Saturday morning

He was the hottest, most gorgeous hunk of Grade A Prime All-American Beef I had ever laid eyes on. Only slightly taller than I am, about six feet, he stood there with sweat dripping down his sinewy body. His hair was cut short, and his face was slightly round, but not effeminate - cute and masculine at the same time, kind of like Tag Adams or Ben Cohen - and he sported a bit of a beard, like a man who had just spent the past two or three days in the woods without shaving. His dark brown eyes cast a look of mystery. Every inch of him was rock-solid muscle. His arms were huge, and he had the biggest pecs I had ever seen. I could kick myself for having gone to the pool that day instead of the weight room; I would love to have seen his bulging muscles undulate erotically as he pumped iron. He was not muscular in the gross way that some bodybuilders are, but in the way that makes a person want to curl up in his arms and fall asleep. His pecs and eight-pack abs were made even more sensuous by the dark fur that covered them. He had more body hair than either Adams or Cohen, but not so much as to make him look like an ape. Even from the other side of the locker room, I could smell testosterone oozing from every pore of his fuckin' body.

[Pardon me for a few minutes while I jack off.]

[Ah. OK, I'm back now.]

Compared to the god at the gym, I'm a pretty average guy, a little over 5'10', brown hair, brown eyes. I'm hairy, but not like the Greek god standing next to me. My dick is about average too as far as size goes, but there must be something about the shape because I have always gotten compliments on it. I get lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' from women when they see it for the first time, and one guy even told me that it was the most beautiful dick he'd ever seen. Go figure. I have never thought of myself as particularly well built, so I was quite surprised when a woman approached me by the pool one day and told me that she thought I was very 'buff.' I guess it's just a matter of perspective - kind of like the way a man's penis always looks bigger when he's inspecting it in the mirror than when he's just looking down at it.

Back in the locker room, I had to check out the woman's assessment for myself. Looking in the mirror, I concluded that all of those years of working out had, indeed, begun to pay off. I could see the V clearly defined where my delts, biceps, and triceps came together. There was a noticeable cleavage between my pecs, which were bigger and firmer than ever before. My legs have always been well developed; I do a lot of hiking as well as working out. I still needed to drop about 10 pounds off my waist, but, hell, who doesn't? I was standing there flexing my muscles and admiring myself when he walked up and stood at the sink next to me. My God, he nearly blew me away. (There's a double entendre there, but I'd better not get sidetracked again, or I'll never finish this story.)

'Hey,' was all he said.

'Hi,' I replied, barely summoning enough breath to get the word out of my mouth. We both began to shave, and no more words were exchanged. Every so often, I glanced at his reflection in the mirror to drink in the beauty of the man, but I had to be careful not to let him catch me peeking. I took the towel off the counter and wrapped it around my waist in a desperate attempt to conceal my growing adulation. By the time I finished shaving, I decided that I had better take a cold shower. A really, really long; really, really cold shower.

When I walked out of the shower, I saw him going into the steam room, and I decided to follow. Unfortunately, the room was full of men, but, fortunately, about the only place left to sit was directly across from my Hercules. I was hoping to get a good luck at the one part of him that I had not seen yet, but he sat with a towel around his waist, and the steam was petty thick anyway. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the sweat trickle down his hairy, muscle-bound body.

After I showered again, I went to my locker to get dressed, and there he was in the aisle across from me. 'I bet he's got a really small dick,' I said to myself. Everyone has at least one flaw, right, and I hadn't seen one on this guy yet, so that must be it. When he dropped his towel to get dressed, though, I glimpsed his cock just long enough to see that he was not lacking in that department either.

When he walked out of the locker room, I sighed deeply and told myself I had had my thrill for the day and should get going as well. I had just sat down in my car and turned the key in the ignition when I heard a tapping on my window. I looked around, and there he was, gazing at me with those dark chocolate eyes.

'I'm sorry to bother you,' he said in his sexy baritone, 'but my truck won't seem to start.' (Why was I not surprised that he would drive a truck? Probably a 4x4.) 'I'm supposed to meet my girlfriend at her cabin,' he continued, 'and I was wondering if you could give me a lift. I'll be happy to pay you for your trouble.'

'Oh, it'd be no trouble at all,' I replied. 'Hop in.' Hot damn! Could I really be this lucky?

'Thanks,' he said with a smile that again reminded me of Ben Cohen.

The cabin seemed quite far, but I didn't mind because that just gave me more time to be with him. He didn't talk much, and when he did, he mostly asked about me. He said very little about himself, just that he was a sergeant in the Army National Guard. He never even told me his name, just said to call him Sarge. From his appearance and a few things that he did offer, I surmised that he must have been slightly younger than I am, mid to late thirties maybe. I wanted to ask him for some workout suggestions, but I knew that if I did, I would start thinking about his amazing body and would probably pop a boner big enough to set off my car's airbag.

'Are you married?' he asked.

'Divorced,' I replied.

'What happened?'

I paused for a second, and he came back, 'Oh, I'm sorry. That's really none of my business.'

'No, it's OK,' I said. I took a deep breath and lied, 'I came home early one day and found her in bed with another man.'

'That really sucks!' he commiserated.

'Big time,' I added. I wasn't about to tell him that, in fact, my wife had come home and found me in bed with another man - her younger brother! I never regretted that day, though. He was a much better lay than she ever was. We spent that whole summer together before he had to go back to college, and on one occasion he even convinced a couple of cheerleaders to join us in bed.

Sarge and I drove down one country road after another and finally onto a dirt road that took us up to a rustic cabin. (Cabins are always rustic, aren't they?)

'I promised to pay you for driving me,' he said. 'I've got some money in the cabin. 'Why don't you come in, and I'll get it.'

'No, I wouldn't think of taking any money from you. I was happy to do it.'

'Well, at least come in and let me buy you a beer.' Responding to my hesitation, he added, 'I insist.'

'Well, OK, just one maybe.' Like I would really turn down an opportunity like that! Yeah, right!

The cabin appeared to have only two rooms. 'Have a seat there on the bed,' he said. 'I'll just be a second.'

When he returned with the beers, he did something that struck me as odd, though. Instead of handing me one of the beers, he set them both down on a table. I stood up to walk over to the table for my beer, and that's when he made his move. Cornering me between the bed and the wall, he changed his whole demeanor. 'You've been wanting to get into my jock ever since you first saw me, haven't you, fag?'

'I think I'd better go,' I stammered. He was right, of course. I did want to get into his jock, but the tone of his voice concerned me, so I aimed for the door, but he blocked my retreat.

'I know what you want,' he grinned, 'and I'm gonna let you have it, but first, I need to make sure you understand who's in charge here.' That's when he hauled off and slammed me in the gut so hard that I would have fallen to the floor had he not caught me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me back up. Still groggy from the pain in my stomach, I never saw the left jab to my jaw.

Saturday afternoon

The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor, waking up to a splash of cold water on my face and the sight of not one pair of legs, but three. The other two were clad in army boots and fatigues.

Though neither man was quite as muscular as the sergeant, both were obviously used to working out. One was black, 30ish, a bit leaner and taller, maybe 6'4 or 6'5. If the sergeant was a linebacker, this guy was a point guard. The other one was the youngest, maybe 19 or 20. He had blond hair that accentuated his sparking blue eyes, the kind of eyes that just make a person want to dive right in and never come up for air. I guessed that he had been an athlete in high school, perhaps a baseball player, because the other men occasionally called him 'Sport.' In other words, he was as cute as hell. Kind of like Michael Churchill.

'Welcome back, Sleeping Beauty,' the sergeant snidely remarked. 'Nap time is over. Pick him up, boys,' he directed the other two men, who dutifully complied. Under better circumstances, I would have relished the experience of being held by two such hot studs.

'Say hello to the corporal,' said the sergeant. Before I could speak, though, the black man hauled off and punched me in the gut just like the sergeant had. Then, the sergeant took the place of the younger man at my arm and said simply, 'Private.' The young private, though, backed away somewhat as if to suggest that he did not want to hit me. 'That's an order, Private!' Realizing that he had no choice, the young man followed suit and hit me in the gut as well. 'My grandmother can hit harder than that,' snapped the sergeant. 'Do it again, and do it right this time, or I'll be forced to show you how it's done.' With that, the young man hit me much harder than before.

'I think he's gonna throw up,' said the corporal.

'Take him outside, Bull,' ordered the sergeant. 'If he pukes all over my floor, I'll make him lick it up.'

The corporal (Bull) and the private (Sport) dragged me outside, and after I had finished heaving, they dragged me back in and threw me down on the bed. 'Open your mouth,' ordered the sergeant, and when I refused, he slapped the shit out of me. When I screamed in pain, he started pouring the can of beer down my throat. I choked and spit some of it out, but he didn't stop until the can was empty. 'When you suck my dick, bitch, I'd rather have you smelling like beer than puke.'

With that, he climbed on top of me, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and slapped my face with it several times. Before he shoved it into my mouth, he pulled out a knife and held it to my cheek. 'Don't you go getting any stupid ideas now. If you so much as brush your teeth against my dick, I'll cut your balls out and stuff 'em down your throat, you hear me?'

'Yes,' I whispered with all the breath I could muster.

'I didn't hear you,' he yelled.

'Yes,' I repeated a bit louder.

'Yes, what?' He screamed in his drill sergeant voice.

'Yes, sir,' I replied.

'Good,' he snapped. The he stabbed the knife into the table next to the bed, pulled my lips apart, and shoved his cock down my throat as the corporal and private looked on. In no time at all, his dick swelled to 8 or 9 inches.

As Sarge face-fucked me, the corporal unzipped his pants and whipped out the biggest goddam prick I'd ever seen in my life. It had to be at least 8' soft and 12' hard and as big around as that beer can. They didn't call him Bull for nothing. The guy could have been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Stroking his meat, Bull eyed the young private lasciviously, first in his eyes and then at his crotch. Without a word, he was directing the blond stud to pull out his cock and join the action. He grabbed the young man's hand and placed it over his own cock, groaning and moaning as the private pumped his shaft. I knew then that I was in for a long, hard ride, but there's no way in hell I could have anticipated just how long or hard it would be.

After a few minutes of the warm-up exercises, the sergeant hopped off of me. 'Strip him, boys.' The big, black corporal ripped my shirt apart and unbuckled my belt. The blond private removed my shoes, and then the two of them pulled off my jeans. Despite my fear and my best efforts to control myself, I felt an electric shock surge through my crotch.

'Hold him,' commanded the sergeant. With one man holding each arm and leg, the sergeant pulled the knife out of the table, leaned over, and began to cut off my briefs before brushing the cold knife against my dick and balls. Then he stuck his face right up to mine, his hot breath warming my skin. 'Remember what I told you. No funny stuff.'

The two lackeys let go of me, and all three men began to strip as well. Sport displayed a completely hairless torso that gave full exposure to his ripped abs and well-toned pecs. But his most appealing feature was an absolutely scrumptious bubble butt, the kind that makes a person drool. I could easily imagine hospital emergency rooms all up and down the coast reporting unexplained up-ticks in the number of cases of whiplash whenever Sport walked along the beach.

Bull's naked body featured several tattoos as well as piercings in his nipples and especially pronounced quads and upper arms. After he had removed his clothes, Bull took his fatigues and pressed the crotch into my face. The pungent man-scent told me that they had not been washed in several days.

