It was a little after 7am Saturday morning and Shelly and I were lying in bed still naked from the night before. Clothes were strewn about the room like a cyclone had blown through it. A closer look told a tale of the frenzied action that had taken place only a few hours earlier.

On Friday afternoon Shelly called me and said a bunch of coworkers were going out for one of the girls birthday and she wanted me to meet her at the club. Shelly and I had been dating for about 7 months and she was the type of girl who is the life of the party. She always made sure people had a good time and that everyone was included as much as possible. Even if it meant she pushed you past your comfort zone.

Shelly was a gorgeous, sexy, loving, fun woman who had a streak of wicked in her.

When she got an idea in her head both men and women seem unable to resist her.

It wasn't always sexual but she did have a wonderful skill to get people out their own way and enjoy themselves. Shelly would get that twinkle in her eye and in her own way ask for you to lay your trust in her. In return she would provide you with an experience like no other. Some of the experiences might make you blush and some you might not wish to share but all made you smile.

It was still early and we had no plans for the day so there was no rush to leap out of bed. Shelly had long dark brown hair down to the middle of her back. She was laying against my side with her head on my chest and her left leg draped across mine. We were up but our eyes were still closed. We were just resting enjoying the morning sun and light conversation. Her hair was mostly on my upper chest and shoulder and the smell was such a delight.

We were reminiscing about the different parts the night before and some of the crazy things that happened. The conversation just wandered back and forth through the night. There some lull periods with no talk and then some with laughter. A typical lazy morning talk. We had meet some new people who were friends of the birthday girl. Casually we spoke of what we thought of them and who we though was fun and would like to hangout with again.

Our conversation then turned a bit sexual and Shelly asked me if I had ever been in a threesome. I told her about several experiences that I have had and she did the same. She asked me if I had ever been in one that was two men and a woman. I had not I told her. I was kind of preferential to the attention that I got when it was two women and I. Shelly never had that experience, either, but she expressed that was one fantasy she wanted to fulfill. The more we talked the more she expressed how much she wanted to share that with me.

This was something that did not interest me and I was hoping that I could just acknowledge her and then move on. I was trying to get back to our lazy Saturday morning moment of peace. It turns out Shelly now had different intentions which meant we were going to talk about it. It was light and playful. And although I wasn't interested in it, it was kind of fun. It was just a topic Shelly wanted to talk about and she did get that twinkle in her eye. Resistance was futile.

I had asked Shelly where this was coming from and she told me about a conversation she was having the night before with Angela, one of her coworkers. Angela's boyfriend had set up a whole scenario with a friend from out of town who was staying with them one weekend. At first, she wasn't sure about the situation but after it was over Angela told Shelly how much she enjoyed having two men at the same time. This got Shelly's wheels spinning. Shelly now wanted to have that same experience. The more we talked the more it became apparent it wasn't about if it was going to happen, just when and how it was going to happen.

This is crazy! I went from lazily lying in bed to talking about having a threesome with my girlfriend and another guy. The progression from a 'what if?' to a 'who with?' conversation was lightening quick. The lazy morning was gone. Shelly was now, for lack of a better description, in her 'Shelly Style' of negotiating and I was the focus of all of her attention. The twinkle in her eye was bigger. The smile on her face was bigger. Her playful laugh was now playful AND wicked. Shelly even moved into position that gave her the upper hand in the negotiation. She slid her bald pussy over my thigh and in landed her body right between my legs. Her tits were resting on my now hard cock and she gently kissed my stomach in between her verbal appeals. I could end the story here and you could figure out I was done. Shelly was going to get her threesome with me and another guy. And sooner than I expected.

After working her powers of persuasion on me Shelly was a bundle of energy buzzing about the apartment. She was arranging her strategy to make this happen as fast as she could for fear I would get cold feet. She got the iron hot and wanted to strike. Shelly had a friend who she thought would be perfect for our first mmf ménage trios. His name was Robert. Shelly and Robert had been friends for years and the several times I have met him he was either with a girlfriend or a date. It's unclear to me why she thought he would be a good match. Her reasoning was that she didn't want it to be some stranger and out of all the guys she knew he was the one guy she felt comfortable with in this situation.

