I rolled my eyes for the millionth time. I could tell this going to be a long boring ass weekend. Don't get me wrong. It's rare for me to be home by myself, considering I live with my two brothers Jordan and Sebastian. But I'd rather be in the arms of some hot Cowboy down near the ranch they headed out to. Here I was near 20 and still a virgin. Sebastian and his chick took Jordan and his boyfriend Elliott to the ranch in El Paso. I wanted to go but he laughed and said. 'Couples onl.' and slammed the door in my face. Talk about a complete letdown. Even though I did have one friend, Peke and we been friends for about a little more than a year, nothing was made offical yet. I could hear Sebastian laughing telling me his famed philosaphy 'Only tall people can be Tops and Doms.' I was determined one day I was going to prove that theory different. One day, that I promised. Then there a knock on the door, disturbing me from my dark, bitter thoughts. I slipped on my robe and headed to the front door. I already knew who it was cause the knock was very distinctive. I opened it and the cold night air greeted me, as well as Peke.

'HeyHot-Rod.' he greeted me. He always calls me Hot-Rod because I have a serious Leadfoot on the highway. I call him Cowboy for the simple fact that's what he was, at least to me. Everyone else calls me Ari, which is short for Arthur.

'Hey Cowboy.' I said half heartedly. My thoughts returned sooner than I thought. Sebastian's stupid theory about being Tall has to do with being a Top really pissed me off. I'm sure there was other short guys like me that were Tops. I was fairly sure. But if there wasn't, I was going to be the first. Peke was telling me about his life and visiting uncle Rusty was a horndog. I laughed at that. I met his uncle once kind of by accident. We were going to dinner and he was in the living room being fucked by one of those machines that fucks you. Me being a little younger than Peke, since he was almost 23, I didn't know alot about that stuff. I was pretty simple: Rope, handcuffs bandanas and maybe some leather, which I had thanks to Jordan.

'You haven't been paying attention were you?' Peke snorted.

'Not really.' I admitted. 'It's that stupid Sebastian. He said only tall people can be Tops. Can you believe it?' I slumped in the recliner in the living room. All my anger was on my face and I didn't even attempt to hide it. 'He thinks that because Peke is way taller than me' I thought bitterly. Peke was 6'4' (6'6') in boots, a foot taller than me. Peke leaned forwards and tried to kiss me, but I turned my face away, signaling I was not in the mood to makeout.

'Come on Ari. People are goin' to talk regradless. It's just common. About 80% of people in world are Tall and Top people.' I glared and sent my menacing look to the ceiling, muttering to myself I wish i didn't exist or was taller, at least 5'8', which was Jordan's height. He noticed my face just got darker and sighed. 'What's it gonna take for you to snap outta this funk?' he asked me. As if in reply, I stood up and strolled to my bedroom which was the largest one in the house considering i had a lot of junk. Peke followed behind me. My face was grim look of determination. Once I got there, I set up my camera which I was goin' to use to videotape everything. It wasn't the first time I used it on Peke ot any guy for that matter. Peke and I have a hidden language. He sees me with a camera, it basically means strip. So he did without me having to say anything. My face is very expressive and half glad that it is. I hated sounding like a parrot most of the time. I walked to my humongous ass closet and pulled out some old ties, bandanas and of course my rope which i only used once. At this pointhe was laying on his back, staring at me. He smiled but his eyes reflected confusion and a small bit of uncertainty. But it was too late to back out now. In a semi daze I tied him to the headboard of my bed. After I had him securely tied to the bed posts, I stared at his beautiful furry torso. 'Hey.' he said, snapping me out my daze. He didn't seem to mind it though. 'What?' I asked.

'Well you're just staring at me with your mouth open.' Peke replied. 'You got this far, Hot-Rod. Come on. Do something to me. Something you always wanted to do.' That list was so outragishly long. I wanted to ride him. I wanted to tease his nips until he begged me to stop. He read my eyes and said. 'Go for it.' I climbed on top of him and started by sucking his sensitive nips. He howled and flinched a little. Maybe I surprised him or pulled too hard. Then I took off my robe and slid my dick in his naval. He gasped and moaned at that. I rubbed my hard dick into his furry pits which made him wild as he tried to close his pit onto my dick.

'In all my life, I never imagined this!' Peke gasped as I climbed off and switched on the camera and held up one of the ties. 'what are you going to do with that?' he asked when the answer was quite obvious but I replied, 'You'll see.' As I tied it around his eyes. 'Hey.' Peke said trying to find my face which was just out of reach. I jogged to Jordan's room to borrow his lube and as well found a box of condoms. I was always really cautious. Just never know cause well, shit happens.

'Ari? Buddy? I'm freaking out.' Peke whimpered a little bit, snapping me out my oasis again. I jogged back into the room and kissed him. He smiled again and laughed. He felt the condom go on his dick. 'Huh?' he asked preplexed.

'I'm goin' ridin'.' I told him, lubing up my asshole. I knew this was going to hurt like hell. I just knew it cause Jordan told me the first time is usually the worst. But I gathered all my courage and went for it. The nagging theory of Sebastian made me angry and horny both at the same time. So I mounted on. It didn't take Peke long to find out what I was doing. He gasped as he bent his knees to my back, giving me some support and so I could lean back without falling on my head. He thrusted his huge pole up me. I felt like I was riding metal. My tight hole preventing him entry till I sat down on his cock it went past the muscle and I swore it was just inches from my prostate. It was hell but the pain faded shortly. I was now liking the fact of Peke's hard prick up in me. Sebastian didn't like cowboys like I did and now I was having my first.

Not with just anyone though.

I was here, riding a Cowboy who was taller than I was. With the camera rolling as proof that the shorter guy could be a top -- if the other guy allowed it of course. But all too soon I was close and he was too. But I had an idea as I hopped off, surprised at the odd feeling now slowly vanishing. I jerked my dick right next to his hairy pit. He looked toward my direction cause I was breathing heavily. 'Hot-Rod what the hell...' He didn't finish his question and I couldn't get any words out before I came all over his pit and side of his face. Peke stuck his tongue out and licked the sides of his face and I moved closer so he could clean my dick with his tongue. This was without a doubt the funniest yet most awkward thing I done. I hopped off and switched off the camera. I watched it again minutes later after Peke was untied and streching his stiff arms. He didn't take off the blindfold however, he just leaned in towards me and kissed the nape of my neck. This time I allowed it. He stayed the weekend and we fucked about half a dozen more times with me as a Top each time. Sevastian and Jordan came home late Monday afternoon. I waited in the living room with the DVD already in the player, considering Peke and I watched it at least a dozen times.

'What you smiling about?' Sebastian demanded in place of hello.

'Watch.' I replied as I turned on the player. At once Sebastian's mouth hung open in shock and horror. That right there, in full color was the proof I had to finally contradict his bullshit theory.

'But there's no way...' he started.

'Take your bullshit theory to the bank and sell.' I sneered as I called his girlfriend about my proof (since Sebastian her the same shit as well since she was almost the same height as me) She came about an hour later red as a tomato. I handed her my rope and handcuffs and my camera to show to her friends if needed be. What happens to Sebastian my stupid ass older brother?

Ah but that's another story for another time. Ha Ha.



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