Cal mentioned finding a "dirty book" hidden in his dad's desk. We were walking home together late one night the summer we both turned eighteen. Somehow, he seemed more knowledgeable about these things, and especially about Sex. We'd been friends most of our lives, so discussions with him about sex were not too difficult to get started, and I was eager for him to tell me about that book.

"I'll tell you about it," he promised, quietly, "if you promise to describe honestly how you react to the story. Okay?"

I didn't understand exactly what he wanted but I knew I was already getting a hardon just from hearing the phrase "dirty book." I figured he wouldn't see my reaction because we were walking along a dark, tree shaded street, in very dim lighting.

"Well... Okay, Cal, sure, I'll tell you honestly," I said, delighted that he'd tell me about the book. "Does it say anything about 'fucking' in it?" I wanted to know. It was difficult to disguise my overwhelming curiosity, but, on the other hand, I didn't want to seem too eager. He wasn't a prude, but I needed to be careful. I don't know why, but I had had a fascination about "dirty books" ever since I had heard that they existed. This seemed my only opportunity to learn something about them.

His voice became hushed with excitement. "It's a great story. It's all about this guy who's lying on a bed in a hotel room jacking off his really big dick when the door opens and a maid comes into the room. She's been watching him through the keyhole, playing with herself. She's aroused and..."

Cal went on about the book. I put a hand in my pocket and began toying with my stiff rod. I half-listened to his breathy, vivid descriptions of cocks and balls, cunts and tits, fucking and cocksucking, dazed that these things really must take place, but anxious to get home so I could jack off.

"You're not listening, are you," Cal suddenly whispered, breaking into my thoughts. His mouth was very close. His breath tickled my ear. "You've got a hardon, don't you?" he demanded seductively.

"No, I don't," I lied, feeling embarrassed, fearful of being caught playing with myself, but vaguely aware of sexual overtones and suggestive invitations in his enticing whisper.

"Yes, you do," he insisted. "And here it is!" he said triumphantly as he touched his hand to my fly. His palm rested on the stiff shaft beneath the material. My fully erected cock stood about three inches above my waistline, under my thin T-shirt. He fingered the erection quickly, outlining its full length, causing a terrific throbbing response.

"Holy shit, man," he whispered excitedly in my ear, "what have you got in your pants?"

"Well, it gets sort of big," I responded, feebly.

"Big!" he exclaimed. "It's a fuckin' monster. Let's go up to my room and take a look at it. Okay? My parents won't be home till after midnight." We lived next door to one another.

I murmured my reluctant agreement, startled and excited by his sudden, unexpected and enthusiastic interest in my cock, as he half-dragged me the remaining few blocks home and, before I could think about it, up into his bedroom, in the otherwise empty house.

Quickly, wasting no time at all, he pulled up my T-shirt, exposing the swollen cockhead and a couple inches of thick shaft. He fumbled with the buttons of my low-slung jeans, making strange grunting noises in his excitement. I couldn't believe it. The butterfly-like effect his fingers made as they darted around on my erection, while he opened my fly, was incredible. Freed from the cloth as my pants and underpants slid down my legs, my cock vibrated, standing straight up, highlighted against my smooth, lightly haired, firmly muscled belly. Cal was scrunched down to take a close look.

"Wow!" he sighed. "What a cock. Man! Let me touch it." His hand reached out and encircled the pulsating shaft, pulling the skin downward off of the cockhead. "Whew!" he breathed, sending currents of hot air against the shaft and causing my balls to pull up tight against the cockbase. I thrust my hips forward into his grasping hand, as my cock became steel-like in its rigidity. His grip tightened. He looked up at me and grinned. I smiled back down at him. Without loosening his grip, he stood up, tugging at his own belt and fly buttons. His pants opened and slid down his smooth thighs. He wore no underwear. His cock stood proudly in front of me. It was about the same size as mine, but because he had a bigger build, it looked smaller by comparison. It was like an optical illusion.

Another illusion occurring to me was that we had seen each other naked all the time, at the gym and at the pool, but with our throbbing, large erections standing between us, it seemed like he was someone I was seeing for the first time. His reactions to me, made me sense he was feeling the same excitement I was.