Robert was around 5'10" with short dark brown hair and, although I don't know if he was an athlete, he looked like he played some sport in the past and was still in fairly good shape. He was in pharmaceutical sales and traveled a lot for his job. Shelly wasn't sure if he was in town or not but left messages on his cell all morning and by lunch he finally got back to her. The good news was he was in town. The bad news was he was leaving for Minneapolis in the morning and had plans for that night. Since I was the center of Shelly's concentrated focus earlier in the day I was happy to sit back and watch someone else be in the hot seat. I wondered how she would be able to convince him to change his mind, especially, over the phone and without any of her tantalizing, seductive touches. True to her nature, this siren got her way. Robert's plans were to watch the basketball game with some friends and didn't involve a date. How ever she did it, Shelly was able to convince Robert to come over for dinner with us and promised we would watch the game when we were done. I didn't once hear her mention anything about her real motive and thought it bit on fair. Shelly felt it would ruin the mood to tell him a head of time and that it would be better to just let things happen naturally when he was here.

You know, Shelly Style.

It was now around 7pm and Shelly was finishing the last of the food preparations when I got out of the shower. I put on some jeans and nice button down and Shelly was already dressed and looking as hot as ever. She knew how to dress sexy without over doing it. She had a pair of black dress shorts on, not quite short shorts but they showed a lot of her legs. She had a white off the shoulder blouse and sexy black high heel mules. It was casual but showed she had put some effort in to look good and she did. Robert showed up with a nice bottle of chardonnay, which complimented nicely with the scallops and Spanish wild rice Shelly made. We had a great dinner together and if that was all I think Robert would've enjoyed it just as much if he had followed through with his other plans for the evening. He still had no idea of what was about to happen.

It was a spacious apartment with an open floor plan for the living room, dinning room and kitchen. After dinner we moved over to the living room area. As promised, Shelly put the basketball game on for Robert. She also put some music on in the background and I made some margaritas. We kept the lights somewhat dim just make it a nice atmosphere. We watched the game, drank, and even danced a little. We had a good time. We did shots of tequila and made silly little bets on the game. On a buzzer beater 3 point shot for the end of the third quarter Shelly won a bet and leaped into my lap and gave me a deep, hot kiss. Of course, Robert had to object and tell we needed to refrain from that because he didn't have a girl with him and it was not fair. Shelly jumped off my lap and sat across his legs, wrapped her arms around his neck and light kissed his cheek. She said if your team comes out and scores first in the fourth quarter she would give him the same kiss I got. A little shocked Robert looked at me and then Shelly said, "don't worry about him, he'll be ok with it. Besides, what's a little kiss between friends?!" The game was now on!!!

Sure enough in the start of the fourth quarter Robert's team came out and scored first and Shelly gave him the same hot kiss. Still not sure what to make of it Robert seem to just go with the moment and we continued with the small little bets but they now turned sexual. Shelly won a bet and made Robert do a tequila shot and lick the salt off of her boobs. From there progression of sexual bets became more aggressive. I had Shelly do a shot and lick the salt of my nipple, which she did in the most seductive way imaginable. Another bet I had her strip down to her bra and panties. She had a thong on that had a pink lace waste band and a v-back thong. Shelly made sure that Robert got a good look at her ass by shaking it in front of him.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun Robert had Shelly do a shot and lick the salt off his nipple. Things were heating and to help Shelly live her fantasy I decided it was time to move things along in a more direct fashion. Robert had Shelly in her bra and panties sitting on his lap when I went and got some whipped cream from the fridge and returned to the couch. I unzipped my pants and told Shelly to lick it from my cock. As Shelly crawled across the couch to comply with my wish she stopped and look back over her shoulder at Robert. She put two dollops of whipped cream on both of her ass cheeks and said as she lick the cream off of me he was to do the same off her.

