Hi my name is Dex Wolverine, but I like to go by the name Wolverine. It just sounds more exciting. Late one weekend evening, I was sitting on the front porch at my farm. Just sitting there looking up into the crystal clear sky. You could see almost every star up there. Suddenly I saw a shooting star. Well they say if you make a wish that it would come true. So I blurted out my wish. I closed my eyes and said, "Star light star bright, shooting star I see tonight, I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight!"

Then I spoke out my wish with an earnest plea, "I wish that I could have sex with the male superheroes from the super league. All of them being well hung and me being able to take all of their huge cocks in my throat and up my ass with ease. Taking me to heights of pleasure that I have never achieved before. And me becoming a super hero myself."

I opened my eyes and looked around. Damn there was no one in sight.

But I kind of felt strange. I noticed that I no longer had my 501 jeans, white t shirt or cowboy boots on and there was a cape around my shoulders. I stood up and ran into the house. Going to the full length mirror in my bedroom I looked at myself in it. Oh my god, I had a superhero uniform on. I looked absolutely stunning. I felt myself all over and it was amazing. Even my crotch had grown. I guess my wish of all the superheroes being well endowed also had happened to me. After I had stared at myself for a time I thought that I heard a noise outside. I quickly went back to the porch and looked around.

Then something caught the corner of my eye. I looked up into the sky. Shit was imagining it. I rubbed my eyes and then looked again. In a distance I could see a form coming closer to me through the sky. As it got closer I was able to recognise it. It was superman. Superman got closer and closer and was coming in for a landing. He reached me and then landed on my porch in front of

me. His body was a mass of manly muscle in that tight spandex suit of his

Then in a hot masculine voice he said, "Well Wolverine, You have summoned me and I am here to grant the start of your wish. The other members of the Justice League will arrive a bit later to continue after I am done with you.

What is your desire of me? Should I pull out my super-cock and fuck you. Do you think that you can handle my immense size? And with that said he reached down with his hand and opened his spandex, out popped one of the biggest cocks that I had seen. It was almost 11 inches. He took hold of it and waved it at me. Then he looked deep into my eyes and with his hand pointing to the wooden floor of the porch before him, motioning for me to come over to him and drop to my knees. I quickly moved the few paces that separated us towards him, immediately obeying his desire. His cock was dangling right in front of my face. I could smell the man odor of his glorious cock. Looking up into his beautiful eyes and face, I stuck out my tongue and started to lick the head of his man rod. Damn it tasted like ambrosia. I licked all around the hard shaft and then took his gigantic balls in my mouth, sucking them ecstatically. I relished them and massaged them with my tongue, and then dropping off them I put my mouth on the tip of his rock hard cock. Then while I was still looking up into his eyes I slowly engulfed his cock. I let it slide right in and down my eager throat. Inch by powerful inch, not stopping until my chin rest against his balls. I stayed in that position for a couple of minutes letting him relish in the pleasure of it. His cock was pulsating with anticipation. Unbelievably I could take it all without gaging. I guess the other part of my wish came true I could take any size I was given. Then I pulled off of him to the tip again and proceeded to suck him to the hilt again. Over and over I moved my mouth and throat up and down on his cock. He was letting out moans of pleasure as I serviced his man rod. I kept it up for over an hour and then all of a sudden, Superman let out a loud yell and told me he was Cumming. He started to shoot his super sperm deep inside my throat. It was wonderful. The taste was unbelievable. I gulped and swallowed every ounce of it. As I gulped down his love juice I felt a strange sensation coming over me. I felt stronger and more alive. As if his seed was invigorating me. The power was surging into me. I felt like I could do anything. I was also getting a high that was unbelievable. I felt like I was on drugs or something. He pulled me off of his cock and then looking down into my face growled out in a strong sexy voice, "Well Wolverine, now I am going to take that pretty little bubble butt of yours and penetrate it with my rod. Driving it deep inside of you till you scream in sheer pleasure."

Then he reached down and pulled me to a standing position and tore off my cape, shirt, pants and boxer shorts. I was stark naked. His cock was at full mast. Then he turned me around so my ass was facing him. Out of a pouch that he had hanging at his side he took out some lubricant and a small brown bottle. Handing me the bottle he said uncork it and take a few deep sniffs. It was poppers.

Then he told me, "That isn't just any poppers, it is poppers of the Gods. This will enhance your sexual powers and make you able to perform anything that we ask. It will make you higher than you have ever been before. Your head will be rushing and your sex drive will increase a hundred fold. You will be able to take any size cock up your ass and love every inch of it."