His feet were planted wide apart, his hips thrust forward. His grip on my cock tightened and he smiled at me. He was offering his cock to me to play with if I wanted to. I wanted it real bad! I reached out. I touched it. It was on fire. It stiffened in my tightening grasp. My fingers were just long enough to reach all the way around it. Cal sighed. "Yeah, take it," he whispered. He closed his eyes and began to stroke my cock with a slow movement, up and down, up and down.

Hypnotized, I followed his lead and stroked his iron hard meat at the same pace. Up and down, up and down; watching the skin slide smoothly up to the cockhead and then down; watching the balls pull up when my hand reached the head of the cock and then bounce back and away when my hand pushed downward. I wondered why his balls hung loose in their sac, while mine kept so tight up against my cock, and figured I was even more excited than he was.

I leaned towards him. My hand pushed to the base of his cock and stayed there. The glans was fully expanded and darkly red, glinting with moisture. I breathed deeply, smelling the manly odors of penis and scrotum, delighted that their odor was so similar to my own, so clean and so desirable. His brief description from the dirty book of sucking cock made me bold. I leaned closer, my hair lightly brushing against his chest, which was exposed when his free hand had pushed his T-shirt up. He opened his eyes to watch me. He shook with anticipation. My scalp tingled from the contact with his chest.

"Whacha doin'?" he asked in a husky, barely audible voice, as my head slowly descended towards the inviting cock.

My tongue licked lightly at the teardrop of clear liquid at the tip of his cockhead. Electricity passed between us. I kissed the cockhead noisily. His hand went from his chest to the top of my head, urging it downward onto his cock. My mouth opened and I sucked in the plum-sized cockhead, swirling my tongue around its thick contours and delighting in its heat and firmness. It felt wonderful at the same time it felt naughty. Instantly, I knew I was born to suck cock. I loved the pressure of the cockhead pushing on the roof of my mouth, and I was awed by the feel of the V-shaped curves of the underside of the glans pressing against my tongue as the big organ throbbed with pleasure in my mouth.

"Jeez!" was all Cal said. His hips thrust upwards twice, then his whole body stiffened and hot cum splattered into me, filling the small amount of space in my mouth not already filled by his huge cockhead. His cum tasted better than my own, which I'd tasted often enough. I swallowed. More cum pumped into my mouth accompanied by quick upward thrusts of his hips. I swallowed again and again. His cum had a stronger pungency than my own. Another strong spurt and several smaller ones filled my mouth for the last time as he started breathing heavily, noisily.

"Man, Oh, Man! Where did you learn to do that?" he sighed. "That was unbelievable."

"It seemed like the thing to do. Like the dirty book story said," I replied honestly, straightening up to look him in the eye, wiping a dribble of cum off my chin. "I enjoyed doing it. I knew you would enjoy it, too. It was incredible! I want to do it again."

He had not let go of my cock. He held on to it, not moving. It was as though he did not want me to cum while he was cumming.

"How does it taste?" he questioned, his voice quivering with excitement.

"Outstanding! Your cum tastes better than my own," I said with a grin. His grinned back.

"You mean you've tasted your own?" He was looking at me like he had never really seen me before. His eyes shown with a gentleness and warmth that made me glad I had pleased him.

"Sure," I laughed, "haven't you?"

He brightened and admitted, "Sure, I've tasted my own cum, too. I like it."

"So do I," I responded enthusiastically. "You might like mine, if you try it. D'ya want to?" I jabbed my cock upward into his grip.

He looked down at the hot meat in his hand as if for the first time. His eyes opened wide. He glanced into my eyes quickly, furtively, and then he bent his head down towards my cock. He kissed the cockhead, as I had done, but at the same moment sucked at the pre-cum pooled at the tip, drawing it into his mouth. He straightened up, looked me in the eye again and said "Wow! It's hot!"

His hand pushed to the base of the cock and his other hand held onto my hip as he steadied himself to lower his body downward, looking at the cock as he descended. He licked at the cockhead, getting it wet and shiny, sending bolts of lightning through it into my whole being. Suddenly, he sucked the entire, fat cockhead into his mouth, which was like fire. Burning wetness, moving tissues stimulated the nerve-ends of my cock, delighting my senses, churning the fluids in my balls. He sucked and worked his mouth down onto the shaft, something I hadn't tried to do.

