The mood was set by a dark glowing candle in the middle of the dining table. The silk tablecloth draped over the side of either side, hiding the diners feet from view. The table itself was located in a corner, within a room of itself. Privacy was very convenient for both you and I. We both wore tuxedo's, yours more stylish then mine. The wine glasses once full now sat empty in front of our also empty plates. The dinner was exceptional with the atmosphere that surrounded us. I glanced up at you from the glass of water I had taken a sip from. We had been talking about our lives, and how we both liked each other the beginning of the meal. The conversation quickly turned exotic and sexual as we had noticed our waiter was on a "come-as-you-call" basis. The candle flickered.

"How often do you wear your buttplug?" you asked, as you folded your hands on the table.

I smiled back. "I like how it makes me feel, filled. So I wear it as often as I can."

You grinned back at me. "Are you wearing it now?" Your voice was lower.

I giggled a bit, and began to drink some water.

After a moment of your imagination escaping you, you asked, "How big is it?"

I played with my water glass with my finger. I made a fist, and eyed you. You grinned, imagining me playing with myself with a butt plug in me.

"Do you use any other toys?"

"Yes, a bunch. I have a few dildos, all different sizes. I also have a few vibrators, and my favorite toy." I stalled for a second, but leaned in to whisper "A fucking machine."

You raised an eyebrow. "You mean, a dildo machine that fucks you?"

I giggled again, and nodded looking down the the table.

"Well, have you been with a real guy before?" You seemed compelled at the idea of having a virgin.

I continued to look down. "No." I replied, after a pause. My eyes glanced into yours, my head still down. A very seductive look overcame my face. "Want to be my first?" I purred to you.

You swallowed. "I'd love to be. But first, what would make me want to fuck you?"

I smiled again. My bare foot gently followed your shin up to you knee. My big toe grazed across as it turned to follow up your thigh. A moment later my foot began to massage your engorged penis, the toes working frantically to arouse you. A smile broke across your face as you enjoyed the sensation. I licked my lips slowly, and sexually. The moisture glistened as my tongue coated the thick lips heavily with saliva. I stared at you, puckering my lips for a second. Your body trembled as my foot continued to tease you.

"So, you're a virgin?" you asked, trying to drink you water as if you are not loving my actions.

"I'm only an anal virgin. I have been known to give blow jobs for grades in school." I said, with a very erotic voice.

"What class?" You seemed curious.

"Gym. I did not want to change in front of other boys." I took a drink of water, which was almost gone. "I did a strip tease for my coach in his office. I asked him what I needed to do to get a passing grade. Next thing I knew I was covered in his gooey cum."

"Was this your only oral adventure?"

"No, but it was my favorite." I smiled again.

You ran your hand up my leg, reaching to my knee. It teased your penis still, rubbing up and down on it. Precum was leaking from it as I told my story. You smiled back at me.

"Is my foot in your way?" I asked very seductively.

You grinned, and replied, "I wish it was something else."

I glanced at the door, and bit my bottom lip. "It could be if you want it." My eyes met yours again, as I leaned forward into the table. Your hand reached for your wallet and you laid the cash down to pay for the bill. The red of the candle lit the pants we wore as we sat up. Your hand readjusted yourself as we got up. I giggled at you, as we made our way to the door.

You apartment was very lavish, covered in purple and green decor. The door from the hallway led to a wonderful living room. You hung our coats up on the coat rack, and we settled down to watch a movie. The wine was brought out with the movie, along with a bag of popcorn. The room was dark, lit only by the tv and a few candles which were lit along in front of the windows. My head rested on your shoulder, as we ate popcorn and watched the movie, a story of a young boy who was in love with his step dad. The movie turned out ok, but not what I had anticipated.

"Why doesn't he just fuck him?" I asked, commenting on a scene in which the boy was trying to tell his step dad how much he loved him lying in his bed at night.

"Because, then that would make it a porno," you said.

"Ohhh, well maybe they should have made it a porno." I ate a handful of popcorn as you smiled at me. I looked up at you with eyes of a puppy. We both laughed at my comment, and continued to see the end of the movie. I stretched as you put the DVD back in it's correct spot. I hadn't noticed how organized you were. It turned me on a bit.

