The room was soundproof, making the din of the club disappear as the door clicked shut, like a hurricane sucked into the void of a faceless god. Silence. The low lamps cast a dull gray light on the iron manacles. The high gleam varnish shone on the crosses, spreaders and...the wooden horse; his eyes bounced from one end of the room to the other without conscious thought. This room was newer. Bigger. There was a lot more...


He didn't know what 80 percent of the shit was used for, but he had a tragically deductive mind. He was getting the picture.

Nic blinked furiously, trying to focus. His heart was throbbing in his eardrums, pounding out the beat of a frantic dance in his skull. The steel grip on his arm twitched, pulling him back to the present, to now, to the room and the club and his Dom holding his arm.

His other Dom.

Two of them.

The tan fingers around his biceps were so tight he could feel the matching tempo of the man's pulse against his skin. Nic wanted to pull away, but it was hard to focus, and his throat felt like it was stuffed with drywall, a million shards of microscopic glass working their way through his esophagus.

'You don't need a red light already, do you, boy?'

Nic jerked his gaze up to the man's eyes. They were like hoarfrost, deep as winter and limed with ice.

He shivered.

'Damn, Ash, you gonna make him run away before we even get to have a little fun?' Dom commented nonchalantly, but there was an edge to his voice that Nic had never heard, not even in their last session, something tempered and steely and uncompromising.

This was not Nic's definition of 'fun' by any means.

Ash had gone still at Dom's tone, eyeing his partner almost warily. 'I know he pissed you off, but there'll be plenty of time for punishment.'

Dom paused for a moment, as if he would argue the point; but he only scowled and stalked to the other side of the room, opening a cupboard -- the tool box.

'Let go of me,' Nic ordered acidly, jerking his arm to emphasize his point. He was leaving. He hadn't signed up for...

Dom withdrew a leather-wrapped paddle and a matching black butt plug.

The sight was enough to make his cock pulse hungrily. He remembered the previous week ' the red hot burn of pain-pleasure splitting him in two. He locked his knees, forcing himself to remain upright when the memories threatened to drown him. Nic shuddered and regulated his breathing as best he could.

Ash turned to him, lips pulled back in a feral grin.

Nic glowered fiercely with a conviction that was halfhearted at best: He was achingly hard. 'What are you smiling at, idiot?'

'You forget already, you little slut?' Ash hissed, his smile sharper, venomous. 'Your session started the moment you walked in this room. Better behave, unless you want to add to your punishment.'

A thread of fear wormed its way through his gut, but he swallowed it resolutely and finally succeeded in jerking out of Ash's grasp. 'I am not in a session with you!' he snarled, stepping back to put space between them. Space was good. 'This is not what we discussed, and I hardly con''

His head was wrenched back, harsh enough to make him swallow his words in a gasp of surprised pain. Dom's fist was pulling his hair out by the roots.

'You don't talk to my bro' like that,' Dom snapped, spittle flying from his snarling lips. 'You're in my session. You do what I say, and I say you're OUR bitch now.'

A strike of arousal shot through him, and his insides twisted like Silly Putty. He could barely comprehend any sensation besides the sharp, cruel grip in his hair.

'Dom...' Ash's voice held a note of warning.

Dom wrenched Nic's whole body back, against his firm, muscled torso.

An explosive cry escaped Nic, more surprise than pain. When did Dom take his shirt off? He'd never been close to Dom before, only tied unceremoniously to a paddling bench and blindfolded; he'd never felt the man's slick, hard muscles against his bare back. He tried to twist away, hissing as his scalp screamed with fresh agony.

'Gods, you want it so bad, you just keep asking for more,' Dom whispered harshly against the shell of his ear. 'Keep begging for it, don't you?'

Nic grunted as a firm grip palmed his crotch, just on the threshold of discomfort. He jerked his hips back to escape, only to feel the insistent hardness of Dom's cock against his ass.

'A little slut like you needs to be shown his place,' Dom continued, digging too sharp nails into the cloth covering his cock and grinding roughly against his leather-clad backside.

Nic panted, open-mouthed, eyes twisted shut and brows drawn tight in silent refusal. He didn't trust his voice to verbalize a protest. Was he even allowed to speak?