I took a couple of sniffs and he was right. My head start to swim with pleasure.

He bent me over, lubed up his cock and put it in position at the entrance to my love channel. It was twitching and throbbing with anticipation.

I turned my head and looked over my shoulder into his studly face and moaned, "Please enter me my hero, Take me to your full extent. I need you. I want you."

Then with one thrust Superman drove his long hard thick pole deep into me. He didn't stop until his massive balls slapped hard against my butt cheeks. I could almost taste him he was so deep. He left it deep inside of me and then like a bull in heat he withdrew and started to fuck me as hard as he could. Ram Ram Ram went his rod. And slap slap slap went his balls against my cheeks. It was amazing; I had never felt this good before. All I wanted was his cock inside of me. It was home where it belonged.

Suddenly I felt lighter than air. Superman had started to fly. He had his arms around me and was steadily going higher into the sky. It was exhilarating. It was like I was in Heaven. He kept fucking me for almost an hour and then he cried out in a studly voice," Oh shit, I am coming. Take my hot viral man cum. Show me how you crave it and need it."

I clenched my ass cheeks around his pulsating rod and he rammed all the way in and then starting shooting his load. Bucket after bucket filled me up. Would he ever stop? Finally the last drop had emptied inside of me and we slowly descended back down to earth. Back on the porch he pulled out of me and turned me around a planted a kiss on me.

Then he looked me in the eyes and told me, "That was great, you are becoming a Superhero Fuck buddy. Your next fantasy Hero will be here shortly. We will take great pleasure in using you over and over again."

Then he stepped away from me and flew off into the sky.

I sat down on the bench and took a deep breath. I felt fantastic; my ass was twitching with pleasure. I held my dick which was semi hard still. Then I leaned back and sighed.

I was suddenly startled by a noise and there was a blur before me and much to my amazement there stood the Flash in his sexy tight red spandex super uniform. I damn near drooled when I saw his magnificent body. He looked deep into my eyes and said, "And now Wolverine it is my turn. Are you ready for Flash's love pole? Do you think you can take it? Once you do I know you will love every inch of it. He peeled off his suit and stood before me in the nude. There dangling between his legs was a nice massive rod, every bit as big as Superman's. He moved over to me where I sat on the bench and put it before my face. I could smell his manhood. I opened my mouth and he placed the tip inside. I still had the poppers in my hand so I placed them against my nose and took a few deep sniffs. There was that Godly rush again. My head started floating in pleasure and then I went down on him. Inch by inch his cock flowed into my throat. I didn't gag at all from the immense size. Superman had conditioned me. Both my ass and throat could take anything these studs had to dish out. As his balls slapped against my chin, he let out a deep moan. He was in shear ecstasy. I pulled off to the tip again and then doing what I do best I quickly swallowed him to the hilt. Working up speed I used my throat muscles to wrap firmly around him. He was bucking like a bronco. I was going to bring this stud off. Flash let out a loud moan and screamed in pleasure,

"Oh FUCK, here comes my man load. Take it Wolverine, take it all." He shot down in my throat and I gulped every bit of it. Then suddenly as he finished his load he pulled out of my mouth and grabbing me turned me over on my side, lay down beside me and without hesitation he placed his cum covered cock against my eager hole and rammed it into the hilt. I let out a small cry of Glee. There was no pain just a wonderful sensation of being filled with his garganuous tool. He buried it deep inside of me. Then he worked my ass like nothing before. He used his superpower of speed and started vibrating his cock inside of me. It almost had a numbing effect. Wow, although I had had vibrators used on me in the past, this was truly amazing. I had never felt anything like this before. He was piston fucking me and vibrating at high-speed. My body was in total glory. I felt my nut sack getting ready to blow. Then I screamed out at him, "Oh Flash, God I am Cumming. You are a Master Fucker; please fill me up with your juices. Please I crave it."

Flash drove his cock down all the way into me and then as he vibrated and pulsated he emptied his juices into me. He slapped my ass a couple of times and let out a loud howl. Then he collapsed on top of me. We were both spent. He just kept his masculine arms wrapped around me, hugging me tight. Then he whispered in my ear, "That was truly wonderful Wolverine. You are a true Total Bottom. Able to please a Top Stud like me. I look forward to having you again. But for now it is time for you to have the next Superhero. By the time we are done with you, you will be our complete and total love slave."