'I think I need a piece of ass,' said the sergeant. I was afraid that he would fuck me raw, but he called to the blond. 'Get over here, private.' The sergeant straddled me again, this time at my waist, facing away from me. I could feel his hairy balls tickling the tip of my prick. He grasped my legs and pulled my ass up into the air. Hooking the young private around the neck with his powerful hand, the sergeant pulled the boy's face into my ass. 'Lick,' was all he said. While Sport was eating me out, Bull shoved his monster cock into my mouth. I tried sucking it as best I could, but he kept pumping harder and deeper, and I thought he would choke me to death. 'Come on, bitch, swallow that fuckin' cock.'

The private never said much during the entire ordeal, but Sarge and Bull trash talked the whole time. They kept saying things like, 'Yeah, baby, lick that ass,' and 'Fuck him, man, fuck him hard.' They were like two frat boys egging each other on.

Finally, Sarge shoved Sport aside. Then, he swiveled around to face me and lifted my legs up over his shoulders. 'Brace yourself, man, 'cause I'm about to fuck the goddam shit out of you.' First, he stuck one finger up my hole, and then two, and then three. Then he pulled my ass cheeks apart, spit into my hole, and stuck his dick up my ass, slowly at first and then harder and deeper. I could feel his prick puncture my sphincters and his balls slap against my butt cheeks. I thought he was going to rip my rectum apart. I tried to scream at the pain, but the corporal's huge tool in my mouth muffled the sound. The fabulous hunk who had taken my breath away at the gym was now savagely raping me. With each primal thrust of his hips, beads of sweat formed on his forehead and body. His abs rippled, and his hairy pecs heaved as he gasped for air. Despite the pain, I had to admit to myself that he was a truly magnificent beast.

Though I didn't want them to cum in my mouth and ass, I did want to get the ordeal over with, so I prayed for them to shoot as quickly as possible, but they didn't. They drew the torture out as long as they could. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the sergeant yelled, 'Oh, God, I'm gonna cum! Unh, aah, unh, aah,' he panted, the groans building with each successive thrust. 'Oh, God, man! Shit! Fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUUCCKK...aaaaah. I felt the man's hot stream shooting up my ass again and again. Finally, he collapsed on top of me, his hard dick still throbbing inside of me. Despite the fact that he had just brutally raped me, I loved the feel of his sweaty, hairy, muscular body pressed against mine. I felt warm and secure in his arms. I wished we could stay that way forever.

About the same time that Sarge filled my rectum, the Bull's hot juices flooded my mouth. 'Swallow it,' ordered the black man. 'Swallow my fuckin' sperm, cocksucker,' but there was just too much of it. It began oozing out of my mouth and dripping down my face. With his hand, the corporal swept the cum back into my mouth. Next, he stuck his fingers in my mouth.' Suck 'em, bitch. Suck my cum off my fingers.' Then, he rubbed his hand through my hair to remove any residual cum. Next, he shoved his cock back into my mouth. 'Suck it, cocksucker. Suck my dick dry. Suck out every last fuckin' drop.'

After I had swallowed all of the cream, Sarge rolled off of me, the two men hurled me onto the floor, and Bull fell down beside Sarge, their arms and legs intertwined as if they had just shared some fraternal ritual. Ah, the ultimate in male bonding: to share a beer and a fuck.

'Fuck, man,' Sarge struggled to catch his breath. 'I told you I was gonna give you the fuckin' of your life, didn't I?'

Just when I thought it was over, Sarge turned to Sport, 'OK, private, your turn.'

The young man, who had been fondling his dick and balls the whole time but not really jacking off, came forward. The sergeant yanked the private's arm and pulled him down to the floor on top of me. Then, he pushed his face into mine, the soldier's dog tags slapping my chin. The private knew what was expected of him, but I sure as hell didn't. When he started kissing me, my jaw fell open reflexively. I never imagined that he would stick his tongue in my mouth, but he did. God, did he ever! With the most perfectly formed lips I had ever seen or tasted, he gave me the deepest, longest, wettest kiss - and man, could he kiss! Sweet lips, sweet Jeezus! As he kissed, he rhythmically dry-humped my leg with his swollen hose. Now this was more like it! Finally, I was getting some real pleasure out of this ambush. I was frenetic with desire, but I had to control myself. I could not give these men any sign that I approved of their kidnapping me.

'On the bed, Sport,' ordered the sergeant as he and the corporal got up to make room. The two of them pulled me up and sat me down on top of the young stud, who was now lying on his back with his surface-to-air missile sticking straight up into the air. They lowered me onto his rigid pole and ordered me to pump away. My gorgeous hairy hunk straddled my blond Adonis's face and got his balls licked. As I looked at these two spectacular bodies, so different, but so hot, each in its own way, I thought my own dick would explode. I could no longer restrain my urges. 'Well, lookie here,' mocked the sergeant. 'Our little princess has a hard-on. I told you he was a fag.'

The sergeant and the corporal continued their trash talk. 'Fuck his ass, Sport. Show him what a man you are. Lick those balls, cunt. Oh, yeah. God, that feels good. Fuck! Damn! Fuck! Holy shit! Fuck!'

The corporal pinched my nipples and every so often slapped my dick as it bobbed up and down. My balls were aching so badly, I just wanted him to grab my meat and jack me off, but he was more interested in torturing me than satisfying me.

With me on top, the kid's stiff prick found my prostate and drove me out of my fuckin' mind. I didn't know if they would interpret my screams as indications of pain or pleasure, but at that point, I didn't really give a shit. I could no longer hold back. I shot a rope of cum that flew right over Sport's body and landed on the sergeant's balls, which Sport kept licking. I shot stream after stream, coating his smooth hairless torso from chin to crotch. God, what a relief! I might get the shit beaten out of me for that, I thought, but I didn't care. I really needed that. I never needed anything so badly in my life.

'I'm cummin',' panted the young man, at which point the brawny sergeant moved aside, and the corporal lifted me up off the kid and began to pump his shaft. He came, and came, and came. The first two shots flew right over his head. The next four landed across his face and chest. He must have released at least 10 loads.

Bull shoved my face against the young hottie's belly, rubbing it into our combined jizz. 'Lick it up,' he commanded, 'but don't swallow it.' I slurped up every drop from his fuzzy dick to his ripped abs, up to his solid chest, lingering over the nipples (I figured I might as well get as much pleasure as I could from this experience), then on up to his neck. Then, Bull grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and pressed my lips against Sport's. The kid opened his mouth, and we again kissed long and deep, only this time we slobbered our blended crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me all over each other's lips and tongues. I licked the cum off his face, lapped up every drop that ran down his cheeks, and scooped it back into his waiting mouth. My God, it was the hottest, wettest kiss I've ever experienced. Then, he scraped the residual cum off my face with his dog tags and dipped them into my mouth to slurp clean. What the dog tags did not get off my face, he licked off, and we deep kissed again. I thought I'd pop another boner right then and there, but I didn't want to let on to the other two guys how much I was actually loving this moment.

When Bull pulled me off the young stud, I saw that he was sporting another erection. 'Permission to fuck the bastard,' he said to the sergeant.

Oh, my God, I thought. He'll rip me apart with that howitzer.

'It's getting late,' said Sarge, 'and we need to get back to the base. Maybe tomorrow.'

Tomorrow? Tomorrow! 'Aren't you going to let me go?' I asked.

'Not yet,' he replied. 'This is our last free weekend before we ship out to Iraq on Monday morning. It may be a long time before we get some good pussy, so we're gonna make hay while we can.'

'Tie him up, boys,' he said as he pulled a long stretch of nylon rope out of a bag that I had not noticed before. They strapped me spread-eagle to the four corners of the bed. 'I wouldn't squirm too much if I was you,' said Sarge. 'That rope'll burn your skin.'

'What am I supposed to do with this hard-on?' asked Bull.

'Well, we don't have time to worry about that right now. You can fuck the private here in the back of the truck on the way back to the base.'

Thank, God, I gulped. He could have killed me with that thing - although I did wish that I could have witnessed him pounding his shiny black dick up that lily white ass.

The three of them got dressed, and on his way out the door, Sarge smirked, 'Pleasant dreams. We'll be back in the morning after my workout.' I thought it was strange that he did not lock the door.

Saturday night

Needless to say, I didn't sleep much that night. I tried to get free of the ropes, but there was no use. The sergeant was right; I only succeeded in rubbing my skin raw.

I had really lost track of time at that point, so I can only imagine how much had elapsed, but I guess that about two or three hours had passed when I heard feet rustling outside. Then, there were voices. Two men, it sounded like. I was very apprehensive at first; would they be friends or foe? The voices came closer. 'Looks like someone left a light on in the cabin,' said one of the men. 'We should probably check it out.'

I held my breath in anticipation as the door slowly swung open. Then, I let out a huge sigh of relief. 'Oh, thank God,' I exclaimed as I saw the two uniformed men, a park ranger and a deputy sheriff. 'These three men kidnapped me, and I don't want to tell you what terrible things they did to me.'

The men stood quietly as I rattled on. Finally, the ranger spoke sadistically, 'Well, sir, I guess this just ain't your lucky day.'

'What do you mean?' I asked nervously.

Instead of answering me directly, though, the ranger turned to the deputy and, rubbing his crotch, snickered, 'Looks like Sarge left us another hot one.'

'Well, we'll find out just how hot he is,' replied the deputy, 'but I gotta say he's better looking than the last two.'

'I'll bet Sarge's got him all broken in, too,' added the ranger.

Two points were now blatantly obvious. First, these guys did not just stumble across the cabin; Sarge had sent them. Second, I was really in deep shit.

The deputy was the first to approach me. He straddled my chest and pulled his gun from the holster. 'You remember the rules?' he asked while rubbing the gun against my cheeks and lips.

'Yes,' I stammered.

'Yes, what?' he barked.

'Yes, sir,' I replied.

He put the gun back in the holster, probably so that I would not lose sight of it. The way that his gun belt lay low across his abdomen accentuated the bulge of his crotch, which really didn't need any extra help anyway, but there it was. He scooted upward and buried the crotch into my face. He made no effort to unzip his pants; he just kept rubbing.

When he climbed off of me, I saw that the ranger had removed his khaki uniform, and the deputy quickly stripped off his blue uniform as well. Both men were actually quite handsome: mid twenties, athletic, hairy-chested, 6'1' or 6'2'. The deputy had a dark complexion that matched his black hair and dark eyes, but his physique and the pattern of hair on his chest reminded me of Chris Evans. (Aaah, Chris Evans! Now there's a man whose image I've beaten off to more times than I can count!). Like the sergeant when I first saw him at the gym, the deputy looked like he hadn't shaved in three or four days. The ranger looked more like a surfer: fair skinned, but tanned, hazel eyes, sandy blond hair on both his head and chest. Except for a sinfully alluring treasure trail, there was no hair on his abdomen. He made me think of Ken Ryker in his younger days - except for the cock. These men's cocks were about average, like mine, but the deputy had balls like coconuts, huge and hairy. Both looked like they might have been jocks in high school or college. They walked and talked with the confident swagger that jocks often display.

They untied the ropes and pulled me up from the bed. 'I think maybe we'd better frisk him,' said the deputy.

What the fuck! I thought. I'm fuckin' naked! Where the fuck would I be hiding anything? But, of course, I said nothing.

'Against the wall,' ordered the deputy as he pushed me forward. 'Now, spread 'em.' With his foot, he kicked mine apart. 'Why don't you do the honors, Dusty.'

