I met Dominic at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. The moment he entered the classroom for the first time, I felt an immediate attraction to him. I had already struggled with and accepted the fact that I was gay through out my Middle School years. Dominic was about 5'11" Dark Hair, Olive Skin, and Hazel Eyes, he was a bit chubby but his broad shoulders and defined masculine face made him appear less so.

He had moved across town and had just joined our school. I noticed that afternoon that he also boarded my bus so I knew he had to live somewhere near me. I offered him a seat with me and he accepted. We chatted.

We began spending more time together at school and even visiting one another's homes. Later, that fall he decided that he wanted to begin attending the gym and running so I offered to join him being that I could use some toning up. So we met daily and went for a run and later my parents or his would take us to the gym downtown. We both got into good shape.

Over the months we exercised together and got really close and I began to fall in love with Dominic. After school was out for Summer Holiday we were constantly together and I hoped that we could become more than friends as I secretly pined for him. We stayed every night together and even slept in the same bed. I was torn apart. I wanted him so badly but I didn't want to destroy our friendship if he rejected me. So, after a long internal battle, I finally got my emotions in check and continued our normal friendship for years.

By the time Dominic and I had turned 23 we had slowly drifted apart. He had met a really nice girl that I really liked, I wanted to be happy for him, and I had been through all of his other relationships fine, but this one I knew and He knew he was going to Marry. So, I again started going through my emotional mess because I had really just repressed my feelings and this news was making them resurface. They were married and he moved across the state. Our friendship was pretty much severed.

Around the time of the wedding, Dominic's parents moved into the house next door to me and I still maintained contact with them since I had become another son to them. And a result of their new location to me and my contact with them was that Dominic's younger brother who was now 18 began hanging around my house constantly. At first this really irritated me but that was only because when Dominic and I were younger he was a constant nuisance to us. But I slowly began to warm up to him.

I started to pass baseball with him since he was on the baseball team for the High School. I took him to the movies with me and my friends. And he became like the younger sibling I never had. As I got to know him better, I started to become attracted to him, I now realize it was a kind of transference of my feelings for his brother onto him.

Dominic's brother, Josh, was about 5'9", Sandy blond shaggy hairy, Greenish Gray Eyes, tanned skin and had an awesomely toned body with 6-pack abs. He was really the opposite of Dominic when I first met him when we were 15.

Josh and I started to go out and rent movies and stay at my house all night and watch them or play games ect. The first night he stayed with me I got out a blanket and a pillow for him to sleep on the couch but he said he wanted to sleep in the bed with me, which at that time I didn't see anything wrong with it, Dominic and I had done it for years. But as time progressed and I got more and more attracted to him I wanted to resist him but he was always persistent.

I started to lay and watch him sleep and dream about initiating the first touch that would lead us into a night of erotica but I would not let myself proceed. I really didn't know what his orientation was and I did not want to intimidate him into it or anything. I went through two months of this and I tried to pull away from him but he was always there waiting for me to get home and would have already gotten his stuff together to stay with me. I took this as a sign that he may share my orientation but I wanted him to make the first move so I waited.

I woke suddenly one night out of a dream, and suddenly noticed that Josh had placed his hand just under my cock shaft on my balls. I already had a hard on from the dream and my cock had already curved up onto my stomach under my pants. I stayed very still. I tried to breathe like I was asleep. I felt his fingers give a light squeeze on my sac and my cock jumped. I think he took this as permission to move on and slid his hand slowly up to the root of my shaft and wrapped his fingers lightly around the base. I took this as the first move so I jolted my cock again, this time voluntarily. I reached over and stroked his face and he opened his eyes and looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back as I pulled him up to me.

Our lips met and parted as I explored his mouth with my tongue. He sucked and then he entered my mouth as I sucked on his tongue. I pulled my lips away from him and asked if he was sure he was ready. He grabbed me and gave me a rapturous kiss. This was a yes!

I ran my hand down his body and rubbed his cock through his shorts. I could feel it hard as a rock with a sharp curve upward. I pulled his shirt off and began kissing his neck and worked down to his collar bone and began nibbling and sucking his right nipple, he let out a quick breath and I moved to the other he breathed harder. I released his nipple and began feeling his tight abs and he removed my shirt and began rubbing my toned chest. Running his fingers through the little bit of hair I had there. He only had a light patch of hair around his navel and a light happy trail leading into his shorts.

