It was 5pm and an hour after Captain Mark Adams of Her Majesties Royal Army Medical Corps had seen his last patient of the day. Mark was every bit a man, tall, toned and strong. His reddish brown hair and blue eyes complemented his handsome masculine face. He was all alone in the converted barrack block, his patients and staff long gone for the day. His last patient had been a rather fine figure of a man, just eighteen and already in his second year of service, whilst he disapproved of the British army's policy of recruiting from sixteen he didn't mind the results of two years of an army regime on the young men's physique. This particular private had been to see him about a birthmark that had recently changed shape. Mark, secretly enjoyed watching the young soldier squirm as he tried to manoeuvre around telling the rather handsome doctor exactly where this birthmark was. Eventually he plucked up enough courage and unbuckling his trousers, much to the surprise of the doctor, pulled them and his boxers to his knees, revealing the said birthmark on his groin. But Dr Mark was less interested in the birthmark and more in the six inches of flaccid man meat that the young man was sporting between his legs. As Dr Mark regained his composure, he donned his latex gloves and moved towards the private reaching out towards the birthmark, he moved his head towards the young soldiers groin, taking in the scent of his manliness. Touching the birthmark now just a matter of inches from his face, the as yet lifeless privates' cock suddenly started to swell and harden finishing its assent just an inch from Mark's mouth. Already hardening himself, this was the spur that Dr Mark's own impressive cock needed to swell to its full eight inches. For the private however, his embarrassment overcame the urge to fuck the muscular, handsome and obviously aroused Doctor, and just as soon as he had taken them off he pulled his trousers and boxers back up, desperately trying to stuff his ramrod stiff eight incher into his trousers, he turned and fled red faced back out through the waiting room.

Mark was left sitting in his chair speechless, yet amused, and with a raging hardon that needed his attention. The sight of the young soldiers long thick cock on his young smooth muscular body was enough to reignite that urge within him to give his cock a damn good seeing to. As soon as the last member of his staff said there goodbyes for the evening he turned to his computer, found his favourite website, unzipped his trousers to release his engorged cock and began to stroke, sighing with the instant pleasure of relief that it brought him.

As much as he hated to admit it, one of the reasons he had joined the Medical corps rather than go into the National Health Service, was the chance to see young muscular studs, stood only in their underwear, or sometimes not even that, on a daily basis. During his time in the army he had grown fond of the military type and particularly those with above average fillings for their boxers. His fondness for large bulges didn't only stop at military men, but extended to his porn preferences as well. A certain fellow Briton had recently come to his attention on several websites, and his mammoth appendage was the prominent feature on his computer screen as he stroked his own more than ample endowment. Slouched back in his desk chair he stroked away, his hand sliding up and down his long thick cock, swollen with the lustful urges of a young man in his prime. He slid off his trousers and boxers and spread his legs, moving them occasionally as he continued to pleasure himself with his fist locked tightly around his shaft. The images of his favourite Brit porn star fucking the ass off various young men with his ten inch cock proved to be just the ticket for the horny doctor, the pictures combined with his experience with the young private earlier in the day meant that the doctor couldn't resist much longer. His breathing became shallower and faster, gasping as his facial muscles clenched, his legs twitched and his toes dug into the carpet. His hand flying faster and faster up and down his smooth stiff dick, lubricated by his own pre-cum, became nothing more than a blur, his eyes closed, his head rolled back and his back arched as several streams of thick creamy cum shot from the head of his eight inch cannon, swollen and red from the fist fuck he had given it. He moaned with pure delight as the cum splashed over his well defined toned abs, splashing him as far as his chin and landing on the desk in front of him.

'I'm not as big as your porn star there, but I could sure give him a run for his money.'� Mark span round on his swivel chair, there stood in front of him was a six foot seven Guardsman, every inch of him the finest example of what Her Majesties forces had to offer the world. Stood there in his full dress uniform, a scarlet red tunic, black trousers and his Russian black bearskin hat locked under his arm, he stood to attention as the doctor rose. Desperately trying to regain some form of composure Mark grabbed his boxers and trousers and pulling them on said,

'Who the blazes are you and what exactly do you think you are doing barging into here? Surgery finished over an hour ago! Well? Explain yourself man.'�

'Corporal James Campbell, Sir, Second Battalion Scots Guards, I was referred to you Sir,'� the Guardsman replied surprised at the doctors sudden outburst.

'Referred? Then you should have been given an appointment then. Come back tomorrow and make one. And if I hear any word of what of you have seen from anyone, you can kiss your place in the Guards goodbye, I have friends in high places and you will be sorry if you embarrass me.'� Mark angrily shouted at the soldier.

Calmly, the Guardsman still stood ramrod stiff to attention, tried to explain himself.

'My referral was not on a medical matter Sir.'�

'What do you mean not a medical matter?'� Mark snapped.

'My Cousin referred me to you Sir.'�

'Cousin? who the bloody hell is your cousin and why would they refer you to me?'�

'You served with him Sir, when you were stationed in Northern Ireland. Lieutenant James Douglas, 1st Battalion Royal Engineers.'�

Mark looked puzzled, then a wave of realisation and memories swept over him, James 'nine inch' Douglas, and now that he came to mention it, he could see the family resemblance, not just in the face but also the rather large protrusion tent polling from beneath the guardsman's belt.

