Derek Shares the Story About Tutoring Tommy

On the next Monday after my tutoring and getting banged by the four hot athletes in the zoology class, Coach Teddy, the university soccer coach, physical education professor and the coordinator of the department's tutors,  sent me a text message on Monday morning and asked me to come by his office at 11:00 AM.

When I arrived at the office, Coach Teddy was on the phone and asked me to take a seat. I instantly became my usual horny self as I looked at the really hot Coach. He was about 5-feet and 11-inches tall, had dark black curly hair, deep dark eyes, hard big nipples that showed through his tight athletic pull over sweater, big biceps and one tight bubble ass. He had a well-trimmed short mustache and short black goatee. I could not help thinking about what it would be like to have that mustache and sexy goatee tickle my ass as he gave me a fucking hard rim job. And yes, he had a very impressive bulge in his pants. Shit, I was getting hard eyeing this hot 30-year-old professor.

When he got off the phone, the Coach said: "Derek can you go over to my home around 3:00 PM and tutor Tommy, one of my soccer players, for his zoology class? My wife and two young children are out of town visiting my mother-in-law. There will be no interruptions.  I have to teach an afternoon class and then attend a department meeting and will not get home until around 6:00 PM. Tommy is living with us this semester."

When I arrived, Tommy answered the door wearing only a pair of hot red gym shorts and he said: "Hi, I'm Tommy and you must be Derek, my tutor?"

As I walked in, I noticed that Tommy was about the same size as hot basketball star Donnie was. Tommy stood about 5-feet and 7-inches, weighed around 155 pounds, had well-trimmed light brown hair and brown eyes, impressive biceps, light brown sexy hair on his legs and an impressive bulge in his gym shorts. I felt a tingle in my cock once again as the campus slut.

Tommy escorted me to the den and a small table where his textbook and materials were setting.

"Derek, my first question is where is semen produced and how does it exit?"

"No problem Tommy. Look here at the diagrams in your text, as I explain. You see semen is a fluid that during ejaculation a contraction takes place of the vas deferens that propels  sperm cells through the urethra. At about the same time, the seminal vesicles, the prostate gland and the Cowper's glands, empty their secretions int the urethra. Then semen accumulates with a built up of pressure behind the urethral sphincter until the sphincter suddenly relaxes emitting the semen that ranges anywhere from 2.5 to 7 ml. Each ml contains an average of 90 million sperm cells. There is also something called Fructose, a simple sugar that is the main source of energy. Does that help?"

"Oh yea Derek, thanks, I now understand. Man, I wish I was as smart as you and could teach like that."

I stood up so turned on and noticed that Tommy had a huge bulge tent in his gym shorts. Lust took over as I said: "Well Tommy, look we both have hard ons. Would you like for me to demonstrate how the semen gets rounded up and spewed? Coud we bust a nut and compare how many ml's of semen we shoot?"

As Tommy moved back away from me, he looked very offended.

I replied: "Oh Tommy, I'm so sorry. I did not intend to upset you. Should I just leave?"

"Oh No Derek, I'm just very shy and never talk about sex with anyone. Can I trust you and tell you a secret? You seem like such a nice guy who can keep a secret?"

"Sure Tommy, feel free to tell me what you wish and I'll tell no one."

"OK  Derek, I'm just very shy and have never had sex with anyone. I'm a virgin and a straight guy. I'm not gay anyway. I masturbate at least twice a day while I look at nude females in the Playboy Magazine. I'm hopeless. I'm so nervous and shy that I could not get my dick up and hard to fuck a female's pussy."

"OK Tommy let me explain somwething to you. To let a guy touch your dick, jack you off or even suck your cock does not make you gay. I've sucked many big dicks of straight dudes and even some who were married. They like for a man to suck their cock because another man knows how it feels to get his own cock sucked. Men are the best cocksuckers. Trust me that does not make you gay just that it feels so great to have your cock sucked by someone who knows how it feels."

"OK Derek you've convinced me that I can do that and not be gay as long as no one fucks ass. Right? But I'm not gay."

"You've got it Tommy."

"OK lets go to my bedroom and you can show me how to do it. My first sex with another person sounds so hot. I'm tired of just masturbating."

We went to Tommy's bedroom and got out of our clothes as we stood before each other butt naked with huge hard stone cocks dripping a little pre-cum. I had Tommy get up on the bed and lie down beside me and I said: "Tommy just touch my hard cock with your hand, play with it. Let me touch your cock and feel it. See that feels good doesn't it? And remember you are not gay like me but just touching a man's cock."

"Yea, Derek, your hot sweaty cock is so smooth and feels different from when I play with my own cock. I like the feel of your hand on my cock. Man that feels so good."