Dom solved the dilemma for him, removing his hand from his arousal and grabbing his jaw hard enough to bruise, digging his thumb and forefinger into his cheeks and forcing his mouth open. Ash took the opportunity to shove a thick, unforgiving rubber gag between his lips. Cock-shaped. He could hardly breathe as it pushed all the way in and brushed the back of his throat.

Nic grunted in surprise, hands automatically going to his mouth to try and remove it.

Ash restrained his wrists easily, grinning with perverse relish.

The man was faster than Nic would have expected; his movement had been too quick to follow with his eyes.

'Damn, you better not try to take that out,' Ash said, flashing a cunning smile. 'I'd hate to have to whip you on the first date.'

Nic shivered reflexively.

'Besides,' he licked his lips like a cat drinking cream. 'You look so damn hot with your mouth stretched wide. Bet you'd look even better with my cock between those pretty lips.'

Despite his misgivings, hearing Ash talk was making his cock throb with need. He was almost grateful for the gag when it stifled the moan of pleasure that bubbled up his throat.

Dom let go of his grip momentarily to buckle the gag in place behind his head. It caught his hair, pulling sharply, uncomfortably, and Nic winced. Ash let go, but then Dom's hand gripped his hair and dragged him to the other end of the room, to the wall.

To the wheel.

It was a circular contraption of brushed steel and soft leather straps, made for restraining subs spread eagle at any angle. He'd heard some subs talk about it, calling it the Wheel of Fortune. A joke. Can I buy a vowel? Ha Ha.

It didn't look very fortunate. It looked downright intimidating.

Stop shaking! he ordered his disobedient hands, trying desperately to balance and stay on his feet as he was pulled roughly across the room. He wished that his dick wasn't so hard. He no longer had a say in how his body responded. It had been like that last time ' just ropes, a paddle; that had been all. This time...


This was so much more.

Kibe slammed the back of his head against the steel bar as he threw him against the wheel.

Nic cried out, muted by his gag, vision dancing with white sparks of agony, almost painful enough to drag him past the point of play.


He was suddenly grateful another person was in the room.

'You listen up, because I'll only say this once,' Dom said slowly and deliberately, each syllable like a whip crack echoing in his throbbing skull.

He could hardly concentrate with his head ringing and two pairs of hands on his body. Dom strapped his neck and chest to the center post. Ash grabbed his right wrist, attaching a leather wrist cuff and securing it to a steel eyehole on the outer rim of the wheel above his head.

'There are three rules when you sub with my bro here,' Dom continued.

Nic desperately forced himself to focus. He had a feeling that forgetting these rules would be hazardous to his health.

'One, you do what you're told. We demand obedience and respect. All the time. Another scene like tonight, and consider yourself a homeless mutt.'

Nic resisted rolling his eyes. Though, really, trying to convey disdain with a cock-gag down your throat was no easy feat.

Ash finished restraining his right wrist and moved to his left.

'Two, you don't get to cum.'

He blinked rapidly. That hadn't been a rule last time.

'Surprised?' Ash interjected with a laugh. 'Your body is for our pleasure, not yours. If you're a good little sub, maybe it will please us to watch you cum.'

Dom smirked, upper lip peeled over a sharp canine. 'Three...'

Nic shuddered, trying to not cum from just talking about not cumming.

Dom's gaze flickered to Ash.

'Don't lie.'

Ash scowled severely, nodding in confirmation.

Nic glanced between them, confused and unsure. Lie about what? It's not like he could even speak...

Dom thrust a rubber ball into his hand. He almost dropped it in surprise.

'Squeeze it. Hard,' Dom ordered.

He did. It squeaked. A dog's chew toy. Nic flushed with embarrassment.

'That, little bitch, is your safe word,' Dom crowed with delight. 'It only squeaks if you squeeze tight, so you won't accidentally say 'Uncle' when we're in the middle of disciplining your sorry ass.'

Ash's face shone with mirth, laugh lines crinkling the corners of his eyes and etching deep furrows into his vulpine visage, the parallel scars on his cheeks twitching like live whiskers. He looked like a playful Greek god.

