Hey, you cute dude with raging hormones and a very active big libido. Am I right? Man you are hot and sexy. I am sure you turn on all your buddies with that seductive smile, sparkling eyes, hard body and that big tool between your legs. WOW, you are hot.

Lets get started. Take off that shirt and the undershirt. WOW, look at that ribbed chest, flat stomach, solid arms, big biceps and those nipples are gorgeous. You have me already turned on with that upper body as I feel heat growing in my crotch.

Man, start playing with those hardening erect nipples. They are big. Take your time rubbing and squeezing those hard tits. Rub harder and harder as you get hot. When you are satisfied, move to those hairy underarms. Spit on your hands and rub the hands across the hair on your underarms until they are dripping wet. Rub your fingers through the hair. Now take your wet tongue and begin licking those underarms and also those big biceps. Spit on those melon size biceps, kiss them, lick up and down on them and rotate between licking the biceps and the underarms. Does that feel good? I bet your are so sweaty now. Keep playing with those sexy biceps and underarms. That is great.

I bet your cock has grown so stiff that it feels like an iron pipe. Are you beginning to leak precum in those sexy hot briefs? Are you beginning to emit masculine hormonal odors as sweat is pouring off your forehead, face, neck, underarms and back? I can imagine the hot smell.

Now slowly start taking off you shoes, socks, unzips your pants and take them down and off. Throw them over in the corner. I bet you have cute sexy feet and toes with a little fuzz. WOW, what is that big tool in your briefs? My guess is that that boner is desperately trying to sneak its big head up and out the elastic waistband of your briefs. Is it in pain trying to escape? Do you now have wet spots in the front of your briefs? Does your crotch feel wet? I bet your cock is twitching and and throbbing with lust for relief.

Can you bring one of your feet up to your mouth and begin sucking on those sexy toes? Does that taste good? Does it turn you on? Have you ever sucked on your toes before? I like sucking the toes of my buddies.

Now take one of your sweaty hands and begin rubbing it across that big bulge in your briefs. Are the briefs wet and are you getting some juices on your hand? Why don't you slide a hand inside your briefs? How does that feel? Man, I bet that big cock feels so erotic, soft and warm in your hand. Rub your hand up and down that blood filled slick cock shaft. I bet you are now breathing hard and moaning with carnal pleasures. Right? Get ready for a hell of a jack-off on your favorite body part.

It is now time to get those cum soaked briefs off as you follow my instructions. Put your thumbs under the waistband and slowly begin lowering the briefs. Oh, What, you are getting some of the precum from the briefs on your balls and thighs as you remove the wet briefs? Doesn't that salty smell turn you on? Don't you love that feel of wet cum on your body?

Take the soaked briefs up to your nose and mouth. WOW, I bet you love that smell and taste? How are you doing? I am fantasying about what you are doing and it has me dripping gobs of precum in my pants. Wait, I am going to take off all my clothes and get butt naked with you. I want to jack-off with you.

Lets begin wanking our boners as we both inhale that cum off our briefs. Man that smells and taste good. Lets run our hand around the big head on our slick cocks. At first, lets slowly begin to fuck that cock with that hand as we continue to suck on those wet briefs. Go up and down that cock harder and harder now. Finally, throw those briefs off in the corner.

As you continue to jack-off, take the other hand and cup those hot hairy nuts. Hold them tight up next to your body. I am doing the same thing with my cock and balls. You have caused me to join in this big sex game. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!Aaaaaaaaaa!! It feels so good., doesn't it? Oh Shit, are you close to comming? I am. I am so turned on. I bet you are too. Slow down and don't wank too hard. We must not come yet. We must build up to one big volcanic explosion together.

I started this story to only instruct you on what to do to get off but I got so turned on that I am joining you in each move.

Now it is time for the big move that will gradually lead to that gorgeous climax after a hot session of masturbation.

But before that time lets both get up on the bed and take a large pillow. Pour lots of lube on your rock hard cock. No that is not enough. Pour more on the cock. Get on top of the pillow and lie down on your stomach. Begin humping that pillow as if it is the ass of your fuck buddy. Start humping the hell out of that pillow. Hump fast and hard. Are you wetting the pillow with the lube and precum? Slide your slick and wet cock through the big wet spot on the pillow. Oh Fuck, doesn't that slick and sliding wet pillow feel great. Oh, Hell, I love that feel. Please call out my name and say: "Eric, you bitch, take my cock up that ass of yours. Take all my big cock in your ass. Does it feel good?" Stop before you come.

Finally, lets pour more lube on that big pulsating cock, pour more lube in the palm of your hand and clasp down hard on the head of that boner. Hold it tight for about 20 seconds. Man, that feels good. Are you like me? Is your cock stiffening even more?

Now take both of your hands and place them on your cock shaft. Create a tunnel with both your hands for your cock. Begin driving your blood filled cock up and down that channel---faster and faster. Oh my god, does that ever feel like a man's ass for my cock. Don't you agree? Lets go faster and faster. Beat that hot meat with no mercy. Buddy, faster and faster. That is it. Keep it up as long as you can, you gorgeous hunk. OH FUCK, OH FUCK that feels so great. My whole body is shivering with pleasure. I bet you are in total heat now.

My nuts are tightening. I am putting my feet over my head. Join me with your feet over your head as we get ready to come. I am beginning to feel contractions as the cum is leaving my nuts.


Man, I shot a huge load all over my face and ate a big cum meal. I bet you did likewise. Wasn't it good?

How was that orgasm? How did you do? Was it a big load? How was I as a sex instructor? Thanks for playing the sex game. LOL Eric



Naughty Eric


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