Shelly was now in the throws of the mmf ménage trios she had been desiring. I was at one of the end of the couch and she was licking the whipped cream from my cock. Behind her was Robert licking whipped cream from her ass. The fantasy was now a reality and she turned to Robert to now give the same attention to him as she had just done for me. He stood up and she undid his pants. I was surprised to see he was wearing bikini briefs which did little to hold back his erection. Shelly pulled them down and gripped his cock by the base and put the head of his cock into her mouth and Robert gave a loud moan. By this time I had removed Shelly's thong and as she engulfed Roberts cock in her mouth I began licking the crack of her ass. Shelly's attention was on his dick but she was well aware of what I was doing. I reached up and rubbed her bald pussy with my fingers and slipped two inside of her causing her to moan. Then I stood up, removed fingers and slipped my cock inter her pussy causing to moan again.

Shelly had me inside of her and Roberts cock in her mouth and I knew she was loving how the fantasy was being played out. She was now ready to switch positions and have Robert inside of her as she had my cock in her mouth. The moment I pulled out of Shelly and she stood up Robert, in the heat of the moment, turned her around, bent her over and slid his dick into her throbbing pussy. The passion by which he acted sent a rush of excitement through me. I was unprepared to feel that exhilaration from seeing her being taken by another man. I wasn't sure why it moved me the way it did but I was really turned on it. The way Robert had Shelly

positioned forced me to get in front her with one knee on the couch and the other foot on the floor. It was a bit awkward but there I was no way I was going to interrupt their flow. Shelly even noticed how turned I had become and commented that she never seen my dick so hard before. Shelly said to me, "this is as much for you as it is for me." I didn't understand what she meant but the one thing that was obvious was we all were enjoying it.

The moment was hot and we were all extremely charged up by this sexual encounter but I could no longer hold my body in this twisted contortion. I pulled away from Shelly and sat on the couch to give me legs and back a rest from my awkward position in front of her. I sat there in the dim lights amazed at how hard my cock was watching Robert fuck Shelly from behind. His hands were holding her hips and pecs were flexing with every thrust of his cock into her pussy. As I watched my gaze lowered to abs and then to his hips. I watch him rock her from behind. I was unaware Shelly was watching me the whole time when she then said again, "this is for you as much as it is for me." Her comment broke my gaze and the next I knew she was kneeling beside me on the floor rubbing the inside of my thigh. We all took a moment catch our breath.

Shelly said she's never seen me so turned on before as she reached up and cupped my balls that so large and full of come. She knew it wouldn't be long before I came.

Shelly took my throbbing dick and began to lick around my swollen head. She slowly took more of it into her mouth and sucked on it. Not to leave Robert out she reached up to take hold of his dick with her left hand. As she sucked on my dick she was stroking his. Shelly then pulled Robert closer so he can lift her head of my dick and begin to suck his. To do this Robert was now standing between my legs with his dick in her mouth and she was stroking my dick. Moments earlier I was watching his hips rock her from behind and now I was watching his dick rock her mouth. Again, not realizing she was watching me she squeezed my dick and said, "I can tell this turns you on." And then began to suck my dick again. I watched her go down on me and then I looked at Robert. He was standing there with his eyes closed and his head back enjoying Shelly stroking his dick. Her hands wrapped around his dick moving back and forth was all I that I watched.

Robert was standing between by legs being jerked off. Shelly was kneeling by my left leg sucking my dick and I was staring at Robert's dick. In between taking long sucks up and down my shaft Shelly began talking to me. "Robert has a nice dick, doesn't he?" She would take another long suck and say, "I know you like to see my saliva all over his hard dick." She was right, I was extremely turn on by the site of his dick. Shelly began to move back and forth between sucking my dick and his.

