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Chapter 2

At long las the second installment. Im so glad you guys like the first part and I will do my best to keep posting!

I kept going over it in my head, my first time. The way his hands felt on me. The strength of his arms holding me. The weight of his body on top of mine. I don’t know how long I laid there, running my own hands over my body to remember how it felt, but before I knew it the doctor walked back into the room, with me still laying there. 

I looked over at him a bit startled by his abrupt entrance. 

“Are you ok?” He asked with concern in his voice. 

I smiled lazily at him and murmured “Mmmm hmmmmmm.” 

I felt silly and laughed and the smile returned to his face as well. He walked over beside me by the table and dropped a hand on my dick which I hadn't realized was rock hard again. 

“Well THAT didn't take long.” 

I smiled sheepishly and laughed. 

“Do you want… more?” He asked, with surprise. 

This time i did sit up. I put my hand on his chest and rubbed through his shirt. “Yes, doctor. I think I need more treatment.” But this time I was looking at him seriously. Lustfully. 

“Oh yeah? You've got it bad.” He said matching my sultry tone. 

“Yes doctor.” I cooed. 

The doctor lifted my gown over my head and looked unabashedly at my nakedness. With a deep sigh he put his hands on me and began to move them all over, feeling every inch of my skin. I leaned back propped up by my arms, and closed my eyes in bliss. His hands went over my torso and back, over my arms, running over my pelvis, pubic hair, penis and balls, down my thighs and calves, all the while letting out a low Mmmmmmmmmm.

He grabbed my ankles and pulled me around so that I was facing him with my legs dangling off the table. He grabbed my ass and forcefully crushed our bodies together, his hips now between my knees and our cocks dancing playfully in the middle. With one hand tickling my bum, he brought his other arm to my upper back and pulled me toward him, sinking his lips into my neck.

He fondled the sensitive skin of my neck with his lips and tongue, giving me pleasures I never knew existed. I moaned, pulling him into me with both hands. Willing him to be closer, tighter to me. He licked my neck up to my ear and took that into his mouth as well, sending shivers through my loins. I clawed at his back, my nails tearing at his cotton shirt. I reached up, grabbed his collar and pulled his head back so that our faces were just an inch apart. The look of lust on his face was almost pained. It was the sexiest look I've ever seen. 

“Can I kiss you?” I asked, shyly. 

He let out a single chuckle, amused at my question, then in a sultry seriousness he slowly brought his lips to mine.

It was my first real kiss and he was amazing. He was slow but so passionate. The lips slowly parting and coming together over mine. His tongue finding its way through when it felt right. Our hands running amok over each others bodies, finding new bits to tug as our mouths fought to bring us closer. This was my favorite moment. We went at it like, well, college kids. And, when we finally parted the look in his eyes said that it brought him nearly as much pleasure. 

The doctor stepped away and began to undress. I watched him, lazily running a hand over my cock and balls. He removed the extraneous bits first, then turned to me. He took off his shirt, revealing a chiseled six pack, pecks, arms and those shoulders! Then he unbuckled his belt and pulled his slacks over his thighs and calves which looked like you could break glass on them without causing any damage. He folded the clothes neatly and then stood facing me with his bulge pushing the envelope of his boxer briefs. 

I slipped off the table and went to him. He was a bit taller than me, but as I put my arms around his neck he pulled me up to his mouth and we stood there grinding into each other. Our mouths almost violent expressions of what our balls felt, I picked up a leg and wrapped it around him, his hard penis, blossoming out of his wetted shorts, fought mine for titillation. 

I slipped from his neck and made my way down his Michelangelo-esque body, kneeling before his drooling dick. My first. I pulled his underwear away hastily, wrapped my hands around his rock hard ass, and kissed the swollen head. My mouth was filled with the familiar taste of precum, like my own, but the guttural moan he let out at the whisper of my lips filled me with an animal hunger and I attacked his manhood. 

