Discovering that I’m a Cocksucker 

In this forum, in anonymity, I’m not afraid to say it: I have an unbelievably high libido and all my adult life sucking cock has been just about the most important thing to me. My friends all rib me about my promiscuity, but I don’t think even they know how central swallowing cum is to my life. When I’m not doing it, somewhere in my mind I’m thinking about it, or talking about it with friends or even strangers, or watching porn. I honestly don’t know why it’s so meaningful for me. 

At the age of 21 I decided it was time to start dating guys, which meant, of course, having my first sexual experience. That happened a few evenings later when Kevin a guy on the beach shocked me by taking me to his parents’ place. Of course they weren’t home. I was so nervous that I was shaking as he and I undressed in the bedroom. We spent about an hour fumbling around, trying a little bit of everything. It didn’t occur to me until later that Kevin was almost as inexperienced as I was. And it ended, as now seems inevitable, with my going down on him. The first thing I remember was that it felt so odd. I’d felt my own cock thousands of times of course, but having another man’s cock in my hand was completely different. The skin was softer than I imagined, just encasing the stiff rod beneath.

I’d long fantasized about giving a guy a blowjob, but this didn’t feel at all like what I expected. Kevin was very well endowed and I had trouble getting his cock past my teeth. It was uncomfortable and surprisingly un-erotic for me. Nevertheless, despite my poor performance Kevin cummed in no time at all. When he spewed in my mouth I very nearly threw up. Gagging, I spit his gooey bitter load out on his belly...not the nicest finish in the world.

I now realize that he was one of those occasional guys you find whose cum tastes like battery acid. But I was sort of freaked out. What if I don’t like sex? 

 About a week later, I was driving home from a popular downtown gay bar, at around 2:00 A.M.  While stopped at a red light I noticed a handsome guy in the car next to me. He returned my gaze, pointed to the right and nodded. He drove slowly so I could follow him to his apartment.  I don’t remember if we spoke, but he led me to the basement of his building. I noticed a growing bulge in his gym shorts that bounced from side to side as he walked. Inevitably, the tour ended a dark, deserted gym. He walked in and I followed, lingering just inside the doorway, hoping I knew where this was headed. He turned and looked at me, clearly noticing my gaze at the bulge in his crotch.
 "Sorry about that," he chuckled. "You ever walk around in these things without underwear on? They kind of tickle you and it always gives me an erection.”

Then without further comment, he immediately went down on me for a couple minutes. The first blowjob I got and to be honest, I don’t even remember how it felt. 

Then he stood up and one of his hands lightly caressed the package beneath his gym shorts. "You seem pretty curious about this. Do you want to touch it?" he asked.

 "Uuuugh," was all I could muster. He took my hand by the wrist and guided it to his stiffening cock. I could feel his shaft arcing downward through the thin material of his shorts. My fingers slowly encircled his cock. He then stepped back and quickly yanked his shorts off. As he lightly stroked his cock as he moved back toward me. Then my hand went back to his dick. He was circumcised, had a thick tuft of black pubic hair and was a little smaller than me. I estimated him to be average sized, around 6 ½ inches in long so I had no trouble getting it in my mouth. 

I had an overwhelming urge to taste his cock, but was intensely nervous about it. I didn’t want to gag like last time. Finally I closed my eyes and dropped to my knees. One hand started caressing the back of my head and the other dropped to my shoulder as he slowly pushed his hips closer to me. I opened my mouth and for the second time, tasted another man's dick.

 Pre-cum was oozing from his pee-slit and dripped onto my tongue. It was sweet and surprised me because it wasn't a turn off. The touch of the soft skin of his cock caressed my tongue and I allowed my lips to wrap around his shaft. He let out a soft, “uuuuuuuuuuum,” and started to move his hips back and forth gently, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. He wasn’t as thick as Kevin so it was easy to keep my teeth away from his cock as it moved in and out.

 "Yeah, that's it," he moaned. "You're doing great" 

I started to increase my pace a little and placed a hand at the base of his dick as I attempted to take him deeper. I could feel his thick clump of pubic hair tickle my nose as he moved deeper into my mouth. He offered words of encouragement between moans of pleasure. He also added instruction. "Let it touch the back of your throat," he said. I slowed and allowed it deeper. Not quite deep enough to gag me but deep enough where I could just feel his nut sack brushing my chin.

 "Oh Yeah, you're doing great, man. Now, lick it up and down," he said. I took him out of my mouth, flicked my tongue out and licked the hard shaft up and down its length. It was now coated in my saliva and the taste of his oozing pre-cum on my tongue mixed with the texture of his cock enticed me to no end. My own cock was like steel now, but I was only focused on his rigid cock. He lightly held the back of my head and pushed my face into him, forcing his balls toward me. I started licking his swollen balls and inhaling the musky smell from them as he stroked his cock. "God, yeah, that's great," he said. "Suck that dick, man, suck."

 I greedily took his hard cock back into my mouth and allowed him to shove it deeper down my throat. I tried to relax as he face-fucked me faster and faster. I heard his breathing quicken and his grunts became louder, and then I realized that he must be about to cum.