Josh pushed me down on my back and began pulling down my shorts. He had to raise the waistband up to get them off my cock. As soon as my cock was freed it slapped against my stomach. My thick 6.5" uncut boner was throbbing. I reached down and pulled Josh on top of me grinding my cock into his boner through his shorts and he started humping me. He bent down and started to lick my right nipple, I could feel the pleasure ripple through me. He began to nibble at it and pull on it lightly with his teeth he gave my other nipple the same service and by this time I was extremely aroused. I tossed him onto the other side of the bed onto his back and I ripped his shorts down.

Josh's gleaming cock looked delicious. Josh had an average but beautiful 6" cut cock. I spit into my palm and started working his meat. I got down beside him and started licking his lips and sliding my tongue in and out of his mouth. He grabbed my head and pulled me into his lips and rammed his extra long tongue to the back of my throat and he explored my mouth more. I pulled away. I asked if he wanted to go farther. He replied saying he wanted to go all the way. I started kissing his stomach and around his navel and started licking my tongue along his trail of hair.

I reached the beautiful head of his cock, which rested curved upward on his stomach, and flicked the piss slit a few times tasting his awesome boy juice. He jerked a little from the sensation but I continued down the underside of his upright cock. I reached the base and slowly took in one of his balls into my mouth and started lightly massaging it with my tongue. His breath had already begun to elevate but he started to let out small grunts. After I had finished caressing his ball I told him to let out his moans, we were alone no reason to hold back. I then took the other ball into my mouth and worked it. I paid his sack a little more attention with my mouth and then I used a hand to massage his balls and hooked a finger on my other hand under his shaft.

I pulled Josh's cock down from his stomach so it was pointing at the ceiling. I moistened my lips and held them tightly as I slowly pushed his head into them and then parted them slightly so that the head would slowly start to glide in with some friction so that every nerve would give him pleasure. He let out a deep moan. I placed the head of his cock into the roof of my mouth so the ridges would rub it as I caressed the underside with my tongue. The sensitivity of his head caused his legs to spasm some but I maintained my hold. I then pushed his cock deeper into my mouth using my tongue to add pressure and friction. After his entire boner was in my mouth and lodged the head into my throat I started pumping slightly. The sensation of cock in throat and his extra sensitive head cause him to finally loose his inhibition and he began to moan louder. He begged me to go faster and deeper.

I bobbed with his head in my throat for a bit longer, but then I pulled my head off and started to lick his shaft and dick ridge. I then reinserted his cock into my throat and bobbed once more. I felt Josh's muscles getting tighter and his breathing get faster. He said he was getting close so I bobbed more and faster. He yelled I'm Cumming and I felt a shot of his juice hit the back of my throat and I pulled up some so that he could shoot directly on my tongue. He was so sweet. He shot five loads which I happily swallowed, or mostly swallowed. I asked him if he had ever tasted cum before. He said he had so I lead upward and kissed him and pushed the remains of his cum onto his tongue. I asked if that was his first cum kiss and he said it was and it was great.

During all of the time I had been working Josh's cock mine was dripping profusely. The head beneath my hood was drenched and it has spilled out and ran down my shaft. After our cum kiss I flipped over onto my back. He grabbed my cock and started pumping it and flicked my nipples with his tongue. I asked if he wanted to ride me. His eyes got big he looked down at my cock and back into my eyes. I could tell he was apprehensive so I told him that he didn't have too. He said he wanted to but was afraid. I assured him that he would have control over the speed of penetration since he was going to be sitting on it. He still was somewhat frightened.

I told him to get on his hands in knees and spread his cheeks. He really looked ghostly now. I assured him that I would not penetrate him so he followed my request. I got up and came around behind him and spread his cheeks opening up so I could see his rosebud. I dived into his ass face first and started to dig out his ass with my tongue. This really put him to moaning. He started working his hips around as my tongue poked into his hole and lapped at the side of it. I got him good and wet and then flipped back over. And told him that his ass was ready when he was; he worked my cock a little more spreading my precum all over it. He crossed his legs over my stomach and edged back so that when he sat completely down my boner fit into the ridge between his ass and my stomach. He then rose back up and reached behind him and grabbed my cock. I raised up some to help him position my cock. I relaxed his legs some lowing himself so that my glistening head was poking at his rosebud.

He easily pushed into my cock and the head started squeezing its way in. He pushed a little harder and then stopped. I told him to relax and take it easy. I started rubbing his chest, tweaking his nipples and then started stoking his cock which was at half mast again. After a few moments of adjusting to my cock he began pushing me in some more. I was now past the anal ring and my shaft started sliding in smoothly. He wiggled it all the way in. Sweat was pouring form him and he was breathing hard. I told him that when It got all the way in take a break. I then felt his ass settle onto my skin. He was in. He sat there breathing hard and opened his eyes and looked into my eyes. At this moment he was the most stunning person I'd ever seen. As his ass started to get used to my cock being there he became even more relaxed and the he started to smile at me. I smiled in return and gave him a wink.

