It was-
The fourteenth of August,
A little after midnight.
We had lain awake all night.
And there...
In the midst of profound stillness,
In his loose chamber-robe,
Hesitating and quite,
He moved towards my bed.
He stopped.
And faintly began:
"Do you want to do this. Tonight?"
"Yes" "yes" "go on"
"I consent"
-i replied.
Hurried with his left hand he took mine,
And using his right-tenderly caressed my neck.
Passionate our lips met.
We kissed.
The tips of our tongues,
feeling the appealing touch.
Great gentleness and kindness.
Like remembrance of a home.
A whisper up his ear,
A blush on his face.
It was heaven,
The holiest
Of intoxication,
Undressing together.
We embraced.
Our bodies mingled.
Blushing, he averted his face to avoid my grin,
as i rubbed his growing chocolate wood.
I took his right hand and made him feel
my dark rock hard dick.
"Like the shape and size?"
I said teasing him
"Possibly" he said smirking.
And just like that he was on top.
Asking me for a blowjob.
Slapping my face with his oozing cock.
I obliged.
It was a holy night.
Slurping and sucking,
Sniffing and touching,
Gagging and loving,
That feeling so intoxicating.
Under and over,
That color pink purple,
That Popsicle from heaven.
The motion was strong,
His moaning was a marvelous song,
He shot
(His load....and gosh it was a lot)
I gulped
Greedily taking all in
Face dripping
Mind tripping....
On that nectar, that acid
I came.....

My Darker Desires
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