I'd just been certified for 40 meters, and my little scuba diving self was vibrating with excitement. There was a wall dive in the Channel Islands I'd heard about and wanted to try, so after many phone calls for arrangements, and waiting what seemed like centuries for my vacation time, I went. It was everything, and more, than I'd hoped for and by that evening I felt like a conqueror. The guy behind the hotel desk seemed up to handling a discrete question, so I secured directions to the nearest gay bar. I wanted flashing lights, loud music, and...well, sex.

The loud music greeted me in the parking lot, and the flashing lights assaulted me as soon as I walked through the door. Sex, of course, is harder to find. I got a beer, smiled a lot and looked around. Couples throbbed on the dance floor. Tables were full of laughing, smiling people, and the smell of cologne was enough to make me want my tanks and mask back. All was right with the world. I wandered around, smiling, nodding, trying not to look like I was wearing a sign that said, 'My balls hurt...Help me.' I stopped for a second to watch two couples at a table. Four men in comfortable middle age, holding hands with their partners openly, talking and laughing with their friends. That always makes me mushy and hopeful and vaguely weepy. I sensed something and turned my head. Leaning against the wall, radiating aloneness was a man, sipping a drink and staring at the foursome with both joy and agonizing envy. I drifted over to him like a current had caught me and I'd just surrendered to it.

As I got close to him I realized he was my age, or maybe a couple of years younger. Darkly handsome, sort of like a brooding count in a romance novel. Long, aesthetic fingers were wrapped around the glass. In the odd lighting of the bar, his eyes looked like underwater caves that demanded exploration. I got his attention with a cleared throat, then indicated the foursome at the table. 'What I want to be when I grow up,' I said. 'Gives one hope.' He looked at me with his deep eyes and I realized with shock that hope had died in him long ago. He forced a smile and nodded politely. I used his innate politeness to draw him into idle conversation, and used it again to get him on the dance floor. At first he was rigid and distant in my arms, then something inside him snapped, and he came against me like a drowning man. I felt his tears soak through my shirt and his hard, thrusting cock rub against me. His hands slid up and down my back, out of his control. 'I'm sorry,' he said in a choked voice. I pulled him tighter. 'Don't be,' I said in a loud, strong voice. 'Let it out. Don't be afraid to feel.' He broke down in my arms, sobbing on my shoulder and thrusting his rock hard shaft against mine. I got him out of there, finally, to a coffee shop popular with happy gay couples who needed to sober up a bit before they drove to the second stage of bliss.

In the harsh light of the restaurant, the dark eyes were swollen and full of loneliness and pain. He wrapped the beautiful hands around a coffee mug, sipping occasionally and darting curious glances at me. His name, as he told me ruefully, was Lester, the first in what was to be a lifetime of cursed events. I called him 'Les', which as he said with a flash of humor was not as desirable as 'More' would be. I countered with my own curse, 'Buddy,' which no amount of threats or hostility could induce my family and friends to drop. He began to calm, and after a while, grew animated, smiling, the dark eyes flashing light. He accepted that I wanted to bed him, but his eyes clearly told me he had absolutely no idea why I'd want to do that.

I took him back to the hotel, and did an extremely tacky thing in the lobby: I displayed him to the desk clerk like a trophy. The clerk didn't let me down. He examined Les quite carefully, a look of frank approval on his face, then said 'OK. I'll swap you my car for him.' I shook my head and led my trophy away to the elevator. It took Les a trip to the fifth floor to get his mouth closed. I noticed his cock was hard, shoving against his pants and twitching. I let us into my room, turned to Les casually and shoved him on the bed. He needed to get off so damn badly. He landed on the bed, stunned, and I knelt between his legs and opened his pants, freeing the swollen purple shaft. His cockhead was oozing precum. I licked it up, listening to his gasps, then slid his rod into my mouth and sucked hard. My lips locked around him as my head bobbed up and down, my tight-fingered grip sliding after my mouth. A stunned silence followed the initial gasps, then a very clearly pronounced 'Shitfuck!' heralded a long string of incoherent howling as he humped the hell out of my mouth, fists dug into the bed for leverage, cock swelling further and throbbing. He came like a long dormant volcano, pulse after pulse of hot cum finally freed. I swallowed what I could, letting the rest ooze out to lubricate his shaft, my hand sliding up and down easily, quickly, stopping only to rub it all over his balls. He howled like an animal, riding out what I knew was way too intense a sensation, but until he told me to stop, I wasn't going to. His cock stayed rock hard, and I kept sucking.

He never told me to stop...so I didn't stop. I kept sucking and stroking and he kept humping my mouth like a wild thing. His second monologue was more coherent and rather touching. 'Shitfuck,' he said again, followed by 'I needed this so fucking bad, oh my God, I needed to cum, damn, you're so fucking good, I can't stand how good you are, you make me feel so much, shit, I can't believe this, suck me, SUCK ME, oh don't ever stop sucking me...' and so on. I sucked, sliding his cock in deep, feeling the hard shaft glide over my tongue until it touched the top of my throat. I wanted him in deep. I wanted to lock my lips around the base of his cock, by nose and mouth buried in his thick, curly hair, feeling my chin nestle in his balls, dancing my tongue over his shaft. I slid my hands under his ass and squeezed his cheeks, then my fingers searched for his crack, gliding up and down, finally spreading him open and playing with his hole. His muscles gave out, and all he could do was lay and twitch as I took his cock into my throat, sucking him fiercely, fingers playing in his crack, an index finger penetrating his hole. He made a small, garbled sound suddenly, and his cock erupted, straining to go deeper as he flooded me with hot cum. Some shot straight down my throat; the rest went anywhere it wanted to. Finally, I managed to release his softening cock, and pull my head up. I felt my cum-covered face. 'And thus was Hawaii born,' I murmured. He raised his head, focused his eyes and maneuvered the muscles of his face into a smile. 'You store up enough lava,' he said thickly, 'and you can do that.' His head flopped back down. I stared at him. He'd gotten the volcano reference, managed a comeback, and I fell in love.

