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Reader discretion is advised, this story contain graphic content depicting violence and rape which may not be suitable to all readers. This is purely a fictional story and does not portray real events or real persons.

All characters are 18 or older. This story is fiction, created for entertainment only. 

Our first encounter with Henry and his wife Paula, was at the nudists camp that Henry and I always went in the summer. It was a secluded and tranquil place. There were individual cabins, with a nice lake and spacious woods with plenty of hiking trails.

That one evening, I had drank a little too much wine and I didn't wake up until around 9:00 the next morning. I noticed Henry was already gone. I assumed he had
taken his usual morning walk after breakfast.

I made my way down the path behind the cottage and up along the hiking trail. That was when I noticed Henry in the woods, tied to some trees. I quickly rand down to him. He was stark naked, spreadeagled between two trees with a gag in his mouth.

I quickly ran over to untie him. That's when I noticed how red his ass cheeks were and there was sperm all down his legs. It also appeared that he had ejaculated. I quickly removed the gag, untied him and asked him what had happened.

“It was nothing, Lori. Nothing at all. I think we should head back to the cabin.”

Henry was drying himself after his shower. I immediately spoke up.

"It was obvious that you were attacked! We need to report this attack to the park officials. Can you identify the man that did this?"

He shook his head and sat down in the chair.

"No, I'm not going to report it."

I was shocked by his reply.

"That's ridiculous! Why not? Did he threaten you?"

He quickly shook head again.

"I was hiking along the trail when these two men came by. One of them rubbed his hand across my butt cheeks and said I was some fine breeding stock. I said I was not that type and the other man said all I needed was a good hard fucking."

He tossed the towel in the laundry basket.

"I gazed at those two young hard cocks and I felt desirable. In the back of my
mind, I knew it wasn’t right, but I didn’t resist."

I stared at him for a moment.

"You let them rape you?"

His reply was quick and sharp.

"Yes, Lori! They tied me to the tree and they both fucked me. They spanked my ass and masturbated me. And, it felt great because you and I haven’t had sex for a long, long time. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

I really didn't have any reply to him, but he seemed to be happy that it happened and I left it at that.

I later found out who they were when they came by our cabin with their
wives. Jerry and Paula had been married for 13 years, Jerry was 34 and
Paula was 33.

Carl and Vera were the other couple. They were close friends of Jerry and his wife. Carl was 32 and Vera was 31. I felt like we didn’t belong with these people. Henry was 47 and I was 44. We had and son age 19 who was going off to college next year. 

They were quick to figure out Henry and me were I were a submissive couple. Jerry came right out and said it. They were looking for a mature couple to sexually dominate. They thought we were perfect, because Henry had already submitted to
Jerry and Carl.

Needless to say, it was something totally new for me, But, obviously it wasn't for Henry. We had been married for 20 years and never had an experience like this. Henry took me by the arm.

“Our sex life is dormant, Lori. We took a step when we became nudists. This would be just another step into something new.”

Well, against my better judgment, Henry and me become the sexual property of these two younger couples.

Jerry, Paula, Carl and Vera used us for the remainder of our 4 week stay. One night at Jerry’s cabin, the next night at Carl’s cabin and again at our cabin. I never had sex with another man or ever another woman in my life. Until that summer at the camp.

They were kinky and liked bondage and dominance. At first I was apprehensive about all of that, but it was easier to accept when you are bound, gagged and helpless. It seemed the more they dominated Henry and me, the more humble we became.

To be perfectly honest, we had more sex in those 4 weeks, than we did in our entire life. The extortionary part was, that it was all kinky. They cuffed our hands behind our backs, put ball gags in out mouths and collars around our necks.

I was ashamed to admit it, but I found all of it very arousing. Watching my husband suck another mans dick right there in front of me. On the other hand, I think Henry was aroused to see another man fuck his wife in front of him.

Vera ordered me to masturbate in the living room, in front of every one. I was on the floor on my knees and I could see Paula playing with Henry’s dick. That was enough to give me an orgasm right on the spot.

I was bent over the arm of the sofa with my legs spread open. I heard them order Henry to fuck me in the ass. That’s exactly what he did and I liked it. We were so worn out, we slept till almost noon the next day.

The next few days, I was traded back and forth between Vera and Paula. Henry was traded back and forth between Jerry and Carl. We were introduced to daily spankings, which I found very arousing and quite often it made my pussy wet. 

I know Henry also enjoyed the spankings. I noticed it usually made his dick very hard. The neat thing was they never left any marks. I was surprised how several daily spankings and several daily fuckings, could keep me submissive. I knew it was the same for Henry.

The last night, before we were to return home, Henry and me were kept in
servitude until almost midnight. They left me laying across the bed, with all my holes filled with another mans seed. My ass hurting from the spankings and the dicks I had taken in.

Henry was laying on the floor, his arms and legs spread out. His ass cheeks were also red and his two holes were filled with seed and he still had a rope tied around his dick and balls.

We both managed to stumble into the shower for a much needed bath, before we went to bed.

We returned home to our daily routine and some semblance of order. It was the most exciting and stimulating vacation we ever had in out 20 years of marriage and I was already missing it. 

Henry and me still went around the house in the nude, while thinking about our time at the camp. Our sex life did improve after that. Henry was now more submissive than he ever was. Even though I am not an aggressive person, I did take charge of Henry and told him how he was going to satisfy me from now on. 
We were sitting on the sofa, watching television. Henry turned to me.

"I wonder if they'll call?"

I glanced over at him.


"Jerry or Carl. I gave them our number and told them we were available 24/7."



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