'I'd love to, Speed.'

Dusty. The deputy called the ranger Dusty. That nickname probably had something to do with his occupation. But Speed? Was he a fast driver or a former track star, or was the name perhaps a reference to drugs? Why did they not care if I knew their names and where they worked? Were they planning to dispose of me when they were done with me?

Standing behind me, Ranger Dusty began frisking me, starting at my feet. When he got to my thighs, he reached underneath and rubbed my cock and balls. Next, he slowly rubbed my belly and then my chest. He pinched my nipples, softly at first and then hard. I choked back a scream. His last gesture really surprised me. He leaned up against my back and held me, not roughly, but tenderly. He smelled of pine trees and gunshot smoke. He rested his head on my shoulder, took a deep breath, and sighed faintly, like he was drinking in the experience. His dick began to stiffen, and he stuck it between my legs, rubbing it gently against my balls. Incredible! He wasn't abusing me; he was loving me.

'Enough,' shouted the deputy. He dragged me back to the bed, threw me down on my knees, and, with his foot, bent me over onto the mattress. 'We're not done inspecting you,' he snarled. He pulled out his billy club and began to shove it up my ass. It was only a little more than an inch thick, but it was cold. He pushed it deeper and deeper until I thought he would punch my guts out.

'You want me to stop, bitch?' he asked. 'Huh?' I tried to beg him, but he had my face pressed into the mattress, muffling my cries. 'I bet you'd rather have my hot cock up your ass than this cold stick, wouldn't you?'

'Yes,' I pleaded to the mattress.

Grabbing my hair, he jerked my head back off the mattress and asked, 'What?'

'Yes, sir,' I replied.

'Yes, sir, what?' he asked.

'Yes, sir, please. I want to feel your hot cock inside of me.'

'Of course, you do,' he drawled sarcastically, jerking out the billy club and shoving his cock in its place. He made no effort to ease it in. He just slammed away, saying things like, 'Yeah, you like my fuckin' cock up your fuckin' ass, don't you, bitch' and 'Take that, you whore.'

While the deputy was banging my ass like there was no tomorrow, the ranger moved around and sat on the bed in front of me. 'Rub your tongue under my balls,' he said. After a couple of minutes, he said, 'OK, now take my balls into your mouth.' I did one at a time, and then he said, 'Now both of them together.' It was a strain, but I eventually got both of them in my mouth and rolled them around on my tongue. 'Lick my dick.' he said. Another minute elapsed. 'Now suck,' he said, and I did. Suddenly, the sweet, tender lover who had frisked me only a few minutes before turned into a sexual sadist. He latched onto the back of my head and slammed it down onto his cock, causing me to choke and gag. I tried to come up for air, but he pressed so hard that I could feel his pubic hairs against my nose. 'Eat it,' he snarled. 'Eat my fuckin' dick. His cock began to pulsate as he unloaded gobs of goo down my throat. I could not take it all, so I again tried to pull back, but again he pressed harder and harder. The creamy white liquid drooled from my mouth and even into my nasal cavity and out my nose. 'Eat it,' he repeated. 'Eat me raw.' Finally, he let me come up for air, but only for a few seconds. He slammed my head down again. His dick was still hard as a rock. With the choking in my throat and the excruciating pain in my ass, my eyes began to fill with tears, which streamed down my cheeks and mixed with the cum dripping from my mouth and nose. He let me up again, paused, and again impaled my throat with his cock. I could not believe how long he maintained an erection after shooting his wad. When his dick was no longer so stiff, he let up, wiped the cum off my face with his tool, and commanded, 'Lick it clean, cocksucker.'

All the while the ranger was fucking my face, the deputy was relentlessly pounding my ass as fast and furiously as he could. 'Take that fuckin' cock, motherfucker.' I could feel his coconut balls flapping against my butt. He drove his dick so deep into my ass that I thought for a moment that he had pushed his balls up my hole as well. 'Oh, God, I'm gonna cum,' he squealed. 'Oh, God, God, God!' His whole body, including his vocal cords, tensed. 'Oh, shit! Fuck, fuck! Ohhh, God! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! FUUUCCCKKK!'

Then, there was one final sigh of relief, or was it exhaustion? He collapsed across my back. As he did, the side of his face brushed against mine, causing his coarse beard to scratch my cheek. Compared to the pile-driving I had just gotten in my ass and my throat, the cheek pain was minimal, and I actually liked the manliness of it.

After resting on the bed for a few minutes, they got up, and the deputy went for his uniform, but instead of putting it on, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a joint. I was stunned. 'Want some weed?' he asked. 'It's good stuff. We got it off of a couple of teenagers we caught screwin' down at the campground. We were gonna fuck 'em and let 'em go, but when we checked their IDs, we found out that they were too young, so we just took their stash instead.' He lit up, took a puff, and again offered it to me. I declined as politely as I knew how under the circumstances. 'Well, suit yourself, but Dusty and me are gonna go outside and have a couple of these, but I gotta warn you, pot makes me hornier than hell, so we'll be back with our dicks fully loaded and ready to go.'

They didn't bother to tie me back up. I guess they figured that I was too whipped to try an escape, and, besides, where would I go? They didn't get dressed either. They just took their weapons and strolled out like they were on a family picnic.

An hour or so later, the deputy called from outside the cabin. 'Hey, dude, come on out here and soak up some fresh air. It's a beautiful night in the woods. You oughta come out and enjoy it.'

'Dude'? He's gone from calling me 'bitch' and 'whore' to 'dude'?

Given that I really had no other choice, I went outside to join the two men, who were sitting on a flat wooden bench. They scooted apart to make room for me to sit between them. Three naked men sitting tightly together on a park bench in the woods in the middle of the night! Incomprehensible! Even more strange, the deputy put his arm around me and slurred, 'Your're all right, buddy. I like you. You've got a nice tight ass and a pretty good looking dick too,' he said, squeezing me closer with one arm and patting me on the chest with the other. 'You need to loosen up a bit, though,' he counseled, more like a concerned big brother than a domineering master. 'Here, have a toke,' he cajoled, again offering me the pot. At that point, I figured, 'Why the hell not?' so I took a puff and handed it back to him. 'Naw,' he said. 'Take another swig, a real deep one this time,' so I did. 'That's good, bro,' he drawled. 'Have another.' After I finished off the cigarette, he lit up another, and we passed it around. 'That make you horny, bro? Did me. Weed always makes me horny. Of course, it don't take much to make me horny, ha, ha, ha. Ain't that right, Dusty?'

Dusty, who was now as mellow as a sleepy child and had swiveled around to lay his woozy head in my naked lap, confirmed, 'Damn right, Speed-o.' As he spoke, he unwittingly drooled onto my thigh.'

'Gawd, bro, look at what you just did,' Speed scolded him.

'Oh, sorry, bro,' Dusty apologized sheepishly.

'Damn, Dusty. I can't take you anywhere, can I? Now clean up that mess.'

Dusty paused and rolled his eyes, as if trying to figure out how he was going to clean it up with nothing to wipe it with. Then, as if hitting on a reasonable solution, he turned his head and licked up the dripping saliva.

'Oh, gross, bro. You ain't nothin' but a fuckin' slob.'

Dusty looked up at Speed from my lap with great big puppy dog eyes and whimpered for forgiveness.

Unable to resist, Speed patted him on the top of his head and snickered, 'That's OK, boy, I'll keep you anyway.'

'Woof!' barked Dusty lovingly. 'Woof! Woof!'

Then, rewarding Dusty for his resourcefulness, Speed drooled onto my thigh. 'Here, boy! Go get it.' And Speed eagerly lapped it up.

'Woof, woof!'

Speed laughed at his loyal companion and spit again and again. Each time, Dusty lapped it up, Speed laughed, and Dusty barked. Eventually, Dusty's barks turned to laughter as well, each man then howling alternately in a comic duel.

After the silliness had run its course, Speed turned to me and squeezed me even closer to him, more like a drinking buddy than a captive sex slave. 'Tell you what, bro,' he said, still high as a kite. You sit right here on the bench, and me and Dusty are gonna stick our dicks in your mouth, OK?' He acted more like he was offering me a beer than his cock.

'Don't you want to go inside?' I stammered.

'Naaahhh,' he giggled. 'Me and Dusty's nature lovers. You love nature, don't you, bro?'

'Well, yeah, I guess so.'

'Of course, you do.' Rising from the bench, he turned to face me, bracing himself against my shoulders. 'Everybody loves nature. Especially when it's this kind of nature,' he chortled as he flapped his dick in my face. He laughed more heartily, taking special pride in his own cleverness. 'First, though, we got somethin' else.' He produced a small bottle from out of nowhere and took a deep whiff, first up one nostril and then the other. Then he handed it to Dusty, who did the same and passed it on to me. I didn't really know what it was at the time, but I figured that I had nothing to lose at that point, so I took it and breathed deeply. 'Good,' said Speed. 'If the weed hasn't already made you horny, that will.'

Both men got up from the bench and stood directly in front of me. I began to suck their dicks, first one and then the other, alternating between them. Then, when they were both good and hard, Deputy Speed said, 'Suck 'em together, bro. Me and Dusty wanna see both of our dicks in your mouth at the same time.' It was a stretch at first, but I eventually managed to get both dicks into my mouth simultaneously. Speed, once again taken with his own inventiveness, dripped his saliva onto the adjoining dicks as I drew them in and out of my mouth.

'Shit, dude,' shouted Dusty, unable to contain his glee, 'that's awesome, man, fuckin' awesome.' Emulating his idol, Dusty also spit on the dicks and cackled hysterically at his prowess. 'Fuck-in' awe-some,' he whooped, stressing each syllable. He punched me on the arm, not in a hurtful way, but more like a frat brother congratulating another on his latest conquest. 'You REALLY know how to suck dick, man. Hee, hee, hee. Haw, haw, haw. Fuckin' awesome! FUCK-IN' AWE-SOME!' Was he deriving his euphoria from the sight of two dicks in one mouth at the same time or the feel of his own dick rubbing against his best friend's?

After several minutes of the cocksucking, sometimes singularly, sometimes in tandem, Dusty finally pulled back, slowly leaned over, and gently caressed my face with his manly hands. When he gazed longingly into my eyes and smiled at me wistfully, I thought for one brief moment, oh, my God, he looks just like Rusty Joiner! Then, his expression turned somber, mellow, and he spoke softly in the sweetest, sexiest voice, 'I'm gonna fuck your ass now, OK, bro?' I imagined that it was the tone he had used each time he had de-flowered a virgin in his teen years. He was asking my permission? What the hell was I gonna say, 'No, I think you boys have had enough for one day!' He was gonna fuck me anyway, so we might as well do it gently. Besides, how could I resist a seduction like that?

He offered his hand the way a gentleman would to a lady and helped me off the bench. Then, he helped me to my knees and bent me over. Deputy Speed walked around to the other side and massaged my face with his cock and balls before placing his dick into my mouth.

