Doctor Fun

'Pop.' 'Snap.' Those are not the sounds that I expected to hear coming from my knee while playing football.

I was playing on the defensive line. The ball was hiked, and I jumped off the line. I started to rush for the quarterback. I was able to evade one of the guys on the offensive line, and 'sack' the quarterback for a pretty good loss. However, along the way, I heard a 'snap' come from my knee.

After sitting out for a while, I went back in. This time it was a 'pop'.

After a number of doctor appointments, X-rays, and MRI's, it was determined that I tore my ACL in my left knee. Surgery soon came, but it was the physical therapy that was the exciting part.

My boss at work allowed for quite a bit of flexibility for my physical therapy appointments, and I was fortunate that someone at work suggested this one particular physical therapy center. When I walked in, all I saw were women. The receptionist was a woman, the therapists that I saw were women, and the patients were women. I filled out the paperwork was told to go to one of the rooms.

After waiting for about five minutes, someone walked in. He was about 6'2', short buzzed light brown hair, goatee, athletic frame, and very hot.

Fuck, I was starting to get hard just looking at him! I shifted slightly to try to hide the growing mound in my jeans.

'Hi. My name is Russell. I will be your physical therapist.'

I must say that I was pretty pleased. I was pretty happy to get this guy.

We started with three sessions a week. Typically, I would be his last patient of the day, which turned out to be quite beneficial. The treatments would consist of various exercises to get the muscles out of atrophy and for my knee to accept the new ligament. From time to time, I would get leg massages from Russell. He would always perform them in a private treatment room with the door closed. I would often get a hard-on from these massages. They felt pretty damn good! As I was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt while lying back on the treatment table. He never mentioned it although it could not be hid. We would bullshit about general shit and about football as we were both pretty serious New England Patriots fans. I also found out he was married with no kids and just a few years older than me. After a few sessions, I noticed that there was a sizeable growth in his pants too.

After about two weeks, things got a bit interesting. His hands worked their way up my muscular thigh higher than before. As I tend to hang to the left, my cock typically snakes its way down my left thigh too.

Eventually, his hands got so high (and my cock so hard) that his hands brushed my cock. My cock jumped, and I inhaled sharply. My eyes rolled back. The conversation quickly ceased. I think he was trying to see how I reacted. My mouth slowly turned into a smile, and our conversation started back up again. I made eye contact with him and saw that he was also smiling. I could tell that he could notice the wet spot forming on my shorts.

During the next session, it happened again. But I did not let the recognition of his groping be just visual. And I had a plan. I knew that he would go for my cock again. Just as he did, I shifted on the table. Now his hand was fully on my hard cock. Now it was his turn to not say anything.

'How about continuing with the massage?' I said.

A smile spread across his face. He started to rub his right hand down the length of my cock through my shorts. Holy shit that felt good! Although he was supposedly straight, he sure knew how to work a cock. Although I would find out later that this was the first cock besides his own that he ever touched. He was slowly sliding his hand down the length and back up the silky gym shorts. As he reached the head, he would grasp a bit tighter just to stimulate my sensitive cock head. I was trying to keep my moans to a minimum as there were people right outside the treatment room.

While he was working his magic, I worked my left hand down off the table to his right thigh as he was seated on his stool. I slid my hand up his thigh to his hard cock. It was his turn to sigh. His cock jumped when my hand made contact. I could feel the large ridge of his cock head at the end of his shaft. The hardness was certainly something to be admired. I don't think that I have ever felt a harder cock than this one. As my hand ran the length of his shaft from end to end, I could feel it throb.

After only about 30 seconds of this, it was him that started to moan. I needed to find a way to keep him quiet, so I sat up and swung my legs off the end of the table. He immediately pulled his hand back and had a look of fear over his face. My smile made him relax.

'Don't worry. We aren't going to stop. You just need to stop the moaning.'

With that, I pulled his hand back onto my cock and pressed my lips up Against his. My attempt at giving his mouth something to do to quiet him down somewhat backfired. He moaned a little louder when my tongue found its way in his mouth.

I pulled back again and gave him a warning yet teasing look. I whispered,'We need to keep quiet if we don't want to get caught'.

'I know, but it feels too damn good! I've wanted to do this since our first session. I didn't think that you liked playing with dick too.'

'Hell, yeah! There is nothing better! Just check out what I can do, but just make sure you stay quiet!'

With that, I kissed him again and stood up while pulling him up too. I wrapped my arms around him, letting my hand come off his jeans-encased cock. He proceeded to do the same. Man, did it feel good to me surrounded by his strong arms. I could feel our cocks pressed up against one another too. He started to grind his cock up against mine. To his credit, he was keeping his moans pretty quiet. They became more sighs.