When I noticed that Tommy's cock had stiffened and was rock hard in my hand, throbbing in my hand and leaking more pre-cum, I came down on his 8-inch tool and put his red-hot cock in my mouth. I began to swirl my lips and tongue around his piss slit and suck more pre-cum out of that gorgeous cut dick. He began to moan and breath rapidly. I used that sign of lust to begin swallowing his cock inch by inch deep in my throat. Soon I was deep throating that big tool as Tommy put his hands on the back of my head and pushed hard forward. He also began to buck his sexy soccer muscled hips forward and soon he was totally into fucking my mouth with his awesome cock.

Tommy then started yelling and crying out as he lost all inhibitions of having his cock sucked for the first time by a man and he begged: " OH FUCK YEA, mother fucker, oh my god, suck my cock. YEEEAAA, MMMMM, FUUUUCCCCKKKK, HOLY SHIT, yea that is it, SUCK MY COCK, DON'T STOP!!!! LET ME COME IN YOUR MOUTH, EAT MY CUM, MAN THIS IS THE BEST FEELING I'VE EVER HAD. SHIT YOU ARE AN AWESOME COCK SUCKER."

This set me off. I devoured his big cock as I produced gobs of spit making it a sloppy blowjob. Soon spit was running out of my mouth, down my chin and onto my chest. I took one of my hands and began to play with Tommy's asshole and soon  I inserted a finger deep in his tight pink ass.

After about ten minutes of my sucking that virgin cock and finger that virgin ass, Tommy muttered: "OH SHIT, Fuck Yell, I'm going to come."

I felt his cock head swell even more, his big nuts drew hard up against my chin and then he shot blast after blast of his ropy thick cum deep into my throat. I bet it came close to 7ml and millions of sperm cells. When he was spent, I felt his cock come out of my mouth and I reached up and spit part of that big load of cum in his mouth as we kissed and shared all that man juice.

"Tommy, that is the best tasting cum and so sweet that I've ever eaten. I bet you have lots of Fructose in your semen.. Man that was a great dinner."

"Derek, man that was the best orgasm of my life. Yea, a man knows how to suck a guy's dick and I loved your finger in my ass. Yea, Baby I now know that I'm a fucking fag and I love it. Please fuck me and shoot your big wad inside me. This weekend I was working out at the gym and I overheard Jerry, Bo, Ryan and Donnie talking about what a terrific great ass you have for taking big cocks up that pussy of yours. They said it was the best pussy they had ever had. They did not know that I overheard the conversation. Although you are a bottom, please fuck me and let me feel for the first time what a cock feels like in my ass. Please fuck me this one time."

That did it as my cock began to twitch and throb for action as I looked at that incredible bubble pink ass and it puckered at me. I put Tommy on his stomach on the bed, spread his sexy brown hairy legs far apart exposing that cute ass, lubed his ass and my cock and lowered my hot leaking cock at the entrance to his virgin ass. I used my hard hips and legs to pop his virgin ass. His ass was so tight that it took me three tries to break that ass open and drive my cock all the way inside the wet and soft pussy. I slapped his butt cheeks until, they were blood red as I pounded his tight ass.

Tommy began to cry with pain until finally the pain was replace with pure pleasure. Soon I heard Tommy say: "OH FUCK that hurt at first but now it feels so good. Yea fuck me harder. Slap my butt and fuck the hell out of my ass. Please cum inside me."

Next I felt Tommy's ass muscles began to squeeze down tight on my cock with such force that I lost control and began to spew blast after blast of my thick warm seed deep in his young ass. I left my cock in his soft wet pussy for at least five minutes enjoying my cock swimming in all that huge pool of cum. I finally pulled out and plunged my still hard cock into Tommy's waiting mouth and ordered him to suck my cock clean. With my back to the bedroom door, I saw a shock on Tommy's face. Was he not enjoying the cum? Then all hell broke loose when I heard Coach Teddy yell out: "What in the hell are you fags doing fucking in my house? What if my wife and kids had been here, would you fucking fags have fucked?"

Unable to move from the shock, I managed to say: "Oh Fuck Coach, it is all my fault. I talked Tommy into having man sex for the first time. He was a virgin until I taught him how to fuck today. You can fire me and even throw me off campus. But don't blame Tommy."

As I was able to finally move off Tommy and lay down beside him with my cock covered in cum, I got a big surprise when Tommy spoke up: "Hey Coach, I'm as guilty as Derek. I'm thankful to Derek for showing and teaching me about how to have gay sex and get fucked. Yea, I now know that I'm a fucking happy fag. But is there anything Derek and I can do so you will not tell on us? Anything at all, Coach?"

As Coach Teddy grabbed his crotch and moved toward us with lust in his eyes, he said: Yea, I can tell you fags what I want."

Well readers, I guess Tommy and I will have to do chapter 6 to let you know what Coach Teddy wanted. Stay tunned. 


Naughty Eric


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