'Alright men we got ourselves a new squad member today' Sergeant Wilson shouted as he came into the dorm. We all quickly stood to attention as the Sergeant came in with the new marine. The whole squad had been expecting a new guy soon as Private Walker had recently been discharged, making us a man down.

'This is Private Adams, he has transferred from Texas' The Sergeant continued to shout.

We got our first look at our new comrade. He was a huge guy; I was 6'3 but this guy had to be a least a couple inches taller than me and had a big muscular frame. He nodded to a few of us in acknowledgment as he dropped his stuff on his bunk.

It doesn't take long for a newbie to feel like he is just one of the guys. We spend so much time with each other that there isn't time to be awkward or shy and though Adams wasn't the loudest his size meant that nobody fucked around with him.

One day we had some free time, most of were kicking back in the dorm; some guys were polishing boots, some writing letters. Collins, a big loud guy, was busy packing for a couple days leave and was continuously describing how sexy girlfriend was to all of us, I guess to make us jealous.

'and she has the biggest, roundest tits ever' he continued as most of us laughed at his hand gestures, as he wiggled an imaginary pair of tits.

'What about you Adams, you got a woman?' he asked.

'No actually, I'm gay' He replied without hesitation.

We stopped what we were doing and looked around at each other. It had been a while since don't ask don't tell had been repealed but I don't think any of us had ever met a gay marine, especially one who was so open about it.

'Oh ok, cool.' Collins tried to say without getting flustered before quickly shutting up.

Nobody else spoke for a while. Adams didn't look at all concerned as he continued to polish his boots. I guess he was not ashamed about it and I would bet that even if someone in the squad did have a problem with it they would not doing anything about it. Adams was probably the biggest guy here and could take any of us down, which may be why we were so surprised he was gay.

The next few days were pretty uneventful, Adams big reveal was being talked about a little behind a few backs but most of us didn't really care that much, he still was an excellent marine. I noticed a few guys not speaking to him as much but I think he was the kind of man who really didn't give a shit about what was said about him.

The next morning I woke up with a raging boner, something that happened to me quite a lot. I was still only 21 and horny most of the time, with little time to get a release. I turned over to look at my clock and saw it was only 4am, I could go and have a shower by myself and jerk off.

I stumbled out of bed to the shower block and closed my eyes as I walked in so that the bright light didn't shock my eyes. I had done the walk to the shower so many times that I walked there with my eyes shut and just groped the wall to turn it on. I slowly began to pump my dick as the water poured over me.

'Hey man'

I jumped out my skin and turned to see Adams stood there. I hadn't noticed him as I stumbled in with my eyes shut.

'Oh hey buddy' I replied, trying to cover my throbbing cock.

'I guess we had the same idea' He smiled at nodded down at his own dick standing up to attention. Adams was a guy who never seemed embarrassed or awkward in any situation and made me feel more relaxed.

'A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do right' I laughed in reply. I turned to face the wall so that we could have our own little bit of privacy.

'Another person can make it feel much better right?' he continued and I turned back around to face him, and I realized he was now stood right next to me.

'I.. ummm' was all I could manage until I was completely silenced when I felt his hand on my dick and slowly begin to jack me off. For some reason I couldn't speak and made no move to stop him. The next thing I knew he was on his knees and his warm mouth was just about to envelope my mushroom head.

'Aww shit, not here. We're gonna get caught' I moaned as he began to tongue my dick.

'Relax, it's fine' He said. With that, I let him take over and work my cock. I couldn't really believe I was letting it happen but there was something kind of powerful about Adams and I had already found out how good a male blowjob was back in high school, though it was something I continuously tried to block out my mind.

Adams was a fucking pro at dicksucking and easily took my 8 inches down his throat, playing with my balls at the same time and I could already feel my load boiling up. I grabbed the back of his head and tried to not yell as my cum shot straight down his throat. He didn't pull off until he had every drop and even after he pulled away he licked and caressed the head to make sure he didn't miss any.

'Fuck, I needed that' I sighed as he stood up.

'Yeah me too, but it's your turn now'

'I'm not gay'

'I never said you were but you look like you know how to suck cock'

'I haven't done it in a long time'

'It doesn't matter it's like riding a bike' he smiled and pushed hard on my shoulder and I sank to my knees.

His huge dick was glistening in front of me, it must have been 10 inches long and thick and I was worried I wouldn't even be able to wrap my mouth around it. I opened wide and began to explore his cock with my tongue. I was quite tentative to start with but soon memories of high school came back and I started to eagerly suck his huge dick.

