My name is Derek, the 23-year-old graduate student, hired by my university athletic department to tutor five hot athletes that are having problems in their zoology class. In part one, I shared with you readers my tutor session with Jerry, the hot football player, that ended with my being his bitch as he fucked my ass raw.

In part two, I wish to share my tutoring session with the hot wrestler Bo as I meet him at his apartment for his first tutoring session regarding the zoology class. I had called Bo and set up an appointment for an evening session at his apartment on a Monday evening at 6:00 PM. When I arrived at his apartment and rang the doorbell, I was stunned when Bo answered the door only in a pair of white tight shorts. Oh hell, I became almost speechless and immediately overcome with a well-recognized animal lust.

Shit, I gazed at the most beautiful male specimen I'd ever seen. Bo, the hot 21-year-old college junior and a member of the university wrestling team, had to be the most handsome and sexy man on the planet. He was a trim 177-pound wrestler with a body free of any excess fat. He had the most sexy olive tanned skin; coal black hair with bangs and his hair reached down to the lower part of his neck; very dark piercing eyes that sent a message of pure seduction; gorgeous dimples that became so prominent when he flashed such a hot smile; broad hard muscled neck; stood around 6-feet and 2-inches; biceps the size of melons; his arms were as large as my thighs; pumped quads and calves; hairless chest, stomach and legs, beautiful bear feet, and a huge bulge in his shorts that looked like his shorts held a proverbal horse cock even though he did not have a hard on. Man how big was that snake?

He greeted me: "Hi, you must be Derek, my tutor? I'm Bo, please come in."

I managed to stammer and reply: "UHHHH, YEAAA, I'm UHHHH, Derek. Nice to meet you."

As Bo turned to show me in, shit, his back was lined with ribbed hard muscles and his butt was so round and hard as he moved his hips. OK, I confess that my cock began to take charge and grow in my pants. I used my materials including the textbook to hide my growing condition. I'd never been more horny and as a campus slut I'd wanted this hunk to fuck me right then. But I needed to get control of my libido and get to work for why I was there. I had already broken the professional tutor's rule with Jerry, the hot football player that I let suck my cock and fuck the hell out of my ass just the night before when I met him for his first tutoring session. Man this was going to be even a greater temptation. I'd never wanted any man like I wanted Bo. Would I ever meet any stud this gorgeous and hot again?

"Hey Derek, lets sat down at my kitchen table and began the study session. I'm so confused about the chapter on male hormone, testosterone and libido issues as well as the making of sperm and its location in the body. We have a test on this chapter tomorrow. Please explain it to me."

I cleared my head and began to show Bo a diagrim in the text and discuss the various male parts. But my thoughts were about his incredible male body and that snake in his shorts plus that bubble ass. Oh how I wanted to take off his shorts and demonstrate those parts on his body. Yea, how I wanted him to fuck me. I was failing my professional tutor role but I was determined not to make a move on him. If I gave in to my lust as I had with Jerry teh night before then sooner or later the word would get out and my days as a tutor would be ended but shit I'd gladly get fired to have that horse cock of his inside me and his incredible hard body humping me like a bull on a cow.

After some 10 minutes explaining the male anatomy to Bo as I sat across from him, oh hell, Bo began to beam his sexy eyes deep into my eyes putting off an invitation to come on to me. His dark eyes seemed as if they were burning a hole in each of my eyes. Fuck, my eyes began to burn and water. I was so fixated on his seductive glare that I felt as if my eyes were locked and could not move. Bo began to smile and show those sexy dimples and then hell I felt a foot touch the top of one of my feet. As we continued to lock our eyes on each other, Bo began to move his foot up the inside of my legs and holy shit he kept moving up my spread legs until his foot found my crotch and he ran that naked foot across my now stone hard cock. It was obvious that I was in heat and desiring Bo's body as he lusted after me.

I'd let him have me even it meant run out of town the next day. There was no way I'd keep my professional behavior as his tutor. He was making his move and I was ready to be his bitch and do whatever he wanted to me.

