It's strange, the things you overhear while in the showers after a game of tennis.

It had been a particularly tough game that morning, and although I'd had a couple of wins, I'd lost badly on aggregate, so I was consoling myself with a luxurious shower.

I leaned against the wall of the cubicle, idly soaping myself, and looking forward to a few beers in the bar, when I heard male voices, speaking low, and coming from a cubicle about two away from mine. There was no one else in the showers at the time, so I rinsed off the lather, and gradually eased my shower back so I could hear more clearly.

One of the voices was vaguely familiar - slightly camp - but I couldn't put a face to it, though I knew I'd heard it very recently. Mind you, I didn't imagine he'd spoken to me in that low a voice when I'd first heard it, and now I was aching to hear more distinctly.

At last I managed to make out roughly what they were saying, and it seemed to be about the fact that the guy was into swimming in a big way, with his own pool, and then it dawned on me where I'd heard his voice before; I run a pool-cleaning service in the neighbourhood near here, and I'd been called in to carry out a routine maintenance. The guy who called me in

what the fuck was his name?

no matter

he was a cute guy who'd kept coming out to check on how things were going. He'd worn a kind of shorty bathrobe, and I'd have made a play for him if I hadn't had three more appointments that day.

I was now listening intently - they'd turned off their shower now, and from their conversation I guessed that they had no idea they were being overheard. It was also clear that they were close to each other, and in my fevered, constantly fantasizing mind, were probably mutually masturbating, before going into the serious stuff.

What was his fucking name?

Suddenly it came to me.


And now Don was describing, to his buddy, someone who'd got him real horny.

'I phoned him,' Don went on. 'And he said he'd come round straight away. Well, I was expecting some geeky-looking guy, when this hunky chunk of stud rings my doorbell, and I nearly fainted away.'

Hey guys, that was me!

'What was his name?' asked his pal, with a hint of impatience in his voice, which meant he was either keen to catch my name so he could make a similar call, or else he really wanted to get down to some major spunk-work. Strangely his voice also veered to wards camp - or 'theatrical'.

'Tony? Yes, Tony's his name - can't think of the rest,' Don was pausing to think.

'Chambers, you prick,' I mimed at the wall, as though there were no walls between them and me. 'The name's Chambers!'

'I do know that he had a heck of a bulge in his pants,' Don went on. 'I could hardly keep my hands off him,'

'Local?' asked his pal.

'Sure - he's in the Yellow Pages and runs a pool-cleaning service from an apartment two blocks from here!'

I looked down and realised that I was stroking a large hard-on against the wall.

'A surname would be good,' hinted his pal, sarcastically.

'I've got his card with me in my jacket,' murmured Don. 'I'll give it to you before we leave today.'

I was ready to crawl in there with them, but contented myself with stroking myself as I listened.

'So what happened?'

'Sweet fuck all. I think he was shy as a matter of fact, but I had a feeling he'd go for it. Look, how long is it since you had your pool cleaned?'

'Couple of months,' replied his shower buddy.

'How about you phone him? Tell him a friend recommended him to you, and I'll pop round while he's there.'

'Suppose he won't play?'

'He'll play, Josh, he'll play.'

There was a silence, and I cupped an ear to the shower wall, puzzling to myself how anyone could think I'm shy. If I hadn't had a full workload that day I'd have had my prick up inside him, quick as blinking.

'Talking about 'giving to me before we leave today,' said Josh in a quiet voice. 'That's a real cute boner you're nursing there.'

'So what are we going to do about it?'

'How about this?'

'Aaaahhhh, yes!'

'And this?'

'Oh my God, yessss...'

Silence again and then there was another loud gasp.

Josh's voice was muffled, so I guessed that Don was down his throat.

'Aaaaaaah...Josh! You bastard, you suck like a dream!'

Josh was making gulping and sucking noises, as Don fed him the cock.

'Suck it, baby, oh suck that cock!'

There was a squeal of flesh on tiles as I imagined Don lurching in ecstasy against the shower wall, while I jacked briskly at my meat, picturing the two in the end cubicle,

and then

'Oh shit-oh-shit-oh-shit!' Don gasped in a machine-gun rhythm, followed by the sounds of gasping and gagging.

'Christ, Don!' said Josh, obviously speaking through a mouthful of jizz. 'That was a quick load - when did you last get your rocks off?'