He pulled out of me. As he walked away he transformed out of his nudeness.

Then in a flash had his super suit back on. He dashed off, leaving me lying in pure wonderful bliss. I lay there waiting for my next superhero to arrive. I sat up in a few minutes relishing the amazing feeling that was in me. While I was waiting, I put a few fingers up my ass and started playing. It was easy; my hole was so conditioned by the first two superhero studs that they just slid right in. I pinched my nipples with my other hand and my cock was getting hard. I was feeling damn good. Then this strange sensation came over me. I felt a presence as if I were being watched. I looked up and there standing before me was Captain America. He had an awed look on his face as he watched me use my ass. I looked up and down him and paused at his crotch He showed a big basket. I couldn't wait for him to start using me as a Sex Toy. He walked over to me and stood right in front of me. His crotch was at my face level. Then dropping his hand to his basket he opened up his fly and pulled out his boner. It was not quit hard yet and it was huge. It hung down at least a good 9 inches. How big would it be when it got hard? I sat up and leaned forward to meet his cock. Sticking out my tongue, I licked the tip of it. There was a little bit of precum dripping out of it and I lapped it up, craving more. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and engulfed his entire rod. As my mouth nestled against his pub hairs his semi hard cock began to expand in my throat. It was getting larger and thicker. It almost completely closed off my throat but I found I could still breathe through my nose. I kept him deep inside of me. Finally he was at full mast. Damn he must be at least 12 inches and as thick as a beer bottle. Knowing that he was ready for a workout I slowly pulled my mouth off of him and then started to work his cock. Engulfing the whole thing and then retreating only to engulf again. I built up speed making him quiver in ecstasy. I could feel him shuttering as I used his cock. Then he let out a manly howl and cried out loud, "Oh God Damn Wolverine, I am going to give you my load, fill your stomach with my ambrosia. Take it baby, take it all." Then he start to explode, his juices gushed into my throat as I swallowed pint after pint of it. It was almost more than I could take but take it I did. I was almost drowning. At his last gush, he pulled out and grabbed my hand leading me into the house and to my bedroom. Then pulled off his pants and then pushed me onto the bed and made me get onto all fours, climbed up behind me placing his cock against my butthole. He told me to take a few sniffs of poppers and after I had done that he shoved the whole length to the hilt deep inside me. He almost knocked me over with the power of his thrust. Putting his arm around me he held his cock inside of me. Then he stared to piston fuck me like there was no tomorrow. After fucking me for a good hour we rolled to our sides and he continued to penetrate me. I was looking over my shoulder at his stunning face. As he plunged into me, I could not feel any better than I did now. It was shear bliss for me. He nuzzled my shoulder and bit me gently arousing me to greater pleasure heights.

He then pulled out of me and rolled me onto my back. With legs in the air he put his cock into me. He had it deep inside of me and was making quick thrusting motions. Fucking me hard and deep. I could see the pure pleasure on his face as he used my/now his ass. I in turn looked adoringly up into his eyes. He could read in my eyes that I wanted him. I was his for the taking. We looked into each other's very souls. And knew that we were made for each other. Then he leaned forward close to my face. Still staring with his penetrating eyes he moaned loudly as he relished my ass. I reached up and started to massage his right nipple. Then I pinched it a bit, not hard but just lovingly. I felt his body quivering as he made love to me. God I was in love with him. Leaning further over he planted his mouth over mine and we both slipped our tongues into each other's mouths and French kissed each other in total passion. While The Captain was still kissing me in a hot sexy voice moaned out, "OH my new love toy, I am going to shoot, I give a gift of myself to you." With his mouth over mine and his cock deep inside me he started to lose control and his man juice spurted into me. At the same time I felt my load building and as he gushed and filled my innards, I blew my load completely covering our chests and chins. I was surprised I had it in me as I had cum so many times in the last few hours. But then I had been enhanced by the power of these super studs that were and had been using me. Captain America collapsed on top of me still deep inside me as his cock began to soften. At last he took it out and gave me a last kiss on the lips and then spoke to me in a husky voice, "Wolverine, you were perfect. I can tell that we will have many great times together, both me and my Super friends. You are one hell of a catch." He stood up and magically his costume appeared on him again. Damn, these super heroes' were showing magical powers now too. Then with a smile on his face he blinked and disappeared right before my very eyes.

