I looked in the mirror and smiled. 'it looks pretty good'. My eyes were tracing my body overall, but it was my ass I was talking about. My name is Shawn. I'm biracial and my mother is white and the only truly remarkable thing about her was her ass. It had certainly turned my father's head. Well I've inherited all that ass and then some.

I look like my father, who's black, but I'm lighter skinned. I'm a straight guy, but I have always enjoyed all the attention my ass has gotten me from girls and guys. I play linebacker at State U and all the working out and exercising I do only serves to make it bigger. I'm pretty happy with my physique overall.

I'm 6'1', 201 with a nice build. I have long smooth cock, not skinny...but I wish it were a little thicker. I'm third string on the football team, and after starting in high school and being a star player, it hurt. I could make all the plays, I just wasn't as strong or fast as the other guys. I saw an ad in the paper for a doctor that offered completely legal 'hormone therapy'. I was afraid of getting cut from the team if I didn't step it up, so I made an appointment. The doctor's office was completely reputable, Dr. Sheffield was his name. He was about 45 years old and he clearly worked out.

He looked to have the build of a much younger man. He introduced himself with a firm handshake and a smile. He spoke smoothly as though he had given this speech before. He outlined the benefits of his program, which consisted 2 shots per week and a monthly exam and review. He anticipated that I could expect 20-30 pounds of new muscle if I followed the program, but he could tell me more after my initial exam. I mentioned that I'm a bit afraid of shots and he said there was an advanced program which was in cream form, but that more expensive and I would have to qualify...what ever that meant. Since he had raised the subject I asked what the program cost. '$300 per week for ten weeks, so $3,000 overall' he said smugly. I think he new I couldn't afford it when I walked in, but he certainly knew when my jaw hit the floor. 'I...um, well I didn't realize it was so much...maybe I should just go...' as I raised from the chair and turned the doctor got his first look at my backside and he quickly stuttered 'er um..what was your name again son?' I looked back over my shoulder to find Dr. Sheffield's mouth hanging open as well. He stared at my thick round ass as I said 'Shawn...my name is Shawn'.

He said 'Shawn, why don't we go ahead and have the initial exam...on the house. I'm interested to see...' I asked 'To see what sir?' he said 'to see if the program is a good fit for you' as he regained some composure. I didn't expect this reaction from the doctor. I have always enjoyed the attention people gave my thick bubbly butt, but this was different. I somehow knew that my only chance to get into the doctor's program and keep my scholarship was to put on a show for Dr. Sheffield. I agreed to the exam and asked if I should undress. He agreed that was a great idea but stayed positioned behind the desk. I suspect he wanted to hide his erection, but by the time I was done he wouldn't be able to stay away. I peeled off my t shirt and I unbuckled my belt.

I was wearing baggy jeans, but they were tight around my ass. Everything is tight around my ass. Because of all the squat I don't just have an amazing ass, but I also have thick muscled thighs too. In fact, I wear tight fitting 'boy short' underwear to keep my balls and cock secure and supported. They also really show off my ass. I had an ex girlfriend who was a stripper and she used to wear boy shorts all the time. I told her how much I envied her ability to hypnotize guys with the way she shook her ass. She taught me how to do it too. We would stand in front of the mirror with our backs turn and just make our booty meat jiggle and dance. At first I would just watch her, but then I got into it. After a while she would just stand back and watch me...that's when she started eating my asshole and fingering me. Wait...that's another story. So...as I slowly peeled off my jeans I bent over and made sure the good doctor got a perfect view of my big, sweet ass and my thick firm thighs.

I shook my legs to free my feet from the jeans, making sore to let each butt cheek jiggle and slip further out of my shorts. Then I turned sideways. With my ass sticking out so far, and the shorts pushing my package out in front. I really look like a cartoon figure from the side. I posed and looked at the doctor and said 'Well?' The doctor just stared for a long time. 'What can you afford to pay?' he whispered. I was bold, if I was going to degrade myself for money, I didn't want to pay a dime. 'Honestly doc, what you see is about all I've got to offer' As I said it I turned and made sure my half exposed ass cheeks were staring him in the face. I started negotiating 'If you can spare the shots, I can get over my fear of needles'. He said 'no, I think we should use the cream, and I should administer it here twice a week.' I asked if that was normal, and he said no, 'but you will get the best results. I just can't do it for free, it costs me too much'. I gave it one last shot ' I wish I had something to contribute, but I spend all my time practicing for football or doing my school work. I'm a junior at State U and I don't have any time to get a job. I really need to beef up before the season starts...plus there's something else...'.