Then it happened when Bo gave me a sexy broad smile, took his middle finger up to his mouth and began to suck on it as if it was my cock in his mouth while he continued to look deep into my eyes. Shit he then lowered his hands below the table, lifted his body up and took off his white shorts and threw them across the table at me and said: "Hey Derek, you campus slut, you really turn me on. I hear you have the most hot and erotic ass on campus. I've been dreaming of getting my cock in that pussy of yours where so many cocks have been before. The rumor on campus among the jocks is that you are a pro at using your ass muscles to milk a cock dry of all that thick cum. Now it is my turn to have you milk me dry with that experienced and incredible man pussy. By the way, when I was lifting weights today in the gym with Jerry, he told me he fucked that pussy of yours last night and it was the best pussy he had ever had. I've been horny all day wanting my cock up that ass."

I became shocked and even angry at Jerry and said: "Shit Bo, Jerry promised me that was our secret and he would not tell anyone so I would continue to tutor him. That shit bag lied to me."

"OH FUCK Derek, let it go. It is all over campus that you fuck a different guy almost ever night. What is one more cock to you? Guys love your ass and how you are the best fuck around. They like you and often seek you out for another fuck. You are a great guy that just loves cock. What is wrong with liking cock? But I promise you I will not tell anyone if you ask me not to endanger your tutor job. I'll lie when the guys ask me if I got a piece of that pussyboy. Look at my shorts, see that pre-cum on the front. Sniff and lick my cum on those shorts. I want to turn you on. Yea, how does that smell and taste? Do you like my juice?"

At that point I was crazed with lust for Bo. I coud not believe my good luck. He wanted me and I was crazed with desire to have him devour me with that Greek god movie star body. I smelled and breathed hard on those cum stained shorts as my cock began to throb, jerk and twitch in my shorts. I felt wet spots began to develop from the dripping pre-cum.


Bo jumped up and came across the table and grabbed me up  in his arms and took me to his bed. He threw me on the bed on my back and he began to remove first my shoes and socks, he pulled my shirt over my head and off, he unzipped my pants and took them off, he then got down and ran his hand under the back of my shorts and began to massage my ass crack, holy shit I felt him insert a finger in my ass and then he finger fucked me for a few minutes as I smelt his hunky man odors that drove me wild with lust for his whole body. He took his Greek god like body and flopped down on top of me and began to dry hump me. His huge cock was now rock hard and he drove it into my shorts and some how managed to stick that horse cock inside the fly of my shorts. Our wet throbbing cocks began to battle each other so more and more pre-cum dripped out of our piss slits and wet our cock shafts. I'd never felt a more erotic feeling as his cock was inside my shorts rubbing harder and harder against my stone hard cock. There was something so hot about his cock finding its way inside my shorts and on top of my cock. My shorts were by then soaked in front from the dripping pre-cum and heavy body sweat.

While our ccoks continued to fuck each other, Bo laid on top of me and he took his deep red soft juicy lips that naturally puckered out as if they were inviting a guys lips to make contact. Soon he began to use his sexy lips to touch my lips and plant wet kisses on my lips as he used his hands to rub my rock hard nipples. The lust became so overwhelming that he parted my lips with his thick hot tongue and massaged my throat as we both produced huge amounts of spit. He kissed me with increased thrusts, humped my body that only had on only a pair of soaked shorts and continued to plow his cock on top of my leaking cock. Shit his cock felt like a flag pole and I learned that he had a monstrous 12-inch dick with a huge beer can sized girth. Man it was so awesome.

After at least ten minutes of the hottest sexual encounter of my life with our heated bodies and such hot sweaty aroma from our flesh on flesh as he lay on top of me, Bo said: "Fuck Derek, this has to be the hottest sex of my life and we are just getting started. I want to suck that big 8-inch cock of yours. I love sucking cock before I fuck ass."

This had me steamy hot and man I answered: "Yea Bo my cock is ready for you hot mouth. Suck my cock and let me shoot my wad deep in that sexy mouth and throat. I want you to take all my cum and swallow it. Let part of me become part of you."

This set Bo off. He got up, took his thumbs, put them under the elastic of my shorts, took my shorts off as my ccok flopped against my abs and shit he sniffed my cum soaked shorts and licked them as if they were ice cream and then he covered my face with them as I breathed in that cum smell and sweat from our bodies.