When he cummed, to my surprise, I swallowed it right down no problem. The aftertaste was actually rather sweet, I noticed. And that was that. It seemed like it took hours but in reality took less than 10 minutes. It was so sudden and confusing to me that I’m not sure I enjoyed it exactly, but I was relieved to know I could swallow without vomiting.

Then, a week later, my life changed forever. I was once again in the local gay bar. I was feeling lonely, the way one does at 21 and really just wanted to have the experience of sleeping with somebody...holding them, cuddling, spending the night. 

A very cute and sexy guy with curly blond hair struck up a conversation with me and pretty soon he was inviting me back to his place. We sat on his couch and talked for a few minutes to break the ice. Then Jeff showed me a photo album of his recent trip to the Bahamas. There were all these pictures of him on the beach in his Speedos with a very large, beautiful bulge. In an instant, my loneliness gave way to raging horniness. Jeff pretended not to notice but excused himself, returning a minute later wearing those very Speedos...but now with an enormous erection inside them. 

He stood in front of me and said, “Suck me off.” I was unbelievably turned on. But still, I was a nice Catholic boy, painfully shy and also I was feeling blue and wanted to go to bed with him. So instead I stood up and tried to kiss him. Jeff went along with it for a minute. But then, and this I’ll never forget he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back to my knees. His cock stared my straight in the face. It was about 7 inches long. Suddenly I felt an uncontrollable urge to taste his cock.  I resisted for a moment as my head swam with the realization that I was going to give myself over to sucking cock. I was so horny, so hungry that I couldn’t help myself. 

Down on my knees, I fondled Jeff’s cock through the fabric with my mouth. I was too shy to pull his Speedos down, so he did it for me. And honestly, at this moment I really almost fainted with a horniness I’ve rarely felt since. With my hands on his thighs, I opened my mouth and he pushed it between my open lips. He immediately began moaning, “Uuuuuuugh,” and said, “Oh my god.” 

Pre-cum dripped onto my lips and tongue as Jeff entered my mouth. The taste sent a shock through me. One of his hands went to the back of my head and he pulled me closer to him. I felt his kinky pubic hair against my nose and lips and his heavy balls bumping my chin. His pace quickened and he began to grunt with each stroke.

You love sucking his cock, don't you?" he said, breathlessly. You've never wanted anything as much as this.

"Yes," I said as I sucked his cock. As I greedily sucked him his balls were slapping me gently on the chin as I took him as deep as I could. I didn't want it to stop. It felt so good, so thrilling, so fulfilling to have Jeff’s big cock down my throat. At the same time, I couldn’t believe what a slut I was being and that it was so thrilling.

"Yes, you're going to make me cum and you want to taste it when I do. You've never wanted anything so bad in your life!" Jeff grunted as his pace became more intense. I took each stroke of his cock into my mouth, only wanting more. Then he began to grunt loudly and erratically.

 Jeff didn’t last long. Do you see a pattern here?  What happened next is the moment I think about practically every day. I felt Jeff’s cock stiffen up and get even bigger in my mouth, which somehow instinctively made me go still deeper while keeping the action up fast and furious.  And then he started moaning, “Oh yes, oh yeah." god, what a thrill, again I almost passed out.

Jeff put his hand firmly on the back of my head and pulled my head forward. I kept up the pumping action but without letting his cock leave the depths of my throat, totally mad with craving and hunger and finally Jeff moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” and I felt one, two, three, four, five incredibly powerful blasts of cum shooting directly down my throat. I was about to lose consciousness. I felt six, seven, eight, nine, ten blasts more as his cum filling up my esophagus.  But I couldn’t really gulp because he was so far down my throat. Then eleven, twelve, probably seemed like he was going to keep hosing it hard and strong forever. Would I drown? 

I was positively convulsed by the thrill of it, almost on the verge of passing out. Finally, it subsided. He waited a moment, still deep down my throat, and sighed, “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh,” with relief.

Then Jeff backed away.

“Whew,” Jeff laughed. “That was fantastic.”  

And as I stood, still fully clothed, wiping my mouth with my shirtsleeve, Jeff pointed and laughed again. Without even touching myself I’d cum in my pants. It was a huge mess. My pants were soaked. No wonder my head was swimming.

! Nevertheless, despite my embarrassing state, Jeff immediately showed me the door. My job as cocksucker was done. This too turned me on. Thank god it was late and nobody was around to see my pants as I walked quickly back to my car.

 And so it was that I learned I had a natural talent for deep-throat cocksucking...and it was the beginning of my obsession with getting loads not just shot but literally blasted deep down my throat. Ever since, I’ve been trying to relive the moment.

By the way, when I ran into Jeff a month or so later and he was very nice to me. I didn’t get to suck him off again, but he introduced me to Marty the friend he was with by telling him what an incredible cocksucker I was, loud enough so others standing nearby heard. I blushed, but it gave me such a boner.

The end..



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