'What is it?' Dr. Sheffield asked. 'Well, it's my butt. It's really big and people are always commenting on it. I hoped with this program I could make it firmer. Look what happens when I shake it: I began to jiggle my butt cheeks and slap them together just like my friend taught me. I really had my booty moving when I felt a firm smack across my ass. I let out a high pitched yelp.

'What was that?' I asked the doctor? He moved his hand away and apologized. He said he was testing the firmness of my butt for the program. I replied 'Oh, I didn't know it was a test, do it again!' I started my booty shaking again and the doctor smacked it good and hard. It felt incredible and my dick started to swell. I pulled down my shorts so my ass was resting on top of them creating an even bigger shelf. I shook my ass and Dr. S went to town. I just yelled 'Is that good, did you like that one?' after a few more it was 'Smack that ass'. Eventually mi dick fell out of the front of my shorts and just bounced around as my booty shook. I suddenly realized I was about to cum and I had accomplished nothing. 'Ouch' I said, stepping away. 'I don't think my ass is up to the test' I lied. 'I'm sorry if I got carried away' Dr. Sheffield said 'but you are quite a specimen. I would be willing to put you in the program at no cost if you let me take pictures.' 'Pictures of what?' I asked shocked.

'Just before and after pictures of your body after each session. No head shots are necessary so they will be anonymous. I think your results will be amazing and I want to record the progress. Also, I'll need you to follow any instructions I give you without exception. The first time you break the rules the deal is over...deal?'

Now remember, I am standing there with my ass hanging over the waistband of my boy shorts, my semi-hard dick falling out the front with pre cum dribbling out, with this doctor begging me to join his program for free. I made a show of slowly stuffing my phat ass and cock back in those little shorts. 'So, you're completely in charge, huh?' I asked. He stared in my eyes and I knew he yearned to be in charge. He wants it so bad, but we both know that if I commanded him to drop to his knees and worship me he would. I had seen this look before, just never from a man.

Once we shared that moment and the message was sent and received, I agreed with a fake show of fear. In reality, I have long wished I could relinquish control and this was my chance. Plus, I planned to complete this program so I needed to keep the doc interested. He started to apply the cream and although I could tell he was enjoying himself he was very professional...until he reached my upper thigh. He had already adjusted my briefs up in the back and down in front so I was basically wearing a thin belt that had my rapidly swelling dick pinned to my hip. He now instructed me to take them off entirely. 'I really need to rub the cream into your groin and hips, otherwise you risk injury.' I stripped down naked and he went back to work. He really did rub the cream into my groin, brushing my balls as he did so. He also worked the cream into my ass very thoroughly 'I know this is a target area so I'm really going to work it in for you.' He kneaded the cheeks and worked his way into the crack too. I didn't say anything but he noticed my rigid cock. 'You are a very well endowed man' he said 'have you ever wished it was thicker?' he asked. I told him that I had, but I heard all those products that allegedly make you thicker were bullshit.

'They are, but this cream enhances muscles, and that is just a long, thick veined, blood filled muscle hanging there, do you want me to rub in some of the cream?' I turned my hard cock and placed it just inches from his face 'You're in charge doc, whatever you think is best.' He held my dick like a valued treasure and gently stroked the cream into my flesh.

My dick was rock hard now and doing everything I could not to cum. The doctor beat my meat and stared in astonishment, then he gently started to play with my asshole. My ex girlfriend liked a little butt play and truth be told I love it so I got into it pretty quick. I told him I was going to cum and he grabbed a sample bag off the desk and wrapped it around the head of my cock. He finger fucked me hard and fast until I gasped and shot long, thick, hot ropes of cum into the bag over and over. We both marveled at the insane load I dropped. The doctor explained he would examine the 'sample' and share the results next week. Be cause of the hormonal effects of the therapy, it would be good to collect a sample each week. I agreed that I wanted to keep giving him samples and we both laughed. Since then our doctor/patient relationship has evolved.

Once I convinced him to start paying me for our sessions (otherwise I'd need to stop coming and get a job) he got very aggressive. One day he started gently kissing my ass cheeks and then he licked my ass crack from top to bottom. He regularly eats my asshole out and deep throats my cock.. As far as the program, I have gained 40 pounds of muscle and the starting linebacker job. My ass looks incredible. It's bigger and firmer than ever. And my cock has gotten so fat! It's almost ten inches long and thick and muscled. The doctor tells me all the time how proud he is, usually after swallowing a load of my cum. He's a good guy though and that's why I make sure to dress up in sexy outfits for our photo sessions. I'm also pretty sure I'm going to let him lay me down on my stomach, spread my thick ass cheeks, and deep fuck my virgin ass. And I can't wait.



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