'It was thinking of that damn' pool-cleaner again. That was some hot bod!'

'Well,' said Josh, quietly. 'How about giving my cock a good seeing to?'

It was then that I splashed my wad down into the shower tray, hoping they hadn't heard, then I shook my cock to get the drops off.

Luckily the way out was in the opposite direction from where they were having sex, so they'd never know I'd been in there. And now I was keen to hear from Josh Whatever-His-Name-Was and add him to my list of happy clients, as I eased open the door, and moved stealthily towards the exit.

That afternoon, showered and shaved, I decided to handle some paperwork, and dumped the accounts books on my desk that faced the window in my apartment. The episode in the shower kept bubbling up in my mind as I idly wandered through the figures for outstanding payments and new invoices, and as usual it wasn't long before I was hard again. I was lucky, being the business I was in, because I was out in the open, which helped with the tan, and I got to meet some cute guys.

I'd often be invited into the house by a client after I'd finished cleaning the pool, and there'd be the usual small-talk

'How long have you been doing this?'

'About ten years now.'

'I bet you meet some interesting people.'


'I'll bet with that body you get loads of offers?'

'Like now?'

'You bet!'

'Sure, down here on the sofa or up in the bedroom?'

Or sometimes, if the pool was in a real secluded area, we'd make out on some towels on the patio. One guy wanted us to do it in the pool that I'd just cleaned!

He maintained that it was good for the skin.

Anyway, wherever they wanted to we'd fuck like crazy until it was time for me to go, or the client's wife / partner returned. It's never dull.

I was caught out once when a guy's wife came back home early. Luckily I'd already packed up all my tools into my truck, which, for once, I'd not been able to park right outside the house. We were both mouth to cock upstairs in the master bedroom, where I was just about to drop my load when he heard the key in the front door and a girly voice called out

'Hi Honey, I'm home!'

I'd grabbed my spurting erection and clothes, and sprinted into the bathroom where I let my cum pulse down the plughole in the washbasin.

What a waste!

I then listened at the door as she bounded up the stairs and into the bedroom.

'Fuck me, Danno,' she yelled. 'Naked! So - two minds with but a single thought!'

The door slammed behind her, and the last thing I heard as I tiptoed from the bathroom and down the stairs was

'Well why can't you get it up? Have you been seeing someone else?'

Now I fixed myself a cup of coffee and tried to make some sense out of my account book. The rest of the day I'd decided to take off and simply relax, though I might go down to the Club later. There was a young barman who'd just started working there, and glances had been exchanged between us....

My thoughts were broken into and ransacked when the phone beeped, and my head snapped round to my desk.

'Tony Chambers. Pool-cleaning Services,' I spoke politely and clearly. 'How may we help you?'

There was a brief silence at the other end, so I repeated the message.


'Mr. Chambers?'


'Uh...Mr. Chambers, my pool really is in dire need of a clean.' came the soft male voice. 'How soon do you think you could come over look at it?'

It sounded like the man called Josh, though it may have been wishful thinking on my part.

I breathed very deeply, trying to calm myself.


'I beg your pardon?' came the voice.

'I'm just checking my appointments,' I lied. 'When were you thinking of having this done?'

'I guess today's out of the question?'

I thought for a moment or two. I didn't want to jump at this and sound as though my time was entirely my own.

'Let me just look through my appointments for today.'

Delay. Delay.

'Ah, I seem to have had a cancellation this afternoon at 3.00 pm. Would that suit?'

A pause from the other end.

'That would be absolutely fine.'

I took down the guy's name and address, and sure enough, his first name was Josh, and I was now keen to meet the man who I only knew via the sound of his voice in a shower cubicle and his lips moving on a lover's cock.

Even better, his place was just a stone's throw from my apartment.

I pictured him now, phoning Don and excitedly telling him that they were in for a threesome that afternoon, then I went and had a long shower, making sure that I was ready to be up for anything. I took my time, giving my watch the occasional glance to make sure I wasn't going to be late; in fact I was determined to be early so we could get some mileage under us before becoming a threesome.

Then I loaded my gear into the truck, and decided to change my clothes. The closets in my bedroom were divided into formal and informal, and after raiding 'informal' I decided on torn jeans, and a sleeveless T-shirt that showed off my bushy chest hair, no underwear, and Nike's with no socks.

I'd learned that speed of undressing - and dressing - was paramount.