"I love your apartment," I said, gazing around at everything.

"Thanks. I have been here awhile, so I had quite a lot of time to settle in." You held out a hand to me. "Let me show you the bathroom."

I leaned forward wrapping my hand around your hand. Your index and middle finger slipped passed my juicy lips and entered my saliva filled mouth. My tongue glided across your fingers as they reached deep into my mouth. I gazed at you as you wiggled your fingers around. Your bulge began to rise again.

The tile floor was cold on my bare feet, but the room was very well kept. You guided me towards a very luxurious walk-in shower built in to the wall. It was very new. I gazed at it's beauty as you turned it on, and adjusted the temperature using a thermostat.

Your eyes glanced up and down my body, and you asked me with a lump in your throat, "Want to shower together?" I gave you a very shy, but sexy look. I nodded slowly, and a smile broke across my face. You grinned at me, and began to undress yourself in front of the running shower. Your clothes melted off your body. Your abs were first revealed to me, defined and robust. I ran my fingers across them and felt my body tingle with pleasure. Your breasts were also very muscular, I discovered as my fingers ran across them. My face was close to yours as I was running my fingers all over your upper body. You kissed my lips gently, and ran your hands down my back to my butt. With both hands you squeezed my cheeks, as a moan escaped my mouth. I stared into your eyes, and backed away allowing your pants to reveal a pair of boxer, now very tight on you. The pants and shirt laid on the floor, quickly joined by the boxers. Your erect penis stood 10 inches away from your body, read at the command. It was very big, not only in length but also in circumference. You stroked it gently, noticing me very anxious. You walked backwards into the shower, and sat at the doorway continuing to stroke your penis. It was my turn.

I let my shirt fall off me slowly, revealing white skin. My body was plain, but very smooth. I had no hair on my chest. I ran my fingers across my chest eying you. My eyes still fixed on your penis. I turned around and bent down pretending to pick up my shirt to throw to the side. My pants were tight, and exposed my ass to you as I bent over. You stroked harder for the first few seconds, but remained calm. My shirt landed on top of yours in the pile. I pulled my pants down and bent again at the waist. My boxers were very tight, and became even tighter the more I bent over. My juicy ass was in your sight for the first time. My virgin ass was going to be your play thing in only a few more moments. I put my pants over near the pile as well. I crossed my knees very shyly, and began to slowly pull down my boxers. I bit my lower lip as I watched you watching me. I exposed my penis to you, it was only half erect, but precum was all over it. My boxers reached my knees in what seemed to take a lifetime. You noticed that I had shaved all of my body. You continued to stroke yourself, even as I turned around to show you my asshole. A bright blue rectangular object was covering up my asscrack. My fingers wrapped around it, and pulled it gently. My ass resisted this at first, but in a quick second I had pulled it halfway out. I glanced back at you, and spread a cheek as it left my gaping asshole. It was a butt plug, I hadn't lied to you. The last few seconds were a blur for you, as your heart rate increased. My boxers were on the pile along with my buttplug, and I had entered the doorway of the shower watching you.

Our bodies got wet fast and soap had made them slippery. I began by rubbing your abs and upper body with a thick layer of soap. I ran my fingers across every inch of your body at least twice. You stared into my eyes every time they met, but looked at my body to see where you would be interested in rubbing on me. I made my way to your legs, and avoided your genital for the moment. I rubbed hard on your legs leaving only your genitals untouched.

"You know the old saying?" you asked me, looking down. I was on my knees now looking up into your face. I shook my head. "Why not spit-shine it?" You smiled, and placed your hands on either side of my head. I licked my lips to cover them with moisture. I put one hand at the base of your penis and gently licked the head for a few minutes. Your body moaned at the warmth being presented to it.