'And what exactly made your cousin refer you to me then Corporal?'� Mark enquired in a tone now somewhat more alluring than his previous outburst.

'He told me you were an outstanding example of a doctor sir, and a credit to the service. He also said you were the best piece of ass he had ever had Sir and that you give the best blowjobs in the army. Sir'�

'Your cousin was right Corporal, though I must say you are being somewhat forward.'�

'I know Sir but I haven't had any for 6 months Sir, and I cant remember the last time I wanked, my balls are fit to burst, seeing you sitting there stroking that big cock of yours has just made me so randy.'�

Mark smiled and moved slowly towards the Guardsman, pushing the door closed and locking it.

'So then, Corporal, lets see what's in there shall we?'� said Mark as he pressed his hand against the Guardsman's bulging crotch, unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, sliding them and his boxers off in one swift movement, revealing a very thick nine inch cock with a big glistening head. 'What's it going to be then, Corporal? My mouth locked around that nice big cock of yours with my tongue, desperate, for a workout stimulating that nice cock head of yours until you empty the contents of your big balls down my throat, or is it my hot moist and very tight arse that will benefit from the attention of your monster?:

The Corporal was dazed but with a look of sheer lust about his face he quickly recomposed himself and whilst slowly stroking his now rock hard cock locked Mark in his gaze. 'Every way I can stick my cock in your mouth and ass in the next four days I will. I'm going to fuck you senseless, and I don't fucking care which way you get me off first, I'm just looking forward to fucking your ass and your throat if what my cousin said was true.'�

'What exactly did he say?'�

'He told me that ever since he spent that time with you he hasn't stopped Jerking off to the memory of how good it felt, and how no-one has come close to matching your skills at sucking cock.'�

'Not everyone has the ability to deep throat the size of cock that obviously run in your family Corporal, but I've had a lot of experience. When was the last time you had a big strong man suck you off Corporal?'�

'Too long ago sir, now if you don't mind, Sir I would really like you to suck me off Sir. I'm not sure how long I can stop myself from throwing you on the floor, lifting your legs on my shoulders and fucking your ass until you cum all over us.'� He said forcefully yet passionately with a hint of desperation.

Mark knelt down on the carpeted floor of his office, and eyed his treat. James' thick nine inch cock stuck almost perfectly horizontally out, ramrod stiff, throbbing with desire. Mark inched forward, grasped his cock with his right hand, and placed his left on James' muscle packed thigh. Slowly yet firmly Mark began to stroke James' cock, first down towards its root then up, flowing over and hugging tightly every contour, his fingers rippled over the ridge beneath the glistening and swollen cock head. James moaned and sank back against the wall as Mark administered to his every need. James' moans grew louder as Mark's soft warm lips slowly enveloped the head of James' cock taking it within his warm moist and needy mouth. James unable to resist took hold of Mark's head with both hands and started to force his mouth onto his throbbing cock, gyrating his hips slowly in a rhythmic motion fucking his gorgeous doctor's mouth.

With his eyes closed and his muscular back pressed against the wall, James moaned and groaned as he slowly fucked Marks mouth. As he received more and more of the good doctor's attention and as more and more of his long and thick shaft disappeared into Marks mouth, he remembered what his cousin had told him, and agreed that Mark did give the best blowjobs in the service. He was slow and steady yet firm, his mouth applying the necessary pressure to make James moan and flinch every time his swollen cock head was passed in and out, and Marks tongue swirled around it. James had not noticed, but Marks left hand had fallen from clutching James' thigh and instead was rapidly beating his own impressive cock, already fully hard. James was now fixated on the sight of Mark's hand gliding up and down his thick hard and perfectly straight cock. This combined with the best bit of cock sucking James had ever come across was too much to continue the slow and steady approach. James forcefully began to face fuck Mark, and Mark responded by increasing the speed at which he jerked his own cock. Suddenly Mark bent to one side, moaned and gripped James cock even more firmly in his mouth and with his hand. James felt the warmth of Marks cum splatter up his thighs and hit his low hanging and full balls. James' balls however, quickly tightened and he pushed Marks head off his cock.

'I want to cum on your face,'� James said almost through clenched teeth.

Mark took the hint and positioned his face near the end of James engorged and throbbing cock, his hand flew up and down James' cock until he felt James clench every muscle in his body, his face screwed up and the most sexually satisfied groan Mark had ever heard came from James mouth, as five thick and copious streams of cum splattered over Marks face and into his open mouth. Mark took James cock into his mouth once more and sucked the remaining cum out of it. James collapsed onto the floor, with a smile on his face. Mark leant over to him and said

'I think we need to get you cleaned up.'� Mark started to lick his own cum that had splashed all over James' muscular thighs and balls, then feeding it to James, they shared their first of many kisses.

'So you plan to do this for four days then James?'� Enquired Mark

'Yes, I have leave Sir, as I believe do you.'�

'Indeed I do, how the hell did you know that? And stop calling me bloody sir, I've just sucked your cock for gods sake '� call me Mark.'�

'Well, Mark, I bribed an orderly to tell me when you had leave booked and thought I would pay you a visit.'�

'How exactly did you bribe him?'�

'He wanted to suck my cock, so I let him.'�

'Did he enjoy it?'�

'Not as much as I did.'�

'Anyway I thought you said you hadn't had any action for 6 months.'�

'I lied'� blushed James.


Dafydd Geraint

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