'One squeeze means 'stop', and two means the session is over,' Ash added with a brilliant smile. 'Got it?'

Nic had never imagined a Dom being so joyful, so amused, so unabashedly thrilled. Ash grinned like he had nothing to hide. No masks to retreat behind. If eyes were windows to the soul, his were un-shuttered, thrown open to the world.

Don't lie.

'Your Dom asked you a question, bitch,' Dom growled, fisting his hair and knocking his head dispassionately against the steel bar.

Nic nodded weakly.

Satisfied, Dom released him.

His tongue worked around the intrusion in his mouth. The gag was uncomfortable, making saliva pool beneath his tongue so that he had to keep swallowing or choke on his own spit. Every time he swallowed, his mouth and throat tightened around the rubber cock. Arousing. He'd never sucked a cock in his mouth. Last time, Dom had finished by jerking off on his reddened ass. Nic had cum from nothing more than a spanking.

You don't get to cum.

He was going to break the second rule. He just knew it. Already, his cock was an angry, throbbing, weeping mess, his leather pants painfully tight and sticking to his crotch.

'What's wrong with this picture?' Ash called to his partner in crime, who was back at the tool box, selecting paddles and crops.

Dom turned back around, eyeing Nic, who was shivering against the wheel like a pinned butterfly. 'Ah, pants?' he offered, laughing.

Ash gave an answering chuckle, bending down and flicking open a hunting knife that had been concealed in his boot.

Nic went rigid, the dog toy whistling just barely in his twitching grip.

'There there, pet,' Ash murmured, tone teasing. 'I'm not going to hurt you.'

Nic held impeccably still as the menacing blade traced a path around the contour of his rigid arousal.


The blade slid beneath the hem of his pants at the crevice of his hip bone, and Ash jerked it away from his body. His hips were pulled forward as the cloth ripped. He wasn't wearing underwear. Not with leather this tight.

Ash hummed with approval. 'Good pet,' he practically purred, sliding the blade deeper and slicing the cloth again.

Nic's arousal sprang free, his pants barely clinging to his slender hips. He should have been angry at having $235 pants destroyed. He was unbearably turned on.

Ash's eyes darkened, flickering like fire opal in the warm, dim light. 'Not bad, slut,' he praised idly, running the flat of the blade down his flushed cock.

Nic swallowed weakly around the gag, trying not to choke, lungs shuddering at the sensation of the cool and unyielding steel on his sensitive organ. The danger, sharp and acute, made it impossible to focus on anything but the leisurely slide of the blade. He could feel each etching, each tooth, against the pliable skin of his manhood.

Dom finally finished selecting their instruments ' a large, red paddle; a medium-sized black butt plug; lube; clamps; spreaders; floggers; silk rope; a collar and several more limb restraints ' laying them on a table. 'Should we ring him?' he asked idly, palmed his crotch as he watched Ash's slow torture.

'I don't think he'll behave without one,' Ash responded, gaze still trained on his knife running languidly up and down Nic's cock, wetting the steel with precum. 'Look at the little bitch, going to cum from my fucking knife stroking his shaft.'

Dom nodded, grinning ruefully. 'He's too damn green.'

Nic's eyes were hazing red. He groaned softly, barely audible, disbelieving that such light foreplay could already have him on the edge of cumming.

'I think he likes that,' Dom said, unbuckling his belt and lowering his pants just enough to get to his own cock. 'Being rather generous, aren't you?'

Ash smirked at Dom as the other male began stroking himself with vigor. 'Take the edge off?' he growled, removing the knife and turning to face his fellow Dom.

'Fuck yeah,' Dom replied, tossing his head back with abandon, yanking his cock roughly. 'Give me a show.'

Nic's hips twitched with desire now that the sharp blade was removed from his nether region. There was something dangerous about them both together. Dom had been good alone. Together they were...untamed, Dom like a wild hound, Ash like a voracious fox.

Ash turned back to Nic with a mischievous grin and then bent to yank off his boots and socks. He stood, and his broad hand grasped the hem of the ruined leather pants, pulling them down Nic's muscular thighs in a fluid stroke.