"Say 'Ahh'", you told me. I opened my mouth and said "Ahh", but it was quickly garbled as you pushed your cock into my mouth. My other hand rested on your thigh. You pushed about half of your cock in before you pulled my head back. I made the "Ahh" sound again looking up at you. My tongue was stretched out, and my mouth wide open. I faced your cock again, as you pushed in back into my mouth. You had made me suck your cock for a long time, and after a few minutes I pushed back against your hands to gasp for air. The strings of saliva from your penis to my mouth were a nice site for you. They were quickly ruined by the falling water however. You allowed me to get my breath until the last strand was broken. With a swift motion you had shoved your penis back down my mouth, even into my throat. I gagged as you pushed more into my mouth, attempting to make it to the base of your penis. Moans escaped your mouth as you held my head. I gagged and stuck my tongue out to play with your scrotum. I pushed against your thighs as you allowed me to breath. There were even more saliva strands this time, as you smiled at me. I glanced up at you with my mouth open gasping for air.

You took a step forward and were now above my head. You held your penis forward, and lowered your scrotum into my mouth. I encased it with my moist lips. My tongue flicked your balls as you masturbated. My nose with each breath brought the vivid scent of cock to my body. You pushed up and allowed your scrotum to leave it's warm enclosure after a few minutes. You helped me back up to my feet and wrapped your arms around me.

Our bodies both faced the same way, with yours being behind mine. Your penis pushed against my buttcrack as you ran your fingers across my young, slippery body. I leaned my head back and rested it on your shoulder as you poured soap all over my stomach. You kissed my neck, your fingers gliding across my abs and chest. I moaned softly into your ear as you kissed my neck, and teased me with your tongue. You turned me around, and began to french kiss me. Your tongue darted down my throat and wrapped around my tongue. Your hands were now on my butt, slipping down from my lower back. You squeezed my bare ass, as I inhaled deeply. I closed my eyes and played with your tongue more. You ran a hand up my back to my neck and wrapped your fingers around it. Your other hand continued to play with my butt. You broke the kiss to bring your lips to my ear.

"I want to fuck your tight ass," you whispered.

I moaned, as you spanked my ass. "I want you to fill my butt with your enormous cock." I nibbled your ear a bit. A moan escaped your mouth as your hand spanked me again. My body jolted, and you squeezed my butt cheek again. My soft lips kissed yours, as your hand had started to travel down my back.

We both exited the shower together, and you had handed me a towel to dry off with. Our bodies were almost dry, when I got back on my knees and began to stroke you still erect penis with both hands. I bit my lower lip and glanced up at you. My tongue was slowly running around your head before you could stop me. I removed my hands and rested them on the floor. I had a puzzled look on my face.

"I've had my fun. Now it's your turn." Your voice was deep and exotic to me now. Your arms grabbed my shoulders and lifted my body up. You bear hugged me after I had gotten on my feet and walked me to the bedroom, still a bit wet. My feet landed a few inches from the bed, and you turned me around in a quick motion. Your hand pushed me on to my knees, bending over the bed with my upper body on it. The bed was low to the ground, and caused my butt to be raised high in the air. My face was pushed into the mattress. I lifted my head up to look back at to what you were doing. I moaned loudly and shot forward in an instant.

You had spread my butt cheeks to expose my gaped asshole. You stared into it for a second, amazed at how tight it still was. You noticed my head lift upwards, and instantly lunged your face forward into my ass. Your lips were around my asshole, with your tongue darting in and out at a rapid pace. I put my hands near yours, spreading my cheeks as well. You ate out my asshole, causing me to moan loud. I returned my face into the mattress to moan louder but muffled. My hands let go of my ass and rested them on the bed. They gripped tightly against the bed as your tongue roamed around my asshole. You raised your right hand and spanked my cheek hard. I moaned louder and also spanked myself in the same position. Your body lurched forward as your tongue jolted back inside of me. I pushed against the bed as much as I could until I couldn't push anymore. That's when your tongue reached even further into me. My body shook and my legs trembled with pleasure. I was still screaming into the bed as your tongue left my butt. You gazed at the now dripping wet ass which was in front of you. You studied it for a moment, spreading the cheeks apart and letting them bounce back together. I turned my head to meet your eyes. My body still trembled with pleasure. You spanked my ass again as I bit my lip.