I had to figure out how to keep my teeth out of the way as I sucked him like a popsicle, even licking up and down the sides. His hands came down and ran through my hair, encouraging me ever so gently, his own head tossed back in pleasure. I took him further and further into my mouth, enveloping him with the flesh of my tongue, cheeks and eventually my throat, trying to send him over the edge with hedonistic abandon. 

I reached up to his chest and landed on his breast, my hand explored his supple skin, finding his nipple as I like to find my own, and twisted passionately. 

The doctor let out a howl like a wounded beast and pulled my mouth off of him, quickly pulling me up into an abating kiss. 

“Did I hurt you?” I asked, concerned. 

“You almost made me come!” He said with a smile, then kissed me passionately. 

He pushed me back into the room, still kissing me, and took me over to a padded exam table. I looked down. The table was covered in cream faux leather padding (and usually paper). It was lower than the metal table, and the doctor had no trouble lifting me onto it. 

My legs dangling over the sides, his mouth hungrily explored my body… my neck, to my chest and my nipples, to my navel, burying in my short pubic hair and then my balls, taking his time exploring my scrotum and taint… the sensual familiarity brought my mind entirely into the moment. Nothing outside of this room existed. Finally he put his mouth onto my penis, slowly enveloping and pulling his lips along the length, flicking my dome and dimple with his tongue… long high pitched moans issuing from my mouth, agape with desire. He throttled my entire shaft with expert lips, driving rivets of lust into my arched body. 

Fighting the urge to orgasm, I pulled his head up to mine, his body sliding over hard cock, bringing me dangerously close. 

“Fuck me.” 

He brought his lips crashing to mine with ferocity and craving, breathing out an animalistic uuunnnggggggggggg, then he slid his lips down my body, past my pulsating pole, he pushed my knees up and sank his face into my ass. 

His slithering, slurping tongue quickly wet my craving hole, and soon he stood, picking my legs up over his shoulders. He slid his dick through my crack, smearing gobs of precum, swelling my need to have him inside.

He put his meat against the bud, spitting on his hand to wet the shaft. He bent over slightly, putting one hand on my hip and one on my chest, and pressed into me. My eager hole swallowed him easily and with a loud OHHHH he leaned over my chest and looked me in the eye. 

“You are still so tight.” He said with wonder. 

“Its my first time.” I replied almost apologetically. 

The doctor was clearly astonished, but seeing the worry on my face quickly broke into a huge smile, bring his chest to mine, kissing me tenderly. 

He picked up my arms and placed my hands on the handles on the side of the table. 

“Hold on tight.” He said with a gleam. Then setting his feet just a bit apart grabbing the meat of my hips in his mans grip, he began to pound my ass with abandon. 

My head thrown back in astonishment, my entire body stricken with unimaginable exaltation, I closed my eyes and cherished the feeling of my body, filled and fucked, an experience beyond this world. 

The doctor’s pelvis slapped into my bottom, my calves and knees bouncing off of his shoulders, I let the pleading moans escape my lips; sometimes parted, sometimes bitten in lust. 

“Oh my god you are so goooooood” growled the doctor. He pounded me mercilessly, his muscles taut and gleaming with effort. He slowed a bit and began running one hand up my leg, the other over my stomach muscles. I looked up at him, into his sultry eyes, the sweat glistening on his brow as he worked my ass. 

Suddenly he pulled out of me. 

He grabbed my sternum with his strong arms and pulled me up into a kiss. A kiss that could light the moon. I wrapped my hands around his neck and back, kissing his body with my fingers. My sweaty chest was pressed against his. 

With an sharp, animalistic growl, the doctor climbed up onto the table. He grabbed my feet and pushed them all the way back to my head. He brought his dick down to my ass and probed my still tight but hungry hole. 

“Oh my goooood.” He moaned loudly as he pushed into me again. “Your ass…!” 

And he began to grind into me. Faster he went, moving both our bodies with his muscles, working the inside of my butt with his cock, making me shiver with pleasure from deep down. I grabbed at his ass with my hands and at the same time clenched my butt muscles, trying to pull him in, deeper and deeper. 