Nic breathed shallowly through his nose, eyes hooded and hazy, naked and wanting and vaguely grateful for the support of the arm restraints as his knees started to shake.

'Let's see how flexible you are,' Ash murmured darkly, grasping one of his bare feet and attaching the ankle restraint.

Nic's eyes widened as Ash lifted his leg to waist height, trying desperately to balance on the toes of his other foot. He'd been in gymnastics as a youth, but it had been a while. A very long while. His tendons went tight with acute agony.

Ash grinned unrepentantly and fastened the lobster-claw clamp to an eyehole post, bending down to repeat the action on the other side.

Nic gasped and wheezed as his other leg was lifted, forcing his hips to rotate down and out to accommodate the stretch. His biceps and shoulders strained to keep his full body weight off his neck and inner thighs.

Dom groaned with appreciation at the sight, his hips jerking raggedly with his faltering pace.

His face blazed with shame, and he shut his eyes to avoid meeting Ash's hungry gaze devouring his exposed genitals and anus.

'Did I say you could close your eyes, boy?' Ash snapped, the flat of his hand striking sharp across a pale cheekbone.

Nic's eyes flew open at the shock of pain, grunting as the blow made him drop his weight onto his aching thighs. He glared weakly, struggling to maintain his precarious position, arms already burning with fatigue.

'Damn, bitch, learn your place. That's where you belong ' spread wide like the slut you are,' Dom groaned, voice rough with lust.

Dom's words enflamed his already aching arousal. He watched in mute fascination as the man's hand milked his own shaft with wild abandon.

Ash selected a cherry-red riding crop, trailing it down his side with a teasing smile. He pulled back and idly snapped it against Nic instep.

Nic's entire leg spasmed, his foot reflexively curling to escape the torture.


Against his Achilles' tendon. He cried out feebly against the rubber, his nerve endings exploding in pain.

His cock twitched.

'You like that, you little slut?' Dom growled, wrenching his own cock viciously as he enjoyed his temporary voyeuristic role.


Behind his knee.

He twitched, dropping onto his straining tendons, desperately trying to control his weight distribution as the beating forced his body to respond without his consent.

Red agony.

Ash's face was a mask of concentration, his intent unwavering as he tormented every inch of their sub's skin ' his inner thighs, his heaving sides, his pebbled nipples, the tops of his feet, the inside of his forearms.

By the time it was finished, Nic was a shuddering, exposed, open nerve. Tears had matted his eyelashes together and painted the whites of his eyes a bloodshot pink. He choked back sobs despite the gag, not wanting to give in completely. Breath whistled shrill through his nose, too fast, too frantic in his own ears.

Ash picked up a soft, calf-skin flogger, one for beginners.

Nic had felt its bite before, much less painful than the crop. He wondered what Ash could be thinking, starting with the worst first.

'You ever had your cock whipped, slut?'

Nic shuddered with anticipation, fear a heady aphrodisiac that made his head spin.

Ash snapped the whip across his bare chest, his hard nipples.

Nic cried out roughly against his gag and arched away from the wheel. His cock pulsed dangerously.

'I asked you a question. Answer when you're spoken to.'

Nic shook his head in the negative, his whole body shaking with feverish need. They'd barely begun and already he was at risk of cumming.

'I didn't think so,' Ash murmured. His muscled arm drew back, the flogger flying behind his blond head, his smile fierce and full of teeth.

Nic flinched.

The dog toy squeaked just as Ash moved to bring the whip down.

'Are you fucking shitting me?' Dom growled with displeasure, his hand slowing on his hard cock, pulling himself back from the cusp of orgasm.

Ash frowned and dropped the flogger to the table. He stepped forward, unbuckling the cock-gag with practiced efficiency and peeling it away from their sub's distended lips.

Nic sucked air greedily, not realizing how close he'd been to suffocating.

'Why did you stop me before the first blow?' Ash murmured softly, tone still severe. 'You have permission to speak, boy. Make sure your answer satisfies us, or your punishment will only increase.'

Nic could feel his face boiling with humiliation, his body slick with sweat. 'I...I need...' His voice was rough from the gag. He worked his throat into a semblance of normalcy before he shakily continued, 'I didn't want to break the second rule.'

