June 3rd 2010 So hear I was. Exams officially over and I was sat at home bored as my friends still hadn't finished with their revision. As usual, I went to my laptop to look at Porn and see if I could 'relieve' some boredom. I got to the 'Google' homepage and typed in 'TieGuy UK' and got onto the home section of the website. After watching the picture revolve I clicked on the message board after seeing Scott's cute face in a hogtie. Their wasn't any new updates so I looked at a fan posted message which asked for a request for Scott.
Hi All Wonder if there is any chance we can see Scott being tickled V V HOT!!!
Yes that would be hot! Anything with Scott was. Being a legal adult for exactly one month, I decided to browse the 'Model 4 TieGuy UK' area. I clicked the button and an application form popped up. It asked what experiences you want to enjoy and I clicked the rope bondage, tape bondage, tape gags, leather restraints, sock gags, tickle torture, handcuffs and cock teasing boxes. After that, it also asked 'what turns you on' so I clicked on Football kit, bare feet, other lads worn stuff, football socks, boxers, nylon, worn socks and trainers. Fetishes sorted I sent it off and waited for the reply. June 5th After two days of anxiously waiting and checking my e-mail inbox dozens of times, I finally got a reply form Steve aka TieGuy. He said that he was happy to set up a photo shoot and was excited to be working with me. Probably just being kind, I also hoped that one day I would be one of his favourites like my icons Scott and Spike. We had arranged to meet at his house this Thursday and I couldn't wait to meet with him. June 9th The night before I had my first photo shoot with TieGuy UK, I was deciding what to pack and wear the next day. I hoped to wear some worn stuff aka anything Spike has sweated out in or cummed in - not washed. I packed three pairs of Nike nylon shorts; dark blue, black and white, three t-shirts; black, white and grey and my black trackies. I would wear trainers on the way down and these could be used during the shoot. June 10th The day finally had arrived, my first shoot for TieGuy UK! I was driving down to Essex just imagining the bondage I would be involved in. I was getting a tent in my jeans and couldn't wait to put it into better use. I got out of the car and knocked on the door to Steve's house. He answered and let me in. We spent about half an hour talking about ourselves and our fetishes before he suggested we get a start on. For the first shoot I was going to wear my trackies and white t-shirt in a hogtie. Steve got me to stand up and gagged me with a worn sock which stank of sweat. He put my hands behind my back and tied them with red rope before ushering me onto the floor and tying my hands to my feet. He got his camera out and started to take photos of me for the website. After taking photos he placed his video camera to get a full shot of me. Getting done onto his knees, Steve tickled the hell out of me. He tickled everywhere! My armpits, stomach, arse and thighs. With all the horny activity and bondage daydreaming I couldn't hold it in any longer and cummed in my boxers! This was my element. In the next shot, I wore only my white shorts and lay on Steve's bed. He put black duct tape around my mouth and cuffed my hands to the bed. Steve did his usual photo taking and then got the camera out, oh no not again! He got onto the bed with my and attached a cock vibrator to my dick. He turned it up and watched me come for the second time, catching it all on video. As for the final shot of the day, I finally got to wear some of Spike's worn gear. It was his vintage purple adidas shorts and nothing else. I was secured into stocks and had the pictures taken. Gagged with a leather gag this was my only form of 'torture' for the day. Phew! Not another embarrassing moment. When we had finished for the day, I was untied, cleaned myself up and left to go home. Steve had penciled me in for another shoot next Friday - just a week away and I couldn't wait.



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