I wasn't too unhappy with my looks - nearly 40, and I'd been called a bear, though I tended to stay away from that area. I was just bushy, that's all - I didn't go for sex in the wilds or making it with truckers. Nothing against truckers, but I preferred my men clean-shaven and sweet smelling, and with a puckered asshole that I didn't have to find with a map.

I do love cock though, and if I could be said to have a hobby, it would be cock-sucking and fucking.

The mirror finally said 'go now!' and I locked up the apartment and swung myself into the cabin of my truck. Traffic was light as I pulled out into the main road, and I knew that I'd be there by 2.30 latest, which suited me fine. With my elbow resting out of the open window of the truck, I smiled at the light breeze that ruffled the heat of the day, and headed over to the West side where my client lived.

In no time I was pulling into his driveway, and I parked the truck in front of some high gates. I rang his doorbell and waited, then I heard a voice call me from near to where I'd parked. A guy was standing behind the gates and calling to me.

'Mr. Chambers?'

'Tony,' I said.

'Tony - would you mind bringing your gear in through here?' his voice was gentle and his face was square with cropped hair, while his eyes were hidden by a large pair of shades. 'It might be easier for you.'

'Sure, no problem.'

He swung one of the gates open and I unloaded my truck, then brought the gear through. It consisted of a pump, some large 'sweepers' for the pool surface, and bags to take away any rubbish. He closed the gate after me and locked it as I walked down the rear driveway and into the garden. The house was on its own out the back, with a high wall either side to stop prying next-door neighbours, but at the bottom of the garden, there was a fence beyond the pool and nothing then but fields.

'You're early,' he said quietly, standing with his arms folded as he watched me. He was wearing a short-sleeved sports shirt and tight, light jeans, with bare feet.

'I always try to come early,' I said with a smile, and he gave a light smile back.

'Not always, I hope,' he murmured.

I set up my equipment and checked round the pool to se how dirty it actually was, and decided that it wouldn't take long, so I started the motor and filters and walked over to where he stood watching.

'No need for you to wait, Mr. - er.'

'Josh,' he replied. 'Is there anything you need?'

'No,' I said. 'Ah, it's - er - kind of a warm day. Would you mind if I stripped off a little?'

He grinned, and took off his shades. His eyes were the bluest I'd ever seen, and they sucked me into him.

'Take off whatever you like, Tony,' he laughed over his shoulder as he started to head indoors. 'I shan't mind!'

I decided to take him at his word, and pulled off my T-shirt, unzipped my jeans and wriggled them down my legs, then kicked off my trainers, and lay them all against the wall of the house. After which I went over to the pool and checked the mechanics to make sure everything was in working order. This job would only take a half-hour, tops.

I looked up as he emerged from the house, and he looked me up and down with that grin still on his face.

'Naked! Well!' he exclaimed. 'You do take a guy at his word, don't you? Here, I've brought you a beer!'

'You don't mind?'

'Should I?' he murmured. 'I may even join you later.'

It hadn't escaped my notice that throughout most of that short exchange his eyes had flicked constantly down to my cock, hanging not quite flaccid, and showing distinct signs of growing larger.

He returned to the house, and I started work. There was no real effort involved as the machine took care of most it, filtering the water and recycling it, and really all I had to do was remove leaves etc, from the surface. I took a swig from the beer and let my eyes sweep the surroundings and I could just about make out his face watching me from the kitchen. My cock was bouncing healthily before me now, and I soaked up the sun as I worked, spreading my legs whenever I felt necessary for a) picking up stuff from the pool

surround, and b) turning on my client.

I've always found that in the sunshine, time seems to go nowhere, and before long, the water was filtered and all I had to do now was take the sweepers and skim the surface for

Floating debris. I heard the back door close and I turned around, and sure enough, he'd stripped right off, with just a bathrobe hanging loosely over his shoulders, while he hauled out a recliner onto the patio.

He was carrying some tubes in one hand, which he laid on the ground and then he positioned the recliner just where he wanted it.

'How are you doing?' he called, as he slipped the bathrobe off and stood there. He was well-built, and though not a muscle-man, he had a firm body, broad shoulders and clean chest, plus a handsome, hard cock. He turned his back to me before lying down, and I noticed, with approval, his tight butt and tanned torso

'Thought I'd catch some rays,' he went on. 'The sun feels good.'