But there was one more Super Hero Stud for me to have. It was my Name Stake. It was the one and only Wolverine. The one who I called myself after. I was still lying on my bed when the bedroom door banged open. There standing in his full glory was my Wolverine. He looked totally fine. His muscles were bulging and he had his finger knives extended.

As he posed before me with a determined look on his face, he spoke out in his masculine voice and told me, "So my apprentice, you choose to be called after me. I give you my permission and in return you will give yourself to me totally. You will be mine. I will mold you into my image." He stepped into the room and retracted his finger knives. He struts forward towards me. As he walked, his muscles rippled, he drops one hand to his crotch and begins to massage it. I could see it steadily growing bigger as he did so. He took off his shirt and undid his fly and pulled out the biggest cock of all. He was more massive than any of the other super heroes. It was rock hard and I bet at least 12 + inches if not 13. He stroked a few times while I watched him. I was licking my lips with anticipation. Then he walked over to the bedside and sat on the stool beside it. He let his cock soften a bit and it hung down grandly between his legs.

I crawled off the bed and dropped to my knees. I stuttered out to him, "OH my God man you are so big, I don't know if I can handle you! I want to try but how can I?"

Wolverine laughed and told me in a masterful voice," Wolverine you have been enhanced by the entire super studs you serviced. Every drop of Super juice you swallowed and took up your ass, granted you powers of all sexual abilities, they are now at a maximum. You will find that you can do anything. And be assured you will, Now service your new Master."

Obediently I took the huge head in my mouth. It was so big it stretched my opening. It didn't hurt and I found that he was right. My mouth expanded to the right size for his super stud pole. He grabbed the poppers off the table beside him took a couple of deep sniffs himself and then handed them to me. I also took a few deep sniffs. Then with my newly formed mouth I went down on him. He slid down deeper inside of me than I ever thought possible. But I accepted every inch. As he reached the lowest depts. Of my throat he paused and his cock pulsated as he relished my eager mouth. Then he withdrew and started to face fuck me. It was absolutely glorious. He used my mouth to the extreme and then ramming it to the hilt explodes with his cum. It hit the back of my throat and it felt like a bullet hitting me. It didn't hurt at all. It just felt right. He filled me up so much it was dribbling down my chin and on to my chest. I reached up and rubbed it into me. My chest felt great. He took my mouth off of him and then he stood up and pulled me up to my feet.

He looked deep into my eyes, penetrating deep into my mind. I could feel him influencing me; he had some sort of power over my mind. If he desired it, I would obey. He was making me into a love slave. His love slave.

Then he snapped his fingers, a sling appeared beside us, suspended from the porch. There was a mirror above it and I had a perfect view of us both. I could watch everything he did to me. He was using magic. He snapped his fingers again and suddenly I was in the sling with my legs securred in the stirrups on the chains holding the sling up. My ass was staring him in the face eagerly waiting for his penitration. I reached down to feel my hole, it was wide open just like a door waiting for an entry.

He handed me the poppers and I sniffed long and deeply. He grabbed his dick and then placing it against my opening, pulling me onto him. Oh damn, I wished he would hurry up. I wanted him to take me to the fullest. Then he slowly buried himself inside of me. He crept in inch by inch. It was almost as if he were in slow motion. He reached one hand up to the chain and started to swing onto his love shaft. My ass craved his cock. It belonged in me. I thought that he would rip my insides out he was so big. But I forgot about my superpower enhancement I had achieved from the Superheroes and their super sperm. I was a changed man. I was a total sex machine. I had almost become a complete Sex Slave. The Superheroes were now my Masters. I was their obedient minion. There was nothing that I wouldn't or couldn't do for them. Wolverine was almost all the way inside of me. With one final thrust he reached the full limits of my fuck chute. His cock head was touching my prostrate and it pulsated with power as it rubbed against it. Wolverine then began to plummet me. With all his strength and power he pulled out and rammed in. He was taking me to the highest heights. I felt like I was flying. It was as if he was possessing my very soul.

His cock was opening me wide; I wondered if he could just completely climb into me my ass was so stretched. He was a God and I was his humble servant. As he increased velocity I was melting in pure ecstasy. Then he yelled out in his Power Mans Master Voice, "Wolverine I hereby possess you, you are mine now and forever more. As I fill you with my powerful controlling love serum, you will bow to my will, obey my every command, you have achieved total Love Slave, my Love Slave, and you now belong to me." I felt a complete change taking over me; I was his and wanted nothing more in life than to please him in every way possible. I had become his till eternity comes.

The End.



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