He slowly started working my cock with his ass. I grabbed onto his hips and watched him bounce up and down on me. His tight virgin ass felt so great wrapped around my cock. The sensations started making me moan out. I told him to fuck it, fuck it fuck it. And he started really getting into it he started making bigger ranges of motion, sliding my cock farther out and slamming down onto it pushing it in. He was moaning and screaming. Calling my name, calling for my cum. His rock hard cock was now jumping up and down slapping my stomach and then his. He started working even faster and hard and he let out a long scream and his cock started firing off shot after shot. Being covered with his cum really done it for me and I started firing shot after shot into his hot ass. He pumped and pumped until I shot my last rope. He leaned over, squashing his cum between us and started kissing me......

My cock slipped out of Josh's hot ass and my cum started leaking down onto my cock and balls. He kissed my neck then worked his way down and started nibbling my nipples. I told him that I could tell that he wasn't done yet. He looked up and gave me the cutest smile and wink. I grabbed him and pulled him up to me and I planted my lips back onto his. I was beginning to feel the life come back into my cock again and I could feel that Josh's cock was once again raging as he rubbed it into my stomach.

Josh pulled away from my lips and set up. I was just admiring how striking he was as he looked down at me while sitting back onto my cock wedging it between the cheeks of his ass. I bucked him off of me and pushed him down onto the bed. I pushed his legs open and crawled between them. I kissed up his calf to his thighs and then nibbled them as I slowly made my way to the joint of his leg. I transitioned from his leg to his sack. I liked my thumb and finger of my left hand and started massaging the head of his cock between them as I prodded his sack and balls with my tongue. I used my free hand to start tugging at his sack as I sucked a ball into my mouth to savor. I could taste cum and sweat, this exhilarated me.

I pulled Josh's cock down and started swirling the pre-cum soaked head around my lips. Josh began to squirm as the sensations sent sparks through his body. I used my tongue and began working his dick ridge paying attention to his circumcision scar. Josh's leg began to lift some as the sensations caused involuntary contractions of his muscles. I then shoved his cock deep into my throat suddenly; I buried it to the hilt. He began breathing hard as I made small jerking movements and began moaning out. I pulled up on his cock to get a breath and he began exploding in my mouth. Squirt after squirt filled my mouth with his scrumptious teen spunk. I swallowed it all. As I milked the last of his load out of his cock, I made my way back up over top of him. I held myself over him and we just looked into one another's eyes. I told Josh that he surprised me that time. He said that was the best orgasm that he had ever had, as the orgasm built he said that he felt like his entire body was on fire.

I bent my head down and we made lip contact once again. He explored my mouth for any un-swallowed cum with his tongue. I then fell over to the side of him. He reached down and grabbed my throbbing hard-on and started stroking it. I put my hands back behind my head and relaxed. Josh got up on his knees and moved down between my legs. He grabbed my cock and pulled it to point it at the ceiling and began examining it. He pulled at my foreskin, the pulled it back exposing my engorged head, he spit into his hand and began massaging the head of my cock as I did his. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the attention. I suddenly felt something warm and wet rubbing my cock ridge and opened my eyes to see him getting his first taste of my cock. He must have liked it because he was soon sucking the head like a lollypop and licking at my piss slit with his tongue, this drove me crazy. As he licked and sucked on the head he began to stroke the shaft and it didn't take much before I felt the cum building. I warned him that I was about to explode but he kept working it. Suddenly my muscles locked up and I started grunting out rope after rope of cum into Josh's mouth. He swallowed some and some ran out onto his chin dripping onto my balls. He let my cock slide out of his mouth and he crawled up to me and I started licking my cum off his chin and then he kissed me pushing more cum into my mouth. We stayed there kissing for a while.

Josh rolled off of me and snuggled up beside me. I put my arm around him and pulled him closer to me and we drifted off to sleep together.

The next morning I awoke with my buddy still snuggled beside me. He was awake stroking my face and neck. I smiled at him and said good morning handsome. He kissed my arm and I bent my head to kiss him. We lay there next to one another for a bit. We got up and went to the bathroom and got into the shower. I the shower I lathered him up as he lathered me up and we stroked each others bodies. Our morning hard-ons had not subsided yet but we never really touched each others cocks for very long just to wash them. We did "play swords" some and slapped our cocks together. Before we got out of the shower we stroked each other off and shot into the shower floor and it ran down the drain (I know what a waste).

After breakfast, Josh went home after we rubbed on each other a little more. For the next few months Josh stayed the night with me as much as he could.....



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