Dusty, before inserting his penis in my ass, also gently rubbed his cock and balls over the surrounding area. Then, he leaned across my back and caressed me as he had done when frisking me. He laid his cheek next to mine and just enjoyed the moment. He nibbled on my ear and licked behind it. Then, he whispered something into my ear, but his speech was so soft and slurred that I could not make out what he said. Finally, he gave me a butterfly kiss on the cheek and slowly raised himself back up. I expected him to ram his cock into me like Speed had done, but instead, he spread my ass cheeks and started to rim me. Oh, God, it felt good. If the weed and the poppers hadn't loosened me up enough, this sure as hell did. He licked and licked and licked, which was fine with me. I didn't care if he never stopped. Ultimately, he did stop, though, but then he leaned forward again and whispered tenderly in my ear, 'I think we're ready now.' He gently inched his penis into my hole. 'Don't worry, baby. I know it hurts at first, but don't worry. The pain will wear off, and you'll love it.' Once again, he was giving the simulated virgin the benefit of his experience. He slowly pushed his dick in deeper until it was completely in. He began to pump carefully, reassuring me with each stroke. 'It's getting better, ain't it babe? It feels good, don't it? Didn't I tell you it would?' Every so often he would pause with his love shaft fully inserted and just sway his pelvis to give me the full pleasure of his manhood. 'Oh, babe, you've got a sweet ass,' he moaned. 'Sweet, sweet, sweet ass. Ummm, ummm, wrap your ass muscles around my penis and squeeze tight, baby.' He was teaching me how to return the pleasure. 'Oh, yeah, baby. That's it. That's the way to do it. That's the way to please a man.' He gripped my hips and pumped harder and harder, not brutally like Speed had done before, but passionately, succumbing to the primal instinct. 'Hang on, baby, we're goin' for a magic carpet ride. Oooh, baby, you're the one. Nobody's got a hot fuckin' ass like you. Oh, yeah, I want you to have my dick, baby. I wanna give it all to you. You want it, don't you, baby? You want my cock deep inside of you, lovin' you, don't you, baby?'

'Yes,' I blurted out, unable to resist his phenomenal seduction. I fell victim to the passion and released my mouth from Speed's cock long enough to plead, 'Oh, yes, Dusty, I want your hot dick so bad. I want you inside of me. Take me, Dusty, take me. Take me on that magic carpet ride.'

The more I relished the feel of Dusty's hot shaft massaging my rectum, the more I savored the taste and feel of Speed's cock in my mouth. I paused just long enough to look up at him and say, 'I love you, bro. I love your fuckin' dick. Ummm. Tastes so gooood. Give it to me, bro. Love me like a real man.' And I went back to sucking it like a pro.

'Oh, Dusty, I love you too. I love your fuckin' dick. Oh, God, Dusty, let me have it, let me have it. Let me feel every inch of your pulsating manhood deep inside of me.'

'Oh, shit, baby, you're really turnin' me on. You're makin' me fuckin' hot. Oh, jeez. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, God, take my fuckin' cock, baby. Take it all.'

'Oh, yes, Dusty. God, you are so fuckin' hot. Oh, fuck me, baby. Fill my ass with your hot juices. I wanna feel you explode in my ass, you gorgeous fuckin' hot stud.

'Ah, ah, ah, ah. Oh, fuck. Fuck. FUCK. FU...AAAAHHHHH, AAAAHHHH, AAAAHHHH, oh, oh, oh, AAAAHHHH, AAAAHHHH, oh, oh...oh, God! AAAAHHHH, AAAAHHHH, ah, ah, ah, ah.' I felt each massive spasm as he exploded inside of me. 'Whew! Holy, shit! Oh, God, baby,' he panted, trying to catch his breath. 'Oh, Whew! Whew! Whew! Oh, baby, you nearly killed me,' he said, falling down on top of me again. 'I've never cum so fuckin' hard in my life! Goddam, that was fuckin' incredible. Oh, oh.'

'Oh, God, Dusty, you're making me hotter than fuckin' hell,' yelled Speed. 'Oh, shit! Suck my fuckin' cock, bro. Oh, yeah, suck it good.'

'Suck him, tight, baby,' Dusty whispered with all the breath he could muster. 'Suck my pard'ner, baby, suck him off. Suck his fuckin' cock.'

'Oh, shit, bro. Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! Oh, God, ah, AH, AAAHHH, AAAAHHHH, AAAAHHHH.' Speed screamed so loud that I thought he would wake up the whole goddam county. He shot load after load into my mouth. He and Dusty must have each shot at least a dozen loads. I took enormous satisfaction in the knowledge that I had pleasured them so much.

As the three of us stumbled back toward the cabin, I flattered them sincerely, 'Hell, boys, the girls have gotta REALLY love you two.' Speed, the less modest of the two, boasted, 'Yeah, they do, 'cause they keep comin' back for more. Ain't that right, Dusty?' The two of them slapped each other on the back and laughed in self-satisfaction. Once in the cabin, we curled up together on the bed. Oh, God, this was a dream come true, being squeezed between two beautiful men who had just made tender, passionate love to me.

After about 15 minutes or so, Speed got up and announced, 'Sorry, bro, but Dusty and me gotta get goin'. We're actually on duty tonight, so we've gotta get back to work.'

I watched them lustfully as they put their manly uniforms back on. Once they were dressed, I asked Speed if I could rub his bulging blue-suited crotch one more time, and he, of course, gladly consented. Dusty leaned forward and lightly kissed my cheek once more and informed me apologetically, 'Sorry, baby, but we're gonna have to tie you back up now. Sarge'll be really pissed if he comes back and finds you gone.' I was stunned, but helpless.

Sunday morning

Just as promised, the three soldiers showed up again the next morning, only this time, Sarge was wearing sweats, and the other two were wearing jeans. Bull wore baggy jeans, and Sport wore low-rise Levis that showed off his incredible ass. Bull wore a white cotton T-shirt that looked two sizes too small, and Sport wore a blue microfiber tank top that brought out his blue eyes and showed off his muscular arms. Though the top was plain, I imagined that if there were a slogan on it, it would say, 'I'd do me!' Sport also wore an Atlanta Braves baseball cap, and all three men wore tennis shoes.

'Take him outside, and let him piss,' said Sarge. Since we were in the South, and it was a spring day, the temperature was not really cold, but the air was crisp enough for my nipples to stiffen.

When the two men dragged me back into the cabin, Sarge had removed all of his clothes but his jockstrap, the sight of which stirred reactions in my groin that I hoped none of them would detect. He lay spread-eagle on the bed as I had been, but with his hands behind his head. 'I didn't have time to shower at the gym,' he said. 'What do you think I should do about that, boys?' On that cue, Bull pushed me forward and down on my knees. 'Lick,' he said.

I began licking Sarge's toes and feet, which smelled like dirty tennis shoes. Then, I worked my way up his hairy legs to his crotch. He lifted up his legs so that I could lick under his balls at the root of his cock. I licked his jock strap, which was saturated with sweat from his morning workout. The pungent man-scent nearly overwhelmed me but intoxicated me at the same time. The feeling was exhilarating. When I pulled down the jock strap to release his pent-up cock, it flew up and hit me in the face. I licked it up one side and down the other. I licked his balls and the thick bush that surrounded his crotch.

'Oh, yeah,' he moaned. 'God, that feels good. Oh, God, yeah.' As I licked his stomach, my tongue felt the ripples in his abs. I spent a little extra time around the belly button, where the hair was thicker. When I worked my way up to the deep cleavage between his massive pecs, I buried my face in the deep carpet. I became a hungry animal grazing obsessively across a luxuriant meadow in a deep ravine. He was manhandling me, yes, but I was actually in heaven. I loved the salty taste of his manly sweat and the texture of his luscious hair against my face and on my tongue. I loved the way he twitched when I sucked his nipples and moaned in ecstasy when I lapped the sweat from his hairy armpits. As I licked my way behind his ears and up his neck, I relished the thought of getting to his succulent lips, but that's when he stopped me.

'Not there, fag. Back to my dick.' I worked my way back down his chest and abdomen to his cock. 'Now suck.' I took his penis into my mouth and savored the head of it. Then I slid my mouth down as far as I could. I alternated between teasing the head and gulping the shaft. Back and forth. Back and forth.

All of a sudden I felt two hands spreading my ass cheeks and a tongue rimming my hole. It was the young private. After about 10 minutes of these preliminaries, the cute blond slid his dick into my ass and began to fuck away. Then, the rhythm changed. The black stud had come up behind the private and poked him in the ass. We had a real double-decker sandwich going. I was sucking the sergeant, the private was fucking me, and the corporal was fucking the private. The thought of this human choo-choo train really turned me on, and Sport must have sensed it because he reached under my waist and began stroking my raging cock. I loved servicing my hairy hunk, and I loved having the beautiful blond babe fuck my ass and pump my shaft. I hoped that these rugged soldiers were not as turned on as I was because I did not want them to cum too soon. I wanted the experience to linger as long as possible. They must have felt the same way because we kept working like that for almost an hour, backing off every time we felt ourselves reaching the brink.

As they had done the day before, Sarge and Bull talked dirty all the while.

'Oh, yeah, bitch, suck that fuckin' cock. Eat me good. You love my big, fat cock, don't you?'

'Oh, kid! Ain't nobody got an ass as sweet as you. Sweet, sweet pussy. Hey, fag, can you feel it? Can you feel my fuckin' dick boring right through the kid and into your fuckin' hole? I bet I'm the only man you've ever known who can fuck two cunts at the same time!'

Finally, Sarge announced that he was ready to cum, and I could tell that Sport was as well. I felt his dick swelling up inside of me. 'I'm cummin' too,' squealed Bull. 'My balls can't hold back no more.' Sure enough, Bull shot first, and in my imagination, I could virtually feel his stream shooting up my ass. I could also feel the force of his orgasm, and that was not just imaginary because as he exploded, he shook the private sandwiched between us. That quaking, in turn, set off Sport, who fired his hot jizz up my ass at the same time that my own cock lost its wad. The ecstatic moaning and groaning of the corporal and the private as they came pushed Sarge over the edge as he released load after load of his creamy man-juice into my hungry mouth. I greedily gulped down every drop I could manage, and what I couldn't handle I slurped up from his pubic hairs where it had nested.

Sarge, it turns out, was one of those guys whose dick is especially sensitive; he jerked and shivered with each orgasmic pulse, and when I continued to lick and suck the head of his cock after he came, he screamed, 'No, no. No more. Stop, stop!' His arms flailed in the air before he brought them down and gripped the sheets as tightly as he could. I let up briefly, but then I went back to sucking and licking, which sent him into another seizure. 'Oh, God, no. No, don't. Don't. I can't stand....' He let go of the sheets and grabbed my head to pull me off his dick. I backed off, but only for a moment. I dove in again and licked his piss slit, which nearly knocked him off the bed and me with him. His demands that I cease turned into screams of masochistic pleasure. When he grabbed my head again and squeezed so hard that I thought he would crush me, I finally released his tender cock, but I did not surrender completely. I inched down and licked underneath his balls because I had already learned that he enjoyed that very much. Sport pulled me back, but I threw myself forward and licked and sucked Sarge's nipples, which were also very tender at that point. From there, I moved up again and licked his hairy armpits. When it seemed that he was too exhausted to resist, I grabbed his jaw and sank my tongue deep into his mouth. I don't know if he was really enjoying it or if he was just too stunned to react, but he did not stop me right away. I'm not sure, but I think he may have even tongued me back a little. When he had regained his strength and realized what was really going on, he catapulted me off of him so hard that I flew up into the air and landed like a brick on the hardwood floor. He shouted obscenities that I had never heard before - or since.

'Goddam fuckin' cunt! I should rip your balls off for that, you fuckin' piece of donkey shit! I told you I didn't want your faggot lips on my mouth. Goddam motherfucker!' And that was just the beginning of it!

