It was quiet and still lying there in our bed. I came sleepily out of a comfortable slumber and felt my lover, Dexter, snuggled in tight behind me. I could feel his strong arms around my waist. My thoughts went back to our first meeting at a friend's house. We were set up even thought, normally, I have objections to this. But, after meeting Dexter I knew we would hit it off. He was the most handsome black man I'd ever met. Bald headed, tight, muscular frame, and an engaging personality. We talked for hours that night and had some really unbelievable sex the following weekend in a trip to his lakeside cabin.

Right now, I could feel his hardness burrowing into the crack of my ass. I sighed and wiggled my ass, pressing myself back against him. More awake and alert now, I heard Dexter moan in pleasure. Our sex together was always hot and neither of us ever seemed to get enough. In fact, I could still feel the remnants of his cum oozing from my ass from an earlier, wild session. I loved the feel of his thick, black cock plowing my willing ass. When Dexter tightened his grip around my midsection and began to hump his manhood against me, I knew I was going to be treated to another hot session. I glanced at the alarm clock and the digital display indicated it was nearly 4:00 a.m.

'Mmmm, baby, your hot ass is calling to me. It needs another deep massage,' Dexter said in a low, sexy voice.

'Yes, it is,' I answered 'I need you inside of me.'

His left hand ran over my hip and slipped between my thighs. As he tugged my leg, I eagerly complied and lifted my leg up and backward. I reached between my legs and grabbed his swelling manhood. As I did, Dexter moved his hand until he reached the crook of my knee and held my leg up. His thick cock was surging with heat as I eagerly guided the plump head toward my anxious hole.

'Yeah, baby, I need your ass. I need to fuck you again,' Dexter moaned.

I sighed again as I rubbed the tip of his monster cock against my puckered ass lips. A tingle went up my spine as I recounted the numerous times Dexter brought me to explosive orgasms while he furiously fucked me. Many times without even stroking myself.

'Oooh, shit!' I gasped as I relaxed my ass and took the tip of Dexter's hot cock inside of me.

'Yeah, baby,' Dexter moaned, 'let me up in your tight, white ass. Aaah, yeah, I can't get enough of your sweet, fucking ass, baby.'

We both moaned as Dexter pushed forward, entering me. For several minutes I wiggled and worked my ass muscles as his huge girth filled me. Slowly he worked his way deeper. Finally, he had me fully impaled with his python cock.

'Mmmm, yeah, baby,' he whispered as I felt his warm breath caress the nape of my neck. 'Mmm, yeah, feel my cock deep inside of you. You like that, baby, don't you?'

'Yes...oh, feels so good...' I groaned.

Dexter than held onto my shoulder, his strong arm moved into the crook of my knee, raising my leg further. In this position, my ass was even more exposed to my handsome black stud. With slow, deliberate strokes, Dexter began to take me. With a low sigh of pleasure I gave myself over to him.

'Yes. Give me that ass,' Dexter said. 'It's so fucking tight.'

'Yes, Fuck me, baby. Fuck me,' I answered.

Dexter soon obliged by increasing his tempo. I grabbed my cock as Dexter's huge fuck pole was now plunging in and out of my willing ass.

'Oh, shit! Yeah, yeah, yeah!' I gasped.

'Yeah, take my big black cock, baby. Open that ass up for me. Damn! It's so fucking tight!' Dexter grunted.

His thrusting hips went into overdrive as he plundered my ass with his thick, monster cock. Before I knew it I was on my stomach and Dexter was on top of me. His arms wrapped up under me and held onto my shoulders. Dexter loved this position. His massive chest pressed against my back as he totally dominated me.

'Yeah, baby, yeah. Gimme that ass.' he said.

His face was right next to mine as his hips fluctuated between those hard pounding thrusts and slow rotating rhythms that fully impaled me with his huge cock, exploring every last inch of my ass. I squirmed beneath him as I felt my own cock explode in a mighty orgasm.

'Oh shit! Oh shit!' I wailed as Dexter continued his anal assault.

'Yeah! Yeah! I'm gonna shoot my load, too,' Dexter finally gasped. 'Uh, Uh, Uh. Oh yeah'' he groaned as I felt his cock go into spasm upon spasm, filling me with his seed.

When he was finally sated, Dexter Rolled over onto his side, pulling me with him. His cock was still buried deep inside of me as we spooned there together recuperating from that hot session.

'Ooh, baby, you've got the sweetest fucking ass I've ever fucked,' Dexter exclaimed.

I simply sighed back at him as we both, once again, drifted off into a blissful sleep.


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