The results were swift. I knew I was going to burst cum into him.

Heavy, full spurts erupted into his mouth as fast as he could swallow. Three, four, six, eight thick ropes of cum filled him up over and over again. He held on and sucked for more. Sucking pressures increased the sensitivity of my cockhead. I almost passed out from the ecstasy of it. This was my first genuine, full-blown, adult, man-to-man orgasm. My knees buckled. My eyes closed. My body folded over his head. I cried out, finally, for him to stop sucking or I would collapse.

He stood up licking his lips. We grinned at each other.


The next afternoon, Cal held out a booklet to me. "Here it is," he was saying as he walked towards the bed, naked, his hard-on straining in front of him, swaying slightly as he came towards me. "You can read a little of it, Jack, but I must return it to the desk before anyone comes home."

I was excited as I took the book from his hand. My first "dirty book" and most likely the reason I have always loved erotica and have taken to writing it. I saw the title: Fantasies of Sex, and its sub-title: Sexual Short Stories. I was lying on Cal's bed, naked, hard. We had gone there again because his house was empty this summer afternoon. We wouldn't be disturbed, or caught, he was certain.

Com'on, Jack, please," he had begged, "let's just be together. Maybe we'll jack off. You won't have to do anything else, if you don't want to," he had promised. We were both horny as hell, needing to be with one another. I had wanted to agree readily, but I made him promise he'd show me the dirty book he had found. Instinct told me to appear less eager than I really was. Even though I followed that instinct, I was also insatiably curious about the book.

Once we got into his room the book was momentarily forgotten. We started pulling off each other's clothes, giggling and poking, and jumped naked onto his bed. We couldn't wait. Our hands rubbed over each other, exploring our bodies, delighting in the terrific sensations the contact caused.

"You promised I could see that book, Cal," I reminded him.

"Well, Okay," he said, "I'll go get it."

Here I was, then, lying on his bed with a hardon, reaching excitedly towards the book he was offering. "Thanks. Did you read the whole book, Cal," I asked as I flipped quickly through it, noticing that each chapter, or story, was rather short, and maybe only four or five pages. He jumped onto the bed and snuggled up to me.

"Naw, I didn't," he responded, toying absently with my cock, studying it. "Every time I start reading it I get such a roaring boner I have to beat off. I haven't really read beyond the first one or two stories. It's an exciting book, I'll tell you. But I can only look at it when nobody's around. I don't dare get caught with it."

I started looking at the pages. I noticed that the back end of the book seemed almost new, hardly read, while the front end was darkened with frequent thumbing. "Look," I pointed out, "it seems like your Dad never read the last part of this book."

"Oh, yeah," he agreed, "I didn't noticed that. I wonder why not. Let's see." He grabbed the book out of my hands, flipped it open toward the back end and started reading aloud so we could both learn what it was about:

"...pressed my knees between his thighs, opening them, massaging his round ass cheeks as I moved, keeping my finger pressed up against his quivering asshole, my cock pulsating inches from its goal, eager to fuck him like he'd never been fucked..."

"Holy shit!" he said, stopping in mid-sentence. We looked at each other. Looked back at the book. Looked, surprised, at each other again, our eyes bulging. We looked down at our cocks. Both were pulsating, standing above flat bellies, staring back at us. A pair of real fuckers!

"Read some more," I demanded.

"Oh, yeah, I will," he said, pausing, "but Jack, I don't know. This stuff's for adults. Maybe we shouldn't read it after all."

"Don't be a baby. Sucking cocks is for adults, too, and we didn't have any trouble doing it just fine. Besides, we're of age, now, anyway. Give it back to me. I'll read it to us."

He handed the book back. I grinned at him, realizing that his size advantage didn't mean a thing. He relaxed and grinned back, pushing his hips into mine, grinding against me, demonstrating that he was game, letting his cock bounce against my hip in the process.

Holding the book in my left hand, I reopened it towards the back, found a chapter heading, and started reading aloud: "Frat House Fuck," I began. I looked at him and grinned.

"Find the part I was reading," he insisted.