"Fuck me," I said in a soft voice. Your mouth smiled at me as you began to get onto your feet.

You kissed my neck very tenderly. I moaned softly in response. Your hands glided across my butt cheeks and stopped to spread them apart. You lowered your body and rested the head of your penis against my butthole. I closed my eyes. You pushed slowly against my butthole, and couldn't get any of your penis in. You pushed harder by observed my eyes squinted, and noticed the pain you were bringing. You pulled it back and drooled saliva onto your penis. You rubbed it against my asshole, which was already still wet from your tongue.

You pushed again, but this time your head went in smoothly. My body shook as you stretched my asshole wide. My eyes shot open as I realized just how big it really was. Moans escaped my mouth as you had pushed the whole head into my ass. You gently rubbed a butt cheek, and gazed as your penis was resting in my butt. You pushed a bit further in, and my body tried to follow your movement. You pushed getting nowhere until my body hit the bed again. At that moment you began to push inch by inch slowly into me. I stretched my ass apart and moaned into the bed again. When 7 inches were into me you couldn't push anymore. My body shook with the pleasure of being filled so fully. I moaned into the bed as you lowered your head onto my neck. You kissed my neck and began to fuck me with the 7 inches that would fit. You began by using only the slow movement, but giving me the full feeling which drove me crazy with pleasure. You dripped more saliva onto my ass and returned to biting my neck. I turned my head so my moans were audible to you. This only drove you to thrust harder however. Your pace was almost perfect. You'd fill my asshole back up right as I was about to recover from the last pleasure wave. You began to pump harder, causing these waves of pleasure to become much more stronger. My body shook more as you pumped more into me. Almost up to 9 inches were into my ass. I screamed with pleasure as you stretched out my colon with your huge base. You spanked my cheek and thrust using the most length. From 7 inches back to 8 1/2. You pushed hard to try and get the last few centimeters into me. I moaned loudly into you ears as you continued to fuck me hard. The bed began to creek as you had picked up the pace and force.

The loud slapping noises made by your abdomen against my ass increased with your thrust. You were now pushing from the head of your penis all the way to the base. It drove me crazy. My legs were turning and tossing. You spanked me every now and then which caused me to moan loudly. A few minutes later and your body was taken over by ecstasy. You thrust harder then every, causing me to moan.

"Ohh, fuck, I'm gonna have an orgasm. Ohh, yes, right there!" I yelled into the bed.

You fucked me harder and harder until I screamed with pleasure. You pushed all of your cock into me as I lay screaming into the bed. Your eyes were closed as you began to fuck me again a few minutes later, allowing me to recover. Before you could return to your normal pace before my orgasm you quickly pulled out and turned me around. I lay on my knees in front of you, my tongue out and my head back. You masturbated yourself for a bit, and then placed a hand on the back of my head. You stared into my eyes as warm white cum shot out of your penis. It landed on my head, a silky stream from my mouth to my right eye. I closed my eyes, as another stream landed on my nose leading to the middle of my forehead. A third stream landed next to it, touching the left of my nose bridge. You continued to stroke and let another stream out across my mouth. I opened my mouth and allowed your penis to enter. I opened my eyes as you gagged me again, and slowly pulled back. You glared at my face as I ran my tongue across my lips. The stream across my lips was in my mouth, and I swallowed it shortly after. I smiled at you.

"I can't believe I fit all of that into me," I said, pointing at your cock.

You smiled. "You gagged on it a few times too. I was surprised you could handle it as well."

I grinned, and stood up with the cum still on my face. You ran a finger from my forehead to my nose gathering a stream of cum onto your finger. You ran the finger across my tongue and left the cum behind. You did this for the other two streams as well. I showed you the collected white cum in my mouth, and swallowed. My mouth was now open for you to inspect.

"Why don't we have dinner again, tomorrow?" you asked me.

I closed my mouth and smiled. "Why not skip dinner and just get right to the anal?"

You put your hands on my butt cheeks again and pushed me close. My hands wrapped around your neck. You spanked my cheek and a final moan escaped my mouth. My lips kissed yours softly.




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