This tutoring session and encounter with the tutor Derek and Donnie, the hot basketball guard and the team's star, will be shared with you readers by Derek, the campus slut.

It had now been one week since I had begun tutoring the hot athletes taking a zoology class preparing them for an exam that involved the male reproductive process. I had been hired as a tutor by the university athletic department to assist five athletic studs that were having problems in their zoology class.

I had already been successful in tutoring sessions with Jerry, the football stud; Bo, the incredible wrestling hunk; and Ryan, the big dick tennis star. In each case, I had given into my animal lust for a big cock up my ass when I let each of these three hunks use their huge cocks to fuck me raw that certainly had been a fucking awesome experience but had certainly endangered my continuing as a tutor in the athletic department.

As I rang Donnie's doorbell around 6:00 PM, I promised myself that this night would be different from the other three guys and I would try to save my job limiting my activities that evening to a tutoring session. Although I had never met Donnie, I was determined not to give into my carnal desires for a cock up my ass. I had to be strong. To make the temptation less of a problem, I had just watched a hot adult gay flick featuring one of my favorite porn stars Evan Parker as he fucked the hell out of a guy's hot ass with his handsome cock as I masturbated. I was confident that I had satisfied by libido for the evening when I shot a massive load at the same time as Parker had blasted his load all over that twinks chest.

When Donnie answered the door, oh holy shit he was naked except for a white bath towel around his waist. Althouhg he was much smaller than the other three athletic studs that had fucked the hell out of my ass, he still was one hell of a cute hot athlete. He stood about 5-feet and 6-inches; weighed around 150 rock hard pounds; hot slim ribbed body; shit a remarkable hot tanned olive skin featuring a hairless chest, stomach and legs; to die for cute face with incredible perfect white teeth and sexy dimples; juicy pink lips that pushed  outward as if they were begging to be kissed and sucked; dark short buzzed head of very black hair that was still dripping wet from his obvious just getting out of the shower making him even more sexy; the most seductive brown eyes; and yea, a huge bulge pushing that towel out as if there was a flag pole underneath. I could tell that he had one big  cock like many guys his size. Cock size is not determined by a guy's height or body muscles. I'd seen many guys Donnie's size with huge cocks.

Holy fuck , although I'd just shot my load about an hour earlier, I felt my cock began to stiffen as my eyes gazzed upon a really cut and hot guy's body. He was a  perfect "10". Hell, I was not even inside his apartment and I was already desiring his cock up my ass. I was a hopeless slut especially when being fucked by hot athletes. They know how to use their athletic bodies and big cocks to make me see stars and have incredible orgasms.

"Hey Donnie, I'm Derek and I'm here to help you study for your zoology exam. You're  Donnie, aren't you?"

"Yea Derek, I'm Donnie, please come in. Sorry that I'm not dressed. I just got out of the shower after a late basketball practice."

As we shook hands, I had chill bumps run up my spine and my cock began to get really stiff. The touch of his soft sexy hands had me really horny. I swore that his piercing eyes were not only burning a hole in my eyes but that they were saying, you will be my bitch tonight. Man, he was so handsome and almost naked. I began to have a fantasy about being in his bed and that he was fucking the hell out of my pussy.

I managed to say: "Donnie, where should I sat while you get dressed so we can begin your tutoring session?"

It was then that I got a huge surprise or even almost shocked when Donnie responded:

"Hey, Derek, I've got news for you. I don't need to get dressed. You see I had a study session with my buddies Jerry, Bo and Ryan last night. You had done such a good job with them they were able to instruct me as to the male reproductive process so I don't need a tutoring session tonight."

I became somewhat disappointed and said: "Well, I guess I better be going and get busy with my own studies. It was nice meeting you. I'm available for other tutoring as you get into other chapters in the text."

"OH NO Derek, come here and sat down on the sofa. How about smoking a joint with me as it is now legal in this state. By the way, the guys told me about how they loved that man pussy of yours. In fact, they all three said that was the best hot ass they had ever had. In fact, they shared with me how you were a pro at using your ass to milk a guy's cock dry with that pussy of yours. I've heard that many cocks have had their balls drained from you using your ass to massage their cocks. Man, here take a draw from this joint."

"Hell, Donnie, I guess these fucking guys could not keep a secret about fucking me. Sounds like they really enjoyed fucking my hot pink ass. Why not, give me that joint. If I'm going to get fired why not enjoy the trip and yea get more cock."

"That's the attitude Derek. Don't be too hard on them. They so loved your fucking ass that they just had to share how awesome the fucking of your ass was on their cock and the fact that it was the best fuck of their life. Man, they all want to fuck you again. Yea, here take another draw on this weed."

For the next 30 minutes we smoked that weed and soon we were in a cloud of lust and cocks hard as a diamond drill. Donnie reched over, took his hand and began to feel me up. Shit his towel was coming loose and I grabbed it and threw it on the floor. Holy shit, his cock was standing straight out and had to be at least 8-inches with a very impressive large cock shaft lined with blue veins filled with his blood. His cock head was dripping shinny pre-cum droplets. 

We were free from any inhibitions as we desired to devour each other's body. Donnie grabbed me by my hand and we staggered to his bedroom feeling no pain and very light headed. Donnie took charge and soon he had removed all my clothes as we stood butt naked.

"OK my little whore, bitch and slut. Lets get to fucking."