Oh, God! What the hell had I done? That was fan-fuckin'-tastic, but was it worth getting killed for? (Well, maybe. At least I would die happy.)

'Tie him up, boys, and make damn sure he feels it this time. Wrap that rope around his goddam fuckin' balls as well as his hands and feet. I was getting hungry, but I think I've just lost my goddam appetite. As he grabbed his clothes and began to get dressed, he snapped, 'Let's go find some friggin' antiseptic mouthwash. Maybe by then I will have cooled off and gotten my appetite back. After the two soldiers had finished tying me back up and Sarge had finished dressing, he walked up to me, leaned over, and spat in my face. On the plus side, he didn't beat me to a pulp.

In a bizarre sort of way, I had just realized my fantasy from the moment I first saw him at the gym. True, I had been kidnapped, beaten, tied up, ridiculed, and sexually abused, but on the other hand, I had felt the pleasure of my hairy god-man's sensuous body pressed against mine, licked that incomparable body from head to toe, enjoyed his splendid dick in my mouth and ass, and deep-throated his delicious mouth with my tongue. All in all, I would say that I had come out ahead.

Sunday Afternoon

About an hour later, I heard a vehicle approach the cabin. They're back, I concluded. When the door opened, however, I was surprised to see not the soldiers, but the ranger, Dusty, and the deputy, Speed.

'Whassup, bro?' Speed asked.

What's up? Are these guys fuckin' crazy? First, they pound the crap out of me with their dicks, then they get me stoned and make passionate love to me, then they tie me back up and leave me to the wolves, and now they want to know 'whassup'! Friggin' unbelievable!

They had dispensed with their uniforms and were now wearing jeans and T-shirts. Like Sport, Speed wore low-rise Levis and a baseball cap, only his cap touted, 'Ole Miss Rebels.' His T-shirt bore an American flag and the words, 'God Bless America.' I wasn't sure if that was a political or religious statement or an expression that he used after a particularly satisfying fuck. Also like the other men, he wore tennis shoes.

Unlike the other men, Dusty wore Wrangler Cowboy Cut boot jeans. I love to see a man in Wranglers because they produce a much more prominent bulge than most other jeans. The kind of bulge that stands out in a crowd. The kind that advertises to women, 'Hey, baby, I know what you want, and I've got a wagon load of it right here.' And brags to other men, 'Sorry, fellas, but we can't all be stallions, now can we?' He accentuated the bulge further by taking a wider-than-normal stance and hooking his thumbs into his front pockets, his fingers pointing toward his crotch.

Around his waist, Dusty wore a hand-tooled leather Tony Lama Ranger belt with a silver eagle buckle. On his head he sported a white Stetson 6X Ruidoso, and on his feet he wore sexy Justin Saddle Stirrup leather boots. Underneath his unbuttoned blue-plaid George Strait cowboy shirt, he wore a black T-shirt, which contrasted with his fair skin and light hair and advised the world to 'Save a horse, ride a cowboy!'

'What did you do?' asked Speed, eyeing the rope tied around my balls.

'What did I do? What did I do? How about what they did to me!'

'Well, sorry, bro, but you must've done somethin' awful for Sarge to leave you like that.'

'I kissed him,' I confessed.

'Dude! You actually kissed him?'


'On the lips?'

'Actually, in the mouth. I tongued him.'

'No shit!' gasped the two young men, staring at each other in disbelief. 'You actually tongued him?'

'Yeah, I did.'

All of a sudden, they leaped onto the bed, one on each side of me, and started begging for details like teenage girls after a first date. 'How did you manage to do it? What was it like? How did it feel? Was it soft or rough? How did it taste? Was it sweet?'

Their curiosity amazed me. 'Tell you what,' I said. 'I'll make a deal with you. You take these ropes off of me, and I'll give you a 'blow-by-blow' description.'

'Awright!' shouted Dusty, like a little boy who had just gotten the pony that he wanted for Christmas.

Once they had freed me from the ropes, I sat up on the bed and related the entire experience.

'I have a confession to make, too,' said Dusty. I've always wanted to kiss Sarge, but I was afraid to. There aren't many men who turn me on that way, but Sarge is at the top of the list. Unfortunately, he just ain't into that sort of thing.'

'I'm not so sure about that,' I said. 'I think he actually enjoyed it for a moment.'

'He may be right,' interjected Speed. 'I've never told anybody about this, but I came up here to the cabin one day to smoke some pot, and the door was slightly ajar, so I peeked in and there were Sarge and Sport on the bed, and they had their tongues all over each other and inside each other. I slipped away before they could see me, but I've never forgotten that moment. Frankly, I found it kind of gross. I don't want no fag's tongue in my mouth. No offense, bro.'

'Sarge and Sport? Wow!' exclaimed Dusty. 'And hey, that's another man I wouldn't mind swapping spit with. Sport is about the prettiest little filly I've ever seen.'

'And he's a great kisser, too,' I added.

'What, you kissed Sport too?'

'Fuck yeah!' I boasted. I told them about our first kiss on the floor and then about how we sucked face and swapped cum on the bed.

'Holy shit!' cried Dusty, running through the same line of inquiry that he had presented when I told him I had kissed Sarge. 'How did you manage to do it? What was it like? How did it feel? How did it taste? Did he tongue you back?' and so on.

'It was the best goddam kiss I've ever had in my whole goddam life!' I said. Then, I paused and looked Dusty right in the eye. 'You know, it was so fan-fuckin'-tastic that I can't really describe it. But I could show you.' Dusty just stared at me, immobile, like a deer caught in the headlights. Seizing the moment, I pushed him backward on the bed and attacked his lips, mouth, and tongue like a bitch in heat. I licked and probed and sucked. There was no cum to swap, so I did the next best thing. I salivated all over his face and then licked it clean. Dusty was mine! He rubbed his fingers through my hair and his hands around my shoulders, losing himself completely to the passion of the moment. He squirmed beneath me, not because he wanted me to stop, but because he was out of control. The fever had overtaken him.

'Goddam!' shouted Speed. 'This is so fuckin' hot. Jeezus. I think I'm gonna bust my nuts just watchin' you guys. Holy motherfuckin' shit!' Then, 'Keep it up, guys. Don't stop, guys. I gotta get this on film.' He quickly pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and began filming our forbidden lust. 'Whooee! Damn, Dusty. I had no idea you could kiss like that or I might've jumped you myself.'

Instinctively, Dusty and I reached up and pulled Speed onto the bed with us and began smothering him with hot, wet, desperate kisses. Sometimes we alternated; he would deep kiss Speed, and I would lick his face; then, I would kiss, and he would lick. And sometimes we would kiss him together, three tongues probing and licking and sucking in a swirling vortex. We abandoned all inhibitions and just let our passions take over. At first, I was not sure how Speed would handle the experience, but all doubts were wiped away when Speed rolled Dusty over on his back and assumed the dominant role.

With Dusty now pinned to the mat and helpless, I saw my opportunity, and I seized it. I lowered myself to the floor and took a long whiff of his boots before licking each one from heel to toe. Then, I licked his jeans up one side and down the other, occasionally opening my mouth as wide as I could to simulate biting into his flesh.

Next, I leaned back and just gazed hypnotically at his amazing crotch. It was so big and so perfectly sculpted, a work of art that would make Rodin proud. I swooned as his hips gyrated in response to Speed's passionate kisses and realigned the contours of his bulge. Spreading his legs, I slid in between them and ran my hands all up and down them, quivering at the feel of his taut quads. Then, I buried my face in his beckoning crotch, closed my eyes, and breathed in the captivating aroma. There was no strong man-scent, just the aroma of pure, fresh denim. God, how I love the smell and taste of leather and denim! They drive me wild - especially when worn by such a hot stud. I pulled his legs in tight as I imagined that he had wrestled me to the floor and trapped me in a headlock, hoping that he would never let go. I massaged my cheeks against his groin and licked his crotch along the seam from his ass to the fly. When I reached his dick, I chewed at it through the thick material. Ummm. Delicious!

I crawled back up on the mattress and placed my head beside Dusty's. Speed pressed our cheeks together and swung back and forth, licking both faces in single strokes. He kissed one face, then the other, sucked one, then the other. No doubt about it; he was hooked, and I took special pride in knowing that I had de-flowered him in this way. Neither one of us would ever forget this moment as long as we lived.

Our foreplay had made all three of us hornier than hell. Being naked, I showed the most obvious sign. Dusty and Speed, on the other hand, were straining to get out of their tight jeans. Dusty reached down and fumbled to unzip Speed's Levis and free his throbbing manhood. 'Wait!' Speed grabbed his hand, as if suddenly thrust back into reality. 'We can't do this,' he proclaimed as he shot up from the bed.

'Speed, I'm sorry,' Dusty apologized frantically. 'I don't know what came over me. I just got carried away. I promise it won't happen again. I promise.'

'Well, it had damn well better happen again!' scolded Speed.

'Huh? You made us stop, but you're saying you still want to do it! What gives?'

'Yeah, I still wanna do it. Hell, yeah! That was fuckin' incredible, bro, and I can't wait to see where it goes, but the troops'll be back soon, and we can't let them catch us like this. We've gotta pull it together and act like nothin' happened.'

'You're right,' conceded Dusty, 'and we'll have lots of opportunities to pick up where we left off,' he smirked. Speed leaned into Dusty, gave him one more gentle kiss and sighed deeply.

'Hey, I almost forgot,' Speed turned to me, breaking his infatuation with Dusty - or pretending to as best he could. 'We've got a surprise for you, bro.'

'What's that?' I asked.

'It's outside. Come take a look.'

At that moment, their surprise was worth more than gold. There on the bench where we had made love the night before, they had laid out a banquet consisting of a great big bucket of fried chicken with containers of potato salad, cole slaw, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and corn on the cob. And next to that was a cooler filled with cold beer.

'We figured you must've worked up quite an appetite in the past 24 hours,' said Speed.

'Oh, God, thank you. Yes, I'm starving.' Reflexively, I grabbed his head and gave him a big wet kiss.

'OK, OK,' he chuckled. 'Maybe later, but right now let's get you some nourishment. I have a feeling you're gonna need all the strength you can muster this afternoon.'

I must have scarfed down half the chicken and most of the side dishes and washed them down with four beers, all within less than half an hour.

'Whoa, dude,' laughed Dusty. 'Slow down, or you'll make yourself sick. Why don't we go back inside and let you digest your food before the troops get back.'

As Speed put away the food and beer, Dusty led me back into the cabin. He stretched out on the bed, and I laid my head on his shoulder and fell asleep in his arms. It didn't last long, but it was the deepest, most peaceful sleep I had had in more than 24 hours - maybe even the best ever.

Mid afternoon, Sunday

'Wake up, Dude. They're back. Wake up.' Of course, I didn't want to wake up at that point. I wanted to continue floating on the clouds.

'Who the hell told you that you could remove those restraints?' a somewhat familiar voice barked somewhere in the canyons of my head. When I finally managed to get my eyes open, I realized that the sergeant had returned with the corporal and the private in tow. What really threw me, though, was seeing Speed and Dusty standing over me naked. They were completely dressed when I fell asleep. Why were they naked now?

'Sorry, Sarge,' responded Speed, 'but you did say that we could do whatever we wanted to him, and it was kind of hard to fuck him real good with him tied up like that and all.' Speed was covering for me. He and Dusty had stripped down so that they could feed the sergeant a line about why they had untied me.

