Every Wednesday and Friday I tutored Ethan Brandt. He was 17; he stood at 6' 4" and had dark brown hair with blue eyes. Compared to my small build, I was 5' 9" and had sandy blonde hair and green eyes. The first day he had met me he had given me the nickname Ash, since my name was Ashton. I had always gotten mad at other people when they had called me this but it was different when he said it.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Ethan invited me to sleep over at his house and then spend the holidays with them. I jumped on the opportunity to spend an evening with him. It also seemed like perfect timing because my parents were visiting my grandmother in Florida. The dinner was the typical turkey with mashed potatoes and the works. Half way through the meal there was an interruption.

"Hello?! Mom, dad!" it was an unfamiliar voice. Mr. and Mrs. Brandt noticed my surprise.

Mrs. Brandt reached for my arm, "That's our other son, Taylor." I had heard Ethan talk about him a few times; he was studying abroad for a couple of weeks and was coming back soon, apparently today.

"Hey, who's this?"

"Taylor!" Mrs. Brandt must have felt his was an inappropriate greeting.

"Sorry," he turned my way, "I'm Taylor. Nice to meet you." He reached his hand out.

I couldn't speak for a minute; he was like an older, carbon copy of Ethan. "Um, I'm Ashton, I've been tutoring your brother in math."

"Sweet, some ones gotta boost up this kids IQ." He squeezed Ethan's shoulders and then pulled a chair from behind and sat next to me. "So, where do you go?"

"Columbia. And you go to...?" I shifted uncomfortably in my chair because he was so close.

"Pratt, but I've been in Italy for the last few weeks."

I idly waved my fork around, I'm pretty sure I looked like a retard. "That sounds amazing."

He nodded at me and leaned back in his chair. The rest of dinner was a blur. I couldn't look away from him. He showed me some of his pieces, which I thought should be in a museum. After dinner, we were debating about sleeping arrangements. I had suggested I go home but their parents said they didn't want me out alone this late at night.

Their guest room was being used for storage so Ethan said I could sleep in his room. I borrowed some of Ethan's clothes to sleep in. He let me sleep on his bed while he set up a sleeping bag on the floor. As I was about to drift off to sleep Ethan sat down abruptly on the foot of the bed waking me up.

"Hey, Ash?" he leaned over to see if I was asleep.

I switched on the light, "what?"

"Do you like my brother?"

I felt my face flush a bit but I didn't think he could tell. "Yeah, he seems nice."

He smirked at me, "You know what I mean."

"I'm now beginning to think that telling you I was gay was a mistake."

He crawled closer till he was practically on top of me. "No, it's just my brother is kind of ass when it comes to others feelings."

I pushed him back and sat up, "While I appreciate your concern whom I date is none of your business." I reached to turn the light out but before I could Ethan grabbed my arm and kissed me. The kiss was sloppy and when we broke apart his tooth nicked the bottom of my lip. I brushed my finger over it and saw the Scarlett colored liquid.

He quickly backed off of me, "Um, I'm sorry. I don't know why I did that."

"Really? You aren't even going to try to unring that bell." I gave him a sarcastic smile. "I know that you are at that age where you want to experiment but I shouldn't be your guinea-pig."

He got pissed when I said this, "I'm not just going through a phase I really do like you."

"I'm your tutor its my job to encourage you with your studies and give--" He cut me off mid stream.

"I'm not looking at you as a father figure or whatever. Ash, I know and that's one of the reasons I first thought t liked you but there's so much more. You're nice, you've got a great body, you're smart..." he continued rambling on about me while I just listened. Hearing all of this coming out of his mouth was a bit surprising but it made me see him in a whole different light. He recounted little details about me that I'd probably mentioned maybe once. He knew me better than me.

I held my hand up. "Okay, stop." I was trying to take in all of what had just been said. "So basically to you, I'm Casanova?"

"I don't know what that means but the feelings are still true."

I started laughing when he said this. Just admiring the ironic twist my life had taken. Screw consequences, I couldn't let an opportunity to sleep with some one who loved me, and I possibly loved, slip through my grasp. I pulled him down toward me and pressed my lips against his. He tried at first the pull back but then allowed my tongue to work its way into his mouth. He gave a slight groan as I pushed deeper into his mouth. He reached for my shirt trying to pull it over my head.