He then lay down on the recliner, on his stomach with facing away from me and towards the house, legs spread wide.

'You be careful you don't burn there,' I called out, as I pulled the cleaner from the water and stowed it by the side of the pool.

My work here was now done.

At least the work I was being paid for.

I stood watching that beautiful body, stretched out, and stroked myself, eager to cut to the chase here. Suddenly his head rose and he half-turned to me.

'Hey, Tony,' he called. 'Would you mind putting some tanning cream on my back?'

'Sure,' I replied, trying to keep the shaking out my voice.' Is that the cream on the ground next to you?'

I walked over to him, and as my shadow fell on him, he turned further and looked up at me.

'Thanks,' he murmured.

I bent to pick up the tube, then I went to the other end of the recliner, between his legs, and cracked open the top of the container. The sun was still giving off a lot of heat, as I squeezed some of the cream into the palm of my hand, then I placed the tube on the ground.

I spread some on each leg, before concentrating on one and really working it into his smooth skin. My cock was painfully hard now as I gently moved up and down, watching the shin on his flesh as I worked it. I got as far as the riser of his ass then left it to concentrate on the other leg, hen he spread his legs wider.

I smiled to myself.

Whenever I've had a massage, and the guy almost deliberately avoids my ass or cock, then I spread myself wider as a hint. He's usually dipping into me before too long and stroking my boner.

This is what I was doing now. I knew what he wanted, but I'd make him wait, as I slowed my hand on him, while longing to reach those two beautiful tight mounds. I was gradually getting nearer, and my cock was dragging on the recliner cushions as I moved higher. Below his cock I could see a spreading patch of liquid on the material as he began to ooze pre-cum, so I finished the tops of his thighs, took a deep breath, then spread both hands on his butt cheeks.

Now I was becoming impatient.

I let my fingers work into the little crease just above his crack, then I squeezed some more from the tube, and let it run down between his buns. He opened his legs wider still as I dipped down and in.

Not a word was spoken, and the only sound on the afternoon air, in that still garden was our breathing, which had become progressively harsher. I watched as Josh's toes curled and uncurled, while I lowered my fingers to follow the smooth, hairless line between and under his cheeks, the surface of which was only disturbed by that delicious-looking anus. Then I swiftly slipped two fingers into him, feeling him shiver slightly against my hand, and his butt responded to my touch as he writhed against the cushions.

I gently fingered his ring like I was fucking it, then his sphincter muscle closed round me, so I added my other two fingers, sliding in past the welcome mat.

Josh hissed and clamped tight, then gradually relaxed, while I moved a little further in, and smoothly turned my hand, which was now half in and half outside him.

He pushed back on me, so I rested one hand on his warm, tanned cheek, as his ring closed over my hand, up to the wrist.

He was hot inside. God was he hot!

I moved my fingers slowly within him, as he squirmed on the recliner, moving my other hand down to grip his cock that was pressing its length against the cushion. He moved, drawing himself into a kneeling position, so I could grasp the cock that was now streaming and slick.

His ass was really sucking me in now, and I dared to spread my fingers inside him, which made him gasp and cry out with a great


'You OK?' I asked, as I turned my hand this way and that inside him.

'Oh my God....aaaahhhhh...oh sweet Jeesus!' he hissed, pushing his butt back against me as if to get more of my hand inside him.

'You sure that's OK?' I murmured, twisting the hand and feeling Josh's hot insides.

'Fuck me with your hand!' Josh cried, his knuckles clenched and white as they gripped the recliner. I did as I was told, moving my hand back and forth, while he squealed and cried out in sweet torture. Each time he turned his head towards me, his eyes were tight shut with tears being squeezed from them, and his teeth were bared in an almost animal snarl.

I spread my fingers again inside him, listening to his gasping sobs until, with a final cry

'No more....please no more!'

I slowly and carefully, pulled my hand from him. The suction was still powerful, and I had to hold his cheek with my other hand to free myself.

'Slowly.....!' he begged me. ''re going to turn me inside out if you're not...aaaggghhh!

At last my knuckle was free of him, and I managed to slide my slick, shiny fingers from him. He stayed there, unmoving, for a few moments while he gathered his breath, then he knelt back and turned to look at me, his eyes glazed and his forehead bright with perspiration. He reached out and took my cock, which was now painfully distended and drooling. Crouching down, he took me between his lips and then on down his throat.

