I had an awesome experience with a black man in a suburb of Dallas. We contacted with each other through Squirt. 

Even taking I-20 it was about an hour ride to get to his house. 

When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see a charcoal black man with dazzling white teeth. He was about six feet tall and average built and short afro. 

We introduced ourselves and shook hands. Shutting the door, Derek turned and walked down the hall and into the bedroom with me following close behind. 

Derek was wearing a t-shirt. And a loose pair of sweat pants but I could see the end of his dick was pushing against the fabric. 

Derek striped off the t-shirt and laid down on his bed king size bed. He stretched like a cat and then raised his butt and slid off the sweats. 

He had a beautiful cock, about seven to seven and a half inches, fairly big around and big black balls, charcoal black, my favorite kind. 

As I looked at him, he smiled and asked, "You like?" 

"Oh yeah," I replied as I quickly stripped off all but my panties. 

Getting on the bed at the foot I crawled toward him. 

He spread his legs and I laid down between them.

Before giving his big, black hairy balls a good licking; I first rubbed his dick all over my face. Next I licked and kissed its dark purple head as I eased down his foreskin. He loved my soft lips and warm, moist mouth. By the time I slipped my mouth over his big dick, Derek was more than ready to have his dick sucked. 

It slid smoothly to the back of my throat. 

Derek was content to lay there and let me do all the work. 

He seemed to like it when I’d bring him almost to an orgasm, and then back him off.

He’d mentioned in our correspondence that he wanted me to cum on his dick and lick it off before he blew his load in my mouth. So I wasn’t surprised when after I’d brought him to the edge a couple of times Derek said, "Jack off on my dick.”

I lowered my panties and grabbed my dick. It was already hard and leaking pre-cum like a sieve. 

"Man, you've got a huge dick," he said when he saw my eight incher. 

I stroked for about thirty seconds and squirted all over his cock and balls. 

I'm a fairly big cummer so he was pretty well covered. 

I stroked him with my cum for about two minutes before Derek  told me, “Suck my dick, I’m ready to cum.”

I laid back down between his legs and licked all my cum off his cock and out of his pubic hair. Then I started sucking him in earnest. Derek was softly moaning, “Uuuugh,” and I was making wet slurping sounds as I pumped my mouth up and down on his cock. My hands danced sensuously up his legs until I was cradling his balls. I wasn't just suck his cock. I was making a serious production of it.  

Caught up in the excitement, Derek grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. In about one minute he exploded filling my mouth with four nice strong squirts of his thick, tasty cum. 

He said, "Thanks man" and immediately started to pull his sweats back on. 

Taking the hint, I quickly dressed.

When we both stood up preparing for me to leave. I got down on my knees, pulled his sweats back down and took his soft cock in my mouth again. 

"I'd love to cum again,” Derek said, “But you sucked me dry.”

Standing back up, I asked, "Can we get together again? 

"Absolutely,” said Derek, “That was the best blow I've had in a long time" 

smiling proudly for a job well done, I left.

The end…



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