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'But sir, it was an accident' the tall winged angel said.

'But nothing you killed that is a sin and for that you will be striped of you power'

'NO not that please' the angel plead.

He woke up, thinking it was just a nightmare.

He looked around and relised he wasnt in heaven anymore, nor did he have his wings.

'No this cant be happening' he said, nearly panicking.

Just then a nurse came in. 'Oh your up, im glad.

she said with a warm smile.

'Where am I?' he asked.

'In Buiton city hospital, you took quite a fall, mr...'

'Just call me Antonouns, or Anthony for easier pronouciation' he said.

'Nice to meet you my name is Carly, I'll be your nurse for your stay' Carly said smiling sweetly.

I guess being a human is a good thing, i can socialize and interact with humans more than before...I could finally feel the plesures of sex. Anthony thought to himself.

Carly left the room and Anthony alone with a small tv in his room.

It took him a few moments to figure out how to work the remote but he got the hang of it.

He changed the channell to the news, to see if anything was happening on earth latly. He found out that a famous golfer was cheating on his wife, the united states even got a black president. After a few miniutes the news segment focused on the gang crimes in New York. grafite everywhere, marking the gangs territory, bloodshed, innocent children, and adult killed, and or raped.

Anthony stared in awe at the streets of New York, instead of the annoyance he felt of this subject, as an angel, he actually enjoyed the art called grafite, expecially the Hell Burn gang's grafite.

He didnt know why but he wanted to go to New York, to sin to kill further, as if he thrived on sinning.

After a month he finally got a chance to fly to New York, his company knew that he didnt have a family so he wouldnt mind leaving for a few years, even though he just started working for one of the biggest companies in the USA, PrimaTek, it manufactured nearly 60% of the technology in the US.

When Anthony Burn (his new name) got off the plane he soon wandered off into the gang district. It took a few moments to find the Hell Burn territory, after a few fights and some bloodshed. Anthony found his way into the alleyway of HellBurn. A couple of girls and a few guys stopped him before he could go much further into the alley.

'What do you think your doing here?' A latina asked, with attitude.

'To join Hellburn what else?' He says back.

'Yeah right only boss decides who joins, and i dont think a pretty boy like you even knows how to fight good' She says.

'You wanna bet?' Anthony says.

'Tons take pretty boy out' she orders a large black thug, Tons to take Anthony out.

Anthony quickly saw why they called him Tons, the ground shook when he ran near Anthony.

He picked up a trash can and kicked the can to a running Tons, who landed hard on his back.

He got up slowly, when he finally got all the way up he got a trash can lid to the chin.

Tons was out cold, he might have been big and intimidating but he was slow, physicly and mentally.

'Alpha, Beta' the latina orders.

Two guys, thin but muscled run after Anthony.

In a matter of moments they were out cold.

'Calm down pretty boy, you can see boss to join' The latina says backing away, since 'pretty boy' knocked out her whole team of the gang.

When they got to the HellBurn lair, Boss looked furious, they were pissed since the latina wasnt part of HellBurn but she acted like she was, wanna be.

Apparently Boss was a Bosses, one male, one female, twins.

The female named Thorn and the male was Reaper.

'So you want to join HellBurn huh?' Thorn asked.

'Yes ma'am' Anthony said.

'Well you know how to talk to me for one thing' Thorn said.

'Anyway it aint up to us to see if you can get in, we just see if your worthy to even meet our father, the head of Hellburn.' Thorn said.

'So lets see what your made of, you'll fight a few other wanna be recruits, the top 3 go to the final judgment of our father you think you can make it?' Thorn said.

I'll continue with this story later, but for now I have to go.





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