Shelly was getting ready to make her move. She made Robert kneel down so she could suck his dick more easily from her position. I was sitting on the couch with my legs spread and Robert was now kneeling in between my legs and Shelly was sucking on both of our dicks when she put the two heads together and put them in her mouth at the same time.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I shot up. Robert made a comment. Now was the time she was ready to take control of the situation Shelly Style. She placed her hands on my shoulders and eased back against the couch. At the same time she told Robert that everything was ok and reassured him how turn on I had been to that point. Now Shelly was reassuring me that everything was ok and how turned on she was by how much I was getting turned on. Without realizing it as she was reassuring the both of us she simultaneously placed our dicks next to each other and began rubbing them softly.

I was completely turned on. I have never touched another man's dick before let alone have it rub against mine. The heat of his dick was felt so good against my dick.

Robert said he was so turned by her rubbing our dicks together that he was going to explode. Shelly quickly took his cock into her mouth and let loose. It was amazing to watch his stomach twitch as he emptied his load into Shelly's mouth. Shelly pulled away from his cock and immediately dove onto my cock. Her mouth was full of his man juice and now it was spread all over my cock. When she came up for air she grabbed my cock and was now stroking Robert's jisim up and down cock and all over my balls. She looked up at Robert and told him that my dick is growing even bigger as she rubs his man juice all over me. She then sucked on my cock and mixed his cum with her saliva and I was loving every minute of it. There was not a dry area anywhere near my crotch as she was spreading this mixture all over. Shelly slowly began rubbing around the rim of my ass. This something that she did on a somewhat regular basis occasionally slipping a finger into my ass. The only difference now was she was using another man's cum as the lube and he was still right between my legs.

I was caught in between the state of shock at what just happened and pure ecstasy that I have never felt before. There was huge rush of exhilaration what was happening. It was combination of things I was familiar with and things I couldn't believe I was so turned on by. I was unable to act or make any judgments of my own. I was there at Shelly's will and her determination. Shelly's finger had now slipped inside my ass and she was searching for my prostrate gland. She took her head off my cock and smiled at Robert as if it were his cue. Robert reached up and took my dick in his hand and began to stroke it. He continued to spread his cum up and down my dick as he leaned forward and kissed my on the lips. He just smiled at me and then began to trace lips down my chest to my nipples. Then he moved down my stomach right to my dick that was in his hands and placed it in his mouth. I now had Robert sucking my dick that was soaked with his cum and Shelly with 3 fingers her fingers also soaked in his cum in my ass. It was completely a surreal moment for me but one that had me on the brink of exploding.

Robert had stop sucking my dick and had his dick right behind Shelly's fingers. Robert was holding both of my hips and then moved his left hand to the back of my right knee. As Shelly took her fingers out of my ass he then rocked forward and replaced her fingers his dick. My eyes nearly popped out of my head again as I gasped. Not wanting me stop Robert Shelly immediately jumped up to give me a deep kiss at the same time she was holding the back of my left leg to allow Robert to go in further. My legs were spread wide and Robert had his dick deep inside of my ass. At first, he remained motionless to let me get used to his cock inside of me. Then he slow began to pump me with short strokes and then he moved to longer strokes. The same type of strokes I watched him use with Shelly and rocking his balls against my ass. I couldn't take it anymore. I dick exploded and the cum shot all the way up to my chest. Robert slowly pulled out of me as I just laid there. I was done. I was completely spent.

Shelly bent down to lick my chest clean and then moved to kiss my lips and say,

"this was for you as much as it was for me." When she leaned back from kissing me I saw that twinkle in her eye and heard her little wicked laugh and knew I had been had. The whole thing was planned from the beginning not for her but for me. It turned out it was all Robert's idea. Unbeknownst to me he is bisexual and over the months Shelly and I had been dating he made several comments to her about how attracted he was to me. When he told her the idea she was the one to suggest first a dinner and then to just let things happened naturally after that. I thought Robert was the one walking into the situation blind when all along I was the naïve one.

She wanted to me to have a bisexual experience and she wanted to be a part of it.

And she did it "Shelly Style."



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