“OOOOOHHHHHHH YESSSSS!!!!!!” The doctor almost screamed, pounding more frenetically, his teeth bared. I could feel his penis swelling inside of me. I reached up and put my hands on either side of his face, pulling his focus to mine. 

“Give it to me.”

Looking deep into my eyes, the doctor pumped a few more times then a throaty Ooohhhhhhhhh poured from his mouth as waves of his cum shot deep inside me. His eyes rolled in his head and his body shook from the orgasm. I again tightened my sphincter to milk every last drop as the spasming subsided. He stirred the juices inside of me with his cock and they dribbled down my butt. 

Staying inside me, the doctor eased my legs down, and lowered his weight gently on top of me, giving small gyrations to keep it from ending. 

He laid his head on my chest and I put one hand on his back, one on the back of his head, running my fingers through his damp hair. He let his dick fall out of my ass and more juices leaked onto the table. We laid there for a while, whilst our breathing slowed, savoring our carnal victory. 

The doctor rolled onto his side, and I began slowly fondling my still swollen cock, enjoying the lazy marathon of sexual energy, not needing to reach the finish line just yet. The doctor began to slowly stroke my inner thighs, occasionally running his fingers over my bollocks. 

He leaned over and kissed me, grabbing my cock at the same time. He draped his leg over mine and moved it slowly up and down mine, gently bumping into my balls. He sensuously kissed me, moving his tongue around my lips, and stroked my throbbing cock.

I moaned into his mouth, and he kissed me deeply and hard. Then he started giving me smaller kisses, starting on my mouth then moving to my chin, my cheeks and my neck. He moved down to my chest and nipples, all the while rubbing my cock, my balls and my thighs. He kissed my stomach before finally getting to my swollen penis.

He licked the pre-cum from the head and swirled his tongue in my dick hole. His mouth slid all the way over my cock till his lips were buried in my pubic hair and then he started sliding up and down, vigorously.

A sharp moan slid out of my mouth and then he brought his fingers up and slid them in it. I sucked on them, bucking my hips into his furiously vacuuming mouth. His other hand slid between my legs and two fingers entered my still dripping hole. I writhed in ecstasy on the tabletop, thrashing as bolts of passionate energy surged from my holes and cock. My hands splayed out beneath my, I began violently pumping up into the doctors mouth. I could feel it sliding deeper and deeper into his warm tight throat. My butthole tightened around the now three fingers pistoning in and out of me and I felt the edge of the cliff rushing towards me. 

The cum burst out of me in torrential waves, long deep passionate moans burst from my full mouth. He didn't flinch and expertly swallowed everything shot deep in his throat. I brought my hands to the back of his head, and pumped deeply, draining every drop into him. 

Id never felt anything like that. So free and perfect. He slid off and out of me and laid out next to me as I came back to earth. He brought his arm under my head and I rolled into him, resting my cheek on his breast. He kissed my forehead and I lazily stroked his abs and chest with my fingertips. Slowly I drifted off into a blissful doze. 

When I woke up, I was covered in a blanket with a pillow tucked under my head. I sat up and looked around in a daze at the dim room. My clothes were folded neatly in a chair next to the bed, and there was a big cotton towel as well. I slid off the table, took the towel, dampened it at the sink, and cleaned up as best I could, but slowly, not wanted to forget the smell. I pulled my clothes on and sat down in the chair, wondering if I should wait or go out looking for the doc. 

The door opened a moment later and that beautiful man strode through the door looking perfectly put together as he had when I first saw him. I stood up, wrapping my arms around myself, awkwardly waiting to see what happened now. 

The doctor walked slowly over, put his hand on my cheek and brought his lips softly to mine in a sweet, gentle kiss. Looking into my eyes he said “Ive cleared the rest of my day, and Im starving. Do you want to get some lunch with me?” 

Yes, Doctor.


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