There was no way I was able to take it all but I tried and managed to take well over half of it down my throat until I started to gag. I began to swirl my tongue around his head and suddenly felt a rope of cum hit the roof of my mouth. Initially I was shocked but the taste reminded of some good times and I hungrily sucked up the rest, making sure he was good and clean.

'Knew you were a cocksucker' he smiled and walked off as I was left on the shower floor, savoring the cummy taste in my mouth, something I had not experienced for a long time.

I showered off and went back to bed, dwelling on his cocksucker comment. I guess I was a cocksucker but I hoped that I did not seem like that to everyone else. It was when I was in my senior year of high school that I first experienced dick. In the locker room after football practise one time I went into a stall and noticed a big hole in the wall. A finger poked through and motioned me to put my dick in; I was young and horny and didn't need any encouragement. That mouth gave me the best feeling I ever experienced and I was there almost every day to get my dick sucked. One day it was happening and the coach walked in and caught us. For the first time I saw who was sucking me and it was one of my good buddies from the football team, coach took us to his office and said we didn't need to do it in secret. Coach made us suck him, giving me my first taste of cock, soon it became a regular thing and my bud even showed me other glory holes to suck more dick. Nothing else ever happened, no fucking or anything and because of that I told myself it was just experimenting and I was definitely straight. I stopped doing it when I graduated high school and I think joining the marines may have had something to do with proving my masculinity

I hadn't thought about that for a long time, it was something I tried to block out but the memories of it were getting me hard again so I tried to forget about it and go back to sleep.

The next couple of days I tried to avoid Adams, he was good at pretending things didn't happen but I wasn't and I didn't want to embarrass myself by talking to him. However, I was just finishing lunch one day when he slid up next to me.

'Hey' he said.

'Hey' I replied, avoiding eye contact.

'You want a repeat of the other night?'

'Umm yeah maybe but I'm not risking doing it in the showers'

'Ok fine, I'll find somewhere'

He quickly left and I was left contemplating how quickly I agreed to do it again. I couldn't deny it felt good but it was kind of a risk to be having sex anywhere, even if we found somewhere more private than the showers. But I guessed it would take him a while to find somewhere so I tried not to think about it. However, later on that day he came up to me.

'I got somewhere, meet me at 7'


'Yeah tonight is a good night, a lot of the guys will be off base tonight so it won't be obvious we are away.'


'Ok fine, see you later'

I couldn't help but feel excited and though I tried to deny it I caught myself looking at the clock regularly, counting down until 7. Adams was right about tonight being good, a lot of guys were off base and it was pretty quiet so we wouldn't be noticed missing together. It was soon 7 and I walked round to go meet Adams.

'Alright follow me'

He took me round the back of the dorm where there were some big garbage cans and a little wooded area. He took me through some bushes and into the woods and stopped at a small blanket on the floor.

'I put this here earlier' he said pointing at the blanket

'This is it?' We were barely 20 yards from the dorm.

'Relax, no one comes round here and the trees give us good protection'

I looked around, kind of pissed off that this is where he had taken us but before I could complain again I felt his lips against mine and he forced his tongue into me. I was a little taken aback at first but soon began to kiss back passionately as we groped each other's crotches. We pulled apart and quickly stripped so that our long, hard dicks were fully exposed.

'Who goes first then?' I asked smiling.

'How about we do it at the same time?' he replied and laid down on the blanket.

'Good idea'

I climbed on top of him, feeding my cock to him as I eagerly accepted his huge meat. This position allowed me to take more of the dick and I just about managed to take it all the way. Of course Adams was easily deepthroating me and his fingers began rub around my ass crack. He gently rubbed the sensitive area around the hole and applied small amounts of pressure, just enough to make my balls stir.

I was concentrating so much on own impending orgasm that I had kind of forgotten about Adams dick in my mouth until I tasted cum filling my mouth. I savoured the taste but had to quickly swallow to stop my mouth overflowing with his delicious load. As I sucked all the cum out of Adams my own cock deposited a load deep in his throat, that I felt him hungrily swallow.

When we had both finished I pulled off and lay next to Adams. He grabbed my head and we made out as our dicks recovered and soon we were both hard again.

'Alright I'm ready for round two' Adams announced as we broke apart.

'Me too'

'I'm gonna fuck that ass'

'Oh hell no' I replied.

'Oh hell yes' He smiled.

'You're the one that's gay, why don't I fuck you?'

'Because I'm a top, I do the fucking. Anyway you looked pretty gay to me swallowing that cum'

'I... ummm' once again he made me unable to say anything.