He put me in a tight embrace and I felt his hot juicy lips touch my hot lips. Soon we were in a wild kissing competition. We rubbed our hot lips tight into each other, we took our hot tongues  and drove them to the hot back of our buddies throat. Saliva was pouring out our mouths, down our chins and onto out chests. Man was that ever sloppy wild hot kissing. Our wet sweaty bodies were clamped together and I felt our cocks rubbing against each other as they spewed lots of drippings of pre-cum on our naked bodies. The feel was even hottier because of smoking all that weed. We were high and ready for a real fuck. The body smells were making our cocks like two iron pipes.

The Donnie ordered me to get on my knees on the carpet as he stood and spread his sexy legs far apart. "Yea, you slut, suck my cock and make it really hard before I drill your man pussy with it. Get it bitch. Suck me now. Give me an oral service."

That order had me so horny, I obeyed at once. As Donnie's cock began to twitch and throb and leak pre-cum, I put my lips around his cock head and sucked hard as the seepage of pre-cum ran into my mouth. As I sucked his cock, his balls slapped hard against my chin. The smell and taste of his cock and red-hot balls had me dizzy with lust. Gee he smelt so great from the shower and yea he had put on some sexy cologne. His testicles were now very hard and he had blue balls from all that cum gathering for soon to be release climax. I slowly took his cock inch by inch deep in my throat as he used his hands on the back of my head to push my mouth deep on that cock. He went wild thrusting my head forward as he used his cock to fuck my mouth harder than I'd ever had before. For some five minutes, he fucked the hell out of my throat as I swallowed more and more of his sticky pre-cum. It tasted both sweet and salty. I love cum.

Before he got too close to coming, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He turned his really smooth hairless pink pulsating ass around to my face and ordered me: "You whore, suck and eat my ass. Yea, that is it. Thrust that hot wet tongue in my ass. Rim my ass and make me want to fuck your ass."

 I buried my face in his asshole and smelt his fresh soap from the shower. Man it smelt and tasted so great. The was the best tasting piece of ass that I had ever rimmed. Soon I grabbed his cock and jerked it as I sucked on that hot pink ass. Donnie began to buck and moan with wild primal instincts. I too had become like a wild beast wanting to get fucked by this hot guy with a swimmer's body. Was he ever a great hunk.

Before long, the lust had become so great that Donnie ordered me on the bed on my stomach. He used his sexy hands to spread my legs far apart, took a bottle of lube, soaked my ass with it and lubed his big throbbing cock and lowered his body and cock down on me. He ran his cock up and down my ass crack making me wild with lust as I begged him: "OH Donnie, fuck me, breed me raw. Drive that horse cock in my ass. Make me pay. Don't tease my ass. Fuck me with that dick of yours. Come inside me."

This had Donnie wild with desire as I begged him to fuck me. I felt his strong hips and legs push down as he drove his manhood deep into my ass. I felt his big balls bouncing on my body as he showed no mercy as he fucked the hell out of my ass. He used his dick to pull almost all the way out of my wet pussy and then with one hard thrust drive that tool deep int my guts. He got into a rhythm as he rotated between slow and fast thrusts. Man he knew how to fuck a man's pussy and use his cock to make me wild with lust. His cock was moving all over my ass and my cock was throbbing as I pushed it deep into his sheets and bucked up and down to meet his cock in my ass and shove my cock deep into the bed.

He fucked me in this position for almost ten minutes when he pulled out, turned me over, took my feet and legs up on his shoulders, got down and thrust his cock back into my eager ass. He fucked me harder and harder for some five minutes when I felt his cock head stiffen, his balls tightened up, his breathing became rapid and I knew he was about to come. I grabbed my cock and began to jerk it hard wanting to come as he did.

Then he surprised me when he took his hard throbbing cock out of my ass, moved his cock up to my face and began to masturbate with his cock near my lips. I could smell his cock, his crotch and the smell of my ass juices. I continued to jerk my hard cock as I felt an upcoming orgasm. Both our bodies went rigid, our faces became blood red, we were breathing so hard, we were letting out wild animal primal sounds that could be heard I'm sure in the hallway and sweat was pouring off our bodies. The heat in the room had increased by several degrees. The bed sheets were now soaked.

Then it happened. My cock began shooting and spewing one shot after another on my chest, my face, and over my head. At that moment, Donnie let out a loud scream and yelled: "Here I come."

He shot blast after blast on my face and down my throat. Soon my face and head were soaked in both our semen. The smell was awesome and hell I began to use my fingers to collect this white gold and feed Donnie. He too used his fingers to collect all that cum and feed my mouth.

When we were exhausted but very happy Donnie got off the bed and told me to stay on the bed. Soon he came back with another joint and he was taking a draw as he got back on the bed and yea I saw some of the cum on his lips as he smoked that joint. Man, that was so sexy. He gave me the joint and as I took a draw I could taste the cum on the end of the joint. Soon we were both high and our cocks had become stiff again. Holy shit, Donnie put me on my side and he got behind me and began to spoon my ass. He lifted one of my legs high in the air as he drove his now hard cock back in my wet soaked ass. He fucked me for the longest time while I continued to smoke that joint when suddenly I felt his cock blast a big load of his cum deep in my ass. He finally pulled out, took a finger and spread my ass so all that cum poured out on the sheets. Then he got down and licked that cum into his mouth and came up and spit it into my wide open mouth. We laid there for the longest time as we embraced and smelt the odors of man sex fill the room.

We showered and decide to go out on the town for dinner. We agreed that later that night we would fuck again. The sex had been too good to stop without another round. Man, being a slut on campus was some hot experience. And yea, I still had to have a tutoring session with the hot soccer player.


Naughty Eric


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