He looked up at me, and then removed me from his mouth, holding it while he kissed the end.

'Now fuck me,' he said quietly, moving forward on all fours again as I got in behind him. I held my cock at his ring, nudged against it as it willingly opened for me, and I entered him, and his ass sucked the rest of my shaft into that dark paradise.

Josh writhed again as my engorged prick filled him up, spreading his thighs to the edges of the cushions while I pumped his ass with my long, wide meat pole.

'That's great, pump me, Tony....pump me with big long cock! Oooohhhhh, baby....fill my ass with your cock....'

He moved back hard against me so that his butt and my belly were almost one.

'Now...aaahhh....hold it! Aaaahhh! Don't move for a ...let it just stick there so I can bathe it in my juices! Yeaaahhh!'

I did as I was told, gazing down at this handsome guy's taut back, and then Josh raised his hand.

'OK!' he gasped. 'Pull out s-l-o-w-l-y. Ahhhhh..... SLOWLY!'

I did so, very carefully, sliding the cock from his butt, and then, just before the head emerged, I plunged it back in again, making him gag and cry out.

'Oh fuck, Tony!' the voice was shaky and uneven as I moved back and forth inside him. 'Don't stop! Just don't fucking stop!'

His head dropped, and his grip relaxed slightly on the recliner as I gently began to piston my joint into him, fucking him, almost casually, while he moaned and groaned as though it was scrambling his brains.

I have no idea how long we fucked, but I was determined not to cum until I'd truly given this guy the ride of his life, as I kept my eyes on that bowed body, with that gorgeous butt coming back to meet my every thrust, while he wildly masturbated himself.

Suddenly, a voice interrupted us, and a familiar head popped round the edge of the patio door.

It was Don.

'Well,' he said smiling. 'Look at you two!'

I waved and kept on fucking Josh, as Don stripped off.

'Is this a private fuck, or can anyone join in?'

I pointed to Josh's head.

'Feed Josh some cock, Don.' I told him, trying to catch my breath. 'He needs to have

something else on his mind.'

'Anything to oblige, Tony.'

He dropped the last of his clothes then, stroking his handsome hard-on, he came and stood in front of Josh, who - as if in a daze - took the hard cock and swallowed it greedily. Grunting and snuffling, he curled his fingers round the base of the shaft in the small space left between his lips and Don's belly, while the rest of the meat filled his throat.

Don had a steamy look on his face as he cock-fed Josh, eyeing me up and down and licking his lips suggestively, with a fuck-me-next look, while I ran my eyes over him appreciatively. I gazed admiringly at the finely toned muscles and hard belly, and wished I'd got this far with him the last time we'd met.

And now I was becoming aware that there was a delicious tingling in my balls, so I increased the pace, sending Josh into a frenzy, while his arm movement indicated that he was jacking himself off in a frenzy.

His groans rose even louder with my cock plundering his ass, until he began to shake, as my spunk thundered towards release, and now there was nothing he could do about it.

The first wave splashed deep into his bowels, making him jerk and shudder against my body, and he half-turned to me with his mouth wide open. The cock spilled wildly from between his lips, leaving Don waving and pointing it, as the fire burnt through Josh, and his own orgasm jetted down onto the cushions, before he gathered his thoughts and grabbed Don's meat into his mouth once more.

I came in torrents, jerking against Josh's ass, making me dizzy and delirious until it slowly began to subside, and I slumped back. I grabbed the towel, holding it round my cock as I withdrew, leaving Josh's ass-ring a ragged white-flecked hole, with cum streaks running sluggishly down the insides of this thighs.

Don was now on the boil, masturbating himself into Josh's mouth, but with the massive orgasm that Josh just absorbed, plus his own climax onto the recliner, his movements were now so spasmodic, that Don's spurting cock spilled out. I watched as it sprung up, head flaring and purple, and spat strings of cum over Josh's shoulder, towards me and onto him, the milky load splashing over his back, almost in slo-mo.

An hour later, as I lay back on the recliner with Josh and Don both licking and sucking my cock like worshippers, I promised it'd be Don's turn to squat on me the next time - especially since Don had recommended me - and between the two of them they decided to have their pools cleaned by me on alternate weeks.

That way, these two guys were going to have the best worked-on pools - and asses - in the neighbourhood!


Cal Ritchie

[email protected]


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