Adventures of the dirty

little wanker

It all began

when I awoke somewhere


naked on a beach

horned and scared


as how did I get here?

with no memory

or recollection

brushing sand from my crotch

standing to see myself erect

about nine thick inches

needing to piss

and somehow it felt so good

squirting like a fountain

releasing it into the air

swinging it from right to left

becoming paraniod

like someone was watching me

filming me

somewhere...out there

looking all around

feeling humiliated


never doing anything

like this...ever guilty

just walking around so freely

as my cock grew harder


filled bouncy balls

so why be afraid

or embarrassed

to show what I have

and display it to the world

to be pround of it

all mine

so fine

it was the best

so much zest

and something was calling me

tearing through me


as cum flowed out again and again

puddles of it

my seed

with more orgasms

that wouldn't stop

more intense each time

and I couldn't stop

didn't want too

as someone or something was

in charge of me

like a puppet on a string

as I fought against it

a losing battle

growing angry

more intense

gushing even more

endless orgasms


spurting fifteen times

or more

So I ran awy looking

for an escape

some clothes

something to tell me

where I was

who I was

still lost

feeling helpless

so bad

a bad seed

which was spread everywhere

and I hoped the urge

would go away

leave me

but my cock grew larger


ball sacs filled to capacity

and had to be relesed

it was just so wrong

so evil

so perverted

So I hid in a cave

beneath some dunes

hoping whatever it was

would go away

such a dirty little wanker

who should be punished

smacked on his bare ass

this rudeness

sordid passions

so I turned my head

to encounter

cock and ball punmps



as they called to me

Dirty little wanker

to jerk off

to play

I had too

it was a must

thrust it...bust it

another nut

so much smut

chambers full of my dick

my balls big!!!

as I breathed in

something called poppers

which brought on more orgasms

yet I couldn't stop

didn't want too

as I spurt more and more

now up to about seventeen squirts

bigger dick....enormous balls

as I stuck it into

a bull master

double chamber

cock and ball pump

doing both at one time

as if not large enough


as I never enjoyed

a hard on

ever so much

with just a touch

to cum so much

As horrible thoughts

overcame me

like someone was watching me

filming me

some sort of video

as I sensed others

jerking off

to my humiliation

my shamefulness

and I needed to escape

from my sexual desires

taking over me

as I needed to stop

and to make whoever it was

doing this to me

to quit

as I pumped away

ecstatic, aroused

without a release

as I got up

plunged through

and escaped

but all I wanted to do

was let my big dangling cock

and balls free

for all to see


the biggest I had ever seen

with disbelief


and it was

so I jumped into the

cold ocean water

to stop the sexual desires

and still I burst

a nut

into the clear water

as hundreds of mirscopic sperms

formed a web

and swam for their lives

It suddenly stopped

for a moment

(Look for part two.)



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