I then turned us around so that he was closest to the exam table, and I proceeded to sit him down. He looked up at me with some disappointing eyes. I couldn't let him stay like that for long, so I kneeled down on the floor, although I could only go down on one knee due to my injury. I proceeded to reach for his belt, and he got a huge smile across his face.

I undid his belt and worked his button and zipper down. I could feel the heat coming off his groin with my hands. It was pulling me in. I reached for the waistband of his jeans and he quickly raised his ass off the table. With that, I slid them down to his ankles.

He was wearing the sexiest pair of underwear -- white boxer briefs that were a bit tight on him, but showed everything off perfectly. I could even see the ridge of his cock head. And there was a pretty big wet spot by his piss slit. It looked so tasty. I just looked up at him, then back at his cock. I slowly moved my mouth down to his underwear covered cock. I licked at his underwear, even getting a taste of his precum.

I could tell that he was not going to last long as his ball sac was getting tighter and tighter. I pulled down his underwear, and his 8' cock jumped out at me. A small splash of precum even hit my face. Russell saw this and smiled; so did I. I wiped it off with a finger and fed it to him.

Russell sucked it off my finger quite greedily. My finger nearly went down his throat he sucked so hard. That is one mouth I couldn't wait to get my

cock into, but I had to attend to something myself first.

Russell's cock was drooling some more precum, which I had to quickly catch with my tongue. I caught it all up back to his cock head, and I swirled my tongue around his head. I then trailed my tongue down the length of his shaft, getting it all wet for its eventual plunge into my throat. While doing this, I was massaging his tight ball sac that was surprisingly still hefty. Although Russell had pretty hairy thighs (just the way I like my men), the hair did not make its way up to his sac or ass crack. I hate getting hair in my mouth while giving a blow job. And his pubic hair was neatly trimmed, but lead in a trail up to his belly button.

With Russell's cock sufficiently wet, I hold it in my right hand and have

it make its way into my mouth. After just a few minutes, I could feel his

balls get even tighter. I knew it was time for him, and me, to give his

cock a break, because if I didn't I was sure to blow a load in my shorts

and it would be very difficult to clean up such a huge mess. I wanted my load to be swallowed by Russell.

I stood up and saw Russell panting and all sweaty, but with a huge smile on

his face. I went up and gave him a kiss so he could taste his own cock in

my mouth. He pulled me down on the table and we were pulling the remaining clothes off each other.

When our clothed cocks were rubbing against each other that was one thing.

Now that there was nothing between them, not even a thin layer of air, it was incredible. Our precum was making a mess out of our crotches, but we didn't give a fuck. It felt too fucking good.

I know that my cock needed a warm place to go and that Russell wanted his first taste of cock, so we rolled over so that I was lying down on the table. He kissed his way down my body, spending some time on my tight pecs and nipples, and following my treasure trail down to my cock. He held my cock in his hand, just looking at it for a while, examining his first hard cock up close and personal.

A steady stream of precum was flowing out of my cock, which tends to happen

when I am incredibly horny. This episode was a new record for me by far.

He then wiped some up with a finger, tasted it, and then got some more for

me. I must admit that I do taste pretty good...

Russell apparently had enough of a taste-test to determine that he wanted more. He then licked at my cock head to get some more. I knew that

playing with this married, supposedly-straight man was not going to make me


'Come on. Take me in your mouth. I need it,' I whispered.

Russell did as he was asked. He took my 7 inches into his mouth. This was

one mouth that was made for cock sucking. He knew exactly what to do. A few some cock virgins that sucked my cock needed to be told not to use their teeth, etc. Not Russell. He knew exactly what to do. After only a few minutes, I was ready to go. I warned him, and he pulled my cock out of his mouth. He stroked it furiously wanting to see me cum. The first shot hit my forehead with a huge splat. The second hit my chest, but Russell did not let any more get wasted. He pulled my cock back into his mouth and took the remaining 6 shots.

I knew that he desperately needed to get off, so I motioned for him to

straddle my face and feed me his cock. After only two strokes of my mouth,

he let loose. And fuck, did he! His balls were nearly non-existent as

they were so far up into his body. Russell's cum tasted so sweet and rich.

I know that I needed to get more of this again.

I sucked on his cock until he got his breath back and until it went soft.

Even soft, it was pretty sizeable, about 6 inches.

He eased back down and we kissed. He then remembered me shooting my first

two shots of cum, and licked them up. But he wasn't selfish. We shared

them off his tongue as he kissed me after licking them all up.After a few minutes of making out and catching our breaths, we got up and

got dressed. I was disappointed to see Russell's cock disappear back into

his pants, but I knew that I would see it again at my next physical therapy


This story is dedicated to all my fans who badly wanted a doctor patient fantasy.

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