'Alright lean against that tree and push your ass out'

I found myself doing what he told me, he definitely had some kind of power of me as I kept ending up doing whatever he said. Maybe it was because I wanted to do it. I couldn't say I didn't want to do it and part of me was sort of excited to try it but his dick was huge and nothing had been up there before.

I braced myself for entry but instead felt something a lot smaller and wetter begin pushing at my hole. His tongue sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. My ass has always been an unexplored area and something I didn't think could give me pleasure but Adams tongue was proving me wrong.

He flicked it all around the crack, before focusing in on the tight hole and literally began to eat my ass. It was feeling so good that my dick was streaming precum onto the floor and my asshole was loosening up so that his tongue had now penetrated my ass lips and was lapping my insides.

I didn't want him to stop and was disappointed when he pulled away, partly because it was feeling so good but mostly because I knew what was coming next. He grabbed my hips and I felt his dick running along my crack, I spread my legs a little and as his cock head rubbed around my hole it made me so horny a huge glob of precum joined the little puddle I had made on the floor.

That moment of pleasure didn't last very long though as my ass hole began to be stretched open. I tried to relax to accommodate the huge tool but I needed a moment to adjust.

'Aw shit, stop there a moment' I said through gritted teeth. 'How much is in there?'

'Just the head' He replied.

'Only the head?!' I yelled. 'Your dick is so fucking big'

'It's alright take your time'

We stayed still for a couple minutes and my ass began to adjust to his fat cock. Before long, most of the pain had gone and I was just left with a weird stuffed feeling.

'Ok keep going'

Now my ass was stretched taking the rest wasn't too bad but having a cock fill my ass definitely felt weird. Slowly but surely my ass swallowed up the whole 10 inches and a weird sort of pride came over me when I felt Adams balls slap my ass cheeks.

'Oh fuck, that is that tight ass feels good' He moaned.

I have to say that there wasn't much pain anymore and the feeling of a dick inside me was causing my dick to slowly rise again. Adams slowly began to fuck me, his huge mushroom head hitting something inside of me that made my dick stand upright like a bolt. His pace quickened and quickened until soon he was fucking me pretty hard. I began to push my ass back out towards him, encouraging him to give me a good fucking.

I tried to not to get too vocal, I didn't want him to think I was enjoying it too much. However, at one point he pulled his dick almost all the way out and then slammed it back in and I just had to yell out in pleasure.

'Oh fuuck yeah' I moaned as he did it again.

'Yeah you like that big dick in your ass?'

I didn't say anything in reply, I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of me saying I was enjoying it. However, he then suddenly pulled out all the way, leaving my asshole clenching.

'You don't want it any more?' He teased and I could hear him laughing. He was wanting me to beg for his dick.

'Aw fuck give me it'

'so you do like it?'

'Aww fuck yeah, fuck me'

Almost instantly he pushed hard into me and began to pound my hole, as I moaned wildly. My own dick was rock solid and I knew I was gonna blow a load without touching myself. A huge spurt of cum shot out, hitting the tree I was leaning against. More ropes shot out as I yelled loudly, soon realizing Adams was joining in with the yelling and that he was dumping a load in my guts.

The sex and the orgasm had been so intense that my legs felt weak when it was all over and when he withdrew his cock my ass felt empty. We both leant against a tree for a moment to catch our breath before we started to put our clothes back on.

'Can I ask you something?' I said as I pulled my pants back on

'Sure' He replied.

'How did you know I was a cocksucker?'

'I'm not sure there was something about you and the way you reacted when I said I was gay. I mean I didn't know for sure but I definitely wanted you anyway. So tell me about your cocksucking'

I told him the story of the gloryhole and the coach. Then he told me how he got started.

'It was when I first started going to the gym when I was 18 and this guy there used to help me out. I was interested in guys and I think he knew, he made a move and showed me man sex. The steam room there was also a cruising hot spot so I got well introduced'

'Nice, so anyone else hit on you here?'

'No, are you jealous?' he smiled.

'No' I replied quickly, blushing.

We walked back to the dorm. He decided to go in before me so we didn't look suspicious going in together. I waited about 10 minutes and then entered.

'Shit Dawson, have you pissed yourself?' I heard Collins shout. I must have looked surprised as he continued to comment.

'That big fucking wet patch on the back of your pants'

'Oh shit' I thought to myself it must be the cum leaking out my ass.

'Oh shit. I must have sat on something' I replied and looked up at Adams who winked at me and I couldn't help but smile.


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