"Naw, let's start at the beginning of a story, Cal. Then we can see what it's really all about." He didn't argue.

I began reading about eight college fraternity brothers, horny after a Saturday night dance, sitting around complaining about getting no action. One of them, called Biff, starts rubbing his crotch. The others dare him to take out "whatever was causing that big bulge" and give himself some relief, never expecting that he would. But he hauls out a handsome, big rod and starts stroking it right in front of the others. The effect is magical. The others go wild, taking off Biff's clothes and their own. A circle jerk forms, which is described in vivid detail.

I had begun pulling on my cock with my right hand as I read. I looked down and saw that Cal was pulling on his, too. He was half-listening as he watched the two cocks.

The story quickly goes on to tell how Biff kneels in the center of the circle and starts sucking a cock. Someone pushes him from the back and straddles him. The fellow he's sucking kneels down so Biff can continue sucking while being fucked in the ass. The narrative is completely descriptive, leaving nothing at all to our imaginations. I stopped reading before finishing the story.

Looking down, I saw that we had both stopped jacking off. We were so hot that our cocks vibrated above our bellies, gleaming dark-red, dripping pre-cum in continuous rivulets. When I looked at Cal, his head was right next to mine staring back at me, an expression of awe on his face.

"We can fuck each other in the ass?" I questioned, my voice hardly audible.

"Holy cow!"

"Let me try," I said enthusiastically, raising up onto my elbow to look at him.

"Hell, no! No one fucks ME," he said reflexively, resolutely.

I laughed and said, "No, no, you've got it wrong, Cal. I want to try it." I laughed at his alarmed expression. "I mean, I want to try taking YOUR cock up MY ass." I stopped laughing as I came to my knees, looking down at him. His eyes bugged out.

"You mean that? You'd let me fuck you in the ass? Wow!"

"I'll let you try," I said sincerely. "Your cock is so big, and I'm so small, I don't think it can work. But it sounds great, don't you agree?"

"Hell, yes!" He grinned up at me, that special gleam back in his eyes. "How should we do it? Like the book says? On all fours, doggie fashion?"

"No, I don't think so. Not at first," I said, moving to straddle his waist, throwing one leg over him. I let my ass slowly sink down so I was resting on the length of his throbbing, hot meat. It pulsed under my balls, pressing against my asshole. The intense heat felt terrific.

"I've got an idea," I said. "I'll raise up, like this," I explained, squatting over him, "and I'll position myself over your cock, like this." I lifted myself off of him, my knees spread wide. I was holding my cock pointed at his face.

His left hand helped steady me by holding my right hip, and his right hand slipped under my balls and around his cock, aiming it upwards. The contact of his cockhead with my asshole was electrifying. I sucked in my breath and closed my eyes.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked with concern.

"Oh, no! It feels so good to have you rubbing there." I smiled at him reassuringly.

"Oh, well, I can do even better than that," he said, returning my smile. His hand moved the cock in broader circles. His hips began upward thrusting motions. The contact between us became more forceful and insistent. I worked my buttocks' muscles in a way that caused the circling motions to bear more directly towards my asshole. He responded to the guidance by focusing his movement more directly towards my asshole, too. We were watching each other intently.

"Hold it," I breathed softly. His hand stopped the movement of his cock. I could feel the wetness of his voluminous pre-cum on his cockhead and at my asshole. I lowered myself a fraction feeling the intense pressure of the stiff cock at the virgin portal.

It didn't hurt all that much. I relaxed. I thought of the last really big shit that I had taken and figured that I could handle Cal's giant cock without too much trouble. I realized that I had to be calm about this, had to be positive. I lowered myself a fraction further, watching Cal's face. "Don't move a muscle," I whispered.

"Uh," he moaned, then held his breath, nostrils flaring, and his eyes wide.

"Okay, now remove your hand," I instructed softly, and he pulled his hand back, sliding it against my ball erotically.

I relaxed further and the cockhead entered smoothly. I dropped an inch or so downward on the rigid tool. "Oh!" we both said in unison, looking at each other in amazement.