"We don't have to go that far you're not ready. You did just confess your feelings a minute ago."

"It's fine, under normal circumstances I wouldn't do this but I don't know, I just feel like things are different with you." He sounded slightly nervous but the intense look in eyes told me he wasn't backing down. How did this happen, just an hour ago I was ogling his brother but some how I chose Ethan. He was so intense, with a stiff upper lip. Looking back at him I realized that that wasn't important. Love doesn't follow logic, if that was what this was. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt him and I vowed to keep that promise.


The soft voice interrupted my train of thought as I looked up. "Sorry, I was just, thinking, never mind." I sat up once again.

"What do you want to do?"

"Let's just start slow." Saying this I pushed him back against the wall. I positioned my self on top of him like I was riding him. We began kissing again and this time he wasn't so reserved. With the limited experience I suspected he had he still did his best to follow the leader, in a sense. Underneath me I could feel he was getting hard. With my free hand I ran my fingers over his crotch, as I did this he broke the kiss.

Ethan reached for my hand, "Hey?" He tried to brush me away.

"Don't worry, I want to make you feel good." I leaned forward till our lips met again, at first soft and then harder. I tried to deepen the kiss. When he had worked his way into his mouth I pulled him forward so he was now on top. He deepened the kiss while he awkwardly pinned me down. I pushed him back up and slowly pulled his shirt over his head. Then I moved my lips slowly down his toned body, lapping my tongue around his nipple careful not to leave and hickeys. I pulled his boxers off revealing his erect shaft.

"Sit here." I motioned to side of the bed.

Once he did this I knelt between his legs, "What do you want me to do?"

"Um..." His cock shrank a bit because he was so nervous.

"I'm kidding," sticking my tongue out at him, "I already know." I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft. I began to jerk him off slowly and then faster. Fully erect he was almost 7.5 inches. A bit of precome started to seep from the tip. I ran my tongue down the side of his cock before taking the whole thing into my mouth. I gently caressed his balls with my fingers as he pushed deeper down my throat.

"Ash, you are so good at this." He lay down on the bed writhing in ecstasy. Moving my head lower I gagged slightly when it hit the back of my throat. As I bobbed my head up and down Ethan began to moan louder. He gripped the back of my head trying to increase my pace guiding me down. His whole body began to tense up and he slammed me down. I tried to pull back but he held me firmly in place.

"Oh fuck, Ash! So fucking good!" He shot his hot cum down my throat. I continued to swallow all of it spurt as it was released.

I threw a pillow at his head, "Quiet, the walls are thin." Standing up I walked into the bathroom. "I'm taking a shower, it's fine if you want to go to sleep."

He followed me, "Can we take one together?" he asked as he grabbed my arm.

I couldn't help it, he was just too adorable. Standing on my toes I kissed him gently, "Sure." We stripped of our clothes leaving them strewn across the floor. The warm water surrounded us. I offered to wash Ethan's back. Taking the washcloth I rubbed over all the entire contour of his body. He had such smooth skin with well-defined muscles without being overly buff. The perfect man.

When we were out of the shower we didn't bother putting our clothes back on. Ethan climbed into bed with me instead of sleeping on the floor. It was a full size bed so we were squished together but his warm body pressed against me was just what I wanted. He fell asleep immediately and I could feel his hot breath on the nape of my neck. Twisting around in his arm I just stared at his face. After a few minutes I drifted off to sleep.


I woke up at about nine o'clock. I tried to fall back asleep but a few moments later Mrs. Brandt called us down for breakfast. I scrambled to find my clothes and woke Ethan up so he could get dressed too. I bounded down the hallway till I nearly collided with Taylor as he came out of the bathroom.

He looked me up and down and then began to walk back not his room until he turned around and said something surprising, "Nice Shirt." He smiled and continued on.

His comment made no sense until I looked down and I saw what he meant. In my haste I had grabbed the shirt Ethan had been wearing the previous night instead of my own. And, yes, Taylor had noticed.


Hello readers, thanks for clicking. This is my first story so go easy on me. I'm sorry if you were disappointed that there was no sex but I can assure you it's coming soon. I'm going to try to type the second part by next February 10th. Feel free to email me if you have comments or questions... happy reading!




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