Ash smiled at that, but his eyes narrowed dangerously. 'Forgetting something?'

'M-Master,' Nic managed softly, pride choking him. His chest and neck flushed pink and he averted his eyes on instinct.

Ash grabbed his jaw viciously and pulled him back to meet his gaze.

Dom groaned, the slick slap of his hand on his cock resounding as loud as a gong in Nic's ear.

'Well, boy, I suppose that you have behaved, so I will allow you a cock ring.'

Nic had an urge to bite Ash's finger off as a thank you. How was that a reward? He needed to cum!

'What do you say, boy?'

Nic knew exactly what to say. Saying it was the problem.

'Well?' Ash prompted, fingers digging into the soft column of his throat. 'Answer now or you'll get no more from me, slut.'

Dom had gagged and blindfolded him and permitted him his silence. Ash seemed hell bent on making him speak. They were so similar, yet so different.

'Now!' Ash snarled, eyes suddenly igniting, burning like a brand. Something dark unfurled in his blue irises, a malignant shadow, red and brown as old blood.

Nic stopped breathing. Out of self-preservation, he managed a choked, 'Th-thank you, Master.'

Ash's face softened instantly, the shadow retreating. He trailed a finger around Nic's lips, touching him almost reverently. 'There is no shame in yielding,' he whispered, soft enough that Dom did not hear.

Nic's eyes burned with repressed emotion, his jaw clenching. Something unwound in the center of his ribcage, a spool unraveling, a tight, festering tension that he'd never realized he possessed.

Ash turned to Dom, and then held up the gag, tilting an eyebrow. 'Think he's ready?'

Dom nodded. 'Let the bitch beg.'

Nic bristled, hands tensing into fist on the wheel.

Dom only cackled with laughter, grunts of pleasure punctuating his amusement.

Ash dropped the gag onto the table and picked up a plain black cock ring, reaching forward and snapping it into place around Nic's heavy dick.

Nic hissed at the intensity. The ring he'd worn last time had been just tight enough to prolong his climb to orgasm, not prevent it. There would be no release wearing this ring.

'Are you ready to receive your punishment now, boy?'

Nic met those darkly amused eyes and nodded slowly, his cock thrumming with throttled pressure.

'How many?' Ash asked Dom as his arm drew back once more for the first blow.

Dom moaned and rocked his hips into his fist. 'Until he begs us to stop,' he whispered, his smile cruel.

Nic tilted his head defiantly.

Then he would not beg.

Ash tilted his head in affirmation and then brought the flogger down, blinding fast.

The calf skin tongues snapped across his balls, his anus and his swollen cock, sharp and acute, enough to make him screech with shock. He bit his own lip viciously to silence himself, even as his hips jolted up in disgraceful delight. The electricity ran up his spine and curled his toes. Had it not been for the cock ring, he would have exploded with pleasure. As it was, his shaft swelled and wept copious precum; he choked back a sob of frustration as the dry orgasm washed over him, strangely unsatisfying. His hips twitched in latent ecstasy, searching for a release that remained frustratingly out of reach.

Nic regained his senses, trying to focus again on his Masters' faces, bangs lank and wet in his eyes, his thighs twitching under the strain of being stretched on the wheel.

Ash's eyes were wide, his mouth hanging open.

Dom was completely frozen, his hand still awkwardly grasping his cock.

'Shit,' Ash managed, his tone disbelieving. 'An honest-to-god pain slut. Did you see that?'

Dom was silent, his expression tense and attentive. He stepped out of his pants, hand still clutching his cock. He moved toward their suspended sub, seizing the wheel spoke and turning it.

Nic gasped, trying to fight the disorienting sensation of spinning in midair. He cried out as blood rushed back into limbs that had gone numb from suspension. When he finally regained equilibrium, he was upside down, blush rushing to his head.

A cock was millimeters from his lips.

'Time to apologize,' Dom snarled, grabbing Nic's ears and brutally pulling his mouth onto his cock.

He choked slightly, unintentionally sucking on the flesh in his mouth as he strove for air.

Dom rocked in and out of his mouth in shallow, jerky thrusts, heedless of his distress.

