I had always considered myself straight without really thinking about it. I took a girl to the prom and later married her. We had a lot in common and eventually bought a house together and had 2 kids. Other married couples were our friends and we attended PTA meetings together. We had a pretty normal life, the kind of life that most people consider fulfilling.

But for some reason I had always felt that something was missing, although I wasn't sure what. As my life with my wife and family grew more settled and comfortable, that feeling of something missing grew larger and larger until I could no longer ignore it. It nagged at me all the time. Finally I asked my wife for a divorce, and she and our boys took my moving out to find my own life pretty well. I got a job in the city as an accountant, got my own apartment, went to the gym and didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I was pretty sure it had to be more than this.

A few months after I moved into my apartment, a new guy moved in across the hall. He was young - maybe 19 years old - and I noticed him because he was always cheerful and friendly to everyone. Women found him cute with his slender athletic build, short brown hair and boyish smile. They flirted with him without really meaning anything and men seemed to like him, too. I liked him myself, even though he was around 11 years younger than I was, but I can't say that I thought about him much at first. Sure, I noticed him coming and going. He was always going out in the evening to clubs, often with friends, and they were a happy and noisy bunch. They used to invite me, but I always said no, thanks.

Life went on. I dated a couple women at the office, but nothing serious happened. I saw my kids on the weekends and we went to the zoo, the beach, the park. I went to work, got a raise. Life went on, but nothing really changed much. Well, something had, but I didn't know it yet. It started when the 19 year old across the hall - his name was Jason - invited me to coffee to talk. I wasn't sure why, but I joined him and we had a nice couple hours telling each other about our jobs (he worked at the college he attended) and our interests. I realized it had been a long time since I had a single male friend, and we began to go to coffee once a week, just the two of us, and talk about our lives.

You have probably guessed where this was leading, but I didn't see it coming. Remember, I considered myself straight without ever questioning it so I didn't realize that I could find myself attracted to another man. But little by little, I was noticing Jason more and more and it was so comfortable for me that I didn't catch it. Until one evening.

Jason came over and he was very upset. Since our relationship was casual, we had never seen each other in an extreme state, but I felt good that Jason had turned to me. He had had an argument with his father and they were no longer speaking. As he told me that, Jason broke down in tears and I put an arm around his shoulder to comfort him. He cried for a while, and I held him and it felt completely natural. After a while, he stopped crying and moved toward me.

For a long while, we just stood, my arms around him as he faced me with his face slightly touching the front of my shirt. I could feel the warmth of his body, could smell his aftershave and hear his soft breathing. I felt tenderness toward Jason, but I gradually realized I felt something else, too. I was horny. I wanted to get naked with this slender guy who lived next door. I wanted to feel him touch my cock and to feel his hard cock in my hand. I leaned over to kiss him only to find his face pointed upward toward mine already. Our lips met halfway.

It was quiet as we kissed. His mouth was warm and not too wet, his tongue pointed as it darted between my lips, tasting them. I pulled him closer and we embraced, my hands tracing his arms, back and neck as his hands gently held onto my arms and caressed them. It was probably only a couple minute but it felt a lot longer. I wasn't sure what to do next but Jason solved that problem for me. He reached down and put his hand over my pants, on top of what was now my very hard cock, and he began to rub it through my pants. I heard myself gasp, but it was a gasp of pleasure. I found myself grinding against his palm, and it felt so good. I heard and felt my zipper as Jason pulled it down, reached in my pants and pulled out my dick. Then he moved down my body and then I felt his warm mouth as his lips wrapped around my shaft.

I had always thought I didn't much care for oral sex, but I discovered within a minute that this was because no one who had sucked me had known how to give a really good blowjob. Jason did know, however. It was incredible! He let me thrust all the way inside his mouth and kept sucking no matter how deep I went. I had never had someone take the entire length of my prick in their mouths and let me fuck them with it, and the head of my cock was throbbing as it hit the back of his tight throat over and over. The only sound in the room was the sound of him slurping and sucking, and that excited me even more.

Somehow I managed to pull Jason up for air long enough to pull him into my bedroom and within seconds, he had gotten my pants off and was pulling down my shorts. My cock sprang to attention and Jason began to stroke it with one hand while he began unbuttoning his shirt with the other. His hand on my cock was pretty distracting but I helped him take off his shirt and got his pants open before we fell back onto the bed and he started to suck me again.

I reached down and found his cock. It was smaller than mine and very firm, and I stroked it very gently while Jason manipulated my own dick like he had done this many times before. I didn't care. Each stroke made me thrust forward a little and I really wanted more somehow but I wasn't sure how to ask or what to ask for. But he made my decision for me. He pulled off his pants and asked if I had any lube. I didn't, but I did have some lotion and soon Jason was rubbing that on my member, making it even more sensitive than before.

I like to think I am a quick learner. Soon I had Jason on his back, his legs in the air as I slowly slid my cock into his ass. It was tight, hot and I wanted to explode right then and there. But I held back and slowly began to fuck him with long, gentle strokes. He moaned and pulled my hand to his cock and I began to rub it with the same rhythm I was fucking him with. When he started to move with me, I began to move faster. He loved every inch I was giving him and I found myself pounding his ass, my hips thrusting hard as I delivered my cock to him over and over in a piston-like motion.

Without a doubt this was the best sex of my life! I slammed Jason's ass hard and fast, and he met every stroke eagerly. When he reached up to squeeze my nipples, I felt my balls tighten as I came closer to cumming. I kept fucking his tight ass, filling him as his tight puckered hole squeezed my dick. And then suddenly, I was orgasming. My cock spasmed again and again and I was out of control. I heard a voice and realized it was mine as I yelled 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming!' as jets of jizz exploded deep into Jason's ass. He started to shoot his load almost the second I did and his hole squeezed my hard meat. My orgasm was shattering and seemed to last forever and then we were both done and I lay back, exhausted. I put an arm around Jason, not thinking, just basking in the warm afterglow and the feeling of intense satisfaction.

Since that night Jason and I still have coffee and I've fucked him a few more times. I'm having the best sex of my life and it's not just because of Jason - it's me, too. I'm being cautious - after all, this is still new for me - but I feel like I'm being me for the first time and I love it!




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