I dragged him around in the bed, washed him off, then covered him with blanket and sheet. He slept through the whole thing. I brushed my fingers against his cheek. The stress and pain were gone from his face. I took off all my clothes, told my aching cock to be patient, and got a book to read. I slid into bed next to him, read for a while, then fell asleep. I swam almost to the surface of consciousness when I heard his voice a long time later. 'Yes,' he was saying. 'I want a red rose on the tray. Just one. Everything else for two. Pot of coffee. Orange juice. Pastry. The strawberry/banana in cream thing. Room number? Hold on.'

I heard him pad across the room, open the door, close the door and pad back. '532,' he said. 'Half an hour? Good.' He hung up the phone, yawned, stretched, then journeyed into the bathroom. A little later I heard the shower start. I smiled and drifted back to sleep.

He served me breakfast like a sultan, and I wallowed in it. I took a shower, and he scrubbed my back, and I wallowed in that, too. I called and canceled my morning dive, then put down the receiver and stared at it. I'd never canceled a dive for anyone before. I looked at him, and he read my face. 'Thank you,' he whispered and went to his knees. He took my cock in his mouth and sucked it gently, lovingly. I ran my fingers through his hair, looking down at him, standing with my feet spread, feeling his mouth and tongue in every part of my existence. He pleasured my cock so thoroughly, his eyes closed, his fingers gently exploring my balls, as if he was memorizing me in Braille. I felt his throat vibrate as he murmured with contentment and the sensation traveled up my cock and through my entire body. His eyes opened suddenly and he looked up at me. I stared down at the bright, smiling eyes, watching my cock slide so easily in and out of his mouth...and there just aren't words to describe my orgasm sufficiently. It started suddenly, a startling sharp falling sensation, then built and built until I thought my body would shatter. I felt myself land on my ass on the floor with a thud, his mouth still fastened to me. I curled around his head and held on. I could hear howling, and my throat felt funny, and I realized the one howling was me. Eventually I managed to poke his head gently with a finger to indicate that if he didn't stop sucking my helpless cock he'd kill me.

I was in the bed again, with no memory of how I'd gotten there or how long I'd been there. I lay on my stomach, listening to Les's voice as he gently stroked my ass. He was probably using words, but all I knew was that the sound was happy and aroused, and that's all I needed to know. I sighed deeply with contentment and spread my legs wider. I felt his mouth move over my ass, then slide down to lick at my balls. He licked me like a cat, his tongue flicking over every inch of my skin. I murmured my appreciation. His tongue finally went to the crack in my ass and slid up and down, leisurely, gradually going deeper until he used his fingers to spread me open. He licked me thoroughly, passing back and forth over my hole until I was starting to writhe with anticipation. Finally, his warm, moist tongue pointed and thrust into my hole. I shuddered and groaned. He tongue-fucked me for a long time, and I reveled in it. His tongue went deep, thrusting in me harder and harder. Finally, I felt the tip of a lubricated finger instead of the tongue. I shuddered again, my ass thrusting up at him eagerly. The fingertip teased me for a while, then began to slide inside me gently. I didn't want it gentle at that point and growled at him. He growled back, and proceeded to finger-fuck the hell out of my hungry ass, adding a second finger, the rest of his hand folded into a fist that punched my cheeks with each downward stroke. My ass rose into the air for him, and I whimpered my pleasure. His breathing grew loud and ragged, and I felt him move into position. My cock dripped precum and my asshole twitched.

In a rather atypical move, I begged him to fuck me. I begged loudly and clearly, wanting, needing the privilege of his cock in my ass. He grabbed onto my hips for support as his body swayed. 'Ugh da,' was an approximation of what he managed to say. He took his shaft in his hand and rubbed the slick head against my hole. His cockhead was swollen, and I could feel the hot precum mixing with the tepid lubricant. He entered me with one uncontrolled, unplanned, hungry, demanding thrust and I howled with pleasure/pain. His fingers bit into my hips, and he fucked me. And I do mean FUCKED me. My gentle lover had transformed into a feral, rutting animal, who took my ass as if all of nature had prepared him for this moment. I humped my ass back at him furiously, taking the savage thrusts as deeply as I could and still forcing my hole back for more. The room filled with the sounds of our harsh breathing and wordless grunts. His hips slammed against my ass, and his balls hit mine with force. I could feel his fingernails imbedding themselves into my flesh, and in my mind they became the claws of my mate. It was glorious and endless, on and on, past anything I'd ever even dreamed. A gust of fresh air came through the open sliding doors and bathed us both. It was like a blessing, and caused a simultaneous explosion, both of us cumming helplessly. Rigid and locked together, trying to ride out the wave after wave of almost unbearable ecstasy slamming through us. I collapsed flat on the bed, and he landed on top of me. We woke up like that a long time later.

Les has gotten better about the diving. He's read a lot, and now checks me before every dive as if he was sending me off to kindergarten. He whispers 'be safe, have fun,' then stands with a white-knuckle grip on the rail staring down at the water until I come up again. No matter how wondrous the dive is, the best part is breaking the surface, looking up and seeing him there waiting for me.


Morgan Grayson

[email protected]


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