The feel of the soft skin and pulsing flesh of Dom's cock stuffed in his mouth was overpowering. Nic went drunk with the sensation, eyes dilating.

The whistle of leather sliced through the air.

He screamed as the flogger attacked his vulnerable crotch, the sound vibrating and muffled around his Master's thick cock.

A third stroke.

Nic moaned brokenly, gasping for air, his cock in agony, tears sliding up his temples and into his hair. It hurt so good. Hurt so good. So good...

Resistance was no longer an option. It was all he could do to swallow around the rod of flesh jammed down his throat and survive the unforgiving assault of Ash whipping his cock. He shook with need, limbs stretched taunt, starving for air, yearning for that unattainable peak.

Dom opened his mouth in silent pleasure as he released inside their sub's throat, holding still for several seconds before he pulled out, stumbling back. Excess cum dribbled out Nic's lax mouth and up his cheekbone into his hair, his dark eyes glassy and unfocused.

Ash moaned at the sight, the flogger faltering.

Nic squirmed with discomfort and frustration. Needing. He needed more. His Master's cock. His Master's arm. The tang of cum and the sharp bite of pain.

'P-please!' he gasped, his chest heaving as he took in great shuddering breaths of blessed air. But even oxygen seemed to pale beside his hunger, and he twisted his torso, his cock a deep red from his obstructed orgasm. 'Masters, please!'

'Oh fuck, damn, that...' Ash's voice was trembling, running a shaky hand through his hair.

Dom barked a hysteric burst of laughter, leaning against the table like he was drunk. 'Damn, who would have thought...damn...'

His Masters wanted him.

Power surged through Nic, enflaming him. They were his now. He was in control. He could take...make them...just by...

Letting go.

It was an aphrodisiac, the knowledge deeper than instinct. He gorged on it, mind clouded with need. The words flowed from him, the right words, the words that had been lost until now. 'I need to cum, please, Masters. I'm sorry I was disobedient before. I'll be good. Anything, Masters, anything, just, please, let me cum!' he cried, thrusting wantonly into the thick, sex-scented air, his ass flexing.

Ash stiffened, his hands tightened in fists.


'Be careful what you beg for, pet,' Ash promised, his voice as deep as a catacomb, echoing.

Nic cried out, sobbing with naked need. 'Masters!'

'Do you even know what you are asking?' Ash hissed, livid, voice shaking as if he held himself back from an overwhelming urge. He stepped forward, rotating the wheel slowly up until Nic was upright once more.

Nic squeezed his eyes shut as the blood left his head in a dizzying retreat, slowly opening them as he regained equilibrium.

Ash gazed into Nic's tear fogged eyes.

Nic resisted the impulse to turn away.

'What is your safe word?'

The question didn't register for a moment, and then Nic realized he'd dropped his ball during his cock whipping. He'd been without a safe word.


'I...I don't have one, Master,' he whispered, feeling the failure like a hammer against his rib cage. It was a failure; he could see it in his Master's eyes.

'You see,' Ash began, circling the wheel to remove the leg restraints. 'Being a pain slut is dangerous.'

Nic tried to stifle the whine of discomfort as his legs were lowered, but it was sheer agony to have the blood return to his tendons after such long absence. Amazingly, his cock never softened, only pulsed eagerly, awaiting release.

'You will take yourself past your own limits,' Ash continued almost absently as he began to unclip the wrist restraints. 'It's up to your Doms to know your limits and to enforce them.'

Nic felt the first signs of dizziness. Too much saliva in his throat. Light-headed. He blinked to keep from fainting.

'You're almost at your limit, and you don't even realize it,' Ash finished, his hand resting on the last strap around his throat. 'Yet, you ask us for more? Promise us anything?'

A fresh shame washed over him. He had displeased his Master. 'I'm s-sorry, Master,' he whispered, eyes riveted on the deep, frosted pools of Ash's eyes. The red flame shimmered just below the surface. Waiting. That fierce, terrifying shadow like a behemoth shifting beneath placid waters.

His knees trembled.

Ash grinned, malicious and vengeful.

Nic's hands gripped the wheel spokes with white knuckles, fighting to remain upright.

