I been working for this Realty company for a couple months now. It's Saturday and Nancy asked me to cover her shift.'What if I make a sell Nancy? You know I'll be getting that commission!' She didn't care. She was in her mid 50s and some young guy got her sprung. The DICK is all she thought about. It was close to closing time. Our office was set up on the site of new home development. This handsome ass white man came in at 4:50. 'Can I see a couple of your homes?' he asked. Sir, we close in ten minutes, but I can show you a couple. I stood up and locked the main door so noone else could come in. His name was Mark. We saw the first home and then went to the next. 'Is it just you or do you have a family?,I asked. I'm single he replied. He smiled when he said that. I showed him the master bedroom. When we got inside he sat in the bed and said that would be the perfect room for a master. I smiled. He asked me what can my company offer him that another one won't? I started rambling on about the extras. He cut me off and said 'No, what can You do to make me buy this house?' He gave me a seductive look that said, ' take those clothes off! ' I'm dark skinned and stand about 5 foot 10. He was every bit of 6 foot 4. I have never had gay sex before, but at this moment I wanted too! I walked to the bed and got on my knees. I unzipped his khaki slacks and pulled out his cock. That white boy was packing. I took a deep breath and went for it. I licked his cock from the tip down to his balls. His hands played with my shoulder lenght braids. My own cock started throbbing. I was sucking his cock with determination. 'Suck Master's dick!' I took it as a racial slur but that shit turned me on more. I wanted us to be completely naked so I pulled his cock out of my mouth. 'Let's take our clothes off I said.' We were both naked. My booty must of looked good to him cause he told me to turn around and he rubbed it and with both hands he seperated my cheeks and licked my hole. 'OH MY GOODNESS DADDY! THIS FEELS GOOD!' My precum started dripping. His finger went in my hole. I started stroking my dick. ' I wanna fuck you, he said.' 'Fuck me Daddy!' I laid on my back. He knelt between my legs and put my legs on his shoulders. He put the tip of his cock to my hole and let the precum drip. Once my hole was wet he pushed in. 'Unn!' I shouted! He fucked me with long deep strokes. I jacked myself off while he fucked me. The feeling was intense! Never have I busted a nut with something in my ass. I felt it building up. Like a powerful bolt of lightning I popped off a powerful nut. My hole couldn't fully close during my orgasm which caused me to shoot more cum. I was embarrassed for cumming so fast. Dave just kept fucking me. Now he laid all his weight on me. I slid down underneath him to give him more ass. My legs wrapped around him and my hands rubbed his back. His speed picked up as he reached his nut. 'Don't pull out!', I whispered. His hot cum flooded my virgin asshole. When he pulled out there was a loud pop sound. I tried to stand, but my knees were too weak. I was surprised to hear him say turn over. Mark wanted me doggie style. I feared this cause he was packing and that would also mean giving him complete control. I listened to him and position myself. My head was buried in the matress and my knees were spread far apart.I also reached for the head of the bed. My whole body was spread out just for him I pushed out him previous cum so he could use it as lube. He got right behind me and my Master worked me over. He squeezed my ass cheeks hard as he fucked me. How did this guy have the stamina to fuck me back to back? My screams echoed throughout the house. It took Mark almost an hour to cum again. He pulled out and skeeted all over my ass. Afterwards we took time to catch our breath. I got up to show him the master bath. My ass felt so hollow and wet. While Mark took him shower I laid in the bed and jacked off. When Mark came out, I took a shower. After I finished I expected to find Mark, but he was gone. He left a note say Thank You, but the house is too small. He also left a check for $500. Thanks for your time. I didn't know what to think. All I know is Mark made me feel good and I will miss that white dick.




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