones big and so wet. I often shoot far, over my shoulder, onto the sheets. And I make a lot of fluids, far more than with the misses. I am drenched in all this cum, and he is still fucking me, and I take it like a good bitch should. I make him cum doing whatever he asks of me.

We must not neglect the wind down time, the smells of cum, lube, ass, and sweat - all the signs of man sex. The heart rate is coming down, but the memories of all that animal action still fresh. I caress my man lover who helped me feel like a man, a complete, sexual man, and I kiss him again, wrap my legs around his. I let him casually finger my hole, the location of all that action. That was not a 'homosexual tendency', that was 100% man sex, and there is plenty of cum on these sheets to prove it.

Enjoy the wife, but sometimes a man needs to be with another man.



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