He spread my legs as far apart as he could, he got down between my wet smelly legs and crotch, grabbed the base of my red hot blood filled cock and took his soft thick lips and began to kiss my cock from the piss slit as he went down my cock kissing it as if it was his play toy. Oh fuck the feeling had my entire body shivering and goose bumps all over my frame. He kissed and sucked on my cock for a long time before he used his wet tongue to run it up and down the underside of my throbbing cock as I bucked my hips up to meet his tongue on my red hot cock. Then when I was filled with lust and totally horny, Bo began to slowly take my big cock inch by inch deep in his throat until he had swallowed my entire tool. He began to move his head rapidly as he sped up sucking my cock taking it part way out of his mouth and then driving my cock back deep down to the base as I felt my cock hit the back of his throat. I could feel my cock dripping more and more warm pre-cum and Bo used his throat muscles to swallow ever bit of the juice.

I moaned as the moans turned to wails and finally managed to say: "Bo Baby, this is the best blowjob of my life. You are the best cock sucker ever. Man you must have sucked lots of cocks."

Bo came off my cock long enough to say: "Thanks Babe, yea I've sucked many cocks and especially the cocks of the other wrestlers on our team that have huge cocks. Shit I love eating semen and I always let them come in my mouth. I often shoot my cum on their faces and then I lick it up, kiss them and we both have a cum meal. I think I'm much like you, I guess I'm a fucking slut too. Man you smell so great and taste awesome."

Bo went back down on my trhobbing and pulsating cock. His talk had me so hard and his sucking skills had me ready to shoot. He had only two or three more deep thrusts of my cock deep in his throat when I felt that awesome entire body convulse when one is baout to have the best feeling on earth as one ejaculates---as my cum left my nuts, rushed up my cock shaft and filled Bo's mouth with blast after blast of ropy thick smelly salty cum. He clamped his lips down hard as he took all my cum, swallowed it and sucked me dry. He then put his cum covered lips on my mouth and we enjoyed the bitter salty cum that I loved as much as he did. 

The taste of all that cum had Bo crazy to fuck my ass and experience waht his buddies had said was the best man pussy on campus. He got a bottle of lube, put me on  my stomach on the bed, spread my legs far apart, poured lots of lube on my ass, drove the lube inside my ass with his hot finger, lubed his huge ccok and beagn to run that monstrous snake up and down my ass crack. The feel was so awesome I begged him: "OH FUCK, Bo fuck me, stick that biggest cock I've ever seen up my ass chute. I've had so many big cocks up my ass, I know I can take it all. Fuck me hard."

This set Bo off as he ued his hard hips and legs to plunge that giant sausage deep down my ass channel. Once he had that entire snake inside me, I used my experienced ass muscles to clamp down hard on his big timber. The feel was so incredible for both of us that he flopped his body down on my back as his face wound up on the back of my head. The sexy flesh on flesh set us both off as he pounded his body into mine. I lifted my butt cheeks up as he used his wrestling developed hard legs, big thighs and hard butt cheeks to began pounding my man pussy with the hardest thrusts I'd ever had. Bo's big hard wrestling frame drove my body deep into the mattress making my cock began to swell again. He fucked me from this position that was his favorite as I lay on my stomach and he laid on top of me using his entire body to fuck the hell out of me for what seemed like hours. I felt his cock explore ever inch of my ass until his cock stiffened more, his nuts drew up against my body, he moaned loudly as did I and his breathing became rapid. I then squeezed his cock very hard with my experience ass muscles. He blasted load after load of a river of his sticky warm cum deep in my ass. It had to be the biggest load of cum to ever be shot in my pussy. When he finally was drained, he pulled out, got down and sucked lots of his cum out of my ass, turned me over and spit a huge load of his cum in my  mouth. I swallowed and enjoyed the thick salty cum. We kissed for the longest time.

As we lay beside each other in his cum soaked bed, he said: "Well Baby, my buddies did not lie. Your ass is the champion pussy on campus. Man you know how to use your ass to milk a cock dry. I've never had suck a great fuck. Man I could fuck that pussy ever night. I think I'm addicted to your pussy. Please let me fuck you again and again."

"Yea Shit Bo, you have the best cock on campus. It is so big and do you know how to use it in a man pussy. This was the best fuck I've ever had. Yea, you can stick that cock in my pussy anytime. Maybe we should return to studying for the exam you have tomorrow and fuck again later tonight."


Naughty Eric


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