'All right. It's just as well,' growled the sergeant. He's gonna need to be unshackled anyway for what I've got in store for him.' Sarge walked up to me and grabbed me by the throat. 'You think you can wipe your filthy little tongue on me and get away with it? Well, I'll show you, you sorry little pissant. I was gonna come back here and beat the fuckin' crap out of you, but I came up with a better idea. For the rest of the day, you're gonna be Bull's love slave. He hasn't gotten a piece of your ass yet, but now he's gonna fuck you bloody raw, ain't that right, Bull?'

'Yes, sir, Sarge. You know I always follow orders.'

'How come I smell beer on the dipshit's breath?' snarled the sergeant.

'Oh, well, here's the thing,' prattled Speed, grasping helplessly for an explanation.

'Yeah, the thing is,' interrupted Dusty, 'the motherfucker's breath stank like a goddam sewer.'

'Yeah, a goddam sewer,' added Speed, picking up on Dusty's cue. 'So we poured some beer into his mouth and made him rinse it out.'

'Well, OK. That's good, boys. Carry on.'

While Bull, Sarge, and Sport stripped, Dusty leaned over and whispered in my ear, 'I ain't gonna lie to ya, bro. This is gonna hurt like hell. Believe me, we know! But you can take it. I know you can, and Speed and me's gonna be right here to help you through it. Ain't that right, Speed?'

'Damn right,' Speed whispered in reply, patting me reassuringly on the chest while the others had their backs turned

Other than getting naked, Bull's only preparation was spitting in his hands and lubing his cock with it. All the rest was simple, raw sex. I don't know how much of his cannon he managed to get up my ass, but if he didn't get it all in, it wasn't for lack of trying. He bombarded my ass with one assault after another. He attacked so ferociously that I thought he was going to blast a hole right through me. Occasionally, he would press my ass cheeks together really hard like he was trying to get the maximum pressure on his prick. At other times he would slap them really hard just to hear me scream.

Sarge sat on my face once again, and I didn't have to be told what to do. I licked the root of his dick under his balls, massaged each nut in my mouth, licked his shaft up, down, and all around, and finally swallowed as much of his cock as I could manage. At the same time, Speed and Dusty stood on each side of the bed working on both Sarge and me simultaneously. They pinched our nipples and alternated licking our armpits, first his and then mine, back to his, and so on. Each time they placed their heads under my arms, I smelled the manly sweet aroma of musk shampoo. Obviously, they had showered since the night before, and I fantasized about them showering together.

When Sarge, caught up in the sensation, threw his head back and winced in pleasure, Dusty motioned for Sport to reinforce them. Sport gently chewed on my limp dick until it started to rise. Then, he licked and sucked until it was as stiff as a board. With Bull pumping away at my ass, there was not much room for Sport to squeeze his head in between and lick my balls, so he just rubbed them with his hand and continued to suck my dick.

Totally consumed with their own pleasure, Sarge and Bull paid little or no attention to the considerations that Speed, Dusty, and Sport were giving me. Occasionally, Speed or Dusty would whisper something reassuring in my ear, like men sometimes do when their wives are in labor, but Sarge and Bull were too busy screaming obscenities to notice.

'Fuck him, Bull. Ram that goddam pile-driver up his fuckin' ass.'

'Can't get enough of my hose, can you, cunt? Beg me for it, cunt. Lemme hear you scream for my fuckin' cock.'

And scream I did. How could I not scream? The walls of my rectum burned with the fire of an incendiary bomb. The commando was hell-bound on carrying out his mission, and he would take no prisoners.

'Suck my dick, bitch. Eat me. Suck that fuckin' dick down your goddam throat and scrape your motherfuckin' tonsils with it.'

'Fuck his face, Sarge. Break his fuckin' jaw. Let the goddam son of a bitch know who's in charge here.'

These brutes were not making love to me as Speed and Dusty had done the night before. They were savagely raping me.

As he neared his climax, Bull's dick pulsated madly, his heart pumping vigorously in the barrel of his missile launcher. Finally, he fired one salvo after another deep into enemy territory. Mission accomplished.

Sarge shot his spooge down my throat. I choked and gagged, but he just kept pumping like he wanted to leave a battle scar, a kind of war trophy, on my tonsils. When he was finished with me - for the moment at least - he looked down and suddenly realized that Sport was sucking my cock, so he raised up, grabbed him by the hair on his head, and shoved him into my face. As much as I liked the idea of having Sport tongue me, I felt cheated because I was so close to an orgasm. Getting so near and having it jerked away so suddenly amounted to sadistic torture.

Bull fucked me twice more that afternoon, and each time was more painful than the one before, perhaps because with each successive rape he worked up more steam or perhaps just because my ass was already raw from the previous ones.

On the second occasion, Sarge ordered me to rim Sport's ass. Then he pulled him off of me and ordered Dusty to fuck my face while he screwed Sport. There it was again: my hairy Hercules and my young Adonis locked together in raw, sweaty lust.

The third time that Bull fucked my ass, Sarge simply said, 'Your turn, Speed. Fuck his gums out. I'm gonna sit this one out,' and he swaggered out the door, perhaps to sit on the bench and just listen to the vulgar invectives and horrific screams.

Speed didn't exactly fuck my face, though. Yes, he did stick his cock in my mouth, but he swished it around gently, rubbing my chest and tenderly squeezing my nipples all the while.

Following Sarge's lead, Dusty and Sport decided to sit out this round, too - or so it seemed at first. They literally lay down on the floor behind Bull to rest up from all the activity, but after a few minutes, Dusty rolled over and all of a sudden started sucking Sport's face. The kid seemed shocked at first, not that he objected, but he just didn't expect it coming from Dusty. He didn't think Dusty was into that sort of thing. Of course, Dusty probably hadn't thought he was either until Speed and I showed him how incredibly erotic it can be to kiss another man.

Sunday Evening

After the third round, everyone was ready for a break - me especially, although I was feeling overwhelmingly frustrated because I had just been fucked three times, yet I was the only man who hadn't gotten his rocks off. I was pretty sure that Sarge was not concerned with my needs at that point, however. He was resting up his troops for one final attack. The four men sat outside under the star-studded night sky and shot the bull for at least two hours, maybe three. Sarge and Bull drank beer, and Speed and Dusty smoked pot. They swapped stories about all the girls they had fucked. Of course, Sport did not admit to as many as the others, but in proportion to his age, I would guess that he took the cake. Hell, given how cute he was, he probably had had more than any of them but just didn't want to show them up. I bet he had fucked three or four babes a week since he was 12, maybe even three or four at the same time. I could easily imagine that by the time he graduated, he had fucked every girl in school and half of their mothers - and nearly as many of their brothers and fathers.

Once they had finished relating their conquests and regaining their strength, they re-entered the cabin. Bull positioned himself to invade me again, but the sergeant pulled him back. 'Not this time,' he said. 'This time he's mine.' He knelt down at my ass, but before he entered me, he directed the other four men to gather around. Bull crouched over my face, and the other three stood on either side of the bed. Sarge reached over to his right and began pulling on Sport's dick. Sport, in turn, reached to his right and grabbed hold of Bull, who grabbed Speed, who grabbed Dusty, who grabbed Sarge. Much to my disappointment, though, they left my dick unattended. It was a five-man circle jerk. When each man was hard to the sergeant's satisfaction, he lifted my legs over his shoulders as he had done before and began to enter me - much more gently than I expected.

As Sarge fucked my ass and the other men jacked each other off, they talked dirty, but not in a mean-spirited way. It was more like they were complimenting each other on their manliness and their technique. 'I'm gonna cum,' panted Bull. 'Not yet,' commanded Sarge. Wait for the rest of us.' When each man signaled that he was on the verge of shooting his wad, Sarge pulled out of my ass and yelled, 'Now.' Suddenly, streams of white cream flew all over my body like a Roman fountain. Some fell on my face, some on my crotch, and lots on my chest and stomach. To top it all off, Sarge reached down and beat my tender meat, and it only took a few strokes to bring me off. My cum squirted all the way up to my face, some of it even hitting me in the eye. The rest fell on my chest and stomach. I was soaked in man-juice. Hell, it was a testosterone-fueled milk bath, and I was the fuckin' dairy queen.

There were the usual grunts and moans that accompany a male orgasm, but these were followed by deep sighs of satisfaction. 'I gotta lie down,' said Sarge, straining to catch his breath. On that cue, the other four men picked me up by my arms and legs and lay me on the floor. Sarge collapsed on the bed. Bull and Speed sprawled out on the floor, and Dusty and Sport, squeezed up against me, one on either side. Sport began slowly running his finger through the cum drenching my body and sucking it like a child would dip his finger in chocolate syrup and then lick it off. Next, he ran his finger through the cream again and stuck it in my mouth. I could not believe what an incredibly erotic experience it was to suck his manna-laden finger.

Evidently aroused by the sight of this action, Dusty surprised me even more. He rolled over on top of me, pressing his dick against mine and squishing the creamy substance between our hairy bodies. Oh, my God! Here I was enjoying the cum bath I had just gotten, and now this handsome hairy hunk was sharing it with me. After he rolled off of me, I leaned over and licked some of the cum off of him, especially where the blond hair on his chest was particularly thick. After I lay back down, Dusty leaned over and wiped the cum off of my eyelid and lips and stirred his finger in my mouth. Then, we just relaxed and relished the moment.

An hour or so passed with no words spoken. Finally, Sarge broke the silence. 'OK, boys, let's get him cleaned up.' Dusty and Sport pulled me up off the floor and led me outside to the back of the cabin where Sarge (or someone) had rigged up a makeshift shower. It consisted of several kegs with shower heads operated by a hydraulic pump. The water felt cold as it ran down my face and body, but it was amazingly refreshing. Though I had basked in the joy of being drowned in the cum of five beautiful men as well as my own, I was eager to feel clean once again.

Sport flipped the lid on a bottle of liquid soap that he had picked up on our way out of the cabin. He poured some into Dusty's hands and then into his own. The two of them lathered me up, slowly rubbing the suds all over my body. I recalled the hottest, sexiest scene I have ever seen in a movie, the one in which Lee Purcell bathes a barely conscious John Schneider in 'Eddie Macon's Run.' When I saw that movie, I popped a boner and a half. I felt terribly embarrassed in front of my date, especially since it was our first date, but she assured me that at least half of the guys in the theater had probably reacted the same way. In fact, she said, it turned her on too, so we went back to her place and screwed three times that night.

