Hypnosis is a dying form of therapy. I’ve been a hypno therapist for 20 plus years and every year I get less and less clients. My name is Sam. I’m a 52-year-old man living in small town outside of Dallas. I have my own home, car, and a goldfish for a pet. I’m single at the moment due to work but even now my work has dwindled. I am gay and have been for most of my life. I am now classified as a daddy or silver fox by the gay community. I have silver hair, a muscular build, and I’m known for being quite kinky in the sack. Yet none of that matters because I’m about to lose everything.

            It was a Wednesday afternoon and I had just got finished with a client when I received a letter on my door. I have been delaying my mortgage payment due to financial constrictions. I used to have 50 clients a week and now I can only mange 5. I was going to have to find a way to come up with some money or be put out on the streets.

            One late Friday afternoon I decided to go to my bank and try for a loan extension. My usual teller was not there. Instead, in her place, was a younger man wearing a navy blue suit and tied typing frantically at his computer. He had short brown hair, chin stubble, husky/average size build to him, and a fresh tan. He also had a name tag that read “Chandler”. Even though I found him to be slightly attractive I knew I had business to take care of.

            “Excuse me sir? Can you help me?” I asked nicely.

“Sure! What can I do for you?” he had a snotty bravado about him.

            “I need to get an extension on my house. I’m sure I could come up with the money in a month or so, but business is lacking at the moment. I need to come up with the money in two weeks and they want the money in full. Can you help me out?”

“I’ll see what I can do.” 2 hours flew by. The young teller never showed back up. I went to investigate and found him outside talking on the phone, sounded like his girlfriend, so I decided to spy. He said, “I’ll be off late tonight. I’ll meet you at the club. I’m having to work on this faggot’s case. This fag wants a loan extension. Right! Fucking queers need to get out of here!” That was all I need to hear.

            Moments later he came back in and delivered me the “bad” news. “sorry but at the moment this bank can’t afford to offer out extensions. You can try again in a couple weeks. Sorry.” He had a slight grin, he was proud of himself. I got up from his booth and made my way out the doors. This fucker messed with the wrong fag!

            Night had finally come. I watched him walk from the bank to a nearby parking lot. I followed him hastily. When he reached his car I decided to confront him. “So what part of me bothers you the most? The fact that I have sex with men or more sex than you?” The sly bastard turned around ready for a comeback. But before he could respond, I waved my hourglass chain in front of him and he was in a trance.

You are getting lost. You are getting so lost. You are lost in my voice. You love my voice. My voice soothes you. You will obey my voice because you love my voice. You will never tell my voice no. My voice is your love. Obey me and love me. You will obey. Obey. Obey. Obey.” With those words this fucker was mine. “With every snap of my finger you will obey my voice. With every clap of my hands you will awaken. You love my voice.” He was fully conditioned.

            “First order of business, take me to your home!” Snap. He immediately got in the car and drove me to his house. He had a nice lush condo. He took me inside and stayed near the entrance. “Remove your shirt!” with those words Chandler removed his shirt. He revealed a nice chest and stomach. Very husky and hairy. His nipples were huge and I wanted to see more. “Get your nipples erect boy!” Chandler pinched his nipples and played with them while I watched. His pink nips were starting to get red. “Stop! Take off your pants!” Chandler slowly unzipped his pants and was sporting some old saggy grey boxer briefs. “This won’t do. Take off your underwear!” When he removed his underwear I got a glance at his flaccid hair cock and balls. His cock was about 6 inches soft. I knew he was a grower. I told him to move to the couch while I started phase two of his humiliation.

            I had brought a bag of clothes with me. I was going to make him a slut for the night so he needed to look the part. “Go into the bathroom and shave your balls and trim your pubes.” With those order Chandler walked from the couch to the bathroom and began his ritual. He put water on his nutsack and added some shaving cream. He shaved himself really good and bare. Next he took his facial trimmers and buzzed the thick bush surrounding his cock. When finally got finished he looked more like the slut I wanted him to be.

            “Get dressed!” Chandler grabbed the clothes out of the bag I brought and started to dress himself. First he slipped on a white jockstrap that I had cum in the previous night. His ass looked like a nice bubble waiting to be popped. Next he slipped on a black fishnet shirt. Next he put on white sock and black combat boots. He finally put on a collar around his neck and was ready to go.

            The first stop we made was to a gay club, called Tricks. It was full of little twinks dying for different breeds of men. The moment my hypno slave entered the club all eyes were on him. “Take the first man that talks to you into the bathroom and suck his cock. Swallow his load.” Snap. Chandler roamed the clubbed until a young boy, slim, blonde, fit, and around his early 20’s, approached the two of us. “Hi!” he said to Chandler. Chandler immediately took him to bathroom and pulled the boys pants down. The dude was in shock. The guy had a nice 7 inch cut cock with minimal hair. Chandler put his wide mouth on the cock and started sucking. “Oh shit!” The young man cried out during his blowjob. Other men from around the club watched. I whispered in chandler’s ear, “Spread your asshole open!” Chandler did just that. He opened his tight hairy hole and the men around us started jacking in unison. One passerby even put a couple fingers in Chandlers jungle of an ass. Three more guys fingered his asshole with one even shoving his fits all the way up there. The sucking sounds Chandler made as he slurped the ready to blow cock were arousing. With a final thrust of his waist, the man finally came down Chandlers throat. Chandler swallowed every drop. We were not done yet.

            Our next trip was to a local gay cruising spot were older men in their 60’s would go. An older man walked by the two of us as we sat on a park bench. “how much for the young cub?” He asked me. “He’s for free tonight only!” I responded. The old man cheered happily and we followed him to his home. The older man showed us to his lair in the basement. The man was into BDSM. The old man changed into a pair of chaps, showing his hairy cock and ass, and a leather harness around his man boobs. He told me earlier what he wanted to do with chandler and I obliged him. “Put your hand up. Get your cock hard.” Chandler did just that. I could see his massive boner trying to break free from the jockstrap. The older man bound Chandler’s hands and then cut off the jockstrap. Chandler was hiding a massive 9-inch cock. The thing even turned a bit to the left. The older man began to use a flogger and flogged him. Chandler was all red. Next he took the biggest dildo he could find and shoved it up Chandler’s asshole. The dildo definitely stretched the hole. After that the old man applied a cock ring around the base of the penis and then tied up the balls. Finally, the old man pulled out his drenchers and began to suck on chandler’s cock. Chandler never moaned or did anything but I knew he wanted to. Suddenly Chandler jerked a little and a fountain of cum came drizzling out if his cock. The old man let it all fall to the ground and laughed hysterically. The old man paid me anyways and we were off or a final finale.

            Morning came and Chandler woke up not remembering anything. I saw him again on Monday morning and he had no clue of what transpired. I went to his booth yet again and asked for the same thing. “Give me my loan extension!” He grinned again. He was ready to say no when all of a sudden I snapped.

            Chandler got up from his booth and started to remove his clothes. Everyone in the bank stared in shock and the cell phones finally came out. He was in his blue briefs when the dancing started and the bank crowd began to laugh. Their laughter tuned to horror when all of a sudden he removed his briefs and dangled his erect cock around. He moved it around like a helicopter and made it hit his stomach back and forth. Finally, he turned around and opened up his asshole and started to finger himself. Security came instantly. He never even hesitated but kept offering up his asshole.

            Chandler is now in prison and still under my trance. I visit him every now and then and I make sure he is sucking off the security guards and offering up his own ass for the prisoners. He gets out in a few months and I got my home loan extension. As for the old man, I sold him Chandler for the home loan! Don’t fuck with a hypnotist.



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