'Dom, what was that contract stipulation again?'

Dom lazily rubbed his crotch, his cock already hardening again from the sight of Ash dominating their toy. 'What part?' he asked.

'How many sessions until we take him?'

Dom frowned. 'Three.'

'Ah,' Ash murmured, smiling devilishly. 'I'd say that just now probably counted as a session, wouldn't you?

Dom made a show of looking thoughtful before responding, 'Definitely.' His wolfish smile had too many teeth.

'And there are two of us, so techAshally this is a double session,' Ash added. 'One plus two makes...'

'Three,' Dom growled, eyes narrowing in eager anticipation.

Nic's entire body seized. They wouldn't...he couldn't...too soon...

'W-wait, I didn' can't...' Nic snapped his mouth shut in horror, realizing how he'd just spoken to his Doms. His head whipped back and forth between the two men.

Dom's reaction was instantaneous. He rose from his languorous pose fast as a viper, pinching Nic's nipple rough enough to make him gasp. 'You never learn, do you, bitch?'

'F-forgive me, Masters!' Nic whimpered, trying to twist away from the torment being inflicted on his nipple.

Dom growled a warning, digging his nails in relentlessly.

Nic whined shrill and high with need, the pressure in his groin unbearable.

Ash had stepped back, peeling off his shirt and unlacing his leather pants. He shimmied out of the skin-tight leather with a surprising grace, tossing the unwanted garments to a far corner. He was rugged, his edges honed, his skin glowing with explosive energy. Dom was stockier, rougher, bulky. They were striking together, both darker skinned and muscled and utterly assured, their cocks heavy and curved and intimidating.

Nic drank in the sight of his Masters naked, suddenly grateful for the absence of a blindfold.

'I'm sure your body will be apology enough,' Ash said, tone sinister, stepping forward.

He jerked his head to Ash's heated gaze, eyes frozen wide. His body trembled. Too fast. He hadn't, he wasn't...They couldn't. He dimly realized he was shaking. He wasn't ready. He had no safe word.

Dom's hands slid to his wrists, restraining him against the wheel.

A tan hand gripped Nic's cock, tugging gently. It was blissful agony with how sensitive he had become after being denied release for so long. Nic sobbed at the overwhelming sensation. 'S-stop, please...' he whispered, defeated, even as his arousal jumped in Ash's hand.

'Can you see your limits?' Ash whispered, close enough now that his breath fanned across his cheek. 'Know your limits, slave.'

'Y-yes, Masters,' he cried brokenly, feeling a brittle piece of his control shatter and dissolve like sugar in water.

Dom hummed with approval.

'What is your safe word, slave?'

Nic collected his scattered wit, salvaging a word, one word...

'Tortus,' he managed, dredging up the memory from his studies of ancient Greece.

Dom cocked a skeptically eyebrow. 'Was that your first pet or something?'

Ash snorted with amusement.

Nic almost laughed, but quickly crushed the urge, fearing it would come out high, weak, unstable. He frowned as his mind started to clear slightly, the fog of pain and pleasure dissipating. Reason threatened to overthrow the blissful oblivion of the past hour.

'It's Latin,' he answered hesitantly. 'It means 'to twist'.' It was also the root word for torture, but he didn't reveal that detail, suddenly uncomfortable. He didn't like this conversation. Too personal. Too real.

Dom nodded approvingly.

'So, boy,' Ash said. 'Back to this anything. Did you really mean it? You want to cum that badly?'

And just like that, the glorious oblivion occluded his mind, drowning out the logic that had threatened to overtake him. He swallowed around his tight throat and answered softly, 'Yes, Masters.'

'Yes what?' Dom prompted playfully. 'Yes, you'll give us anything; or yes, you want to cum?'

'I...' Nic tried to clear his thoughts, but it was too late. 'B-both, Masters.'

'Remember your safe word, boy,' Ash whispered harshly, undoing the final restraint and dragging Nic from the wheel.

His chest tightened with a feverish foreboding. An enigmatic craving choked his airway and set his pulse thrumming.

Dom chuckled, picking up a spreader and a coil of silk rope. 'You're going to need it.'



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