quinn parsons lived his small live,in a small town in colorado.so it made sense that when he graduated high school,hed take over the world.and for the most part he did.finishing college at the top of his class.

ryan underwood was just the same.he was nothing short of perfect.on grad night in high school he annouced hed been scouted by usc.and would be playing for their school next year. no one doubted he would lead them to a flawless year

and thats what they both did. bought glory not only for themselve but those around them.quinn grabbing acolades his freshman year from just about everyone.and ryan did the exact same,being a highlight on sportcenter every other week. hed recently even been seen hanging with one of the olsons. been the most buzzed about draftee chos osing to sign with the colts.after high school they seperated.until one fateful night.

walking the streets of miami had always been a dream for quinn.he had come to terms with being gau when he was seven.his parents accepted it when he bought home a beautiful boy from the rival school debate team for new years 07 even going as far as to leave them in privacy,although nothing happened. hed been in a rut recently.hed just broken up with his college boyfriend for the third time and was 'long overdue for someone new' as he wrote in his breakup text.he walked into a bar that he frequented weekly,sat down at the bar and begged for straight vodka.

ryan had an equally testing night,sneaking away from the hotel,dodging security and paparazzi.to make it down to his favorite bar.walked to the bartender and demanded whiskey on the rocks.

'some night'ryan asked elbowing the boy next to him

'tell me about it'quinn replied prefering to keep his eyes on the sticky bar top

'so,whats the score'ryan asked looking around the empty bar then back to the top of quinns head

'what...oh sorry'? quinn stated 'im a bit caught up'

'any girls in here bro'? ryan stated flatly 'oh..im gay' quinn replied downing his drink at which point ryan gained all interest.

'im ryan...ryan parsons'he said to the top of quinns head which caught the youngers attention yanking his head up from the bar both men went from depressed to slighty impressed 'its me...quinn'he stated glaring at ryan 'look at you...you havent changed a bit.and he hadnt quinn was still the same five foot six guy hed been in school 'i cant say the same for you'quinn replied looking ryan over.ryan went from being a regular guy to being this big,built guy with the kind of bkdy that was bought not earned.'howve you been'ryan asked 'all and all..pretty well. i just got my word that ive past the bar'he replied 'thats wonderful man'ryan said....as the two caught up...old memories arose...from the time ryan caught quinn making out with the captin of the football team back in grade ten to the time when ryan was caught having sex with a girl from the softball team in grade twelve.until ryan begged quinn back to his room just a few blocks away.so they quietly paid and walked the straight shot to the hotel only stopping so ryan could pee so in a dark alley they stopped and ryan stumbled pulled out his dick at pulled back his foreskin before starting to wee. quinn had seen ryans penis before but he never touched it 'your not gonna have a go'ryan asked from over his shoulder without a word quinn walked over pulled out his cock and let loose on the side of some cheesy theme resturant.ryan finally got a good look at an old friend dick.it hadnt grown like his slightly curving to the left.quinn hadnt retracted his foreskin in his drunken state it stood abour five inches.ryan on the other hand had it.his stood at an impressive seven and a half trimmed off hair and a nice sac to compliment. after his relieve ryan tucked his away and waited patiently for quinns to die off. as they resumed their walk ryan pulled quinn through a servants entrance before walking to the elevator and pressing twelve.they road in relative silence.only breaking for an awkward cough.walking down the hall to ryans room gave worty to quinn.it was starkingly silent 'so why are you in town' quinn asked as they walked through the door 'im visiting family before the season starts'he stated stripping off his jacket and shirt giving quinn a perfect view chiseled chest slight happy trail.quinn sat down and caught his breath 'your not hot'he added taking off his pants as well leaving him completley nude

'sure'quinn stated taking off his shirt and pants leaving only his undies 'come on man,dont be shy' ryan begged sipping a beer ' 'yeah'quinn quipped rolling his boxers down and kicking them aside.at that point ryan knew he was in for a treat for quinn wasnt as innocent as he seemed. per the tiny clover on his lower back 'when did you get that'ryan slurred 'ummm about a week ago'quinn stated looking anywhere but at ryan 'dont be like that...im not gonna bite you' ryan added.after that quinn perked up.even flirted a bit told ryan about his breakup 'i hate guys like that'hed stated between 'idiots' ryan admitted to being gay 'but what about that olsen chick'quinn asked 'just a friend' ryan stated 'ive been single since high school' at that point quinn did something that would seal his fate...he kissed ryan dead on the lips not breaking for minutes. 'sorry about that' quinn said only to be kissed back slowly lowering himself to the bed as ryan climed over him trailing kisses around his neck earning soft moans from the guy under him who wrapped his legs around ryans waist as if more than ready for anything to which ryan slowly pushed into filling the room with stiffled breathes.'oh fuck,your tight'ryan breathed sending chills down quinns back as ryan repeatedly hit his prostate 'fuck,im gonna cum'quinn moaned spurting out a rather large stream between the two of them.ryan repeatedly switched postions loving every minute of watching his bottom twitch and moan with each thrust earning another impressive stream which covered their feet.dumping stream after stream all over them.'ahhhh'was all quinn could get out 'shit babe...your amazing'ryan said before pumping at an amazing rate before shooting load after load into quinns ass before going limp and pulling out. 'your amazing quinn'he repeated before kissing him on the neck and cuddling up to him for a night of sleep.





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