This bath was much better, though, because it was happening to me and not someone on the screen, and instead of being soaped up by one hot chick, I was being rubbed down by two fuckin' hot studs. Since there was so much dried goo all over my body and in my hair, they had to soap me up and rinse me off several times to clean it all off. They got no complaints from me. I loved every stroke, especially in my most sensitive areas. Then, Dusty turned around, and Sport began to clean him up. After all, Dusty was the one who had rolled over and squished the cum between us, so he had almost as much cum on his hairy body as I did. I held out my hands, and Sport filled them with liquid soap, and I joined him in bathing Dusty. Once Dusty was clean, he and I turned our attention to Sport and lathered his smooth, muscular body. Just as we were about to rinse him off, Speed came out and joined us, so we wiped him clean. Then, it was Bull's turn. There was a lot more of him to bathe, so it took all four of us to do it. Finally, Sarge came out and stood under the shower. He looked at the other guys and said to my amazement, 'Just him.' They all backed off and left me to bathe the sergeant. I did so slowly and lovingly. Despite what he had done to me, he still had the hottest, most gorgeous fuckin' body I had ever laid eyes on. As I lathered his body, I felt the contours of every muscle and the texture of every hair. After I had thoroughly cleaned and rinsed him off, I knelt down and licked his feet. Then, as I had done before, I licked all the way up each leg. He spread them wide, inviting me to lick under his balls. I took each nut in my mouth one at a time and rolled it around in my mouth. I licked the entire circumference of his penis and swallowed it deep down my throat. I licked the dense pubic thicket around his cock and every hair from there to his neck. I lingered over his nipples, licking and sucking, licking and sucking. I lapped feverishly at his armpits, wishing that I could once again taste his manly sweat. By the time I reached his ear lobes, he pushed me away, but not completely. He continued to grip my shoulders. I was hoping that he would pull me into his embrace, but that was not to be. He pressed me back down on my knees, firmly, but not roughly. I again swirled his nuts in my mouth and licked and sucked his dick. He placed his hands around the back of my head and pulled me deeper, pumping his pelvis in rhythm. Yes, he was fucking my face, but again firmly, not roughly. When he came, he pulled my head closer, but it was more like the embrace of a satisfied lover than a brute.

He held me close for several minutes before looking over to his boys and simply nodding. They rejoined us under the shower, and together we bathed him and rinsed him off again. Through the entire process, no words were spoken. There were only moans of pleasure. 'Mmm, mmm, mmm.' They were all wiped out, but the shower episode had aroused me once again, and, of course, Bull could raise the flag at the drop of a helmet. Sarge spread his arms and pushed his troops back.

'It looks like we're not quite done with him,' he said. 'Who wants to volunteer for this mission?' There was a long pause, which did not surprise me because I did not expect anyone to step forward at that point. If anything, I figured the sergeant would assign the private to the task. Much to my amazement, though, Dusty boldly volunteered. 'I'll do it, Sarge. I'll do it for the platoon.' Maybe he was emboldened by the passionate kisses that Speed and I had planted on him, or maybe he was just curious, I dunno.

'Good man,' commended the sergeant, 'Good man.' And so, Dusty pressed my back against the cabin, knelt down, and took my meat into his mouth. He lacked Sport's technique, but considering that he had probably never sucked dick before, he didn't do too badly. As he worked up and down my shaft, the others gathered around and cheered him on, not in the crude way that they had done before, but more like a coach would encourage an athlete to pump five additional pounds of iron. The expression on Speed's face seemed different from the others, though. Could it be the look of envy? Periodically, one of the men would lay a hand on Dusty's shoulder to inspire him to greater heights. There was no doubt about it. These men had a camaraderie that was unparalleled.

When I warned that I was about to come, Dusty pulled back and started pumping my shaft with his hand. I guess he just wasn't ready to experience a man's cum in his mouth yet. Given the way he jacked me off, though, I could not object. He alternated between long, hard strokes and vigorous twisting motions that drove me wild. When I finally came, the first stream flew right over his shoulder, and most of the rest landed on his hand, arm, and chest. When all was done, he just looked up at me and smiled, signaling that he was grateful for the opportunity I had given him to learn what it meant to really please another man. After he had washed and rinsed the fresh cum off of himself, he turned his attention back to me. With the other men looking on, he tenderly bathed my dick and balls, continuing to caress them even after he had rinsed them off.

'OK, boys, time to go,' announced the sergeant after a respectable interval.' The corporal and private and I have to get back to the base and finish packing up before we ship out tomorrow. You boys have to be going too, don't you,' he said to Speed and Dusty. It was more of a command than a question, and they knew it.

'Yeah, Sarge, we gotta go too.'

'All right then. Tie him back up, and let's get the hell out of here.'

'What the fuck!' I cried. 'After all that I've been through the past two days, you're just gonna tie me up and leave me out here to rot? I could die before anyone could find me.'

'Oh, relax, bitch. I'll send the private over in the morning to set you free. Now, just get a good night's sleep, and you'll be fine.'

I continued to protest as the sergeant's men tied me up and then got dressed, but they just ignored me and exchanged trivialities about the weather, sports, and the imminent opening of hunting season.

Monday morning

I was surprised and confused when I awoke the next morning with a serious case of morning wood. I tried not to think about it, but the harder I tried, the worse it got. It was an itch that I could not scratch.

Despite what we had been through the past two days, I was, nevertheless, embarrassed when Sport entered the cabin and saw my condition. He glanced at the erection and then smirked at me with a sinister grin. After strolling over to the bed, he knelt down and began gently stroking my penis like one would one would pet an ailing puppy. In that soft, reassuring voice normally reserved for pets and children, he consoled it, 'It's OK, baby. Everything's gonna be all right now. Daddy's gonna take you home and take real good care of you.' Then he very slowly licked it several times like a lollipop.

'Fuck you, dammit!' I wanted to say. 'Suck the goddam thing and put me out of my misery!' but, of course, I could not. He concluded his ministration with a simple butterfly kiss to the head of my throbbing cock.

It was still dark when he entered the cabin that morning. I had not expected him quite so early, but I guess it's not out of the ordinary for a soldier to be up before the crack of dawn. Since he would be shipping out that morning, he was, of course, wearing his uniform, as he had when I first met him. As he untied the ropes, he informed me that the forecast called for rain, but not until late in the day. He recommended that I try the tamales at Paco's because they're the best in the state. And he encouraged me to watch the Braves game on TV that afternoon; he had a cousin who was a pitcher. (Yeah, and I bet I know what he pitches, I thought.) I could not believe he was speaking so nonchalantly after what he and his cohorts had done to me over the past two days, but at least the casual ramblings took my mind off my tingling dick and gave it a chance to subside.

As I reached for my pants, he reached into a brown paper bag and pulled out a shirt and a new pair of underwear, which he threw at me. 'Here,' he said. 'I figured you'd need these after Sarge and Bull ripped yours to shreds.'

'Thanks,' I said with acid in my voice. After I had put on the underwear and my pants, I paused, and looked directly into his eyes. 'Can I ask you something, kid, uh, sorry, private?' He was young, yes, but he was definitely a man, and given where he was about to go, he deserved at least that much respect.

'Yeah, I guess,' he replied with a touch of cockiness in his voice.

'Why do you let them treat you like that?' I asked.

'Well, they are my superiors,' he answered, not quite so cocky this time.

'Yeah, but you don't have to take that shit.'

He said nothing, but I thought I detected a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth.

'Wait a minute,' I said as the pieces of the puzzle finally began to come together. 'You like it, don't you? You really like it.' He remained speechless and motionless. I dropped the shirt, walked over, and stood right up to his face. I stared into his eyes for 15 or 20 seconds, and then I threw my arms around him and kissed him with abandon. I spun him around, threw him on the bed, and toppled over on top of him. I held his arms up over his head and continued to kiss him madly. Once I knew I had him under my control, I unbuttoned his coat and pulled up his T-shirt, but I did not remove them. I licked his creamy smooth, but hardened, body from his face to his navel, sucking his nipples along the way. I unbuckled his belt and reached beneath his underwear to grope his stiffening cock. I pulled his pants down to his boots but left them at his feet. I wanted him in his uniform. I wanted to look at it as I fucked him because I wanted to savor the memory of the day I fucked a young soldier just before he went off to war. I flipped him over, pressed his face into the mattress, and held him down. I wanted him to resist. I wanted to know what it would feel like to have this young stud struggle futilely to escape my power over him. I slapped his butt cheeks and cursed him, calling him a motherfucker and a cocksucker and describing how I was about to fuck the shit out of him. Then, I dropped the pants and underwear that I had just put on, grabbed his hips, and plunged my dick into his ass as hard as I could. I taunted him unmercifully by pounding his ass and then pumping in slow, gentle strokes and then ramming hard again. I wanted him to feel the full force of my cock all the way up his rectum and of my balls slapping against his ass. I wanted him to cry out in pain and beg me to cease.

'You want my fuckin' cock up your ass, don't you, soldier? It's all you could think about for two fuckin' days now, isn't it? Say it, cocksucker. Tell me how much you've been craving my hot dick.'

'No,' he said. 'No, it's not true. Please stop. It hurts.'

I drove the muzzle of my weapon in up to the hilt, causing him to shriek in pain. 'Yeah, it hurts, asshole, and you're lovin' every fuckin' minute of it. That's why you came back here all alone this morning, isn't it? You wanted me all to yourself. You wanted me to fuck your brains out.'

'No,' he cried. 'You goddam prick. Wait 'til I tell Sarge what you've done. He'll beat he fuckin' shit out of you and hang you up by your balls.'

'Are you trying to tell me something, bitch? Is that what you want me to do to you? Do you want me to beat the shit out of you first and then fuck you raw?'

'God, no! I can't take this. Please stop.'

'Give it up, whore. This will go a lot easier if you just admit that you want it. Go ahead. Tell me how much you want my dick up your ass.'

'All right,' he relented. 'Yes. I want it. I want your cock up my ass.'

'That's better. Now tell me how much you like my cock.'

'Oh, yes! It's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen. I can't wait to taste it. I want you to fill my ass with your fuckin' hot sperm and then stick your cock in my mouth so I can lick it dry.'

'Oh, God, private. You're are so fuckin' hot. Oh, fuck. Ahhhh, shit! God, I'm gonna cum.'

'Yes, yes. Shoot that fuckin' spooge up my ass. Shoot it, man. Pull those hot juices up from your fuckin' balls and shoot 'em deep inside me!'

'Oh, God. Goddam you, soldier. You're drivin' me out of my fuckin' mind.'

'You're a beast, man. A wild, fuckin' beast, and you're shoving your huge fuckin' hairy cock up my virgin ass.'

'Oh, God, soldier. Shit! Yes, I'm a fuckin' beast, and I'm fuckin' the shit out of your virgin ass.'

'Yeah, man! Fuck me. Fuck the holy crap out of me. I want you to take me. I want you inside of me. I want to feel your cock spasm uncontrollably as you dump your hot man-juice deep inside of me. Give it to me, you fuckin' beast. Give it to me.'

'Oh, God! Oh, shit! Oh, shit. Fuck. Oh, fuck. Aahh, aahh, aahh, fuck, aahh, Fuck, aaahhh, FUCK, FUUCCKK, AAAHHH, AAAHHH, AAAAHHHH, AAAAHHHH. Oh, God. Oh, God. Goddam. Shit! Holy, shit! Fuck, soldier. Aahh, aahh, aahh. Fuck. What a fuck!'

I fell on top of him, pressing him onto the bed. 'That was incredible, Sport. Fuckin' great! Fuckin' awesome! I don't think I'll ever be the same.'

He rolled me off of him, leaned against my bare chest in his handsome military uniform, gazed into my eyes, smiled that pretty white smile of his, and whispered, 'I hope not, sir. I hope not.' I think it was the first time I had seen him really smile. As he did, cute little dimples formed in his soft, rosy cheeks. God, he was so beautiful, I melted in his radiance.

He gave me a long, passionate kiss before swirling around and engulfing my penis with his mouth, licking it absolutely dry. 'Oh, God, Sport, you are one hell of a fuck. One hell of a goddam fuck. I can see why Sarge likes you so much.'

'Thanks,' he said modestly as he nestled his head onto my shoulder and ran his fingers gently through the hairs on my chest. 'I've always had a weakness for hairy hunks, you know. There's just something about them that really turns me on.'