I pulled upward somewhat, easing the pressure, but as I did so I felt the muscles of my sphincter tighten exotically around the steely shaft, pulling on it, suctioning on it as I rose up, clamping behind the large glans. Cal moaned again. I relaxed and slid downward on the thick cockshaft. It felt as if the cock in my ass were thirty feet in circumference, but I just kept sinking onto that hot meat. I tightened my buttocks and thigh muscles, stopped the downward slide and slowly rose up again. The suctioning, tightening action of sphincter and muscles took over again and Cal moaned loudly.

"Am I hurting you?" It was my turn to ask. I thought that maybe I was too tight or too small to be pleasurable, but amazed at the strength of feeling this stuffed cock was making my bowels experience, the variety of pleasures it was causing to course through my whole being but especially in my guts.

He smiled gently, closed his eyes, and said, "I'm in heaven! Don't stop! I never thought anything would feel this good, this wonderful! I want to pump my hips, to pound my cock up into your softness, into your heat, but I'm afraid I'll hurt you. Christ, Jack, it feels so good!"

"Gee," I whispered, "it feels so great that I think you can pump away. It'll only make me feel even better!" His eyes flew open. He stared at me in disbelief. I smiled, raising and lowering myself quickly on his stiff meat. He grinned.

His right hand had been immobile on the bed since he removed it from his cock. But now he grabbed my erect cock, which had been standing alone, and started a slow manipulation. In the same rhythm, he began pumping his hips upward into me. More and more of his cock disappeared into me. With a final heave, I felt his cock hair scratch up against my asshole. I felt the rigid base of my cock against his, and felt his pubic bone beneath the cockhair. He was in to the hilt! He made minute jabs with his pelvis. I began to counter the short jabs by pulling upward, lengthening the movement of his cock in my rectum. His hand lengthened its movement on my cock. The intensity of our movements increased. Finally, I was riding the full length of the cock, sweat pouring out of me, as he was thrusting it up into me while beating mine.

"Uh...Uhh...Uhhh," he grunted. "God, I'm... going... to... CUM!"

When he said "CUM", I did! His lithe body stretched out, his hand pushed down to the base of my cock and stopped, and his body tensed. I felt a sudden expansion of the rigid cock inside of me, felt movement through it at my asshole, and knew that he was cumming.

Instantaneously, a heavy rope of cum ejected from my cockhead and shot towards the ceiling. He saw it and opened his mouth. Like iron to a magnet the cum arched downward and dropped with a smack right into his mouth. We looked at one another. Startled. He raised his head and more cum flew directly into his open mouth where he was now aiming it. Still more shot out, hitting him on the chin, the neck, the chest.

"Jack, I can't believe it. Each time I shoot a wad into you, a wad comes out of your cock right at me. It's like I'm cumming through you! Wow!" He let go of my cock. I pushed against his chest, repositioned my legs without breaking the contact of his cock in my asshole, and slowly pressed myself down against his whole body, delighting in the gooey wetness of my cum as it squished between us. As I was lowering myself, he took my face in his hands and guided my mouth to his lips. We kissed passionately, cum spilling over into my mouth from his.

"What's it like, Jack?" he whispered into my ear.

"All I can say is you have GOT to try it. Nothing can be better than to cum with a cum-spewing cock in your ass!" He started to chuckle. "I'm serious. Nothing is better," I insisted.

"Oh, I don't know. Wait till you've got YOUR cock up MY ass. If it feels half as good to you as this feels to me, you'll know something IS better."

"When will that be?" I asked, innocently.

We laughed aloud together. He mussed my hair and promised, "Soon, very soon."

As the lazy days of that summer passed slowly, we took every chance we could to be alone in his bedroom. The book was read, cover to cover, chapter by chapter, very slowly, and the best parts, at the back, were read over and over and over again. The two of us tried everything described in the book that interested us, and, besides having intense and terrific sex together, we truly enjoyed each other's company. We lusted after one another, but we stayed really good friends. That bond between us has never broken. I left for the Army that fall, and our lives drifted apart for a while, but when I write my own dirty stories, it's usually Cal I'm seeing in my mind's eye as I describe the features of a young man. Cal, the vigorous, well-hung, boy-next-door, who first introduced me to "dirty books." And a whole lot more!


Jack Sofelot


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