The weather is just begining to get a bit hot and dusty,the vegetation is starting to become pale and withering,the birds chirped and tweeted around excitedly.I was just sitting at our balcony partly enjoying the light breeze mixed with this sun not too

hot just the early morning sun that gives vitamin k and partly praising myself in the inside for having passed in flying color in my external exams WAEC,&GCE.The december harmattan is starting to set in but one thing is for sure this morning,am very scared and excited at the same time cos of this

dream I had the previous nite which left me confused but satisfied.


Dad sent me to his mechanic to check on his car,but I was confused

cos I didn't see his mechanic Samson instead I found a guy whom I don't know in the real life.

He's about 6'5 a foot taller than myself,he was not wearing any shirt so I can see his black skin glistening with sweat from the work he was doing on a car,Honda Element before I entered.His chest was a bit macho and bulgy,his biceps are a little below that of a body builder which I guessed maybe from the lifting of car engines,his black eyes pierced into my soul as he looked up to me when I entered and words flowed out from his thick black lips and shiny white teeth

"how can I help ya fella?"he asked with seriousness in his face.

"well am here to see Mr Samson Akupams on behalf of my Dad's car"I pointed to a black Toyota Corolla car by his left.

"He's not in yet so what can I do for ya am his new assistant".

I brought out GHC5ØOO and gave to him"my dad said I should give it Mr. Samson he said he needs to buy some new parts to change in the car.He grabbed my hand instead of the money and pulled me violently to himself and hugged me saying"You've got something I might like to explore".I could smell weed in his breath.

"Please don't kill me take the money and let me go please!"I pleaded with him scared.

"Ah no we're not gonna kill you we're gonna rape you".

Rape?We?whats he talking about who are the We?I thought.I saw a movement from the corner of my eyes and quickly turned önly to see two hunky black guys coming my way sinister smiles on their faces as I felt fear sending chills to my spine.

"please!I wanted to shout but I felt a thick palm cover my mouth

"If you try to scream you're dead"the third guy said.The guys were equally muscularly built like the first guy.

"Just relax and play along I bet you'll enjoy it"said the second guy

I felt the first guy rip off my shirt and stuff my mouth with it.He started to pull off my jean pants.The second guy at my back kick my legs apart as soon as the trousers were off I felt a tongue begin to lap my hole blowing hot air into it while holding it apart with his hands.The guy in front of me was stooped on his knee sucking me off quickly while the first guy held my hands to prevent me from fighting,but am not fighting,lust has overtaken me and I moaned and whimpered in Ecstacy.The guy rimming me now inserted a finger,then two,then three and slowly fingering me.

"mffgh"I chocked on my clothes in my mouth.After what seemed like forever I heard the guy at my back spit twice then felt his huge mushroom dick head slid into my loosened hole as he pound me hard and deep.I was moaning and before I knew it I felt my dick swell and my ball switch as I shot blast after blast of cum into the mouth of the guy sucking me off.He got up with mouthful of cum which he spat to my face coating it with my cum.

The guy fucking my ass did so for long before he pulled off for the guy that sucked me off to slid in.I grunted as he pulled in deeper and longer the the other one.He picked up a fast pace and fucked me harder and deeper.The one holding my hand,pulled off the clothes from my mouth and replaced it with his long black cock. It was so huge at least 14'' I gasped for air as he eased into my mouth.I was suprised at how sweet a guy's cock tasted and even after I woke up from my dream I still tasted his sweetness. I picked up a rythmn fucking my throat.Before long the guy fucking my ass pulled out and the guy fucking my mouth replaced it with his dick.He eased in stretching my hole farther than the last two guys did,and reached the depths where none of the dicks of the last two guys ever crossed.He fucked my ass and I can feel his dick pass my prostrate and went deeper and deeper I thought he was gonna rip my soul from my body.I moaned and bellowed like a bull on heat.He fucked me from behind then he pushed me to the car near me,raised my right leg and plunged deeper into me and after long he suddenly pulled out his cock and pulled me to my knee and shot his cum all over my face,the other two guys were jacking off as they watched the last guy plough me.They each shot their cum into my face as the cum formed a river on my face and ran down my bare chest****

I woke up after the dream,my bed soaked in sweat and a river of cum in my nite wear,it was really a hot dream.There was this thing about dreams in Africa,dreams either shows or warn what will happen in future and my dreams come true exactly as they appear and I know this my dream will come true but am not sure when or where.

My name is Colin Akakpe,I live in Accra the Ghanian capital with my parents,two elder brothers and a baby sister.My Mum Susan Chike is a hybrid with Dad fròm Nigeria while Mum is from Ashanti.She's 40 and a business woman.Dad Kofi Nkrumah is fully Ghanian and also a businessman.

I just arrived Kumasi on a Vacation



[email protected]


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