I squeezed him tighter into my embrace. I couldn't believe that I had just fucked this adorable young man and was now caressing him in my arms. We lay quietly for several minutes, enjoying the warmth of our bodies and the memory of what we had just experienced. Then, my mind began to replay the events of the past two days. I thought about the moment I first laid eyes on the sergeant at the gym and fell madly in love him. OK, it was more lust than love, but it was definitely intense. I thought about how he and Bull and Sport had pummeled my guts and how Sarge had threatened me with the knife. I recalled the first time that Sarge had fucked me and Bull had nearly choked me to death with his huge hose. I re-experienced the time when I licked Sarge's hairy, muscular body from head to toe and how I surprised him with that passionate kiss. I remembered Sport's first kiss and the second one when we slobbered each other's sweet ball nectar all over our lips and tongues. My God! I would never forget that! I thought about the first time I saw Speed and Dusty in their uniforms and how they raped me and then made soft, passionate love to me. I recalled seeing them the next day and falling head over heals for Dusty in his sexy cowboy outfit. I relived the moment that I kissed Dusty and then the two of us dragged Speed onto the bed with us and smothered him with hot, wet kisses and how Speed discovered how much he really liked it. I winced at the memory of how Bull had tortured me three times with his massive shaft. I swooned as I recalled the five of them soaking me in their man lotion and then bathing me sensuously. I reflected on it all.

'I gotta ask you, Sport. Why do you guys do this?'

'Why do some guys play poker and others go bowling?'

'That's hardly the same thing. Don't you know that what you are doing is wrong?'

'Is it?' he asked. 'I'll tell you something. Sarge used to be a recruiter for the Guard, and just like he had an uncanny knack for picking the right recruits, he has a sixth sense when it comes to picking men who will end up grateful that they had a weekend like this.'

'OK, but what if a guy doesn't? It would be futile for me to report you and Bull and Sarge since you will all be in Iraq tomorrow, but what's to prevent me from reporting Speed and Dusty? I don't know their real names, but I know where they work. I saw their uniforms for chrissakes!'

'Well, I don't think they're too worried about that,' Sport chuckled. 'Speed's dad is the sheriff of this county.'

'What? Does he know what his son does for FUN? Why doesn't he put a stop to it?'

'Hell, the sheriff was into this stuff long before Speed was. You see, a terrible storm swept through this county some years back, and the sheriff's department couldn't handle the workload, so they called in the National Guard to help. That's when the sheriff and Sarge got to know each other, and, well, the rest, as they say, is history. Actually, the sheriff probably would have been here this weekend except that he had to go to a conference on homeland security in Washington.'

'I find it hard to imagine that a man would bring his own son into something like this.'

'Well, he didn't exactly. Sarge just happened to be at the sheriff's office one day when Speed walked through in his uniform and Sarge's radar zeroed in on him. He didn't know at the time that Speed was the sheriff's son. He just knew he had to have him. Once he got Speed to the cabin and set everything in motion, the sheriff and the rest of the crew came in to join them, and when the sheriff saw that the newest target was his own son, he flew into a rage. Sarge told him that he could either stay and participate, or he could leave. The sheriff left. The two of them didn't speak to each other for months, but after Speed finally convinced his dad that he genuinely wanted to be a part of it, the sheriff came back into the fold.'

'So that leaves Dusty. How did he get involved?'

'Actually, my brother Kevin brought him in. Dusty and Kevin have been best friends since elementary school. They played football together, ran track together, and competed on the swim team together. I think they shared quite a few cheerleaders, too.'

'Hell,' I interrupted. 'Was there any cheerleader that you didn't fuck in high school?'

He did not respond except to flash a disarmingly coy grin that said, 'Aw, gee, shucks. I know I'm irresistible, but my momma taught me that it's impolite to brag.'

'When they graduated from high school,' he continued, 'Kevin wanted to go to college, but our folks couldn't afford to send him, so he joined the Guard in order to get his education paid for. That, of course, is when he met Sarge. Meanwhile, Dusty went off to ride the rodeo circuit for several years. He won quite a number of competitions, and he's got the trophies to prove it. Meanwhile, Kevin was away at college getting his degree and his teaching credentials. He now coaches football and baseball at the same high school that we all graduated from. Sarge, of course, knew him from his time in the Guard and recruited him for these 'maneuvers.' When Dusty became a ranger and came back home to work here at the park, Kevin pulled him in. I guess he figured they had shared just about everything else, so why not this, too?'

'Do you think there's any chance that they would like to be more than friends?'

'To be honest with you, I think that Kevin would like to make it with Speed, but he's convinced that Speed would not be interested, so he won't make a move.'

'Well, after this weekend, Speed just might take care of that.'

'Really? What makes you say that?'

I told Sport about how Dusty and I had pulled Speed onto the bed and smothered him with kisses and how he had responded by throwing himself madly at Dusty. I also told him how I thought Speed actually envied Dusty when he was sucking me off.

'From what you're saying, it sounds like Speed would be more interested in Dusty than Kevin.'

'That might be true if it weren't for the fact that Dusty has his eye on someone else.'

'Who's that?' inquired Sport.


'Me? No way!'

'Yes, waaay!' I responded. 'That prolonged kiss that he gave you when you two were lying on the floor didn't just come out of nowhere. In fact, he told me that the two men he would most like to kiss are Sarge and you. In the case of Sarge, I think it's pure animal magnetism, but with you, I think there's some real feeling there.'

'Damn! I wish he had told me earlier. Now that'll have to wait until I get back from Iraq.'

'Give him a call before you leave. He might just wait for you.'

'Thanks. I think I'll do that.'

'Speaking of Dusty, there's one thing I don't understand about him and Speed. The first time they fucked me, they were like wild boars in heat, but then they turned into the sweetest guys in the world.'

'Dusty says a fuck buddy is like a horse. You gotta break him in first, and from that point on, you treat him like he's the most important thing in your life.'

'Interesting philosophy. Strange, but interesting. Now, you were telling me about how this cabal all came together. Did Kevin recruit you like he recruited Dusty?'

'Nah. Sarge did that himself. Like Kevin, I wanted to go to college. I'd like to be a doctor....'

'Well, you'll make an outstanding doctor,' I interjected, 'because you sure have one hell of a bedside manner.' Once again, he responded with nothing but that devastatingly impish grin.

'...but there's no way I can afford to pay for college,' he continued, 'so I also joined the Guard. Kevin tried to talk me out of it. I thought he just didn't want to see me get shipped off to Iraq, but now I think maybe he didn't want to see me hook up with Sarge and get involved in this stuff. Even though he has done lots of these weekends himself, and he knows that I really enjoy it, he just can't bring himself to watch how Sarge and Bull treat me. Now that I'm gonna be away for a while, though, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he's back. The sheriff will probably run the operation until Sarge returns. There are actually a couple more guys besides Kevin and the sheriff that you haven't met. They probably just couldn't make it this weekend for one reason or another. There have been others from time to time. They join for a while and then move on. I dunno, maybe they don't like the way Sarge runs things.'

'Well, I have to agree with Dusty. Sarge is one fuckin' hot animal, but he sure as hell doesn't like me at all.'

'That's not true,' replied Sport. 'I think he likes you a lot.'

'No way!' I emphasized.

'Yes, waaay!' he responded mockingly.

'Well, he sure has a funny way of showing it. First, he beats the crap out of me, then he rapes me in both my mouth and my ass, ties me up, deprives me of food and water, and lets Bull fuck the shit out of me.'

'Yeah, well, the beating and the initial rape are just standard operating procedure. Pretty much all of these sessions start out that way. He does that to size you up and decide where he wants to go with you next.'

'What about the moment I kissed him? He sure didn't seem pleased with that.'

'He just didn't want the rest of us to see another man kissing him, but I'd bet that if he had you alone, he'd suck your fuckin' tongue out.'

'How can you say that? His response to that kiss was to sic Bull on me and let him fuck me raw.'

'That's when I really knew he liked you. You see, that little episode was your initiation. Every new recruit goes through it. You are now on your way to becoming a member of the tribe...if you want it, that is. You'd still have to jump through a couple more hoops, but he definitely wants you.'

'This is mindblowing. It's just too much for me to comprehend.'

'Well, you've got a year or so to make up your mind. It'll be that long before we get back from Iraq. Of course, if you want to speed up the process, you can always make contact with Dusty or Speed, or you could even meet up with Kevin. He works out at the gym where Sarge picked you up.'

'How would I recognize him?'

'Oh, that won't be a problem. The family resemblance will be very obvious.'

'There's no way he can be as beautiful as you.'

'Well, I dunno....'

'Sport,' I'm really gonna miss you. Sarge drives me insane with lust, I'll dream about fucking Dusty. I'd love to see what I could teach Speed, and I'll even remember the better parts of Bull. But you're special. Besides being the most beautiful young man I think I've ever seen, you have got to be the world's best fuckin' kisser of all time. You could have any man or woman you want, but you came back here this morning with the intention of having sex with me. Why? Why me?'

'Are you shittin' me, man? Do you honestly not realize how fuckin' hot you are?'

Wow! That would have been a compliment coming from anybody, but coming from such a gorgeous stud, it threw me for a loop. When I finally came out of the clouds and back to reality, I sighed, 'If only you weren't shipping out today.'

'I really like you too, 'bitch,'' he teased. 'Don't tell me your name,' he hastened to add. 'The group will give you a nickname when you come back. Oh, and forget that I told you my brother's name. All the guys just call him, 'Coach'.'

After a brief pause, he said, 'We don't actually ship out until noon, so I guess I'll go find some way to kill three hours.' He started to get up from the bed, but he knew full well that I would take the hint, and, of course, I did. I grabbed him by his coat sleeves and yanked him back down onto the bed.

We had sex twice more that morning. The first time was essentially a repeat of the civilian-master/soldier-slave role play that we had done earlier, but the second one was very different. It wasn't just having sex; it was making love. Sport removed his uniform until he was completely naked, and we kissed slowly and deliberately. Then, he moved down to the foot of the bed and began kissing and licking every inch of my body from toe to head - even my eyelids. He was worshipping me, and, God, did it feel good! When he had finished, we switched roles, and I did the same for him. There was no butt-fucking this time. Instead, Sport maneuvered into the 69 position, and we sucked each other's cock. Blow jobs are always great, but they are even better when a man is giving and receiving one at the same time. Our oral copulation was more than mere sex; it was a continuation of our worship service. More than anything else, we wanted to please our lover. When I told Sport that I was ready to cum, he said, 'No, wait, I'm almost there, too.' And, sure enough, a couple of minutes later, he and I exploded in each other's mouth at the same time. It was like having a double orgasm. We swallowed each other's sweet white wine and then kissed again and just held each other for a very long time. Finally, Sport announced that it was time to go.

Sport had taken my car the night before and driven it back that morning, so he asked me to drop him off at the Guard base - another indication that he had anticipated how things would go that morning. I dropped him off at the gate, but I did not leave. I parked alongside the road and waited for his platoon to board the bus. When Sport walked up the steps of the bus, he turned and looked at me. He did not wave, but he did cast that glorious smile. Bull never looked back. Sarge, however, did look back. He did not wave or smile. But the fact that he maintained eye contact with me for several seconds said to me, 'I knew you would come around. Welcome to the group, friend. I'll see you when we get back, and you and I will spend some private time together.'


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